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Dagobah Light

Anger, Fear, Agression, Dilemma, space/planet
"When Data was under the influence of Lore's emotion chip, he was disturbed by what he percieved to be 'negative emotions'."
-One Android or Vulcan present is stopped (opponent's choice). Place on table. Whenever a card is nullified by Plexing, opponent may re-seed this card under any mission.
- by Jaron

Asteroid Field, Mission, space, Dominion
Iceteroid field: Locate and destroy vessel carrying a defective Vorta clone.
-SECURITY x3 + Treachery x2 + WEAPONS>12 + CUNNING>35 OR <15
-Span: 4; 30 points; Until mission solved, ships here may choose not to fight in any battle.

- by Ensign Regis

Asteroids Do Not Concern Me, Interrupt
"With phasing cloak technology, the USS Pegasus could fly through almost anything. But when a malfunction occured it phased and solidified in an asteroid."
-Plays on your ship with Phasing Cloak. It downloads Asteroid Sanctuary to be played as an Event with Countdown of 3 (does not require Navigation x2) OR may nullify one dilemma at any asteroid belt Mission.

- by MicahElliott

At Peace, Event, Countdown: 3
"After the end of the Dominion War in 2376, the Alpha Quadrant entered a quiet period, rebuilding from several years of long, costly conflict."
-Plays on table. While in play, no player may initiate battle or play any hand weapons or WEAPONS enhancements cards. Both players may play CIVILIANs, Treaties, and facilities for free.

- by The One

Away Put Your Weapon, Interrupt, 5 points
"Sometimes, weapons are unnessecary during battle. Other times, they’re not used because of a desire to fight fairly."
-Plays on your hand weapon involved in a just-initiated personnel battle. It is excluded from the battle. Choose: score points OR exclude one opponent’s hand weapon from this battle.

- by Plactus

Big One: Here I had a problem. All the entries were cool or hilarious!!! So rather than deprive you of all those good cards by selecting only one winner, I've made a special page containing all of them. Follow this link!

Blasted Varmints, Objective
-Once per turn, if you have a hand weapon present, you may kill "1 Tribble" present. If 10 tribbles, you must have two hand weapons present, if 100 tribbles, you must have three hand weapons present, etc. OR Draw a probe card:
#: The only good tribble is a dead tribble. The top card of opponents tribble side deck is discarded.
#: One of your personell present (random selection) is "stopped" for one turn.

- by The Mad Hatter

Closer?!, Event
"Jean-Luc Picard, to save his ship from an energy vortex, realized he had to do the one thing that 'would never work'. It did."
-Plays on any mission. Changes one skill requirement listed on this mission to any other skill (your choice, multiplier stays same). Also, while in play, nullifies Energy Vortex.

- by Pizman

Control, Equipment
"When constructing the Delta Flyer, Paris thought that old style controls would be more interesting and improve crew-to-ship interaction."
-While on a ship, ships RANGE +2 for each unique Navigation x2 personnel in crew and Navigation personnel are protected from Panel Overload. Immune to Disruptor Overload.

- by 9of24

Descent Into The Dark, Mission, planet, Federation
Janos VI: Identify the cause of several deaths of miners at this underground mining facility.
-Span: 4; 35 points; Your side: If INTEGRITY>50 here when solved, you may draw up to two cards; Opponent's side: Horta may seed for free here

- by Dogbert

Do, Or Do Not, Dilemma, space/planet
"Often inexperienced leaders 'freeze' or hesitate when faced with a tough decision. This can lead to very dangerous situations for everyone present."
-Unless one personnel present with Leadership x2 OR OFFICER and Leadership and CUNNING>6, double all penalties faced by dilemmas present at this mission. Discard only when the mission is completed.

- by wantec3

Domain of Evil, Event
"Gre'thor, roughly translated as 'domain of evil', represents the afterlife for the dishonored, according to Klingon belief. This cursed realm is said to be guarded by the beast Fek'lhr."
-Plays on table. Whenever either player's  personnel with INTEGRITY<5, Treachery, or Greed is killed or discarded, place them here instead. Owner loses X points for each of his personnel here, where X=that personnel's INTEGRITY. (Cannot be nullifed if your Fek'lhr is in play.)

- by Wordsmith

Effective Repairs, Event
"You didn't tell him how long it would really take did you?!"
-Seeds or plays on Table. Once per game, you may suspend play to download one of the following: Defense System Upgrade, Exocomp, Medical PADD, Spacedock, Tricorder, or any Miracle Worker (cumulative).

- by Keevan

Egregious Pilot Error, Interrupt
"Young, unexerienced pilots are bound to make mistakes, and even the best pilots are not safe from them, as Nick Locarno learned the hard way back at the Academy."
-Plays on a ship with a personnel that has both navigation x1 and Youth (or Nick Locarno). Ship "rams" another ship present of the same player. Both ships are damaged and personnel is discarded.

- by Volo the Vorta

Encampment, Outpost, Neutral, , 10 points
"Bajoran Refugee camps are only the most famous of a long list of places where peoples that have lost everything try to hold on to their lives."
-Seeds or plays on any  mission with no attemptability icon. Your Resistance,  and  CIVILIANs and transports may report here (once per turn, one of them may do so for free at one of your Encampments). Score points if destroyed by opponent.

- by Volo the Vorta

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