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[1] E'Tyshra
[2] E-band emissions
[3] E-mail
[4] Earhart, Amelia
[5] Earl Grey tea

[1] Exists as E'Tyshra.

[2] Exists as E-Band Emissions.

[3] You Have Mail, Interrupt, 
"In the late 20th century, many humans communicated through electronic mail. SETI astronomer Rain Robinson used E-mail to report her discovery of the USS Voyager in orbit around Earth."
-Plays on any Earth Time Location to do one of the following: make a cloaked ship there decloak, download one Incoming Message there, or report one native of location for free. (If The Net in play, shuffle into draw deck.)

[4] Amelia Earhart, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Noted aviator. First woman to fly alone across Earth's Atlantic Ocean. Kidnapped in 1937 from her airplane by the Delta quadrant Briori and placed in stasis. Inspired Kathryn Janeway."
-CIVILIAN, Navigation, Leadership; Kathryn Janeway and all personnel kidnapped from 1937 attributes +2 where present; Seeded and acquired like an Artifact card

[5] Tea, Earl Grey, Hot, Food
"Blended black tea flavored with bergamot or lavender oil. A favorite beverage of Jean-Luc Picard's, who often ordered it through the ship's replicator."
-While in play, all Jean-Luc Picards (including  icon Picards) and all their personae are attributes +2, gain the skill of Law and, if they have Diplomacy, may prevent any battling at their locations.

[1] n/a
[2] n/a
[3] The Native reports to the location of course.
[4] She must be seeded in the Delta quadrant even if she was born in the Alpha quadrant. She's acquired like an Artifact and does not join the Away Team upon being encountered like Mirasta Yale. Look for an AtoZ card giving good use to the "'37s".
[5] Any personnel who is (or was) Jean-Luc Picard, including AU personnel like Admiral Picard and Lt. (j.g.) Picard are included in this effect.

[6] early French impressionists
[7] Earth guidebook
[8] Earth Station Bobruisk
[9] Earth Station McKinley
[10] Earth

[6] Impressions, Interrupt, 5 points
"Data, as part of his exploration of painting, did several pieces emulating the styles of early French impressionists like Manet, Degas, Renoir and Monet."
-Plays just as a dilemma is overcome by your personnel. Name the next dilemma (must have been seeded by your opponent and never have been scanned). If you are right, score points.

[7] PADD - Earth Guidebook, Equipment
"Padd containing an interactive program detailing Earth's customs, culture, history and geography. In 2372, Julian Bashir gave one to young Nog to use at Starfleet Academy."
-When at Earth, your personnel present are CUNNING +3 and may use Visit Cochrane Memorial regardless of species.

[8] Family Visit, Dilemma, planet/space
"In 2367, Worf's adoptive family came to visit him from Earth Station Bobruisk in Belarus. They caused him a lot of headaches and embarassment."
-All personnel present with family relationships mentioned in their lore are "stopped" unless a mentioned family member is in play. Discard dilemma.

[9] Earth Station McKinley, Station, Federation
"Starfleet ship-building and repair facility in Earth orbit. A large orbital platform with articulated arms."
-Seeds or plays in Earth's orbit. Repairs ships. Ships docked here may be exchanged with any ship of the same class from your hand. (May coexist with another facility. Not duplicatable.)

[10] Exists as Espionage Mission.

[6] Think you can guess your opponent's combo?
[7] Of course, the personnel still needs to be an ENGINEER to use VCM.
[8] Personnel who have NO family relationships mentioned, even if you know they have them, are unaffected.
[9] Can coexist with Office of the President. One cool use, seed a universal ship on close-by Mars (say, a Galaxy) and switch it with a unique one (like maybe Future Enterprise?) at the earliest opportunity (you'd still need an open AU Door).
[10] n/a

[11] Eastern Coalition
[12] Eblan
[13] Echo Papa 607
[14] echo displacement
[15] ECON

[11] Enemy Coalition, Dilemma, planet, 
"On 21st century Earth, the planet was divided into various loose coalitions. The Eastern Coalition was often adversarial towards the powers controlling North America."
-Unless Diplomacy x3 OR  icon Vulcan present, all  icon personnel are "stopped". Discard dilemma. Mission continues.

[12] Eblan, Personnel, Bajoran
"Bajoran national who resided at station Deep Space 9 in 2370. Recognized Kubus Oak when Kubus sought to return to Bajor."
-CIVILIAN, Resistance; May "stop" one Bajoran with Treachery present; May expose one  icon infiltrator present

[13] Exists as Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone.

[14] Echo Displacement, Tactic
-DEFENSE bonus +3 if you have a ship with a Holodeck defending. Hit = . Direct hit = .
*Holodeck malfunction: Holodeck is offline. All  icon cards and Programs aboard are discarded. Personnel present at Holodeck are placed in stasis.

[15] You're Going to Have to Trust Me, Event, Countdown: 4
"When Jean-Luc Picard traveled to the 21st century, he had to ask Lily Sloane to trust him. She at first believed him to be an ECON, or member of the Eastern Coalition."
-Plays on any  icon  personnel. If yours, gains any affiliation icon present. If not, becomes yours to use if present with your personnel. (Not cumulative.)

[11] The AU Vulcan bit is supposed to recreate first contact.
[12] n/a
[13] n/a
[14] Lots of damage in the damage counter section. Personnel at the Holodeck are at that specific Site (includes Holosuites on a Nor).
[15] Turning your own NA into a Fed or a Klingon isn't worth that much, but gaining an opponent's personnel without capturing, brainwashing or assimilating is pretty cool. Note that AtoZ has loads more AU NAs than Decipher's sets.

[16] Eddie
[17] Eddington, Michael
[18] Edo god
[19] Edo
[20] Edosian orchid

[16] Eddie, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Holographic representation of a bartender in a 1930s-1940s nightclub featured in the Dixon Hill stories. Didn't know where Nicky the Nose was."
-CIVILIAN; Once per turn, where present, one  icon personnel may be forced to return to owner's hand OR you may report one Dixon Hill icon personnel (with up to one  Equipment card) to same location

[17] Exists as Michael Eddington.

[18] Exists as Edo Vessel.

[19] Friendly Hug, Dilemma, planet
"The Edo were a gentle, peaceful people who expressed their affection toward friend and stranger alike. Worf thought they were 'VERY friendly'. Away Teams spouses thought they were 'TOO friendly'."
-Unless a hand weapon present, all personnel are "stopped". Either player may download to this location any romantic interest or spouse listed in stopped personnel's lore. Discard dilemma.

[20] Material covered by Plain, Simple Garak.

[16] You can force your own hologram to return to hand. You don't have to report the holographic Equipment witht he Dixon Hill hologram. More than one Eddie? The ability becomes cumulative.
[17] n/a
[18] n/a
[19] I was gonna say, exists as Worshiper, but too many "already exist" in this grouping to let it go. I kinda like what I came up with instead. Both players can report a spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend to that location, as listed in the stopped personnel's lore (not in the downloaded personnel's lore). It represents a jealous lover breaking up the hug. :-)
[20] n/a

[21] Edouard
[22] Edwell, Captain
[23] Ee'Char
[24] Egg
[25] eggs benedict

[21] Edouard, Personnel, Federation, 
"Holographic re-creation of an understanding waiter at the Café des Artistes in Paris, France. Held a table as long he could for Jean-Luc Picard."
-CIVILIAN, Cooking; Reports for free at Café des Artistes; SD Champs Élysées

[22] Captain Edwell, Personnel, Federation, 
"Representative of captains working in Starfleet on behalf of the United Federation of Planets. He originally came from Gaspar VII."
-OFFICER, Leadership; Choose any one non-classification skill when reporting; 

[23] Ee'Char, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"In an artificial reality program created by the Argrathi government to punish criminals, a cell mate of Miles O'Brien for what seemed like 20 years. Drew eseekas to clear his mind."
-CIVILIAN, Smuggling, Honor; SD Eseekas; May nullify effects of Argrathi Prison System where present

[24] The Egg, Equipment
"Dr. Paul Stubbs designed the Egg, an instrumented sensor probe, to record the decay of neutronium expelled during a stellar explosion. Launched it in 2366 after 20 years of waiting."
-May be discarded at any  mission showing a close-up star to allow you to look at the next dilemma seeded there. Any Stellar Flares seeded there are discarded upon being encountered. (Once per mission.)

[25] Eggs Benedict, Food
"Traditional Earth breakfast made with cooked chicken eggs. Lathough limited to ration packs, Captain Janeway dreamed of having eggs like this for breakfast."
-While in play, you may download and play for free any card with an Easter Egg on it, Artifacts with Easter Eggs are acquired upon being encountered, and Q-cards with Easter Eggs may be played from hand.

[21] Café des Artistes is a Program card.
[22] I don't think we had a universal Starfleet captain. You cannot choose a classification as his second skill.
[23] He can nullify the effects but not the requirements, so watch out. If he's stopped because Law x2 isn't present, I'm afraid he can't stop a personnel from dying (if that's the probe result). He can cure a personnel's loss of skills (if THAT's the probe result) even at a later date by being present with the affected personnel.
[24] I couldn't just say a star, because those little white points of light are on every mission card almost. What I mean here is cards like Test Mission, Study Stellar Collision and even Quash Conspiracy (it's big enough). For AtoZ cards without pictures, any mission which directly relates to a system's star (à la Reignite Dead Star) either in the title or lore, probably shows a close-up star.
[25] Easter Eggs have to be part of the graphic design of a card and cannot be hommages in the game text or lore, like on Jenice Manheim, McKnight or Yelgren. Jealous Amanda's Easter Egg is so hard to detect (read: it just ain't there at that resolution), it doesn't count as one. AtoZ cards also have no Easter Eggs. Sorry. The Siskoid has ruled. And yes, I realize every Fajo Collection card is included.

[26] eggs with bacon and corned beef hash
[27] eichner radiation
[28] eidetic memory
[29] Eiger
[30] Einstein, Albert

[26] Eggs with Bacon and Corned Beef Hash, Food
"Traditional Earth breakfast foods high in fat. Miles O'Brien enjoyed two eggs over easy, three strips of bacon, and a side of corned beef hash. His wife didn't."
-Where in play, you male O'Briens are STRENGTH +3. At any time during your turn, "stop" one female O'Brien present to extend STRENGTH bonus to all locations. (Not cumulative.)

[27] Spread the Plague, Interrupt, Countdown: 3
"Eichner radiation has been found to stimulate growth of certain strains of plasma plague. It can be created with a subspace field inverter, and is emitted by certain cyanoacrylates."
-Plays on any DNA-related dilemma just affecting a crew to keep it from being discarded. It remains in play until Countdown ends, transferring to any ship stopping at its location.

[28] Eidetic Memory, Event, 
"Eiditic memory refers to the ability to recall images in near-photographic detail. Kes had such an ability, as do most Vulcans and androids."
-Plays on table. While in play, "stop" one of your androids, Vulcans or Ocampa to look at any notes you may have taken before (or during) the game for exactly 10 seconds. (Each "stopped" personnel adds to number of seconds. Not cumulative.)

[29] Exists as Inge Eiger.

[30] Exists as Albert Einstein.

[26] By giving the bonus to O'Briens instead of Miles, the card will work for the Romulan hologram and O'Brien Founder. Female O'Briens currently only include Keiko, but you can eventually add Molly to the list.
[27] All diseases and plagues are DNA-related if you're wondering. If a dilemma is passed, it is discarded normally of course.
[28] That is to say, you can't boost your time with multiple Eidetic Memories, but you can by stopping more than one personnel from the selected species. Players might take notes about dilemma combos for example, or cards in their draw decks or side-decks. A later card might let you actually TAKE notes during a game, but for now, that option isn't available.
[29] n/a
[30] n/a

[31] EJ7 interlock
[32] Ekina
[33] Ekoria
[34] El-Adrel IV
[35] El-Adrel system

[31] Unrestricted Access, Interrupt
"Neela stole an EJ7 interlock from Miles O'Brien's tool kit to access restricted areas on station Deep Space 9, in an attempt to escape after an assassination attempt."
-Plays where you have SECURITY OR ENGINEER present to open any closed Doorway on a ship or facilty OR to allow twice the normal personnel or ships to report through or exit it on this turn.

[32] Ekina, Ship, Non-Aligned
"Cargo vessel. Brought Verad and his band of thieves to Deep Space 9 in 2370 so he could try to steal the Dax symbiont."
-Cargo ship[] Tractor Beam; Any mercenary may act as matching commander

[33] Ekoria, Personnel, Non-Aligned, , 5 points
"Female Teplan. Infected by the deadly disease known as the Blight. Her husband was an artist. Julian Bashir saved the life of her unborn child."
-CIVILIAN, Cooking; May "unstop" one or all MEDICAL personnel present once per turn; Worth points if Cure Blight is solved

[34] Two Heroes at Tenagra, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt
Tamarian Region*El-Adrel IV: Darmok on the ocean. Darmok at Tenagra. Darmok and Jilad at Tenagra
-2 personnel of different affiliations with Diplomacy and total STRENGTH>16 + Transporter Skill in a ship in orbit
-Span: 3; 25* points; *+10 points if two personnel are Jean-Luc Picard and Dathon.

[35] Standoff, Mission, space, Federation/Non-Aligned
Tamarian Region*El-Adrel system: Establish first contact with neighboring race. Friend or foe?
- ship with one or more staffing icons + Darmok class ship + Diplomacy on each ship
-Span: 4; 35 points

[31] Reopens Airlock, Spacedoor, Secret Compartment and Holding Cell Door (these are the only doorways which play on a ship or facility). The first three can enjoy the second function. Your treacherous SECURITY can throw two people out an Airlock, you can report two ships through the Spacedoor, and a good probe on the Compartment lets you get up to 4 Equipment cards.
[32] Mercenaries are listed as such in their lore.
[33] Worth points even if your opponent solved the mission.
[34] A little Tamarian flavor to the lore. It's not a planet/space, but you still need a ship in orbit. Note that personnel aboard the ship will not experience any dilemmas. NA counts as an affiliation in this case.
[35] Both ships do not encounter the dilemmas. Choose which is the attempting ship when you start the attempt. It encounters all dilemmas.

[36] El-Aurians
[37] El-Baz, Shuttlepod
[38] el-Mitra Exchange
[39] Elamos the Magnificent
[40] Elani

[36] Were You Listening?, Dilemma, space/planet
"El-Aurians like Guinan are known throughout the quadrant as great listeners. Martus Mazur used this ability to swindle people out of their money. Loose lips..."
-If El-Aurian OR bartender present, next dilemma requires one skill, equipment card less OR 10 points less of any attribute. If not, one personnel present (opponent's choice) is "stopped". Discard dilemma.

[37] El-Baz, Ship, Federation
"Shuttlepod 05 of the USS Enterprise-D. A future Jean-Luc Picard was found aboard near the Endicor system. Once stolen by Data while under Lore's control."
-Shuttlepod[] Reports for free aboard your ship with Tractor Beam;  if Alternate Universe Doorway in play; Holds only 3 personnel

[38] The Usual Response, Event, , ±5 points
"In three-dimensional chess, the el-Mitra Exchange is the usual response to the Kristov Gambit. Deanna Troi once surprised Data by using a different strategy."
-Plays on table. If your opponent nullifies one of your cards with another card, and that card is mentioned on the nullified card, score points. If by another card, opponent loses points. Discard Event. (Not cumulative.)

[39] Elamos the Magnificent, Dilemma, planet, 
"Mythological figure who proclaimed that no children would be tolerated within his kingdom of Tagas, but a girl named Dara and her brother defied him."
-Unless Anthropology OR 2 Youth with combined attributes>40 present, place on planet. Unless Youth is a mission requirement here, Youth personnel present may do nothing but beam to a ship.

[40] Elani, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Female Drayan who looked and acted as a young child, despite her advanced age. Traveled to a Drayan moon for the final ritual. Met Tuvok there."
-CIVILIAN, Youth; Drayans and Vulcans present are INTEGRITY +2

[36] If a dilemma requires 2 SCIENCE for example, you can only remove one of the SCIENCE requirements. If SCIENCE and Exobiology, you may remove either. If CUNNING>30 and INTEGRITY>30, you may make one of the two >20.
[37] I've decided to give shuttlepods a limit on passengers. If the AU Doorway is ever closed, the existing El-Bazes keep co-existing, but no others may be reported.
[38] Confused? Say an Interrupt says "nullified by Countermanda", and your opponent uses that card to nullify yours, you may reveal the event and score 5 points. If, on the other hand, he used Amanda Rogers to nullify your Interrupt, you don't score any points, but he loses 5.
[39] Missions that require Youth (Investigate Legend, Risa Shore Leave, and others) aren't affected, but would still stop an Away Team without the requirements. Once on the planet, Youth personnel can't use equipment, pass dilemmas, battle or solve the mission.
[40] Another youthful Drayan is Corin.

[41] Elanian singer stone
[42] Elaysians
[43] Elbrun, Tam
[44] Elected One, The
[45] electroceramic

[41] Elanian Singer Stone, Artifact
"Artifact that emits beautiful musical sounds when held by a living being. Dr. Pulaski had one on her desk, but Data gave it to Sarjenka of planet Drema IV."
-Use as Equipment card. All Youth present have the additional skill of Music. Where present, you may "stop" any or all androids.

[42] Low Gravity, Event
"The Elaysian homeworld has such low surface gravity that its population can fly in its atmosphere."
-Plays on any non-homeworld location. All personnel here are STRENGTH +2, +3 if they are Worf, Jean-Luc Picard, Hawk or any Borg drone.

[43] Exists as Tam Elbrun.

[44] The Elected One's Prerogative, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: 3
"Mistress Beata of Angel One was head of her oligarchic parliament in 2364. She did pretty much what she liked, including romancing William T. Riker."
-Unless all female Away Team, place on one male personnel present (opponent's choice). It is "stopped" and no Artifacts may be acquired here until countdown ends.

[45] Kazon Shuttle, Ship, Non-Aligned, 
"Small Kazon shuttles can be equipped with reinforced electroceramic nose armor and are sometimes used to literally ram into enemy vessels."
-Shuttlecraft[Kazon] May crash into any ship present (WEAPONS = SHIELDS x2) damaging itself.
Now exists asKazon Shuttle.

[41] The artifact doesn't need your personnel present to stop an android.
[42] +3 STRENGTH for personnel with zero-G training. I know this could be played at a space location, but most space action takes place inside ships, not on their hulls.
[43] n/a
[44] Placing it on a male, in effect removes it from the mission's dilemmas.
[45] Two [flips] from opponent's battle bridge if the Kazon shuttle actually rams a ship. Normally, the ramming "weapons" would be equal to 6, but with attribute enhancers, it could go much higher. Why this card here? Well, there are four separate ships under the Kazon ship entry, and I thought it was a shame to only do one. The fact that they are made of electroceramics gave my an opportunity, and I took it.

[46] electrodynamic turbulence
[47] electrophoretic activity
[48] electrophoretic analysis
[49] eletroplasma system taps
[50] electroplasma system

[46] Turbulence, Event
"Strong and unpredictable currents in the upper atmosphere of planets sometimes cause shuttlecraft to crash, as they did when Tuvok crashlanded to a Drayan moon."
-Plays on any planet location. Any ship with no staffing requirements stopping here crashlands (ship damaged and may not take off again unless ENGINEER present) unless personnel with at least Navigation x2 aboard.

[47] Electrophoretic Activity, Interrupt
"The swarm that obstructed Voyager's path in 2372 caused increased electrophoretic activity that caused the onset on elogium in Kes. Often symptomatic of Urodelean flu."
-Nullifies The Swarm. OR Downloads Elogium to any Ocampa female in play. OR Downloads one ANIMAL for each of your personnel just killed by Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease to that location.

[48] Murder Investigation, Objective
-Plays on your facility or ship where one of your personnel was just killed by opposing personnel. If SECURITY and MEDICAL present, you may probe, then discard Objective:
#: Intruder! Any infiltrator aboard is exposed. You may download one hand weapon to your SECURITY.
#: Tracked down and caught. Killer is captured, no matter its current location.
#: The perfect escape. Killer returns to owner's hand, no matter its current location.

[49] Divert Energy, Interrupt
"EPS taps divert small amounts of the drive plasma so that it can be used to generate electrical power for shipboard use, or to supplement other systems."
-Suspend play to restore any lowered attribute on your damaged ship to its original value by lowering another attribute by the same number of points.

[50] Blown EPS Conduits, Dilemma, space
"The EPS, or electroplasma system, is a series of plasma conduits that redirect energy throughout the ship. When overloads occur, crewmembers may get caught in an explosion."
-Immediately face X damage counters from opponent's battle-bridge side-deck, where X = 6 - number of ENGINEER present (X cannot be less than 1). Ignore damage and only receive casualties. Discard dilemma.

[46] That's two flips of the battle-bridge side-deck if one is active, so the shuttle may well be destroyed with all hands. The shuttle may only take off if a card permits it in any case.
[47] The Barclay's is included because this entry mentions that episode. You may download less than the total number of personnel lost if you don't have enough ANIMALs.
[48] Since an Objective doesn't play at interrupt speed, "just killed" means in the last turn. Remember who did kill your personnel. If it died because of the total STRENGTH of an opposing Away Team (at the end of a battle), you may choose who was responsible. If it died because of a damage counter, the opposing ship's matching commander or any leader is responsible. A captured personnel, if not at the same location, is left at its current location as a captive as per the new capture rules.
[49] Since it suspends play, you can play this once battle has been initiated and targets chosen, even before Tactics are revealed.
[50] The damage counters are not placed on the ship. Only casualties (personnel killed) are calculated and the Tactics are discarded (underneath side-deck). The number of ENGINEER is the number of instances of that skill, so Geordi counts as a -2, and Engineering Kits might kill the dilemma entirely.

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