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[1] caber toss
[2] Cabot, Ensign
[3] Cabral sector
[4] cabrodine
[5] Cafe des Artistes

[1] Caber Toss, Interrupt
"Ancient scottish sport which involves throwing a heavy three-meter-long wooden pole. The pole is tossed end over end as a show of strength. The term was eventually used for certain ground-to-orbit military strikes."
-Plays on your personnel with STRENGTH>9 at your planet-based facility to damage one ship in orbit over that facility.

[2] Cabot, Personnel, Federation
"Ensign aboard Enterprise-D. Wanted a transfer from Quantum Mechanics to the Stellar Cartography department in 2369. Neela Daren approved the transfer without consulting with Commander Riker, a severe breach of protocol."
-SCIENCE, Physics x2, Stellar cartography (x2 if Neela Daren present); May relocate to ship's Stellar Cartography once per turn, even if stopped; 

[3] Relocation Survey, Mission, space, Federation
Cabral sector: Survey region for uninhabited planet to use for relocation of refugees.
-Stellar Cartography + Geology + Anthropology + INTEGRITY>40
-Span: 3; 30 points; Homeward worth +5 points if solved.

[4] Time Bomb, Equipment
"In 2369, Neela used a combination of cabrodine and infernite to destroy Keiko O'Brien's schoolroom on Deep Space 9. She was well clear of the blast when it occured."
-Your personnel may leave card at any Site. Once they have left, it explodes at the start of your next turn, killing all personnel present and destroying that Site's ability to report cards.

[5] Café des Artistes, Program
"Recreation of an outdoor café in Paris on Earth. Jean-Luc Picard and the future Mrs. Jenice Manheim were scheduled to meet there to say goodbye, but neither ever did."
-While in play, Holodeck acts as a Food-serving site. Jean-Luc Picard and Jenice Manheim may upkeep two Food cards here.

[1] I took my tongue out of my cheek long enough to invent lore that made more Trek sense.
[2] Stellar Cartography will be a ship Site.
[3] Homeward is only worth +5 points if it hasn't been solved yet.
[4] Sort of an Anti-Matter Pod for Sites. Note that the Site remains and is usable, but personnel and equipment may no report there. A destroyed Docking Site may not report ships, though ships may dock there. You might even want to bomb some Guest Quarters, Promenade Shops or Tailor Shops on your own station.
[5] n/a

[6] Cairn
[7] Cairo, U.S.S.
[8] Cal Tech
[9] Calaman sherry
[10] Calamarain

[6]Mind Bridge, Interrupt
"In 2370, the Cairn Maques helped the crew of the Enterprise-D access the mind of a comatose Lwaxana Troi with his own telepathic abilities."
-Plays on you Personnel with Empathy x2 to allow one (two if personnel is Maques) Personnel without Empathy or Mindmeld present to move with it to and from a Mind Location.

[7] USS Cairo, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry NCC-42136. Ship commanded by Edward Jellico. Transported Vice-Admiral Necheyev to a rendezvous with the Enterprise near Cardassian space."
-Excelsior class[] Tractor Beam

[8] 20th-Century Education, Event
"While people from the past might rave about such institutions of higher learning as Cal Tech in 20th-century Pasadena, California, the skills learned there usually aren't enough to work in the 24th-century without retraining."
-Plays on table. While in play, all  icon personnel in play lose their last listed skill and  icon (if present).

[9] Calaman Sherry, Food
"Spirited drink. Lieutenant Jenna D'Sora, a crew member aboard the Enterprise-D, enjoyed the stuff. May make you make mistakes like going out with an emotionless android."
-While in play, your female SECURITY personnel aboard same ship or facility are STRENGTH +2, while opponent's are STRENGTH -2. Male androids present with such personnel are "stopped".

[10] Exists as Calamarain.

[6] Since only telepaths can normally travel to Mind Locations, this card makes it possible for them to bring someone along. Note that the telepath travels normally, so the ML must be "present".
[7] Pretty basic other than for the matching commander, who pushes his crew hard enough for the attributes to be this high (for an Excelsior anyway).
[8] Affects both sides of the table.
[9] The Food affects SECURITY personnel aboard the same ship or facility, but androids PRESENT with those personnel, that is, at the same site.
[10] n/a

[11] Calash Retreat
[12] calculus
[13] Calder II
[14] Caldonians
[15] Caldorian eel

[11] Bajoran Retreat, Headquarters, Bajoran
"A gathering place for Bajoran monks. Where preparations are made for the Days of Atonement."
-Seeds or plays on any Bajor region planet location if no other facility present. Once per turn, one Bajoran Vedek, Kai or Prylar may report here for free. Once per game, you may play Days of Atonement on any crew or Away Team as an Event card.

[12] Calculus, Interrupt
"Branch of higher mathematics first devised on Earth by Isaac Newton. A basic understanding of calculus is required of children as young as ten."
-Double Sir Isaac Newton's attributes and skills for one full turn. OR "Stop" one personnel with Youth. OR Stop Tribbles from multiplying for rest of game. OR Download to hand any number of copies of a card in play.

[13] Guard Burial Mound, Mission, planet, Romulan
Calder II: Protect ancient burial site from looters and archeologists.
-Archeology x2 + Honor x2 + INTEGRITY>40
-Span: 4; 30 points; When solved, if SECURITY present, opponent may not play Res-Q, Resurrection or Bride of the Corpse

[14] Caldonian Bid, Event, -5 points
"The Caldonians bid for the rights to use the Barzan Wormhole in 2366. They were driven by their love of pure research. Leyor represented his people in these negociations."
-Plays on any Wormhole in play. While in play, players must discard any Scan card to let a ship through. Lose points. Discard the next time you lose points.

[15] Caldorian Eel, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 5 points
"Klim Dokachin once discovered a Caldorian eel in a storage locker on a freighter ship. The aquatic animal, which was four meters in length, became a pet."
-ANIMAL; Nullifies opponent's Klim Dokachin in play; May report to Weapons Locker; Worth points on any freighter

[11] Days of Atonement is usually a dilemma. This is another of those "alternative" HQs.
[12] Newton's double skill is Physics x4. On the last function, you must show the cards to your opponent, of course. Interrupts are not usually considered to be "in play", unless actually on the table.
[13] You may post SECURITY there even if your opponent actually solved the mission. If SECURITY from both players are present, neither may use the proscribed cards.
[14] Each ship going through requires a Scan card be used. The -5 points due to Caldonian Bid is NOT the "next time you lose points".
[15] I put it Non-Aligned rather than Neutral because, as a "pet", it is not as neutral as wild animals. I don't really know what this says about Spot :-).

[16] Caldos colony
[17] Calgary
[18] calisthenics program, Klingon
[19] Call of the Prophets, The
[20] Callas, Maria

[16]Repair Weather Network, Mission, planet, Federation
Caldos: Repair broken down weather control matrix at this colony.
-ENGINEER x3 + Computer Skill x2 + (Unique female MEDICAL OR Discard Howard Heirloom Candle from hand)
-Span: 2; 35 points

[17] Alberta Bound, Objective, Countdown: 2, 3 points
"In 2368, Wesley Crusher and Joshua Albert took a week-end trip to Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Noted for its suitability for winter sports."
-If Frigid OR Tsiolkovsky Infection OR any Breen in play, plays on Earth. When countdown ends, score points for every Youth personnel present and double points for any Sam Lavelle or Micheal Eddington present.

[18] Klingon Calisthenics, Program
"Worf's holodeck simulation re-creating a primitive jungle setting in which the participant engages in mortal hand-to-hand combat with a number of powerful humanoids."
-If a Klingon present, one Balduk Warrior may report here for free every turn. Also, Klingons who die at this Site return to owner's hand.

[19] The Call of the Prophets, Event, 10 points
"Poem written by renowned Bajoran poet Akorem Laan more than 200 years ago. This poem was one of Kira Nerys's favorites. Became suddenly completed when history was changed by Akorem's return to his time."
-Plays on table. While in play, any ship with [Orb] icon personnel aboard may travel from Bajoran Wormhole to any Time Location in play and back. Score points and discard event if timeline ever disrupted.

[20]Doc's Opera, Program
"Voyager's EMH performed an operatic duet with Giuseppina Pentangeli in this re-creation of Puccini's La Bohème. Her large ego made him plan to perform with Maria Callas instead at the next opportunity."
-Giuseppina Pentangeli may report here for free. Every turn, your  personnel with Music here may be exchanged with any other  personnel in play, draw deck, Arch, discard pile or hand. While present, that personnel gains Music.

[16] n/a
[17] Outright silliness.
[18] The first function works on a ship with Holodeck special equipment. The second, however, will only work if the ship holds the specific Site card. You may want to draw Away Team battles here (rather than the usual Food court) to make sure your Klingons don't go to the discard pile.
[19] With AtoZ, there are more ways to disrupt the timeline. Think of the points as either a reward for accomplishing this or consolation for having been dirupted by your opponent. Note that the automatic discard means you could trap your ship in the past if you disrupted the timeline yourself.
[20] Management for hologram/Ressikan Flute decks. Once those exist of course.

[21] Calloway, Maddy
[22] Calogan dog
[23] Cambra system
[24] Cambridge University
[25] camelia

[21] Exists as Calloway.

[22] Calogan Dog, Personnel, Neutral, 
"An obediant animal, the Calogan dog will stop at nothing to follow its master's orders. This one is male and hates cats."
-ANIMAL; When reporting, change affiliation to that of facility or ship; Nullifies Spot's pouncing ability where present; Honor

[23] Learn Time Travel Method, Mission, planet, Klingon
Cambra: Meet with individual reputed to know a way of traveling through time.
-2  icon personnel + Diplomacy + Physics OR K'mtar
-Span: 4; 30 points; When you solve, you may download any Temporal card to hand

[24] Professor Data, Personnel, Federation, 
"In a Q-created alternate future, the android Data held the Lucasian Chair fo physics at Cambridge University. Had many cats. Brilliant in any time period."
-SCIENCE, Astrophysics x3, Physics, ENGINEER, Computer Skill x2; SD Lucasian Chair

[25] An Omen Drapped in Flowers, Event
"Following Felisa Howard's death in 2370, the anaphasic organism known as Ronin covered her grave and filled her house with camelia blossoms, as a signal to Beverly Crusher of his presence."
-Plays on any mission. When encountering dilemmas there, attempting player may suspend mission attempt to download one personnel with a required but absent skill to that location, then discard Event.

[21] n/a
[22] If the Dog reports on a planet surface (with a personnel for example), it remains Neutral.
[23] Downloadable: Temporal Rift, Temporal Vortex, Temporal Narcosis, etc.
[24] n/a
[25] When a dilemma is uncovered and you are missing, say, Geology, you can download one Geologist to that location. Meeting the requirement, you may now pass the dilemma.

[26] Camor V
[27] Camorites
[28] camouflage field
[29] Campio, Minister
[30] Camus II

[26] War Relief, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Federation
Camor V: Help care for this planet's war ophans left after the Cardassian war.
-MEDICAL + Biology + INTEGRITY>40 + No Cardassians
-Span: 3; 35 points

[27] Spelunking, Dilemma, planet
"Some planets, such as Camor V, have large ravines and gorges whicj may be explored, but are extremely difficult to navigate. One false step and... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"
-Non-Borg: Unless Geology present, one Away Team member (random selection) is killed and Away Team is stopped. Borg: Must have  and 2  OR Survey Drone to proceed.

[28] Camouflage Field, Objective
-Plays on table. Any Equipment cards located on your ships with Long-Range Scan Shielding may relocate underneath. You may also report new Equipment cards here (as hidden agendas). At any time, you may return any Equipment card here to your ship with Long-Range Scan Shielding. Equipment cards may return here at the end of your turn.

[29]Campio, Personnel, Federation
"Third minister of Kostolain's Conference of Judges. Engaged to marry Lwaxana Troi in 2368. Coured her entirely through subspace radio. Strong on protocol, but not on nudity."
-VIP, Law, Diplomacy; SD Erko; Attributes +2 if Lwaxana Troi in play but not present

[30] Secret Dig, Mission, planet, Cardassian/Dominion/Klingon/Romulan
Camus II: Secretly conduct archeological research in Federation territory.
-Archeology x3 + Exobiology + Treachery x2 + (Tal Shiar OR Obsidian Order OR Klingon Intelligence OR Vorta)
-Span: 5, 40 points; Captain Kirk female when present and may "stop" males

[26] Excessivly difficult to steal for the Cardassians.
[27] Note that a non-Borg Away Team is stopped no matter what.
[28] Just trying to make the Long-Range Scan Shielding more useful. Creates a side-deck of Equipment directly reportable to your LRSS ships.
[29] *snicker*
[30] Sorry about the goofy special game text, but Camus II was the site of the very last TOS episode "Turnabout Intruder", in which Kirk's mind was placed inside that of a woman.

[31] Canar
[32] Caprice
[33] Captain Picard Day
[34] "Captain's Holiday"
[35] captain's yacht

[31] Exists as Canar.

[32] Caprice, Personnel, Federation, .
"Re-creation of a very attractive young woman who was a character in Julian Bashir's secret agent holosuite program."
-CIVILIAN; Secert Agent Julian Bashir attributes all +2 where present (not cumulative); May "stop" any one  icon male present

[33]Captain Picard Day, Interrupt/Event, Countdown: 3
"Every year aboard the Enterprise-D, children participated in a contest to fashion the best likeness of Captain Picard."
-Interrupt: Download one icon Picard.
-Event: Plays on table. While in play, the persona rule is suspended for your Jean-Luc Picard. Return extra personae to hand when countdown expires.

[34] No Rest for the Wicked, Event
"When Captain Jean-Luc Picard tried to take a vacation on Risa, events conspired to keep him busy and partake in a dangerous adventure."
-Plays on one  icon personnel. That personnel may not be stopped for one full turn, after which Event is discarded.

[35]Captain's Yacht, Ship, Federation, 
"Large shuttle vehicle carried aboard certain starships. Intended for transport of dignitaries and other diplomatic functions. Docked underneath saucer section."
-Yacht[] Reports for free aboard any Galaxy, Nebula or Sovereign class ship (one per ship); Has same matching commander as that ship

[31] n/a
[32] Our Man Bashir is the title of Julian's 007 persona.
[33] The countdown has no bearing on the Interrupt function.
[34] Can be played on your own personnel, but also on opponent's. Maybe you don't want his guy to be filtered out of dilemmas, or something. For the strategy-conscious.
[35] I've thrown Nebulas in with the other two because they have the same basic saucer design as the Galaxy.

[36] "Captive Pursuit"
[37] carbon reaction chambers
[38] Cardassia
[39] Cardassian Central Command
[40] Cardassian Embassy on Romulus

[36] Captive Pursuit, Event, 5 points
"Tosk was never free. Though he was on the loose, hunters were forever after him, captivated by 'The Hunt'."
-Plays on your captive. It is released anywhere in play (opponent's choice). If ever opposed by your SECURITY or OFFICER, it is killed and you score points.

[37] Cardassian-Made, Event
"Cardassians are the the great builders responsible for Nors and all the technology that make them up. These stations used carbon-reaction chambers in their fusion reactors, also a Cardassian invention."
-Plays on any Site on a Nor where you have a  personnel present. Opponent may not use that site's game text. Discard if opponent's PADD ever present here.

[38] Exists as Orb Negociations.

[39] Exists as Central Command.

[40] Cardassian Embassy, Station, Cardassian
"Cardassian embassies exist on many affiliated homeworlds and are often used not only for diplomacy, but for more covert activities as well."
-Plays on any Alpha Quadrant homeworld other than Cardassia Prime. Your  VIP may report there. While in play, you may attempt this mission as if an appropriate Espionnage card had been played on it.

[36] n/a
[37] The Cardassian need only be present on the station, not at the site.
[38] n/a
[39] n/a
[40] Cardassian VIPs report normally, not for free. Might make an affiliation turn its weapons on its own homeworld. :-)

[41] Cardassian neck trick
[42] Cardassian operation guidelines
[43] Cardassian phase-disruptor rifle
[44] Cardassian riding hound
[45] Cardassian underground movement

[41] Cardassian Neck Trick, Event
"Stunt that Odo performed for members of the Cardassian High Command consisting in the imitation of a Cardassian's neck rigdes. True Founders can imitate a Cardassian more completely."
-Plays to allow your  Founder to morph into the likeness of one of your  captives. That Founder gains the captive's clasification, skills, icons, attributes and sex, and a [Cardassian infiltration] icon. Discard if captive ever realeased.

[42] Nor Operation Guidelines, Event
"Specifications used by the Cardassians providing instructions on operating procedures for stations like Deep Space 9. The Nor's main computer advised Miles O'Brien to review these when working on the reaction chamber."
-Plays on table. You may repair Sites on any Nor if your ENGINEER present there for one full turn, then, if ENGINEER is not , discard event.

[43] Exists as Cardassian Disruptor Rifle.

[44] Cardassian Riding Hound, Personnel, Cardassian, 
"Medium-sized Cardassian draft animal used primarily for transportation. This one is female."
-ANIMAL; All your non-ANIMAL Cardassians present are STRENGTH +1 (cumulative); May carry Events affected by Antigrav

[45] Dissident Movement, Event
"Underground political movement that opposed military dominance of the Cardassian government. Regarded by Cardassian Central Command as dangerous terrorists."
-Plays on table. While in play, Cardassian dissidents may not work with non-dissident Cardassians. OR Downloads 2  dissidents OR one unique dissident. Discard event.

[41] If the Founder morphs, the Event is also discarded. This gives the Dominion a way to infiltrate the Cardassian Union.
[42] The Event stays on the table if your ENGINEER is Cardassian. This card becomes necessary because of cards in AtoZ that destroy or damage sites. Repairing a site restores its game text to active status.
[43] n/a
[44] Cardassian equivalent of a Targ. Events affected by Antigrav become Equipment that can onl be carried with Antigrav. The Hound allows for more flexibility.
[45] A function for Cardies, another for their opponents.

[46] Cardassians
[47] "Cardassians"
[48] Cardaway leaves, stuffed
[49] cardiac induction
[50] cardiac replacement

[46] May report through Cardassian Outpost.

[47]War Orphan, Dilemma, space/planet
"When a young Cardassian orphan arrived at Deep Space 9, Dr. Bashir and Garak became embroiled in political intrigue involving the boy's father and Gul Dukat.
-Unless no Honor present, 2 highest INTEGRITY personnel present are stopped until any Youth in play returns to a matching facility.

[48]Stuffed Cardaway Leaves, Food, 
"Hors d'oeuvres. One of Neelix's specialties. Leaves are stuffed with delicate meat and nuts and sweetened as much as they are soured. Every one wants some."
-While in play, if more than one card there, one card (random selection) under Zalkonian Storage Capsule comes into play at the start of owner's turn. If play of that card is illegal, it returns to Capsule.

[49] Operation!, Dilemma, space
"When cardiac induction doesn't work, doctors may have to resort to surgery. Even then, patients have been known to die on the table."
-Unless 2 MEDICAL and either Sickbay or two or more MEDICAL-related equipment present, one personnel (random selection) dies. Either way, target personnel and all MEDICAL-classification personnel present are stopped. Mission continues.

[50] Have a Heart, Event
"A patient's diseased or injured heart may be replaced by an artificial device or a cloned duplicate through a technique developped by Dr. Van Doren."
-When Cybernetics present, plays to transfer Picard's Artificial Heart to any personnel present or to your captive (releasing captive to opponent's outpost or HQ). OR Suspends game text of Black Hole, Horgah'n and Fair Play for one full turn. Discard event.

[46] n/a
[47] The countdown is a very different one. The personnel stopped are actually conducting political manipulations to get the boy (or girl) home.
[48] Either play on yourself to get some free cards out (though at random) OR on your opponent to more or less snafu his Storage Capsule strategy. If he keeps his card out of Storage, have at it with Subspace Bubbles and other discarders.
[49] A nice killer/filter.
[50] For the first part to work, everybody must be present (except a captive). That is: the Heart, the Cybernetics and new transplantee.

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