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[151] holodeck
[152] holodiction
[153] hologenerator
[154] holographic information module
[155] holographic projector

[151] Holodeck, Site, 5 points, 
-Your  icon cards may report here directly if Computer Skill present. Once per turn, download a  persona of a personnel present OR download a Program card of which a native is present OR "stop" all personnel here; if ship doesn't attempt a mission and isn't attacked or boarded until the start of your next turn, score points (once per Program; not cumulative).
-Any ship with Holodeck [Saucer/Forward section]
Now exists as Holodeck Door.

[152] Holodiction, Dilemma, space
"Also known as holodeck addiction, psychological condition where someone becomes too caught up in simulations to notice reality."
-If Holodeck present, one personnel present (random selection; any Barclay if present) is placed in stasis for X turns, where X=number of  icon cards and Program cards present (minimum of 1).

[153] Hologenerator, Event
"Technical equipment used to generate holographic environment imagery, such as the one on Yareda II which kept up an entire holo-village."
-Plays on any planet (for free if Yareda II). Where present, you may report for free one  icon personnel each turn. They are active while event present. (Nullified by Deactivation.)

[154] Noonien Soong, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Holographic re-creation of a younger Dr. Noonien Soong. Implanted in a holographic information module in Juliana Tainer's cranium."
-ENGINEER, SCIENCE, Cybernetics, Computer Skill x2; May report to Juliana Tainer (she acts as Holo-Projectors for him where present); 

[155] Exists as Holo-Projectors.

[151] The big question is: when does a card require the Holodeck site and when does it just require the Holodeck special equipment. The distinction will be an easy one to make. When Holodeck needs to be present, it's the special equipment. When personnel is required TO BE PRESENT AT a Holodeck, then it's the site. If both possibilities exist on the same card and both exist on the same ship, the site always takes precedence. Note that Program cards only require the special equipment, but since the site is universal, you could activate more than one program at a time using different Holodecks on the same ship. Holograms must remain at that site unless Holo-Projectors are in play. Personnel are natives of a Program when that Program mentions them. For example, Amazing Detective Stories specifically states Dixon Hill holos are associated with it. You can score only 5 points per turn regardless of the number of Holodecks present.
[152] So if only the Holodeck is present, the personnel is in stasis 1 turn. If, say, Cyrus Redblock and a Tommygun are present while The Big Goodbye is the active Program card, it would be in stasis 3 turns.
[153] n/a
[154] Juliana Tainer acts as a limited Holo-Projectors for Soong only. That is to say, he remains active if she is present regardless of hologrids.
[155] n/a

[156] holographic waiter
[157] holonovel
[158] holosuite
[159] Holt, Admiral Marcus
[160] Holy Pilgrim

[156] Quirk, Personnel, Ferengi, 
"Holographic Ferengi waiter made in Quark's image. Employed at Quark's Bar during employee strike. Not particularly reliable."
-CIVILIAN; May download one Food card in place of your card draw; Active at Quark's Bar

[157] Holonovel, Event, Countdown: 3, 5 points
"Some holodeck programs are meant to be experienced on a long-term basis, chapter by chapter, while playing the role of a character involved."
-Plays on your active Program card on a Holodeck or Holosuite. When any of your non- personnel spend one full turn here, score points. (Not cumulative.)

[158] Holosuite, Site, 
-Compatible  icon cards may report here directly. Once per turn, station's controller may download a  persona of a personnel present OR download a Program card of which a native is present. Controlling player's opponent may play Program cards here if no other Program is active AND they have a Computer Skill personnel OR 2 Gold-Pressed Latinums (both cards discarded to play Program) present. Always placed adjacent to Quark's Bar OR another Holosuite. Holodeck.
-Any Nor [Promenade]
Now exists as Holosuite.

[159] Marcus Holt, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet admiral. Commander of starbase Deep Space 3. Acquaintance of Jean-Luc Picard's. Last one to see Silva LaForge alive."
-OFFICER, Leadership, ENGINEER; SD Any site (if on Deep Space 3); May report directly to Deep Space 3

[160] Holy Pilgrim Neelix, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"In Takarian mythology, minor demigod which would lead the Great Sages back to the skies. Role played by Neelix in 2373."
-VIP, Navigation, Cooking, Leadership; May nullify Great Sage where present; 

[156] Quirk (yes, I'm a bit proud of myself here) acts as if a Holodeck was present at Quark's Bar, but only at that location. He is a Ferengi waiter.
[157] You can't play more than one Holonovel on the same Program/Holodeck, but you can play more than one if you have more than one Program active on 2 different Holodecks.
[158] A Nor's equivalent of Holodeck, it nonetheless has different advantages, perhaps most of all for the opposing player. But still, it adds a Holodeck to any Nor. The Computer Skill personnel is not discarded when playing a Program on an opposing Nor, only the Latinum if that is the option taken.
[159] Deep Space 3 supports some of the same sites as a Nor.
[160] The flip side of Grand Proxy Neelix from "False Profits".

[161] "Home Soil"
[162] "Homecoming, The"
[163] "Homefront"
[164] Homeric hymns
[165] "Homeward"

[161] Mining Drill, Dilemma, planet
"Only Data's quick reflexes saved him from the Valera II organisms when they took over a laser drill and opened fire on him."
-Unless ENGINEER and Geology present, one non-android personnel present is killed (random selection), two if Terraforming Station is here.

[162]Liaison, Event
"Kira Nerys served as liaison with the Federation on Deep Space 9 and was only once replaced - by resistance hero Li Nalas."
-Play on your OFFICER (for free if Kira Nerys OR Li Nalas) and name an affiliation different from its own. At same spaceline location, personnel's affiliation may work with named affiliation. (May not be nullified unless opponent is playing Liaison's affiliation.)

[163]Homefront, Event, 
"The Dominion has several changelings on every homeworld, creating havoc and making it difficult for various governments to act effectively."
-Plays on table until placed on any homeworld. Your compatible infiltrators may report directly here. If your infiltrator present, your opponent may not play any personnel here for free.
Now exists as Homefront.

[164] Our Own Myths, Event
"The Homeric hymns were studied by anthropologists to find a common mytho-linguistic ground between the Federation and the Children of Tama."
-Plays on table. While in play, where your Anthropology personnel present, you may discard Tamarian-related dilemmas encountered OR change Tamarian personnel and ships to your Anthropology personnel's affiliation.

[165] The Prime Directive Is Wrong, Dilemma, planet
"Sometimes, the Prime Directive forces a ship commander to doom a people to hardship or extinction, as on Boraal II. Outrageous to some."
-Unless Nikolai Rozhenko OR INTEGRITY<30 present, all Law personnel are "stopped". Then, if any  personnel here, place on mission. It is worth 10 points less. Otherwise, discard dilemma. Mission continues.

[161] The idea was to maybe put a little more juice in Terraforming Station.
[162] Liaison is a localized Treaty which moves with the target personnel. It is nullified normally by Kevin Uxbridge only if the opponent has at least one card of the same affiliation as the personnel you played Liaison on.
[163] I recently saw an online game in which fellow STCCGer Dr. Telek R'Mor played 4 HQs and a tri-treaty and reported all his personnel for free (4 per turn). He also said maybe I'd get a dream card idea from the experience. This is that card, and it's the broken link on O'Brien Founder to boot. A compatible infiltrator is one that can infiltrate that homeworld's affiliation.
[164] In the first instance, adds Anthropology to the possible requirements of the two Tamarian dilemmas. In the second, turns the few Tamarian ships and personnel into your root personnel. (Now you can use Klingon Death Yell on Dathon when the walls fall.)
[165] Hurts the Feds more than others, since they can't be trusted to use less than 30 INTEGRITY or Nikolai. No matter what, the mission continues (filtering out Law personnel).

[166] Homn
[167] Hon'Tihl
[168] honatta
[169] Honorius
[170] Hoobishan Baths

[166] Exists as Mr. Homn.

[167] Exists as Hon'Tihl.

[168] Organ Harvest, Objective, 
-Seeds or plays on table. When played, immediately download up to 4 Vidiians to your  ship or non-Borg  outpost. While in play, personnel your Vidiians kill in personnel battle are placed next to objective. For each personnel here, your Vidiians are STRENGTH +1. (Unique.)

[169] Your Future's End, Event, 
"Did the Roman Emperor Honorius know his civilization was falling when he saw barbarians come over the hill? Did we, when the Borg appeared?"
-Plays on your Borg Cube present at opponent's homeworld, outpost or Nor. If Talon Drone present, any opposing personnel who beam aboard Cube are automatically assimilated unless Cybernetics present.

[170] Hoobishan Baths, Program
"Holographic re-creation of therapeutic baths and massage chambers on planet Trill. Popular, but not Kira Nerys' style."
-At same spaceline location, your Trill are attributes all +2 (+3 if joined). Suspends Argelian Massage Parlor's game text on same facility. (Not cumulative.)

[166] n/a
[167] n/a
[168] Yes, this means you can report Vidiians to any quadrant using the ship option. STRENGTH is added cumulatively, but you can't have more than one copy of the objective in play at the same time. If nullified, all personnel here are sent back to opponent's discard pile.
[169] A little something for the oft-forgotten Borg. An opponent's homeworld is one that birthed any of his personnel, ships or facilities, even if you seeded that particular mission. Personnel that cannot be assimilated (holograms and animals) still aren't.
[170] Why would you use the Massage Parlor when you could get your massages here?

[171] Hood, USS
[172] Hoover, J.Edgar
[173] hopper
[174] Horath, Prime Minister
[175] Horath

[171] Exists as USS Hood.

[172] Take Me to Your Hoover, Dilemma, planet
"When 1937's Fred Noonan was brought out of suspended animation, he believed himself still in the 30s and asked to see J. Edgar Hoover."
-Unless a VIP with Leadership present, one personnel present (random selection) is killed. Discard dilemma only if Tal Shiar, Obsidian Order, Section 31, Klingon Intelligence, Resistance, FCA OR Founder present.

[173] Starfleet Hopper, Ship, Federation, 
"Standard troop-carrying small craft used to deploy ground soldiers. Used at Ajilon Prime to defend the colony from Klingon troops in 2373."
-Troop Shuttle[] May be reported aboard, carried aboard and launched from any  ship with Tractor Beam. May land using entire RANGE.

[174] Prime Minister Horath, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Governmental leader of the Prytt Alliance on planet Kesprytt III. Typical paranoid statesman. Unwilling to sit down with the Kes leadership."
-VIP, SECURITY, Leadership; Opposing personnel are Diplomacy -1; 

[175] Siren's Song, Dilemma, space
"The Horath is a traditional Halii song Aquiel Uhnari used to sing at home during teh Batareal celebration. Geordi longed to hear her voice."
-Unless Music present, place on one male present (opponent's choice, any Geordi if present). It is "stopped" for rest of turn while mission continues, then loses 2 last listed skills until female with Music present. Then, discard dilemma.

[171] n/a
[172] The dilemma is only passed by the VIP w/Leadership, but then is only discarded if an "espionage skill" is present. If not, it has staying power and will keep killing until passed or discarded.
[173] Counts as a shuttle for use in Shuttle Operations and such.
[174] Your own personnel don't lose the Diplomacy of course.
[175] Stops one personnel, filtering him out, but then stays on that personnel until he comes in contact with the female Musician.

[176] Horatio, USS
[177] Horga'hn
[178] Horne, Walter
[179] Hornet, USS
[180] "Host, The"

[176]USS Horatio, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry number NCC-10532. Commanded by Captain Walker Keel. Taken over in 2364 by alien parasites near Dytallix B."
-Ambassador Class[] Tractor Beam; SECURITY aboard are STRENGTH +2 vs. Bluegills

[177] Exists as Horga'hn.

[178] Walter Horne, Personnel, Federation
"Instructor in Creative Writing at Starfleet Academy. Captain Jean-Luc Picard's professor during the 2320s. Wesley Crusher's in 2368."
-CIVILIAN, Anthropology x2; May share one level of Anthropology with all Youth personnel present; SD Any  icon card

[179] USS Hornet, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry number NCC-45231. Served in Picard's armada to blockade Romulan ships in 2368. Named after American aircraft carrier."
-Renaissance class[] Tractor Beam; SD Engage Shuttle Operations and any Shuttle

[180] Riker Odan, Personnel, Federation, Countdown: 3
"Human with Trill symbiont. William T. Riker accepted to act as host to the Odan symbiont before Kareel Odan could arrive."
-VIP, OFFICER, Diplomacy, Leadership; This Away Team may not be attacked; ; Discard (replacing with persona if possible) when countdown ends

[176] An odd occurence, but Bluegill infiltrators already exist in AtoZ, and Walker Keel will certainly have an effect on them too.
[177] n/a
[178] Has a limited Mindmeld-type ability. The [SF] icon is the Science-Fiction icon found on certain AtoZ cards.
[179] The Hornet downloads both the Engage Shuttle Operations AND the shuttle simultaneously. The shuttle may or may not be aboard. It's up to the player.
[180] Both a persona of Riker AND Kareel Odan. The persona only lasts 4 turns, though that can be greatly increased by not letting the persona stay in play more than a couple turns. The Away Team Riker Odan is part of can be counterattacked. The ability does not affect crews.

[181] host
[182] hot dog
[183] Hotel Brian
[184] Hotel Royale
[185] "House of Quark, The"

[181]Tsot, Personnel, Neutral, 
"Typical Trill symbiont. Hosted by member of humanoid Trill species. Precious to Trill culture."
-VIP; Choose any two skills when reporting; May not use its skills or attributes without its host; Your MEDICAL may implant into your unjoined Trill, where it adds skills and attribute bonuses; Your MEDICAL may remove from that host, killing it in the process

[182] Hot Dog, Food
"Earth food consisting of a cooked frankfurter served in a split bread roll and garnished to taste with condiments such as mustard or relish."
-While in play, one ANIMAL (random selection among both players' personnel) dies at the begining of each of your turns unless that player has another Earth Food card present. (Not cumulative.)

[183] Hotel Brian, Time Location, planet, 5 points
19th century Earth: Bustling San Francisco, target of Devidian foragers looking for bio-energy.
-Plays on table.  personnel may walk from this location to Devidia II or vice-versa once per turn each. While in play, The Mask of Korgano plays for free at Devidia II. Each turn your Devidian is present unopposed, it scores points. When bonus points from this location equal 20, timeline disrupted and time location discarded. Native to this timeline: Dr. Appollinaire, Samuel Clemens, Jack London, Joe Falling Hawk, Frederick LaRouque, Madam Guinan, Mrs. Carmichael.

[184] Hotel Royale, Station, Neutral, 
"Alien facility based on the cheap novel Hotel Royale to keep astronaut Stephen Richey alive."
-Seeds ot plays on any non-homeworld planet. Hotel Royale personnel may report here directly. One Hotel Royale dilemma may play here from hand every turn by a player with personnel present.

[185] 286th Rule of Acquisition (Proposed), Event, Countdown: 4
"When Morn leaves, it's all over."
-Plays on Morn at Quark's Bar. If Morn ever leaves site, start countdown. Suspend if ever back at Quark's Bar (do not reset). When countdown ends, game ends. Highest total wins. In case of tie, opponent wins.

[181] Once implanted, the host and symbiont are one personnel, much like a dual-personnel card. If removed from a host, that host dies.
[182] You cannot kill more than one ANIMAL per turn using multiple Hot Dogs. Earth Food cards are those that specifically mention Earth in their lore. Add Scottish Setter to the mix to widen your opponent's ANIMAL base.
[183] Timeline disruption in the 19th century: At the beginning of each of your turns, one  or human personnel in play is placed out-of-play (random selection) along with all members of its family (except spouses). This represents the wrong person being killed by the Devidians, causing one bloodline not to be born. I have not included the Devidian Nurse (that Devidian personnel) in the natives.
[184] Hotel Royale dilemmas may play here, but are still dilemmas (YOUR dilemmas) so using a Mickey D. reported here to win all the games may be a Writ-able offense. Both players may use both functions. Of course, the dilemmas require personnel present to be played.
[185] If Morn dies of course, the event is discarded and nullified, so you can always abort/nullify this event.

[186] House
[187] Hovath
[188] hover car
[189] hoverball
[190] How to Advance Your Career Through Marriage

[186] Great House, Headquarters, Klingon
"One of the Great Houses. Nexus of a strong Klingon family, such as Kozak's, Martok's or Duras's."
-Seeds or plays on Qo'noS. Once per turn, one personnel referenced by your Klingon present in lore or game text may play for free here. (Not duplicatable.)

[187] Hovath, Personnel, Bajoran
"Bajoran male. Apprentice to the Sirah. Studied nine years before becoming Sirah himself. Didn't understand why Miles O'Brien was considered."
-CIVILIAN, Honor, Youth; May acquire Orb Fragment he just encountered; SD Orb Experience (where Orb Fragment present)

[188] Hover Over Wheels, Interrupt
"In the mid-21st century, hover cars replaced the more primitive wheeled kind, though some purists, such as Tom Paris, still love the latter."
-Nullifies 1957 Chevy OR Ford Pickup Truck OR Camaro. OR Plays on any Tom Paris to "stop" or "unstop" that personnel. OR Relocate any or all personnel from one site to any other site on the same facility or ship.

[189] Hoverball Injury, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 3
"Though B'Elanna Torres completed a hoverball championship with a broken ankle in 2373, most participants would quit before then."
-Unless B'Elanna Torres OR one personnel with STRENGTH>10 present, place on one personnel present (random selection). That personnel may not attempt any missions until countdown ends.

[190] Advance Your Career Through Marriage, Event
"Young Lieutenant Jack Crusher gave a book titled How to Advance Your Career Through Marriage to Beverly Howard as a proposal."
-Plays on any personnel to download its spouse or romantic interest to its location. Personnel gains a  icon and is all attributes +1 if romantic interest;  icon and all attributes +2 if spouse. (Not cumulative.)

[186] In other words, having B'Etor present allows you to report both Lursa, Duras and Gowron (an enemy pops in for a visit), who in turn might allow Ja'rod, M'Rel or Sela to report (depending). Note that this HQ doesn't limit you to Klingon affiliation ("matching") personnel. A Federation Worf can make use of it, just like Sela (mentioned above) can report there if an appropriate personnel "invites" her in.
[187] You don't need to complete the mission to get the artifact if Hovath is in your Away Team or crew.
[188] Last function: Relocated personnel must all come from same site, though you don't have to move all personnel at that site. The card allows relocation of your personnel as much as your opponent's. Relocated personnel do not "walk" through intervening sites.
[189] Trek sense aside, hand weapons can make you better at hoverball ;-).
[190] You must download the personnel to get the enhancements. If you downloaded a spouse, you get a Command icon and +2 to attributes. If you only downloaded a romantic interest, you get a Staff icon and +1 to attributes. These designations are in either personnel's lore. Using this card, a personnel may have more than one staffing icon, even the same one twice. This is legal. You can only use this event once per personnel.

[191] Howard family candle
[192] Howard, Beverly
[193] Howard, Felisa
[194] Howard, Jessel
[195] Hoya

[191] Exists as Howard Heirloom Candle.

[192] Beverly Howard, Personnel, Federation
"Lass who would eventually become Beverly Crusher. Survivor of tragedy at Arvada III colony. Raised by her 'Nana', Felisa Howard."
-CIVILIAN, Youth, MEDICAL, Biology; May nullify Anaphasic Organism where present

[193] Felisa Howard, Personnel, Federation
"Healer of Caldos colony. Uses herbs and roots for medicinal purposes. Inspired Beverly Crusher to become a doctor. In love with Ronin."
-CIVILIAN, MEDICAL, Biology; SD Howard Heirloom Candle; Any Howard females in play gain the additional skill of MEDICAL

[194] Jessel Howard, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Ancestor of Beverly Crusher. Lived during 17th century in Scotland on Earth. First woman in the Howard family to be seduced by Ronin."
-CIVILIAN, Cooking, Biology; SD Ronin; While in play, all your Beverly Crushers report for free

[195] Hoya, Personnel, Federation, 
"Typical Benzite female assigned to Deep Space 9. Wedded by Benjamin Sisko. Doesn't need the rebreather thanks to medical advances."
-SCIENCE, Biology, Geology, Navigation; 

[191] n/a
[192] A Youthful persona of Dr. Crusher.
[193] This means that Beverly Howard is MEDICAL x2 and so is Felisa. This does not affect Beverly CRUSHER.
[194] All your Beverly Crushers includes any personae of her or AU versions that mention her real name in their lore.
[195] A new 3-skill universal, and our first and only female Benzite.

[196] Hromi Cluster
[197] Hrothgar, King
[198] HTDS
[199] Hubble, Chief
[200] Hudson, Calvin

[196] Recover Stolen Goods, Mission, space, Bajoran/Federation/Klingon
Acamar Region*Hromi Cluster: Recover equipment stolen by the Gatherers, renegade Acamarians in this sector.
-SECURITY x3 + Law + Transporter Skill + (STRENGTH>40 OR Diplomacy x3)
-Span: 3; 35 points; Any equipment cards in discard pile due to The Gatherers joins crew when solved.

[197]King Hrothgar, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Holographic re-creation of the leader of a group of Danes terrorized by the mythical beast Grendel in the holonovel version of Beowulf."
-VIP, Leadership, Honor x2; Freya all attributes +2 where present (not cumulative)

[198] Holotransference Dementia, Dilemma, space
"Holotransference Dementia Syndrome (or HTDS) is a condition in which a person becomes convinced they are part of a holodeck program."
-All non- personnel on Holodeck are placed in stasis until all  cards and Program cards on ship are discarded (may not return to Arch).

[199] Chief Hubble, Personnel, Federation
"Human female. Transporter chief aboard USS Enterprise-D in 2367. Beamed Selok, Leah Brahms, Barash and K'Ehleyr aboard."
-ENGINEER, Transporter Skill; Once per turn, may beam one opposing personnel to this location if behind SHIELDS<7; 

[200]Calvin Hudson, Personnel, Federation
"Maquis leader and Starfleet attaché to DMZ colonies. Former friend of Benjamin Sisko's. Widower of Gretchen Hudson. Destroyed uniform."
-OFFICER, Diplomacy, Treachery, Leadership, SECURITY, Transporter Skill; SD Any phaser;

[196] If the discarded equipment cards have returned to hadn, play or draw deck, they may not be rescued in this fashion. You only retrieve your own equipment cards, you never fish out anything from opponent's pile.
[197] Multiple Hrothgars may not give multiple bonuses to Frey, but since Freya is also cumulative, multiple Freyas at the same location each get the bonus.
[198] A Holodeck site must be present for this dilemma to have an effect.
[199] Obviously, the ability requires working transporters. Being behind SHIELDS means being on a ship or facility with those SHIELDS. What you do with the intruder is up to you.
[200] I wanted to create the Picard of the Maquis movement.

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