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[101] Enkidu
[102] Ennan VI
[103] Ennis
[104] "Ensign Ro"
[105] "Ensigns of Command, The"

[101] Enkidu, a Wild Man, Interrupt
"In ancient Earth mythology, Enkidu was a wild man, raised among animals, who was the friend of the warrior king, Gilgamesh."
-Plays when any Tamarian-related card is played, reported, or encountered. You may immediately report up to 3  ANIMAL personnel to location of card play (anywhere if played on table). (Not cumulative.)

[102] Shopping Spree, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Ferengi/Federation/Klingon
Ennan VI: Acquire various luxuray products including perfume and strong ale.
-Acquisition + (Greed OR CIVILIAN OR Katherine Pulaski) + Gold-Pressed Latinum
-Span: 3; 25 points; You may discard up to 3 Gold-Pressed Latinum here to download the same number of Food cards.

[103] Exists as Clan People.

[104]Mole, Event, 
"When Ensign Ro Laren came aboard the USS Enterprise-D, she acted under Admiral Kennelly's orders, not under Captain Picard's."
-Plays on table until placed on any non-Borg opposing personnel with INTEGRITY<6 if you have a matching facility. You may use it as an infiltrator. Exposed if total INTEGRITY>35 where present.

[105] There Go the Waterworks, Event, 
"When Data tried to make the colonists at Tau Cygna V leave their homes, he even went as far as to destroy their aqueduct system."
-Plays on any Colony where you have personnel present. Nullifies any Drought Tree and Ancient Aqueduct present. While in play, CIVILIANs only score 1 point here. (May not be nullfied.)

[101] Tamarian-related cards are those that mention the Tamarians in their lore (including El-Adrel Creature) and/or have obvious Tamarian language in their titles (the AtoZ Tactic Uzani, His Army, With Fist Closed, for example). If the card plays on a spaceline location entirely, you can choose any planet, ship or facility to report your ANIMALs to. If on table, anywhere in play is good. You may even divide your ANIMAL forces among 2 or 3 locations.
[102] A way to use Latinum to "buy" something other than Equipment. The Latinum must be part of the solving Away Team.
[103] n/a
[104] So if you have a Federation Outpost in play, you can use Ro Laren (example) as if she were an infiltrator since she's Fed. If she switched to her Bajoran persona, Mole would be discarded. The mole's INTEGRITY goes toward the total 35+.
[105] A sort of assault on a Colony, it limits abuse a bit less drastically than Wake of the Borg, and also prevents abuse from Ancient Aqueduct which reports free CIVILIANs to its location.

[106] Entebe, Captain
[107] Entek
[108] Enterprise, USS
[109] Enterprise-C, USS
[110] Enterprise-D, USS

[106] Captain Entebe, Personnel, Federation
"Commander of the USS Ulysses. In 2371, Entebe and her crew studied protoplanetary masses in the Helaspont Nebula."
-OFFICER, Geology, Stellar Cartography; If helps solve Study Protoplanets, mission worth +5 points; 

[107] Exists as Entek.

[108] Starship Enterprise, Ship, Federation, 
"Perhaps the most famous Starfleet vessel ever. Commanded by the even more famous Captain Kirk. Starfleet registry NCC-1701. No bloody A, B, C, D or E."
-Constitution Class[] Tractor Beam. Every  personnel aboard beyond the first gives +1 to attributes
Now exists as Starship Enterprise.

[109] Exists as USS Enterprise-C.

[110] Exists as USS Enterprise.

[106] n/a
[107] n/a
[108] It pays to staff the legendary ship with its legendary crew. The first Starship Enterprise icon doesn't add to its stats.
[109] n/a
[110] n/a

[111] Enterprise-E, USS
[112] entomology
[113] entropy
[114] eosinophilia
[115] EPI capacitor

[111] Exists as USS Enterprise-E.

[112] Study Jarada, Mission, planet, Dominion/Federation
Jarada planet: Make use of entomology to understand this reclusive insectoid species.
-Exobiology x4 + (Diplomacy x4 OR Founder)
-Span: 5; 35 points

[113] Entropy, Event, , Countdown: 4
"Entropy is the tendency of matter and energy to become increasingly random over time. Such a decrease can be evidence of life."
-Plays on table. While in play, just before any player probes, that player's deck is shuffled.

[114] Too Much White, Dilemma, space/planet
"Eosinophilia is an abnormally high white blood cell count, a potentially harmful condition in humanoids. Thought this was about Ketracel-White? Gotcha."
-Away Team or crew may not continue until 4 MEDICAL present OR one Ketracel-White card here is discarded.

[115] Emergency Hatch, Interrupt
"When in trouble aboard a landed Runabout, the EPI capacitor can be used to open a hatch, bypassing the normal door actuation process."
-Plays on your landed ship about to be destroyed to relocate all personnel aboard to this planet. OR Opens any closed Doorway for rest of this turn.

[111] n/a
[112] n/a
[113] "Just before" is just before. There can be no intervening actions such as another shuffle (from The Juggler or a download) or a card placing maneuver.
[114] So I made it about Ketracel-White a little... ;-)
[115] Of course, if the ship is being destroyed because the planet is, that won't do them much good.

[116] Epran
[117] EPS discharge
[118] Epsilon 119
[119] Epsilon Hydra VII
[120] Epsilon Indi

[116] Epran, Personnel, Non-Aligned, , 5 points
"Inhabitant of a planet in the Teplan system in the Gamma quadrant. Infected with the a Dominion-created disease known as the blight. Under the care of Dr. Julian Bashir."
-CIVILIAN; Reports for free at Cure Blight; Worth points when Cure Blight is solved (double if Julian Bashir helped solve the mission)

[117] EPS Discharge, Interrupt
"Power release from the electroplasma system of a starship. Suggested as a means  of escape from a subspace rift which trapped the Enterprise-D in 2370. Deemed too dangerous."
-Plays on any ship at a Subspace Warp Rift, Tachyon Field or Q-Net. That event is discarded and this ship is damaged unless SHIELDS>9.

[118] Exists as Reignite Dead Star.

[119] Royal Museum Security Evaluation, Mission, planet, Federation
Epsilon Hydra VII: Review Royal Museum's security system after a rogue archeologist is barred from entry.
-SECURITY x2 + Archeology + CUNNING>40 + no Vash present
-Span: 3; 30 points; Vash may report here for free

[120] Stellar Cartography Readings, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt
Epsilon Indi: Run diagnostic of long range stellar cartography sensors by comparing their data from this system to archived readings.
-Stellar Cartography x2 + Youth
-Span: 4; 25 points; May only be attempted from adjacent location (artifacts stay on mission until acquired there).

[116] That's 10 bonus points if Julian Bashir participated in solving the mission (not double the mission points).
[117] Get rid of pollution, or use it to damage enemy ships.
[118] n/a
[119] Vash can protect the mission from theft by staying put.
[120] You cannot attempt this mission from a ship at its location. You MUST be at an adjacent location. You still encounter all dilemmas as if you were there, but can only Scan (with Scanner Interference) from the location itself. Artifacts encountered are left at the mission location until picked up later by your (or someone else's) crew. The reason behind all this: though the system did appear in TOS, it was only a star Wesley identified from afar in TNG.

[121] Epsilon IX Sector
[122] Epsilon Mynos system
[123] Epsilon Pulsar Cluster
[124] Epsilon Silar system
[125] Epstein, Dr. Terence

[121] Hide in Pulsar Interference, Mission, space, Cardassian/Ferengi/Romulan
Epsilon IX region*Epsilon IX Sector: Verify if heavily radioactive pulsar cluster is good hiding place for loyal ships.
-Treachery + OFFICER + (Navigation x2 OR Astrophysics)
-Span: 3; 30 points; When solved, your ships may hide here as if they had a cloaking device.

[122] Contact Reclusive People, Mission, space, Bajoran/Federation/Ferengi
Epsilon Mynos system: Make contact with legendary Aldeans to check on their progress.
-Diplomacy + Youth + MEDICAL + INTEGRITY>50
-Span: 3; 30 points; Always seeds next to Investigate Legend.

[123] Survey Pulsar Cluster, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt
Epsilon IX region*Epsilon Pulsar Cluster: Make survey of pulsar cluster in dense part of space.
-Navigation + (Stellar Cartography + Astrophysics x3 OR Stellar Cartography x3 + Astrophysics)
-Span: 3; 40 points

[124] Investigate Satarran Insurgents, Mission, space, Federation/Klingon
Epsilon Silar system: Investigate actions of Satarran agents using illegal mindwipe technology in this system.
-SECURITY x3 + (Klingon Intelligence OR Section 31) + (Diplomacy x3 OR STRENGTH>45)
-Span: 2; 35 points; When solved, you may nullify OR download Memory Wipe.

[125] Dr. Terence Epstein, Personnel, Federation
"Leading 24th-century authority on cybernetics. Lectured at Beverly Crusher's medical school. Worked with Bynar physiology when at Starbase 74."
-MEDICAL, Cybernetics, SCIENCE; Bynar personnel report for free at his location; 

[121] Cards that expose cloaked ships will also work here.
[122] Not a region, but acts like one.
[123] n/a
[124] You may only nullify one Memory Wipe if more than one is in play.
[125] I fudged the lore a bit, but it's totally plausible given the episode's events.

[126] "Equilibrium"
[127] Erabus Prime
[128] Erib
[129] Eric
[130] Eris

[126] Symbiont in Trouble, Dilemma, space/planet
"The hidden criminal life of a past host caused the Dax symbiont to suffer from loss of equilibrium, which would have led to death of both symbiont and host."
-One Trill with symbiont present dies the next time you score points. Until then, it is attributes -2 and may not use its two last listed skills. Cure by solving Symbiont Diagnosis.

[127] Explore Venomous Planet, Mission, planet, Dominion/Non-Aligned, 
Erabus Prime: Visit this unexplored planet, potentially rich in artifacts, but seeded with dangerous flora.
-(Exobiology + Archeology + MEDICAL x2) OR (Vash + open Q-Continuum)
-Span: 4; 30 points

[128] Erib, Personnel, Federation
"Andorian male. Friend of Julian Bashir from his Starfleet Medical School days. Pointed out to Elizabeth Lense at a party as Julian Bashir."
-MEDICAL, Honor, Biology; Where present, may replace any Julian Bashir selected in a random selection and act as a Julian Bashir for purposes of cards that name that personnel; 

[129] Eric, Personnel, Federation, 
"Typical child of an Enterprise-D crew member. Encountered by Iyaaran ambassador Loquel. Participated in sculpting class with Commander Data."
-CIVILIAN, Youth, Diplomacy x½; SD The Mask of Korgano (once per copy of this card in play, to any personnel present)

[130] Exists as Eris.

[126] Sorry, no real good seeding this one at the obvious Symbiont Diagnosis UNLESS you follow it up with some easy bonus points. Hehehe. (Note that all the Dax hosts are in AtoZ, and some are NA, so seeding this has about the same risk as Bendii Sydrome.)
[127] This is a planet Q rescued Vash from according to "Q-Less".
[128] If a mission asks specifically for Julian Bashir, Erib can do it, etc.
[129] The Diplomacy can add up thanks to the universal aspect of the card. The Mask need not be placed on Eric, but on any personnel present. The download can be used once for every Eric (instead of the once per game, no matter how many copies you have).
[130] n/a

[131] Erko
[132] ermanium
[133] Ermat Zimm
[134] erosene winds
[135] Errikang VII

[131]Erko, Personnel, Federation
"Protocol Master of Minister Campio of planet Kostolain. Strongly disapproved of Campio's decision to marry Lwaxana Troi as she would offend Kostolain sensibilities."
-VIP, Law, Diplomacy; May nullify any Love Interest or Romance dilemma targeting him or Campio; May return to hand if present with naked personnel (resets Campio's download)

[132] Shuttle Accident, Dilemma, space
"Even though shuttlecraft is made from sturdy materials (ermanium, etc.), components such as the navigational thrusters may still be damaged, causing the shuttle to drift or crash."
-One shuttle or scout ship present (your choice) is damaged and is relocated to adjacent mission location (opponent's choice, on the surface of a planet is possible). Targeted ships carried aboard other ships are immediately launched with one personnel aboard (your choice) and affected. (Discard dilemma.)

[133] Ermat Zimm, Personnel, Bajoran
"Bajoran artist. One of his portraits was pictured on Quark's latinum-plated Renewal Scroll inscription pens in 2371."
-CIVILIAN, Greed; While in play, you may discard one Gold-Pressed Latinum present to download Renewal Scroll

[134] Erosene Winds, Dilemma, planet
"Delightful uphoria-inducing winds that occur on planet Alastria at the break of dawn. Also called the dawn zephyr. Had quite an effect on Ensign Kim."
-"Stops" all personnel present except Vulcans, Jem'Hadar, androids and exocomps. "Stops" all personnel if seeded at Study Euphoria. (Discard dilemma.)

[135] Kill Vash!, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt, 
Errikang VII: Make attempt on life of disreputable archeologist. Well, at least give her that impression.
- icon personnel OR Jean-Luc Picard OR Robin Hood OR Sovak OR Ajur OR Boratus
-Span: 5; 40 points; When solved, opposing Vash discarded and none can be reported for rest of game

[131] Campio can download him, but if he returns to hand due to nudity (most ANIMALs and Lwaxana Troi will let him do this, maybe others), Campio can download him again. It resets the SD icon.
[132] Could possibly affect opponent's shuttles present. If a shutte or scout ship is aboard another ship, place a personnel inside and launch the thing. It is affected as if it had already been "outside".
[133] n/a
[134] A filter, unless seeded at Alastria.
[135] Worth a laugh or two. Your own Vash is fine, but she might be less than amused.

[136] Erselrope Wars
[137] Erstwhile
[138] escape pod
[139] eseekas
[140] Eskarian egg

[136]Feeding the War Effort, Objective, 
-Plays on table. While in play, you may discard any number of Gold-Pressed Latinum in play at start of ship battle to draw the same number extra Tactic cards OR add the same number of points to a ship's WEAPONS present OR, on your turn, allow the same number of ships present to attack opposing ships regardless of battle restrictions. At any time, discard to download 34th Rule of Acquisition.

[137]Erstwhile, Ship, Non-Aligned
"Small class-9 cargo vessel commanded by Thadiun Okona. Armed with lasers. Experienced hardware malfunctions near the Omega Sagitta system."
-Transport Vessel[] May be repaired by your other ship with ENGINEER aboard

[138] Exists as Escape Pod.

[139]Eseekas, Event, , 5 points
"Geometric patterns and Argrathi art form. Ee'char drew eseekas in the dirt of his prison cell. Miles O'Brien shared the activity for relaxation and diversion."
-Plays on any of your personnel taken captive. While in play, worth points to you. Discard when captive is released. (Cumulative.)

[140] Eskarian Egg, Food, Delta quadrant
"Edible egg found in the Delta quadrant. The Voyager's crew wanted to paint them for Easter, but their shells were too soft."
-While in play, you may nullify any card with an Easter Egg just played or reported. Any opposing personnel at this location may discard Egg.

[136] The Latimum must be in play. When affecting specific ships, the Latimum must be discarded at the same location. If you discard 2 Latimums, you can draw 2 extra Tactic cards, make a ship's WEAPONS +2 or allow 2 Federation ships to attack the Romulans.
[137] Weak, but with a failsafe (and a matching commander).
[138] n/a
[139] Only worth points while the personnel is a captive, so you can start playing Eseekas on it every turn until your personnel is released. Watch him escort your personnel right back to your outpost! Works even on brainwashed personnel.
[140] Even nullifies personnel (like 10 and 01), but only the moment they are reported. An opposing personnel at the same location may nullify this Food card.

[141] Esoqq
[142] Essex, USS
[143] Etanian Order
[144] Ethan
[145] ethical program

[141]Esoqq, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Male Chalnoth. Imprisoned with Captain Picard during an alien experiment in 2366. Kidnapped and replaced by a replica by unknown life-forms."
-SECURITY; May always initiate personnel battle; May nullify or double Chalnoth where present; Guramba

[142] USS Essex, Ship, Federation, 
"Starfleet registry NCC-173. Commanded by Captain Bryce Shumar. Reported lost in 2167. Caught in the atmosphere of Mab-Bu VI by a mysterious storm."
-Daedalus class[] May immediately report for free (with minimum staffing) anywhere Anionic Takeover has just been encountered

[143] Asteroid Launcher, Event
"The Entanian Order of the Delta quadrant invaded other worlds by simulating natural catastophes like asteroid bombardment. The natives evacuated, and the Entanians took over."
-Plays on your  ship. It may attack land-based facilities and landed ships once for every asteroid field on spaceline. Opponent may not consider this an attack and cannot retaliate. Then, discard event. (Not duplicatable.)

[144] Ethan, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Identity taken by Barash in a simulation of reality he created for Commander William Riker. In this one, he was a young boy trapped on a Romulan facility."
-CIVILIAN, Youth, Treachery; Cannot be captured; Opposing Romulans present are CUNNING -1; 

[145]Ethical Dilemma, Dilemma, space/planet
"Androids are driven by their ethical program and may suffer breakdowns when faced with unresolvable issues. Humanoids are not immune to this either."
-If any personnel present has Treachery x2, no INTEGRITY, INTEGRITY<2 OR is an arms dealer, all personnel with INTEGRITY>7, Honor x2 and/or are androids, are "stopped". Discard dilemma.

[141] Difficult because I went all out with the anarchic society idea. I couldn't give him OFFICER and Leadership or even a staffing icon since those denote some kind of rank and order. I decided that Chalnoths and Nausicaans shared the concept of Guramba.
[142] The ship may report the second Anionic Takeover (an AtoZ dilemma) has been uncovered.
[143] Asteroid fields are those marked as such in their title, lore or which are evident by the picture (like Mineral Survey). If you have three in this quadrant (it says spaceline), you can attack 3 times. Landed ships cannot normally retaliate, but opponent cannot move other ships here to retaliate. There can only be one Launcher per ship per game.
[144] His ability at least protects your Barash personae. His Barash icon means he can be dowloaded by Barash himself.
[145] A simple filter to set just before Q, among others.

[146] Ethics, Sophistry and the Alternate Universe
[147] "Ethics"
[148] Eudana
[149] Eugenics Wars
[150] European Hegemony

[146] Ethics, Sophistry and the Alternate Universe, Dilemma, space/planet, 
"Book written by Ving Kuda. Not exactly light reading. Brought by Jean-Luc Picard on his vacation to Risa. Better than Jamaharon. Yeah, right."
-Unless one personnel with INTEGRITY>8, Ving Kuda OR no non- icon personnel present, opponent may force you to substitute any or all personnel present with  icon versions of the same personnel from outside-of-play.

[147] Dr. Toby Russell, Personnel, Federation
"Neurogeneticist from the Aldeman Neurological Institute. Toby Russell pioneered the genetronic replicator. Her career is marred by reports of putting her research above her patients' lives."
-MEDICAL, Treachery, Exobiology; SD Genetronic Replicator; 

[148] Eudana, Personnel, Non-Aligned, .
"Typical female native of the planet Sikaris in the Delta quadrant. Met Harry Kim there. Took him to experience the erosene winds of Alastria."
-CIVILIAN, Youth, Transporter Skill; May nullify Erosene Winds where present

[149] Outlawed Mutants, Event
"After the Eugenics Wars, Earth's government outlawed genetic engineering procedures such as DNA resequencing, for fear of creating another Khan."
-Plays on table. While in play, genetically-engineered personnel ("mutants") may not work with  unless Karen Loews present. OR Returns one mutant in play to owner's hand.

[150] Help World Government, Mission, planet, Federation, 
Recently unified world: Help new world government take its first steps towards joining the United Federation of Planets.
-Diplomacy x3 + Law + INTEGRITY>35
-Span: 3; 30 points

[146] That means you could force your opponent to place his Jean-Luc Picard out-of-play and substitute him with Lt. (j.g.) Picard or Admiral Picard. Personnel that no longer match the attempting affiliation are placed under house arrest.
[147] A better Toby Russell, but not a mission specialist, so both personae are useful.
[148] n/a
[149] Note that AtoZ has created a means to "create" mutants in excess of Bashir and the Jack Pack.
[150] A simple mission, perhaps the equivalent of Bat'leth Tournament for the Feds.

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