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[1] Caatati
[2] Ceasar salad
[3] Calandra Sector
[4] "Call to Arms"
[5] Camaro

[1] Caatati Ship, Ship, Non-Aligned, 
"Vessel used by the Caatati civilization in the Delta quadrant. Traveled in a large fleet, all that was left of the species after a Borg attack."
-Caatati Class[] Tractor Beam; Attributes all +1 for each Caatati vessel present

[2] Caesar Salad, Food
"Earth vegetable dish made with romaine lettuce, lemon juice, egg and anchovy dressing. Most people have their own way of making it."
-At same spaceline location, affiliation battle restrictions are switched between  and . Discard at any time to download Appeal into play.

[3] Stage Invasion, Mission, space, Dominion
Calandra Sector: Prepare for invasion of close-by Federation worlds in this arid sector.
-Leadership x3 + Jem'Hadar x5 + Treachery + WEAPONS>25
-Span: 3; 40 points

[4] New Administration, Interrupt
"On stardate 50975.2, the Federation had to leave Deep Space 9 when a combined Cardassian/Dominion attack force took control of the station."
-Plays on your just commandeered Nor to download up to 3 VIPs there. While in play, any personnel your opponent reports to this station report "stopped". (Not cumulative.)

[5]Camaro, Artifact
"Ancient wheeled vehicle from Earth. Emblematic of that culture's 20th-century technology. Replicated by Tom Paris on the holodeck."
-Place in hand until played on table as an Event card. While in play, your Artifacts used as Equipment cards at your Holodeck (or anywhere, if Holo-Projectors in play) are only deactivated for the rest of turn when destroyed.

[1] The attribute boost counts for the present ship too, so a lone Caatati Ship is attributes 6-5-5. A fleet of 5 ships would be 10-9-9 each!
[2] Two reasons for the lore: 1) That's not how *I* make ceasar salad; 2) the entry is from the episode "His Way". I've included the Romulans because of the reference to "Caesar". The first function makes the Romulans unable to attack anyone but Borg at that location, while the Feds can attack anyone BUT the Romulans. Appeal is an incident that returns a lot of the old rulings to the way they were.
[3] A companion to Betazed Invasion.
[4] Now there's more than just Baseball to be played after you've commandeered a station. Opposing personnel may still report to appropriate sites, but always report "stopped". They are free to move on the next turn.
[5] In effect, turns your artifacts into [holo] equipment. Whenever a card calls for an artifact to be destroyed, it is simply deactivated and may be reactivated on the next turn.

[6] Captain Proton, The Adventures of
[7] captain
[8] carbon 60
[9] carburetor
[10] Cardassian Central Archives

[6] Captain Proton's Adventures, Program
"Holodeck re-creation of a science-fiction story in the style of low-budget film serials of the 1930s. A futurist vision of space exploration."
-While in play, any Captain Proton  icon personnel or equipment may report directly to this site. Once per turn, you may report one non- personnel in back and white for free here.

[7] Captain's Mess, Site
-Food-serving site. Once per turn, if your Captain, Gul, General, DaiMon OR Romulan Commander present, in place of your normal card play, you may download one matching personnel to this location AND any one Food card. Any Cooking personnel here is attributes all +2.
-Any Starship[Saucer/Forward Section]

[8] Dangerous Building Materials, Dilemma, space/planet
"Some building materials are more dangerous than others. A Vostigye space station was destroyed in 2373. Could the isotope Carbon 60 have made it worse?"
-Immediately place on any ship or facility here (opponent's choice). It is damaged unless 3 ENGINEER present. Discard dilemma.

[9] Carburator, Artifact, 
"20th-century mechanical device used in internal combustion engines to change air with hydrocarbons to increase volatility."
-Plays on table as an Event card. While in play, all your ships are RANGE +2. Also, Ford Pickup Truck, 1957 Chevy and Camaro may be played from hand without being acquired first. (Not cumulative.)

[10] Personnel File, Event
"Kira Nerys earned sufficient notoriety in the eyes of the Cardassians that an entire section of the Central Archives was devoted to her."
-Plays on your HQ: Central Archives. While in play, Personnel cards discard here in addition to events and interrupts.

[6] All Captain Proton characters played by Voyager crewmembers (usually personae of the bridge crew) are pictured in black and white.
[7] This room was missed by the Encyclopedia people, so I put it here.
[8] A rare dilemma that affects facilities too.
[9] The three car artifacts may be stocked into your draw deck legally, but may only be played if Carburator has been acquired.
[10] HQ: Central Archives is a card that allows certain cards to discard there instead of draw deck for later retrieval by Computer Skill personnel on the homeworld.

[11] Cardassian Institute of Art
[12] Cardassian Intelligence Bureau
[13] cardiopulmonary reconstruction
[14] carrot
[15] Casperia Prime

[11] Institute of Art, Headquarters, Cardassian
"Higher learning center on Cardassia devoted to the fine arts. Artists from across the galaxy come here to study."
-Seeds or plays on Cardassia Prime. May coexist with Central Command. Once per turn, one artist from any affiliation may reports for free here. Each gains the  icon. (Not duplicatable.)

[12] Cardassian Bureau of Intelligence, Headquarters, Cardassian/Dominion
"Organization that replaced the Obsidian Order as chief Cardassian information gathering service."
-Seeds or plays on Cardassia Prime. May coexist with Central Command. Once per turn, one Vorta, non-Obsidian Order Cardassian personnel with Treachery OR Founder Leader may report here for free, regardless of quadrant restrictions. (Not duplicatable.)

[13] A Man Can Be Rebuilt, Interrupt
"In a world where cardiopulmonary reconstruction is a common procedure, death may be kept at bay for a longer time than in past times."
-Plays on your personnel just killed on a planet. Beam it back up to your ship at this location. If MEDICAL present (ENGINEER if personnel is an android) it is merely "stopped". Otherwise, it is discarded normally.

[14] Carrot, Food
"Long, reddish yellow, edible root from Earth. Part of replicator entrée number 103 on runabouts. Sometimes dangled in front of an animal."
-May be reported to, and upkept on, any Runabout. When present at a ship-to-ship battle, opponent must always choose this ship or facility as its target.

[15] Honeymoon, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Federation/Klingon
Casperia Prime: Go on honeymoon following wedding ceremony.
-1 Male + 1 Female + (Cooking OR Music OR Barbering)
-Span: 3; 30* points; *+10 points if male and female of different affiliations.

[11] Artists must be listed as such in their lores. There are only two in the actual game (Tora Ziyal and Martis Mazur - yes, con artists count), but more than half a dozen more (and growing) in AtoZ. All of them become dual-aligned if they don't already belong to the Cardassian affiliation. You might use this to help you steal Cardassian missions if you're not playing with them.
[12] Finally a way to get Vorta to the Alpha quadrant! The HQ is both Cardies and Dominion, but only plays on Cardassia.
[13] The just-killed personnel may not supply the MEDICAL (or ENGINEER) necessary to save itself.
[14] Danube-class ships are runabouts. If more than one Carrot exists at the same location, opponent may choose to concentrate his firepower on either or both (with multiple ships).
[15] Treaty decks might get a stronger kick out of this card.

[16] Cassie
[17] Cave Beyond Logic, A
[18] Caves of Kahless
[19] cellular regeneration and entertainment chamber
[20] Centaur, USS

[16] Cassie, Event, 
"20th-century New York waitress in a Harlem coffee shop. She was involved with science-fiction writer Benny Russel and planned on them to marry."
-Plays on table. While in play, you may play one  icon card per turn for free. (Not cumulative.) OR Downloads up to 3  icon cards to your hand. (Discard event.)

[17] A Cave Beyond Logic, Event
"Academic study of Vulcan philosophy studied by the Species 8472 imitating Valerie Archer in order to learn about humanoid species."
-Plays on your shape-shifter OR species 8472. It gains the skill Mindmeld and may use any card specifically requiring a Vulcan. OR Downloads one Vulcan Mindmeld and/or Vulcan Nerve Pinch to your hand.

[18] Caves of Kahless, Program
"Holographic re-creation of subterranean chambers on the Klingon homeworld used for traditional observances of the Day of Honor."
-Your  icon Klingons may report for free here. While in play, Day of Honor Program may play on this ship or facility.

[19]Cellular Entertainment Chamber, Equipment
"A patently ridiculous invention, the cellular regeneration and entertainment chamber would entertain your cells to keep them from dying of boredom."
-At the end of each of your turns, you may place one personnel inside (in stasis until start of next turn; killed if card destroyed). If Alternate Universe Door open on next turn, personnel is all attributes +2 (+3 if Dr. Elias Giger present) until end of that turn.

[20] USS Centaur, Ship, Federation
"Federation starship commanded by Charles Reynolds. Attacked a Jem'Hadar fighter piloted by Starfleet personnel on a secret mission."
-Centaur Class[] Tractor Beam (may only carry shuttlepods); SD Quantum Torpedoes (acts as Sovereign-class for purposes of that card)

[16] The [SF] icon is the Science-Fiction icon which, Rules of Acquisition-like, will find itself on all the SF authors found in the Encyclopedia.
[17] Gives changelings and Species 8472 the ability to use Nerve Pinches, among other things. The second function may allow you to download both cards at once.
[18] Right now, only the reporting ability can be used, but seeing as Day of Honor will only play on Klingon planets, this will make it more flexible.
[19] Since there's no way this invention would ever work, I've added the AU Door bit. Obviously, you can only place personnel under your control in the Chamber.
[20] The Tactical Download allows for a certain Tactic to be pulled from the Battle Bridge side-deck.

[21] Ch'Targh
[22] chadre kab
[23] Chadwick
[24] Chaffee, Shutlecraft
[25] Chamber of Opportunity

[21] Ch'Targh, Personnel, Klingon
"Seasoned Klingon warrior. Helm officer of bird-of-prey Rotarran under the command of General Martok in 2374 during Dominion War."
-OFFICER, Navigation x2, Honor; Ship he is aboard is WEAPONS +2 (+4 if IKC Rotarran) vs. 

[22] Chadre Kab, Food, 5 points
"Yellow-colored culinary dish either boiled, baked, stir-fried or steamed. The first meal consumed by Seven of Nine after she regained her humanity."
-Where present, your former Borg are each worth points. Discard at any time to nullify one Implant card at this location.

[23] Chadwick, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet Intelligence operative. In 2374, investigated the Orion Syndicate. Contact of undercover Miles O'Brien on Farius Prime."
-SECURITY, SECURITY, Computer Skill x2, Leadership, Law; SD Connelly

[24] Chaffee, Ship, Federation
"Auxialary craft attached to the Federation starship Defiant. Named for Apollo 1 astronaut Roger Chaffee. Landed on a class-L planet."
-Shuttlepod[] May report aboard USS Defiant; May land or take off using 1 RANGE

[25] Chamber of Opportunity, Event
"Office of the grand nagus, located 40 flights up in the Tower of Commerce on Ferenginar, from which the entire Ferengi Alliance is controlled."
-Plays on your Tower of Commerce. While in play, prevents opponent from reporting personnel here. Each time you report personnel here, you may simultaneously download one Gold-Pressed Latinum.

[21] n/a
[22] There's no real evidence to suggest this dish is native to the Delta quadrant. Former Borg will be listed as such in their lore. Implant cards would have to be on a personnel at the Food-serving site.
[23] If Miles O'Brien present, you can download Connelly for a persona switch. Starfleet Intelligence are not the same as Section 31.
[24] Finally, a shuttlepod to put inside our smaller ships. I plan to make them all landable without any other cards.
[25] Opponent cannot play this on the Tower of Commerce you played/seeded to block you. He can, if he expects you to play Ferengi, seed Tower first, so that it is his, and then block your usage of it that way.

[26] Chandler, Lieutenant
[27] "Change of Heart"
[28] Chaotica, Doctor
[29] Chapman, Admiral
[30] "Charge of the Light Brigade, The"

[26] Chandler, Personnel, Federation
"Female Starfleet lieutenant assigned to Section 31. Conducted an elaborate holographic simulation designed to evaluate Julian Bashir's loyalty."
-ENGINEER, Section 31, Treachery, Computer Skill; SD Any Program card; 

[27] Change of Heart, Dilemma, space/planet
"On stardate 51597.2, Worf abandoned a mission to extract a defector from a Dominion base to rescue his wife from a jungle planet."
-Target any personnel whose lore mentions another personnel at another location (opponent's choice). That personnel abandons mission attempt and must do nothing but join that personnel. Mission continues.

[28] Dr. Chaotica, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Menacing, villainous character from The Adventures of Captain Proton holo-novel. Sought to enslave humanity. Loved Arachnia."
-VIP, Treachery x2, Leadership, SCIENCE; SD Satan's Robot; X=3 at Holodeck site

[29] Admiral Chapman, Personnel, Federation
"High-ranking Starfleet officer. Famous for his pound cake. Had nothing to do with the Dauntless, or anything else made by Arturis."
-VIP, Diplomacy, Cooking, Stellar Cartography; While in play, once per turn, your  personnel may "stop" one  icon  personnel; 

[30] Hopeless Odds, Interrupt
"O'Brien and Bashir were inspired to recite Tennyson's 'Charge of the Light Brigade' when facing hopeless odds in retaking DS9 from the Dominion."
-Plays on your non-Borg ship outnumbered in battle at least 3 to 1. For this battle, you may look through your Battle Bridge side-deck when choosing both your Tactic AND your damage markers.

[26] She must be where a Holodeck is present to download a Program card.
[27] The personnel affected is not stopped so may beam back to a ship and, if possible, fly it to the other personnel's location. It counts as disabled for all other tasks, especially if it can't take control of a ship. If it can staff a ship alone, then you don't have any choice, and you must follow its imperative. If not, then it may have to wait, but you won't use the personnel.
[28] Any site with a Holodeck will do, but he must be there. Not projected, or simply on a ship with the Holodeck special equipment.
[29] See that first phrase? That's all there was to the Encyclopedia entry. That, and an episode listing. Hope I inferred the right things. No matter how many groups of [Fed] personnel you have in play, you may only use this ability once per turn. The pound cake reference is from the show.
[30] Choice of Tactic AND damage markers, looking through your side-deck each necessary step. A bit like the side-deck was a hand. Outnumbering has to do with number of ships, not attribute totals. The Borg may not play this card. Hope is irrelevant.

[31] Charlene
[32] Chateau Latour
[33] chateaubriand
[34] cherries jubilee
[35] Chester

[31] Charlene, Personnel, Federation, 
"Holographic character. Wife of the Voyager's holographic Doctor in his family program Beta-Rho. The mother of two children, Jeffrey and Belle."
-CIVILIAN, Cooking, Barbering; SD Any  icon Youth personnel

[32] Chateau Latour, Food
"Alcoholic beverage made from fermented Earth grapes. Available at the Coeur de Lion in the French Resistance holodeck program."
-May be served at any Holodeck. All Resistance personnel at this spaceline location are CUNNING +2 OR STRENGTH +2 (your choice at start of each of your turns). (Not cumulative.)

[33] Chateaubriand, Food
"Aged tenderloin beef roast, served cooked. An Earth delicacy. Served at Vic's on Deep Space 9, the only holographic restaurant there."
-May be served at any Holodeck. For each of your holograms present, opposing personnel on same ship or facility are STRENGTH -1 (maximum: -4). (Not cumulative.)

[34] Cherries Jubilee, Food
"Earth dessert made with cherries flavored with liquors such as cognac and brandy, served flaming over vanilla-flavored ice cream."
-Once per turn where present, you may destroy (discard) OR protect from nullification one alcoholic Food card. If you destroy another Cherries Jubilee, one personnel present is killed (your choice).

[35]Chester, Personnel, Neutral, 5 points
"Male long-haired cat. Pet of Orion Syndicate operative Liam Bilby. Later became the O'Brien family pet. Keiko was not fond of him."
-ANIMAL; *Never pairs up in personnel battle; Worth points if Liam Bilby present

[31] The Doc's perfect wife.
[32] Holodecks may serve as Food-serving sites for this Food card.
[33] It's all about tenderness.STRENGTH cannot go under 0, nor will that kill a personnel.
[34] The Food that turns into a bomb! Some Food-serving Sites (like Quark's) are meant to be shared so you could destroy your opponent's drinks. Cherries Jubilee, while not a drink, is alcoholic.
[35] Yes, Chester is both an Orion Syndicate personnel AND an O'Brien (all the best uses for this cat lie there). He may not pair up in personnel battle, but he may still die from a battle if he's selected after STRENGTH totals are compared.

[36] chewing gum
[37] chief examiner
[38] "Children of Time"
[39] Chile
[40] Chin'toka System

[36] Chewing Gum, Food
"Traditional Earth confection enjoyed as much for chewing as for taste. Sometimes came with packs of baseball cards. Sometimes scotch-flavored."
-When serving, choose if alcoholic or not. Where present, your baseball personnel are all attributes +2. Baseball on same facility is +5 points. While in play, 1962 Roger Maris Baseball Card may not affect you.

[37] Thought Criminals, Dilemma, planet
"In 2374, Voyager visited a planet where violent thoughts were a crime. These could interfere and contaminate their telepathic culture."
-Unless INTEGRITY>50 OR Empathy x2 OR Mindmeld x2 present, lowest INTEGRITY personnel present is captured. Discard dilemma.

[38] Quark Computer, Artifact, 
"On a planet where the Defiant crashlanded in the past, a computer based on Quark was created to teach children about the world."
-Place in hand until played on any facility or ship as an Event card. At same location, each personnel's attributes (except in personnel battle) is equal to that personnel's total attributes. (Not cumulative.)

[39] Chile, Mind Location
Any unique personnel: A dream of Chile's snow-topped mountains.
-At the end of personnel's owner's turn, they may discard Mind Location. Personnel then "stopped" until the end of one full turn.

[40] Decisive Battle, Mission, space, Cardassian/Dominion/Federation/Klingon/Romulan
Chin'toka System: Win decisive battle to enable or prevent ground troops from setting foot on Cardassian soil.
-OFFICER x3 + SECURITY x3 + Leadership x3 + (Honor x3 OR Treachery x3) + WEAPONS>20 at this location
-Span: 4; 45 points; One weapons platform may play here each turn

[36] Baseball personnel have baseball mentioned in their lore. Switch artifacts with your opponent, then serve Chewing Gum, and he can't switch again on the next turn, or as long as the Gum is in play.
[37] Another Empathy/capture effect, but sufficiently different from Cardassian Trap.
[38] So if a personnel is attributes 8-6-4, then it's INTEGRITY, CUNNING and STRENGTH are each equal to 18. For purposes of anything EXCEPT personnel battles, that personnel would be attributes 18-18-18.
[39] A baseline Mind Location (let's just say the Encyclopedia was less than forthcoming about context here) that may be used on a LOT of personnel, and creates a situation where telepathic personnel may enter the Mind Location without all the complications inherent in specific MLs.
[40] Weapons platforms (Cardassian or otherwise) may help with the WEAPONS requirement quite a bit.

[41] Christmas Carol, A
[42] chromodynamic shield
[43] chromoelectric force field
[44] chromoelectric pulse
[45] "Chrysalis"

[41] A Christmas Carol, Program
"Holographic re-creation of Charles Dickens' popular novel published in 1843. Stars Ebeneezer Scooge. Old standby to learn about humanity."
-Your androids, EMHs, non- changelings and former Borg present are all INTEGRITY +2 and may each "stop" one Greed personnel present. If Holodeck on facility, one such personnel may report for free here each turn.

[42] Chromodynamic Shield, Event
"Energy field that could block the rejuvenating effects of metaphasic radiation found in the Briar Patch. Made it necessary to harvest the rays directly."
-Plays on any Briar Patch region location (one per location). While in play, Particle Collection is +1 to countdown (cumulative). Also, no ships at this location may benefit from Metaphasic Shields.

[43] Force Field, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: 3
"The protective abilities of force fields were demonstrated to Voyager's crew by arms dealer Kovin. Weapons cannot easily penetrate them."
-Unless arms dealer OR 2 rifles OR Breen CRM114 present, place on mission. While in play, mission may not be attempted. Nullified by Kevin Uxbridge.

[44] Chromoelectric Pulse, Interrupt
"In 2374, Tom Paris used an energy discharge, a chromoelectric pulse, to disrupt the coaxial drive of Steth's ship."
-Where you ship is present, play on opposing ship to nullify its Coaxial Warp Drive OR disable all  icon personnel there for one full turn OR prevent it from using Transwarp cards for one full turn.

[45]Big Crunch, Incident, Countdown: 10, 
-Seeds or plays on table. When countdown ends, at the start of each of your turns, lower each mission's Span by 1. When any mission's Span=0 (except Q's Planet), discard mission and all cards there. Any 3 mutants together in play may download Cosmological Constant from outside the game.

[41] All the characters that are learning about humanity are included. The joke is that Data was using this program to learn about humanity, and Seven of Nine was later told to read the book for the same reason. Dickens wouldn't have been my first choice, myself.
[42] The first effect works on all locations within this region, the second only on the specific spaceline location. The first effect is cumulative, but needs to be played on different region locations (it's one per location).
[43] A kind of Dead End, I suppose.
[44] Coaxial Warp Drive will be an event that plays on a ship. If the third function is used, Transwarp Conduit cannot be played on the ship to enhance its RANGE, nor can a Borg ship use a Transwarp Network Gateway.
[45] The countdown starts as soon as the Incident is flipped over. Cosmological Constant will nullify it.

[46] Chrystal, Lola
[47] Cinema Mystäre
[48] class-2 shuttlecraft
[49] class-3 probe
[50] class-4 cloak

[46]Lola Chrystal, Personnel, Bajoran/Ferengi/Non-Aligned, 
"Holographic re-creation of a 20th-century Earth singer at Vic Fontaine's casino. Looks exactly like Kira Nerys. Favorite song: 'Fever'."
-CIVILIAN, Music; SD Fever; Any Odo present is all attributes +1 unless any Kira present (cumulative)

[47] Holo-Explosives, Event
"In the French Resistance holodeck program, a cache of explosives was hidden under the Cinema Mystäre to use against the Nazis."
-Plays at any location where your  icon personnel is present. Destroys (discards) all opposing  icon personnel and equipment. Any Program card here is deactivated.

[48] No Room, Dilemma, space, Countdown: 3
"There is rarely enough room aboard class-2 shuttlecraft (including types IX and lower) for taking care of patients, running full-scale analysis, etc."
-Place dilemma on ship if it is a shuttle. While in play, your personnel aboard may only use one of their skills at any one time (your choice).

[49] Class-3 Probe, Event
"Autonomous free-flying data collector designed with low sensor profile and emissions, suitable for probing behind enemy lines."
-Plays at any spaceline location. Opponent draws one less Tactic card in battles here. (May only be nullified by a card that uncloaks a ship.)

[50] Modified Maquis Raider, Ship, Non-Aligned, 
"Maquis interceptor modified with a class-4 cloaking device provided by the Klingon Empire to fuel the Maquis's fight with the Cardassians."
-Peregrine Class[] Cloaking Device

[46] Not any kind of persona of Kira Nerys.
[47] So it blows up only opposing holos, but deactivates even your own Program if it is present.
[48] If the ship is not a shuttle, discard the dilemma. You can select any one skill for a personnel to use (including a special skill), but a redshirting shuttle probably won't have the skill base to complete a mission or even pass some of the tougher dilemmas. Classifications are not considered skills here, and remain intact. You can switch which skill at any time during your own turn, but during opponent's turn, you will be stuck with whatever skill you finished with.
[49] A common card that can only be nullified by the same cards and conditions that uncloak a ship (including those of LaForge Maneuver and Tachyon Detection Grid).
[50] n/a

[51] Clyde
[52] coaxial warp drive
[53] Cobum, Admiral
[54] coil spanner
[55] colliculi

[51] Watch It, Clyde!, Interrupt
"In mid-20th-century slang, a person who lacked up-to-date sophistication could be called 'Clyde', 'square' or 'Harvey'."
-"Stops" one non- Klingon. OR Deactivates one Dixon Hill-related hologram. OR Nullifies Strict Dress Code. OR Downloads Square OR Hey, Harvey! OR Vic Fontaine.

[52]Coaxial Warp Drive, Event
"Starship propulsion system devised by Benthan scientists that employs space-folding techniques enabling it to travel instantaneously."
-Plays on your non-Borg ship in Delta quadrant. That ship no longer moves across spaceline, it is relocated to its destination, no longer passing through intervening locations. Effect suspended if ship damaged.

[53] Admiral Cobum, Personnel, Federation
"Senior Starfleet officer. Approved Benjamin Sisko's plan to retake station Deep Space 9 from Dominion forces. Concerned about Earth."
-VIP, Leadership; SD Incoming Message: Attack Authorization; If at your Headquarters, you may attack any affiliation that commandeered your Nor; 

[54] Turned My Back for a Second, Dilemma, space/planet
"The coil spanner is a tool which has pointy things on the end, the better to stab unwary engineers working to restore communications on Empok Nor."
-Unless 2 SECURITY and CUNNING>20 present, each opposing personnel present kills one of your personnel present (random selection).

[55] Suicide Implant, Event, 5 points
"Implant inside colliculi pressed against trichlear nerve in a Borg drone's brain. Designed to send Borg into fatal neural shock if separated from Collective."
-Plays on any Borg. If that Borg ever de-assimilated OR switched with a non- persona OR captured and placed in the Brig OR its affiliation changes, it is killed. Score points (even if playing Borg).

[51] Stops a personnel that is Klingon species, but not Klingon affiliation (Borg still don't count). The second functions works equally on holographic personnel and equipment.
[52] This means that partcular ship doesn't have to go through navigational hazards to go from A to B. Its RANGE is not extended, so a RANGE of 8 allows for a move to a destination no more than 8 Span away. Relocated ships are never present at intervening locations so that it cannot be Hailed, or even Wormholed (never starts to move).
[53] "Your Nor" is any Nor you played yourself.
[54] It's an Empok Nor dilemma. Works well with Sleeper Trap, don't you think?
[55] You would probably use this against your opponent's Borg, but the Borg can make use of it too. De-assimilation might be possible in AtoZ (same for the second option). When going to the Brig, the Borg doesn't die until it hits the Brig.

[56] Collins, Dorian
[57] combooth
[58] "Come Fly with Me"
[59] comfort woman
[60] "Concerning Flight"

[56] Dorian Collins, Personnel, Federation
"Female Starfleet Academy cadet. Native of Tycho City. The only member of Red Squad to survive the USS Valiant's assault on a Dominion battleship."
-ENGINEER, Youth, MEDICAL, Honor; Where present, Nog is part of Red Squad; 

[57] Combooth, Event
"Public communications terminal used for person-to-person audio and visual contact, as well as data communications."
-Plays on any  location. Allows one Computer Skill personnel present to share its skills with another personnel at the same or adjacent spaceline location but not present.

[58] Come Fly With Me, Dilemma, space/planet
"Earth in which sublight air travel is a metaphor for love. Written by Cahn and Van Heusen. Sung by Vic Fontaine."
-Plays on one non-Borg personnel present (your choice). That personnel may not use its classification or any of it skills or icons until it rejoins one personnel it was romantically involved with AND both fly to end of spaceline (or Risa) alone on a ship. Then, discard dilemma.

[59] Luma, Personnel, Bajoran, 
"Identity taken by Kira Nerys when she returned in time to meet her mother. Difficult Bajoran comfort woman. Befriended Kira Meru."
-CIVILIAN, Resistance, Computer Skill, Honor; May "stop" one Cardassian male per turn where present; 

[60]Da Vinci's Flyer, Artifact
"Leonardo da Vinci invented many flying machines, only one of which was ever constructed - a winged one-man glider."
-Use as an Equipment card. Where present on a planet, one of your personnel (your choice) may avoid random selections (or even opponent's selections if Leonardo da Vinci present).

[56] Being part of Red Squad affords some card privileges.
[57] Basically just like the various Communicator cards, but having a broader personnel base, though linked to a single planet. You can share skills even with an opposing personnel.
[58] To cure the personnel, you must reunite it with a romantic interest (whether from its lore or the other personnel's lore) AND use a ship to get to either end of the spaceline or Risa, if on spaceline.
[59] Pretty basic really, but it gives Bajorans an AU personnel.
[60] The target personnel is "placed inside" the Glider for purposes of AtoZ bazooka-type cards.

[61] Connelly
[62] cordafin
[63] core matrix
[64] Corgal Research Center
[65] corn chowder

[61]Connelly, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Identity taken by Miles O'Brien when infiltrating Orion Syndicate for Starfleet Intelligence on Farius Prime in 2374. Friend of Bilby's."
-ENGINEER, SECURITY, Computer Skill x2, Transporter Skill, Honor; SD Honor Among Thieves; 

[62] Cordafin Addiction, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 3
"Cadet Tim Waters abused a stimulan, cordafin, while serving as captain of the USS Valiant, causing him to make errors in judgement."
-Unless INTEGRITY>40, place on one personnel with CUNNING<7 present (opponent's choice). It is all attributes -2 and loses the use of its first and last listed skills. Countdown suspended if Hypospray present. (Cumulative.)

[63] Prepare Core Matrix, Interrupt
"Before making a kamikaze run, Jem'Hadar must prepare their core matrix, a vital element of their engines, for detonation."
-Plays to destroy your staffed  Attack Ship during any battle, after Tactics have been flipped over. One opposing ship present (your choice) is damaged.

[64] A Job Far Away, Interrupt, -5 points
"When Julian Bashir and Sarina Douglas became too close in 2375, she left to go work at the Corgal Research Facility."
-Plays on any female present with a male personnel she is romatically involved with to relocate female to any compatible facility at another spaceline location. Male personnel's owner loses points.

[65] Corn Chowder, Food
"Rich, creamy Earth soup made with corn, potatoes, green and red peppers, and onions. A topic of dicussion for the extremely bored."
-May seed at any Food-serving site. Whenever any player does nothing but report/play a single card then draw a card during their turn, you may draw a card at the start of your next turn. (Not cumulative.)

[61] Connelly is NOT an infiltrator, but he does count as an Orion Syndicate personnel.
[62] If a personnel were to be hit by another Cordafin Addiction (at another mission), it would not lose further skills (the disabled skills are still listed), but it would suffer a -4 penalty to attributes.
[63] So you can sacrifice an Attack Ship (with at least one staffer aboard) to further damage a ship in a battle. The Tactics have already had their effect by this time, so you can use the card to finish off an already damaged ship. Think of it as Autodestruct: Dominion.
[64] The love interest (including spouses) may be listed on either personnel's lore. Personnel affected by Parallel Romance and such can be separated this way as well.
[65] Punishes boring starts (you know what I'm talking about). So if you or your opponent do nothing but play or report a single card, then do the end of turn card draw during a turn, owner of the Food card gets an extra card draw at the START of his or her turn (and still gets a card draw at the end).

[66] Cortéz, USS
[67] cosmological constant
[68] Cousteau
[69] Cox, Dr.
[70] crawfish étoufée

[66] USS Cortéz, Ship, Federation
"Federation starship part of Captain Sisko's task force to retake Deep Space 9 from the Dominion. Commanded by Quentin Swofford."
-Akira class[] +2 WEAPONS and SHIELDS vs. ; Holodeck, Tractor Beam

[67]Cosmological Constant, Event, Countdown: 3
"Universal force that counters gravity so that if it were increased enough, the universe would keep on expanding forever, averting the Big Crunch."
-Nullifies Big Crunch. OR Plays on Black Hole to suspend its effects for this turn. (Discard event.) OR Plays on table, activating countdown. While in play, no player may play double turns.

[68] Cousteau-E, Ship, Federation
"Captain's yacht carried aboard USS Enterprise-E. Commanded by Jean-Luc Picard. Flew a mission to the Ba'ku planet."
-Yacht[] Reports for free aboard USS Enterprise-E

[69] Dr. Cox, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet psychiatrist. Worked with Gul Dukat while he was held by Federation authorities. Encouraged Dukat to talk about his daughter."
-MEDICAL, Anthropology, Diplomacy; Family members of personnel present may report here directly; 

[70] Crawfish Étoufée, Food
"Cajun dish of fresh-water decapod crustaceans cooked in a seasoned sauce containing tomaties, onions, celery, bell peppers and garlic."
-While in play, at the start of each full turn, you may "smother" (suspend) one unrevealed Hidden Agenda card. It may not be revealed during this turn. Opposing personnel present may "eat" (discard). (Not cumulative.)

[66] n/a
[67] Yes, the Big Crunch is nullified at event speed (unless downloaded). If the Black Hole wasn't going to pull in any cards this turn, suspending its effects will not suspend its 4 turn countdown.
[68] A more advanced version of the basic Captain's Yacht.
[69] Family membership is listed on either personnel's lore.
[70] Étoufée means smothered, so I had a little fun. As long as a Hidden Agenda is face down, even if it was peeked at, it remains "unrevealed".

[71] Cretateous Period
[72] Cretak, Senator
[73] Crockett, Davy
[74] cruller
[75] Culat, University of

[71] Distant Origin, Event
"During the Cretaceous Period of Earth's prehistory, the dinosaurs all died out except for certain hadrosaurs who may have become the Voth."
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, your humans may use cards only useable by Voth, and vice-versa. Also, you may report one Voth per turn to your facility in the Alpha quadrant.

[72] Exists as Senator Cretak.

[73] Davy Crockett's Cap, Artifact
"Racoon-skin cap worn by the mythical Earth frontiersman who died at the battle of the Alamo. Not at the Alamo Museum."
-Use as an Equipment card. If present with your personnel aboard a ship with no staffing requirements, that ship may, once per turn, relocate to the end of the spaceline OR any "Edge of... Space" location.

[74] Cruller, Food, 
"Small cake of sweetened dough, deep-fried in fat, popular on 20th-century Earth. Popular with the staff of Incredible Tales magazine."
-Allows your  personnel to come into play at same location. While they are in play, they are STRENGTH +1.

[75] Advanced Studies, Mission, planet, Cardassian
Culat: Obtain degree in Exobiology from reputed Cardassian university.
-Youth xX where X = number of missions requiring Exobiology on spaceline (minimum of one)
-Span: 2; 25 points; Once solved, all Youth personnel who participated in attempt gain the skill Exobiology.

[71] The Voth have some cards (such as their finger spines) you could use with your humans. Inversely, a Voth ENGINEER could Visit Cochrane Memorial. Voth reporting through this card is not a "for free" effect, but does ignore normal quadrant reporting restrictions.
[72] n/a
[73] You cannot relocate outside same quadrant unless it is to an "Edge of... Space" location (Repair Mission, Chart Stellar Cluster and Geological Survey come to mind).
[74] A mini-Space-Time Portal for the characters in "Far Beyond the Stars".
[75] It doesn't matter how many levels of Exobiology a mission requires, if it requires any at all, then it adds to the number of Youth required for this one. If the mission thus requires only 2 Youth, but 4 are present when the mission is completed, all 4 gain Exobiology.

[76] Culhane, Ensign
[77] Curneth
[78] curried chicken
[79] Curtis, Lieutenant
[80] Cusak, Lisa

[76] Ensign Culhane, Personnel, Federation, 
"Representative of security officers aboard USS Voyager. Menial tasks include standing watch on the bridge or other sensitive area."

[77] Curneth, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Tracer agent for the Rumaran government. Retrieved Kellin aboard Voyager and erased any memories and computer records of her."
-SECURITY, Biology, Computer Skill, Law; Where present, opposing personnel lose first-listed skill; 

[78] Curried Chicken, Food
"Culinary Earth dish of chicken cooked in spicy sauce. On a Starfleet runabout, replicator entrée number 103. Disdained by Eddington."
-May be reported to, and upkept on, runabouts. Ship it is aboard is RANGE +1 and SHIELDS +3 (not cumulative). Discard at any time to disable one  personnel at same spaceline location for one full turn.

[79] Curtis, Personnel, Federation
"Lieutenant in Starfleet. Served as attaché to Admiral Matthew Dougherty in 2375. Had a rapport with a few Son'a individuals."
-OFFICER, Diplomacy, Anthropology; Son'a present are all attributes +2; 

[80]Lisa Cusak, Personnel, Federation, 
"Starfleet captain. Commanded the USS Olympia on 8-year mission. Stranded on an L-class planet where she spoke to Defiant's crew some years into the future."
-OFFICER; If on a planet, may share skills with all personnel aboard one matching ship (name ship when first reported); Leadership, Biology; 

[76] The Federation doesn't have a SECURITY mission specialist yet.
[77] Opposing personnel regain their lost skill when he is no longer present.
[78] All Danube class vessels are runabouts. The ship attribute bonuses are a play on numbers.
[79] A simple one. Since all Son'a-related cards are going to be in Enhanced sets, some of them are going to be less powered than the overall set.
[80] You name the ship when Lisa is reported, but it doesn't have to be a ship that's in play yet (if you don't mind tipping your opponent on what ships you have stocked). Sharing skills works just like the Interlink though exact location doesn't matter. She gets all the skills of that ship's crew, and the crew each get Leadership and Biology (plus any skills afforded by Equipment or whatnot). I'm at a loss for what her picture could be. Not that skeleton certainly.

[81] Cuzar, Regent
[82] Cyrik Ocean
[83] cytoplasmic life-form
[84] cytotoxic shock
[85] cytotoxin

[81] Regent Cuzar, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Female dignitary with the Evoran delegation to the Federation. Attended a celebration aboard USS Enterprise-E. Looked forward to dancing with Picard."
-VIP, Diplomacy, Music; May nullify any fish Food card OR Mambo OR Primitive Culture in play; SD Evoran Headdress

[82] Treaty: Peaceful Ocean, Event
"The duplicate EMH who lived in the future eventually got to visit the Cyrik Ocean of the Vaskan and Kyrian people, whom he cemented together."
-Plays on any  mission OR  Time Location. Your non-Borg personnel here may work together regardless of affiliation. If The Doctor present, you may report one  icon personnel here per turn.

[83] Life Preserver, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: X
"A cytoplasmic life-form, when injured, can attach itself to another living being, using that being as a life preserver of sorts until it has healed."
-Unless no hand weapons present, one personnel present (opponent's choice) is disabled until countdown ends. X=number of hand weapons present x2. Cure with 6 MEDICAL. Discard dilemma.

[84] Cytotoxic Shock, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 3
"Prostration of bodily function caused by high levels of cytotoxins. In humanoid patients, the usual treatment is a dose of inaprovaline."
-Unless MEDICAL and Hypospray OR EMH OR Vidiian present, one personnel (random selection) is placed in stasis for duration of countdown. Personnel dies when countdown ends unless 3 MEDICAL and Exobiology present.

[85] Cytotoxins, Event, 
"Poisonous byproducts if cellular metabolism in excessive levels can lead to cytotoxic shock. The humanoid body can betray itself."
-Plays on table. While in play, if any player ever has more than 10 cards in hand, that player is "poisoned": player must discard one of their non-seed cards in play (once per turn).

[81] She can nullify those cards by simply being in play. She need not be present.
[82] The Treaty only holds for that location. I've made it a Treaty so The Devil could nullify it.
[83] Might hurt those gun-totting Away Teams, and leads well into STRENGTH dilemmas.
[84] A simple enough dilemma. The requirements are (MEDICAL + Hypospray) OR (EMH) OR (Vidiian).
[85] The card is not cumulative and even if it were, only one card can be discarded each turn (per player).

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