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Premiere Dark

Assault Rifle, Equipment, Countdown: 4
"Federation weapon for special missions. Uses pulsephaser technology. Used by the anti-Borg Squad. Cool design. High need of energy."
-Plays on a  SECURITY OR OFFICER. Personnel is STRENGTH +4. You may stop X opponents at start of personnel battle, where X is 1 OR 3. If X=3, counts down.

-by Section 32

Blast Door Controls, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table. All non-wormhole doorways are discarded after being used for any function. Discard Incident to double the requirements for all dilemmas with "door" in their title or lore for the rest of the game OR to nullify Airlock OR to suspend one docking site's game text until 3 ENGINEER and Computer Skill present.

-by Kurn, SOM

Blaster Rack, Dilemma, planet
"A device used by many arms dealer to stock their goods. Often discovered by Law Enforcement teams."
-To get past must have arms dealer (if opponent shows SECURITY from hand place personnel into nearest brig, if possible) OR 3 SECURITY and no Treachery present. You may download a hand weapon here before mission continues.

-by Zimmerman

Blaster Scope, Event
"A targeting sight attached to an energy weapon allows it's user to more accurately hit their target."
-Plays on a blaster, phaser or disruptor. If used to Sniper, allows you to re-probe. You may discard event to kill one personnel present who was just stunned.

-by Jaron

Boring Conversation Anyway: Here I had a problem. All the entries were hilarious!!! So rather than deprive you of all those good cards by selecting only one winner, I've made a special page containing all of them. Follow this link!

Charming to the Last, Interrupt, 15 points
"Michael Eddington's personal charisma always showed through in even the oddest circumstances - such as his last stand against marauding Jem'Hadar."
-Plays at start of personnel battle. If your personnel ar outnumbered by at least 3:1, make any appropriate, yet dryly humorous, quip about the situation. If there are no survivors on your side, score points.

-by Mike Eddington

Collateral Damage, Interrupt
"Battle in close quarters can be dangerous when breaching warp cores are in striking distance. A good pilot can somtimes be your only salvation."
-Plays when a ship is destroyed in battle. All ships of same player not damaged in same battle get  unless a personnel with 2 Navigation aboard.

-by Mike Eddington

Comlink, Incident, -5 points
-Plays on a planet mission you are about to attempt with only 1 personnel. If that personnel is selected to die by a dilemma, you may replace dilemma under mission and beam personnel to your compatible ship present, "stopping" it. Lose points if mission attempt is unsuccessful the following turn.(Once per mission.)

-by Interloper

Counter Assault, Mission, space, Your side: Dominion/Cardassian; Opponent's side: Federation/Klingon/Romulan
Chin'toka System: Move to counter Alliance forces attacking an important Dominion base here.
-Your side: Physics x2 + Navigation + Leadership x2 + (WEAPONS>20 OR HQ: Orbital Weapons Platform x2)
-Opponent's side: Navigation x2 + Leadership x2 + (WEAPONS>24 OR WEAPONS>12 + ENGINEER + CUNNING>35)
-Span: 4; 40 points; Your side only: You may play HQ: Orbital Weapons Platform here.

-by Dogbert

Dark Collaboration, Event, -10 points
"When the Domminion controlled Terok Nor Colonel Kira felt guilty for collaborating with the enemy. She realized this after a Vedek hung herself"
-If opponent has any Dominion or Cardassian Treaty in play, plays on opponent's personnel with Honor. Opponent loses points. Discard if Treaty is discarded.

-by TrekkieWarrior

Dark Hours, Interrupt
"Junior officers, like Harry Kim, are sometimes given command of the bridge while the the senior staff are sleeping. This gives them invaluable experience at the helm of a starship."
-Plays on your  Youth or Youth OFFICER aboard a ship (even during a mission attempt). For the rest of the turn, that personnel is the matching commander of the ship and all other matching commanders of that ship lose their matching commander status.

-by Teapot

Dark Maneuvers, Event, 
"Even though he was pretending to fight the Klingons, Dukat was actually secretly negotiating with the Dominion."
-Seeds or plays on table. Plays on your personnel with both Treachery and Diplomacy: it gains [SD] of any one Treaty; downloaded Treaty may not be nullified; and, once per game, it may nullify any one other Treaty.

-by Volo the Vorta

Devastator, Event
"Every starship has it's legendary womanizer. On the original enterprise, it was Kirk. On the Enterprise-D, it was Riker. On Voyager, it was Tom Paris. Thousands of women everywhere have had their hearts devastated by these scoundrels."
-Plays on any Kirk OR any Riker OR any Bashir OR any Paris. They may share their skills with all females present, but all males present lose their first listed skill.

-by The Mad Hatter

Emergency Deployment, Event, 
"During the Dominion War, the Federation and its allies worked overtime constructing ships and recruiting personnel to match the pace of the colossal Dominion war machine."
-Seeds or plays on table. You may report a card for free anytime opponent does so. For every non-Borg personnel opponent downloads, you may download a leader or personnel with SECURITY or ENGINEER; for every ship opponent downloads, you may download one with equal staffing requirments.

-by jSarek

Evacuate?, Dilemma, space
"Many spatial phenomena can cause problems for nearby spacecraft and stations. Sometimes, these phenomena can call for the near total evacuation of a station, leaving it open for attack and boarding."
-Place on nearest location with a facility. All facilities there must evacuate (all non- personnel must leave facility) by end of owner's next turn, or half (random selection, round up) are killed.

-by CarnMollari

Expand the Empire, Objective, 10 points
-Seeds or plays on a mission in the Alpha, Gamma, or Delta Quadrant if none of your  cards have been in that quadrant yet this game. If your  personnel subsequently complete that mission, you may download a  facility with up to five different Equipment cards there; score points (discard objective). You may complete this objective only once in each quadrant.

-by Wordsmith

Fear Will Keep Them in Line, Event
"The Terran Empire, like many empires, use fear and pain to keep crewmembers working at peek efficiency."
-Plays on table. Your , and  personnel are attributes all +1 while a  personnel present. Also while in play, doubles Agonizers and Agony Booths. (Not cumulative).

-by AdmiralLaRosh

Full Scale Alert, Dilemma, space
"A state of red alert is supposed to be an indication of danger and battle readiness, but often just results in chaos and uncertainty."
-If ship affected by Red Alert, kills all crew members with printed STRENGTH + CUNNING<13. Otherwise stops half of crew (round down; opponent's choice). Nullified by Yellow Alert.

-by Conundrum

Gravel Storm, Event, Countdown: 2, -10 points
"When Voyager’s was unable to completely destroy an asteroid on a collision course with a Nezu colony, gravel and larger fragments rained down on the planet."
-Plays on any planet mission that is adjacent to a mission with "asteroid" or "comet" in title or lore. If mission not completed before countdown expires, reduce its points.

-by OorylQrygg

I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing, Event, 
"In 2369, Vedek Winn used protests over secular teachings in Keiko's school to lure Vedek Bareil into an assassination attempt."
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, unless Bareil Antos or Kai Opaka present, players must discard two cards from hand in order to "conduct services" at Bajoran Shrine.

-by Tribble Drone

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