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[1] ear-lift surgery
[2] Eaton, Julius
[3] Eaton, Kay
[4] "Echoes of the Void"
[5] Eelwasser

[1] Ear-Lift Surgery, Event
"Cosmetic surgery performed on Ferengi to make their earlobes firmer. In 2374, Ishka traveled to Vulcan for this surgery to improve her looks.
-Plays on your non-Youth Ferengi; it is STRENGTH +1, double Acquisition and gains SD Any  card (chosen immediately). OR Plays on your non-Youth Vulcan; it is CUNNING +1 and gains SD Vulcan Mindmeld. (Not cumulative.)

[2] Julius Eaton, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"20th-century science-fiction writer who contributed to Incredible Tales stories of mutants and genetic supermen. Married to Kay Eaton."
-CIVILIAN, Biology; SD Any mutant; Mutants in play are INTEGRITY +3

[3] Kay Eaton, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Female 20th-century science-fiction author who contributed to Incredible Tales under a male pseudonym, K.C. Hunter. Wrinkled her nose at bad prose."
-CIVILIAN, Anthropology; SD Any female with Leadership; Female personnel present are STRENGTH +2

[4] Echoes of the Void, Event
"Inspired by Voyager's traversing a vast void in space, Harry Kim wrote and performed a concerto for the clarinet entitled 'Echoes of the Void'."
-Plays on your Music personnel; at same spaceline location, your ships are RANGE +1. OR Nullifies one  Space where no other cards are present. OR Downloads Replicated Clarinet.

[5] Eelwasser, Food
"Popular Ferengi beverage sold on Ferenginar and elsewhere. Chief competitor of Slug-o-Cola. Disgusting to most other species."
-May report to  facility, making it a Food-serving site. Your Ferengi with Greed present are CUNNING +1 (cumulative). Nullifies all Slug-o-Cola present.

[1] Stands to reason both ear-gifted species could use such a card. Adding SD icons is something new I'm experimenting with. You must choose which Rule you'll download but need not download it now.
[2] This is not a version of the Julian Bashir persona. The term "mutant" includes any "genetically altered" personnel.
[3] I like what I've done with the lore. She's got abilities akin to other SF personnel.
[4] As per the cumulativity rules, you can't play more than one EotV on the same Music personnel, but multiple Music personnel with EotV played on them do give cumulative RANGE bonuses to all ships at the same location.
[5] Works on Tower of Commerce as well as the Outpost and Trading Post.

[6] El Gatark
[7] electron resonance scanner
[8] eliminator
[9] Ellison, Ralph
[10] Ellora

[6] Hold Enemy Territory, Mission, space, Cardassian/Dominion
El Gatark: Hold region of space as point of fortification during Alpha quadrant war.
-OFFICER x2 + SECURITY x2 + Stellar Cartography + (WEAPONS>20 OR Dominion Battleship)
-Span: 3; 35 points;  ships present are SHIELDS +1.

[7] Genetic Tags, Dilemma, space/planet
"Genetic tags were placed in the Voyager's crew's bodies by Srivani conducting experiments on them. Only the Doctor's use of a resonance scanner revealed these."
-Unless 3 MEDICAL present, place ship under quarantine. At the start of each of your turns, one personnel aboard is disabled. When all personnel are disabled, all die and dilemma is discarded. Cure with any Emergency Medical Hologram.

[8] Ferengi Eliminator, Dilemma, space/planet
"In Ferengi society, an individual who earns his living by assassinating people for latinum. Regarded by some as psychopathic. Leck is a prime example."
-Unless 3 SECURITY OR Leck OR Retaya present, one personnel present (opponent's choice) is killed and opponent may download one Gold-Pressed Latinum.

[9] Disposable People, Dilemma, space/planet
"'There have always been disposable people.' 'Slavery. You're talking about slavery.' 'Don't you think that's a little harsh?'"
-Unless 2 personnel with INTEGRITY>8 OR any Benjamin Sisko present, your androids, non- changelings, non- humans, hybrids and up to 3  Jem'Hadar (random selection) present are discarded. Discard dilemma.

[10] Fontana, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Ellora female who worked as a servant aboard Ru'afo's ship. Gave the S'ona their regular 'beauty' treatments, pulling their faces taught."
-CIVILIAN, Barbering, Biology, MEDICAL

[6] I think that's what the Dominion called what we called the Dominion War (to them, I suppose EVERY war was the "Dominion War".
[7] You could beam personnel over to delay death until you drew the EMH, but that may not be an option open to everyone.
[8] Nope, this ultra-killer isn't discarded until passed.
[9] The lore is from a conversation between Guinan and Picard in "The Measure of a Man". If the link to Ellison isn't apparent, here it is: His writing, in particular "Invisible Man" (having to do with the plight of the black man in America rather than any sf invisibility), inspired Benny to write stories where prejudice is non-existant. The card adresses the larger theme as well as it can. And yes, the dilemma *is* harsh. Hybrids are personnel who have parentage of two or more species, such as Alexander, Deanna Troi or Spock.
[10] Had no name, so paid hommage to one of Star Trek's most noted writers. Hey! A universal Barbering personnel!

[11] Emck, Controller
[12] Emergency Medical Hologram backup module
[13] Emergency Medical Hologram-2
[14] emitter stage
[15] Emmanuel

[11] Controller Emck, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Master of the Malon export vessel in 11th gradient. Disposed of antimatter in the Void. Continued dumping even after seeing it hurt the night beings."
-OFFICER, ENGINEER, Physics, Treachery, Navigation x2, Greed; SD Anti-Matter Pod; 

[12] EMH Backup, Personnel, Federation/Non-Aligned, 
"Redundant EMH program stolen from Voyager. Found by the Kyrians in 3074. Challenged their assumptions on the 24th century. Became Surgical Chancellor."
-MEDICAL, Archaeology, Honor, Diplomacy, Navigation, MEDICAL; SD Any Medical equipment; 

[13] EMH Mark II, Personnel, Federation, 
"Experimental Medical Hologram prototype installed on USS Prometheus. Believed himself superior to the EMH Mark I, but lacked its experience."
-MEDICAL, Biology, Youth, Exobiology; May download from hand (suspending play) to your experimental ship
Now exists as EMH - Mark II.

[14] Phaser Overload, Dilemma, space/planet
"A beam weapon's emitter stage may jam and cause the weapon to overload, destroying it and often killing its user."
-Plays on one phaser or disruptor present (random selection). Next time it is used, discarded along with one personnel present (two if no SECURITY present; random selection).

[15] Emmanuel, Personnel, Federation, 
"Typical USS Voyager crewmember not killed during a Krenim attack in the current timeline. Has not stopped wasting time despite being saved from his fate."
-OFFICER, Physics, Astrophysics; May not be targeted by  icon dilemmas or interrupts; 

[11] His species is Malon.
[12] Not a persona, it may co-exist with The Doctor. A very odd mix of skills for a MEDICAL, which might make him interesting. Counts as a Chancellor.
[13] Despite the "experimental" appelation in the lore, he's still an EMH and may use cards that target that personnel type. "Experimental ships" have been defined in AtoZ as ships whose lore specifically calls them experimental or that have an NX prefix in their registry number.
[14] Follow up with a hand weapon dilemma and BOOM! Or else start a battle :-).
[15] If only Emmanuels encounter an AU dilemma, it may be discarded for lack of a target.

[16] Empok Nor
[17] "Empok Nor"
[18] engram transcriptor
[19] engramatic activity
[20] engramatic dissociation

[16] Exists as Empok Nor.

[17] All Systems Down, Dilemma, space/planet
"Before a mission can be attempted, it is sometimes necessary to get a team of engineers into a facility to regain power, as was done on Empok Nor in 2373."
-To get past requires 4 ENGINEER (6 on Empok Nor) and 2 Computer Skill.

[18] Memory Transcriptor, Equipment
"Device used by the Mari Constabulary to record an individual's thoughts for later examination. B'Elanna Torres once came under such scrutiny."
-One SECURITY personnel present adds Empathy x2. Reports for free in Delta quadrant.

[19] Suppressed Memories, Dilemma, space/planet
"When Voyager's Doctor discovered unusual engramatic activity in Seven of Nine's brain, he suspected her memories had been surpressed."
-Unless 2 Empathy OR 3 MEDICAL present, you must discard one card from hand (random selection), to bottom of draw deck if one personnel present has CUNNING>9.

[20] Bashir Double-Agent, Personnel, Dominion/Federation, 
"The paranoid Sloan proposed that Julian Bashir was a Dominion spy who did not know it thanks to engramatic disassociation. Or was he letting them believe that?"
-MEDICAL, MEDICAL, Biology x2, Section 31; SD Any Espionage card; ; Dominion infiltration icon; Exposed if opponent's Julian Bashir persona in play

[16] n/a
[17] A new Empok Nor dilemma, this one a simple wall.
[18] May be the easiest way to get a hold of Empathy for some affiliations.
[19] The card discards to discard pile if no higher CUNNING is present (representing either the person's ability to eventually remember or a doctor cunning enough to bring the memory back.
[20] Had fun with all the conspiracy theories coming out of Sloan in "Inquisition". Note that Bashir is exposed by himself.

[21] engramatic purge
[22] Entabans
[23] Entharan magistrate
[24] Entharans
[25] eryops

[21] Memory Purge, Dilemma, planet
"Engramatic purge of key memories practiced on criminals on the Mari world of the Delta quadrant, considered to be a humane form of punishment."
-Unless INTEGRITY>50 or 3 Honor present, your personnel with INTEGRITY<5 present lose their Treachery, Smuggling and Greed. Cure by solving any mission. Discard dilemma.

[22] Border Intolerance, Dilemma, space, Countdown: 3
"The Entabans of the Delta quadrant proved, like many other cultures in the galaxy, to be obstinate in their refusal to let strange ships cross their borders."
-Unless ship's WEAPONS+SHIELDS>16 OR Cloaking Device present, place on ship. It may not use its RANGE until end of countdown.

[23] Magistrate Krasp, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Entharan male. Judiciary official of the Entahran government. Ruled that sufficient evidence existed to investigate arms dealer Kovin about an assault on Seven of Nine."
-VIP, Law x2, SECURITY; May capture one arms dealer present; 

[24] Arms Trade, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt, 
Entharan homeworld: Trade in weapons with space-faring civilization based here.
-(Acquisition x2 OR Any arms dealer) + Diplomacy + ENGINEER
-Span: 3; 30 points; When completed, you may download one hand weapon here (two if arms dealer present).

[25] Eryops, Personnel, Neutral, 
"Holographic representation of an extinct genus of amphibian life-forms that lived on Earth 400 million years ago. Massive cold-blooded ancestor of both the Voth and humanity."
-ANIMAL; Voth and human personnel are INTEGRITY +1 where present (cumulative); While in play, you may ignore The Traveller: Transcendence

[21] The mission solved does not have to be the one where the dilemma was seeded.
[22] The Cloak doesn't need to be activated, obviously.
[23] The name is derived from manipulating the actor's name a little.
[24] n/a
[25] The second ability is supposed to be a riff on slow-moving cold-blooded dinosaurs.

[26] eustachian tube rub
[27] Eventualists
[28] Evil One
[29] Evora
[30] exatanium
[31] exogenic field
[32] "Extreme Risk"

[26] Eustachian Tube Rub, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 3, -5 points
"Sexual technique of oo-mox devised to pleasure a Ferengi male by a very specific stimulation of his ears. Effectively paralyses said male."
-One male Ferengi present is placed in stasis until end of countdown. If no Ferengi males present, lose points.

[27] Eventualist Sculpture, Artifact
"Actually post-eventualistic, this pre-Matoian bronze and triptin sculpture was sold at auction on station Deep Space 9 in late 2373."
-Immediately plays on table. While in play, your Event cards may not be nullified unless opponent also discards one personnel in play. Nullfied by Q2.

[28] The Evil One, Personnel, Bajoran
"Pah-wraith called Kosst Amojan who possessed Jake Sisko and tried to destroy the Temple of the Prophets from which he had been banished."
-VIP, Treachery x3, Anthropology; SD Reckoning; X=10 if opposing  icon present; Nemesis icon [gray, left-facing]; 

[29] Establish Evora Protectorate, Mission, planet/space, Federation
Evora homeworld: Welcome peaceful civilization to become a Federation protectorate.
-Diplomacy x2 + (Anthropology OR Empathy) + Music + Ship with a Food-serving Site
-Span: 4; 40 points

[30] Exatanium Fuselage, Event
"An experimental Benthan ship in the Delta quadrant had a fuselage made of the exotic metallic alloy exatanium, allowing it to sustain greater warp stress."
-Plays on your experimental ship. Each time it is damaged, it takes one less damage marker than indicated.

[31] Exogenic Field, Event, Countdown: 4
"Some planets have an unstable energy field which may cause quantum reaction such as sending a communication signal ahead through time."
-Plays on any planet location. Anytime personnel beam to or from it, they only appear at the beam-in site at the start of owner's next turn. If no such site exists by that time, personnel and equipment are discarded.

[32] Extreme Risk, Dilemma, space/planet
"To prove to herself that she was still alive, B'Elanna Torres, feeling anguish over the death of her Maquis friends, placed herself in very dangerous situations."
-Target one personnel (random selection); if STRENGTH<7, it is killed; if STRENGTH=7, disabled until end of your next full turn; if STRENGTH>7, lowers STRENGTH by 3 until you complete any mission. Discard dilemma.

[26] So it's either a filter or a point loser. With a couple of Non-Aligned Ferengi out there, I don't think this is unfair.
[27] In other words, when your opponent nullifies your event, he or she must discard both Kevin Uxbridge (or another nullifier) AND on of his or her personnel in play. The Sculpture simply plays on table and is not an Event card.
[28] The nemesis icon will match that of the Kira possessed by a Prophet.
[29] That Food-serving site may be Ten-Forward or a Replimat, for example. Music? There will be dancing.
[30] Experimental ships have been defined in AtoZ as meaning ships that either mention it in the lore, are of a "modified" class, or carry the prefix NX.
[31] The beam-in site is usually the planet itself or a ship or facility. So if a ship moves or is destroyed after it has beamed back its Away Team, but before it materializes, the Away Team is done for. The countdown is for balance's sake, but also because the field is "unstable".
[32] Depending where your personnel is on the STRENGTH scale, there are different penalties for it.

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