Week 4 - The Getaway - Answers


1 point - 2 points - 3 points - 5 point bonus question


1. What now-famous music producer scored the film? Quincy Jones


2. Who stars as Doc and Carol McCoy in the remake? Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger


3. Which two vehicles were not used by Doc McCoy in his getaway?

a)   b)   c)   d)   



4. What other film did director Sam Peckinpah do with Steve McQueen? Junior Bonner


5. Which is not true?

-Steve McQueen did all his own stunts.

-Steve McQueen showered with real prison inmates in the opening scenes.

-Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw fell in love during the making of the film and had to end both their marriages.


6. Which "All in the Family" cast member plays somewhat of a villain in this film? Sally Struthers


7. In what town (seen here) were the last few scenes shot? El Paso, Texas


8. How many people are killed during the actual bank robbery (i.e. in the bank)? 1


9. What kind of doctor is Harold Clinton? A veterinarian


10. Who is this strangely-named character actor? Slim Pickens


11. At what actual prison were the opening scenes shot? Huntsville Prison


12. This film is based on a novel by Jim Thompson. Where specifically do Doc and Carol end up at the end of the book version? The kingdom of El Rey (a paradise for criminals on the run, also referenced in From Dusk 'Til Dawn)


13. What two actresses were scheduled to play Carol before Ali MacGraw got the part? Hints: The first was original director's, Peter Bogdanovitch's, girlfriend, and the second was busy with The Poseidon Adventure. Cybill Shepard and Stella Stevens


14. Why don't the numbers on the key and locker match here? A thief switched the keys on Carol while "helping" her open it, so that he could later steal her bag.



15. What "moral" country had an additional ending with Doc and Carol being caught? Spain


Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"I'm not drinking any FUCKING Merlot!"


Answer: Sideways