Week 9 - Crash - Answers


1 point - 2 points - 3 points - 5 point bonus question


1. What out of focus thing is this supposed to show? Car headlights


2. Who plays Cameron (Terrance Howard)'s boss? Tony Danza


3. What invisible garment does Daniel give LaraA cloak (cape is acceptable)


4. What is falling from the sky here? Ash


5. What is the title of the film in FrenchCollision


6. What Saint is represented here? St-Christopher


7. Farahd, Shereen and Dorri and part of what ethnic group? Persian


8. Where does Dorri work? A hospital


9. What powers does this actress seem to have in the Star Trek universe? Empathy


10. What reason does Officer Hanson give to be assigned a solo car, on the record?


11. Match the character with the racist slur they used: 

a) "Listen, Osama" 3

b) "I can't look at you without thinking about the 4 or 5 qualified white men who didn't get your job." 1

c) "Your amigo in there" 2

d) "Don't talk to me unless you speak American!" 5

e) "Mexicans don't know how to drive." 4

1.     2.      3.


4.     5.


12. Who is the biggest actor to appear in the film, uncredited? Arnold Schwartzenager (on a picture on the wall, as governor of California)


13. How much money was found in the trunk of the black cop that was shot? 300,000$


14. Who is Jean's best friend? Maria


15. What does Cameron drive (make and color)? Black Lincoln Navigator


Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"He showed those men of will what will really was."


Answer: The Usual Suspects