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[151] Evadne IV
[152] Evansville, John
[153] evasive pattern
[154] Evek, Gul
[155] event horizon

[151] Detect Paxans, Mission, space, Cardassian/Dominion/Ferengi/Romulan
Evadne system: Use long-range detection devices to find reclusive Paxans responsible for reports of a nearby wormhole.
-Stellar Cartography x5 + Android + CUNNING>80 + Discard any Scan card
-Span: 2; 45 points; Paxan "Wormhole" always relocates ships here.

[152] John Evansville, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Human inhabitant of the former Briori homeworld in the Delta quadrant. Descendent of one of 300 people kidnapped by the Briori in 1937. Invited Voyager to stay."
-OFFICER, Honor, Leadership; All humans in Delta quadrant are attributes +1, +2 at a Colony; 

[153] Exists as Evasive Maneuvers.

[154] Exists as Evek.

[155]Event Horizon, Incident
-Plays between two missions. Creates a spaceline location with a Span of 3. Ships passing here must stop unless 3 Astrophysics aboard. When a ship stops here, probe, then replace probe card at bottom of deck:
#: Causality loop. Ship is "stopped" until end of next turn. (Does not probe next turn.)
#: Mirror image. You may download to this location any ship with the exact same title as this one. It may coexist with this one regardless of duplication rules.
#: Broken free. Ship "unstopped". You may immediately use remaining RANGE, if any.

[151] I tried to make it a difficult and point-worthy mission. When Paxan "Wormhole" relocates a ship, it must be relocated here.
[152] The Colony bonus is still for humans in the DQ.
[153] n/a
[154] n/a
[155] You only probe once per time you physically stop, not for every turn stopped here. The ship downloaded through Mirror image isn't staffed. Note that this is the Event Horizon from Voyager's "Parallax", not the true Einsteinian definition of the phenomenon.

[156] Everest, Mount
[157] "Evolution"
[158] "Ex Post Facto"
[159] exanogen gas
[160] Exarch

[156] Everest Stronghold, Program
"Julian Bashir's secret agent program contained one possible climax on Mount Everest, from which the evil Dr. Noah planned to survive his Great Flood."
-May coexist with Secret Agent Program. Personnel present do not participate in mission attempts. Personnel present remain unaffected by dilemmas affecting rest of ship or facility.
Now exists as Holoprogram:Noah's Mountain Retreat.

[157] The Doctor Returns, Event
"After a year-long stay at Starfleet Medical, Dr. Beverly Crusher returned to the USS Enterprise-D and to her son. And the people rejoiced."
-If Katherine Pulaski was ever discarded this game, plays on table. Immediately bring any Beverly Crusher from outside the game to any ship in play. While in event in play, all Crushers at her location are attributes +2. (Not cumulative.)

[158] Murderous Moment, Mind Location, Countdown: 3, -5 points
Tom Paris OR Any lone personnel who just killed another: The Baneans make a killer experience the moment of his victim's death as punishment for the crime.
-Immediately bring the personnel this personnel killed (or one random opposing personnel in discard pile if played on Tom Paris) to Mind Location. They battle. If target personnel dies, owner loses points. At the end of the turn, both personnel are revived and battle again at start of next turn, and so forth, until countdown ends. Then, discard Mind Location and previously killed personnel.

[159] Cold Storage, Interrupt
"Exanogen gas is an extremely cold gaseous compound that can be used to retard the feeding and growth of nitrium metal parasites, among others."
-Plays on Nitrium Metal Parasites, Nanites, Microbiotic Colony and Vole Infestation to suspend its effects and relocate dilemma to ship. Dilemma is transferred to next ship this one meets, where it has its effect.

[160] Rakhar Exarch, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Official from the Nehelik Province of planet Rakhar. In 2369, demanded that the Rakhari fugitive Croden be extradited from Deep Space 9."
-VIP, Law x2; Once per game, return one of your personnel held captive to this location, nullifying any event played on it; 

[156] In other words, personnel in the Holodeck aren't affected by the Aphasia Virus for example, and are exempt from dilemma selections (though if the ship blows up, so does the Holodeck), BUT they also don't contribute any skills or attributes to the mission attempt (including dilemma resolution). May be a new way to redshirt in space.
[157] Obviously, you can't report a unique Bev if one is already there, though you could persona switch with one on a ship and keep the other in hand. A Pulaski on either side of the table will do the trick.
[158] Okay, does this one make sense? Lone personnel are personnel that are alone in their crews or Away Teams. The card can be played on any personnel alone with another, who has just killed that personnel. Say Gowron has just killed Zon (with the help of hand weapons or something). You can play the card on Gowron. Zon is brought back to life in the Mind Location only. For the next three turns they battle. If Zon ever kills Gowron (and any battle related interrupts can be brought into play), Gowron's owner loses 5 points. If he gets killed three times (you can't really die in this Mind Location), owner would lose 15 points altogether. If played on Tom Paris, he need not have killed anyone. "Killing a personnel" also inlcudes seeing it discarded because of a Nemesis icon, etc. Note that all Mind Location rules are still in effect, including the possibility of bringing in telepathic personnel in to help either personnel in its battle.
[159] Since the interrupt is played before it is resolved, you don't even check to see if you meet its requirements. The next ship this ship meets is either the next ship that stops at your location (ships already present are immune) or present where you stop next. If that ship does not meet the requirements, then the dilemma has its effect on that ship. If it does, it may score points. You may use this when an opponent would encounter the dilemma, and then stop at its location to reap the easy points, for example.
[160] Good for capturing (use with Extradition, for example) and for getting back your personnel.

[161] Excaliber, USS
[162] Excelsior, USS
[163] Excelsior-class starship
[164] Exeter, USS
[165] exobiology

[161] USS Excaliber, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry NCC-26517. Under the command of William T. Riker, served in Picard's Romulan blockade armada. Later captained by Mackenzie Calhoun."
-Ambassador Class[] Tractor Beam

[162] Excelsior, Ship, Federation, 
"First Excelsior starship. Tested experimental transwarp drive. Commanded  by Captain Sulu. Ensign Tuvok participated in its gaseous anomaly cataloguing mission."
-Excelsior Class[] Tractor Beam; You may nullify any Incoming Message played here

[163] Exists as USS Excelsior.

[164] USS Exeter, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry NCC-26531. Named for an old Constitution-class vessel. Ship on which Tom Paris served  prior to his stay at a penal settlement."
-Ambassador Class[] Tractor Beam; Has a Brig

[165] Exobiology Experts, Event
"The android Data excelled in his studies in Exobiology at Starfleet Academy. Wesley Crusher also garnered high honors in the subject."
-Plays on table. While in play, your Exobiology personnel without MEDICAL also have the extra skill of MEDICAL if personnel from other species present with them. (Not cumulative.)

[161] I don't plan on making a Mackenzie Calhoun (from the New Frontier book series), but I just had to mention him.
[162] May not sound like a great ability for the legendary ship, but let's not forget it's mentioned on some other AtoZ cards, including the Astral V Annex and the mission, Historic Rendezvous.
[163] n/a
[164] n/a
[165] So Beverly can't become MEDICAL x3, but Data would gain MEDICAL.

[166] Exochemistry
[167] exocomp
[168] exoscalpel
[169] Exosia
[170] exothermal inversion

[166] Academy Courses, Dilemma, space/planet
"There are many required courses at Starfleet Academy - as well as other training facilities - and for good reason. It takes a lot of skill to survive in this dangerous universe."
-Away Team or crew may not proceed unless 12 or more different standard skills are present.

[167] Exists as Exocomp.

[168] Exoscalpel, Interrupt
"Surgical instrument used by Starfleet medical personnel to incise the skin and expose underlying tissue. Tissue may be removed and grafted onto other tissue."
-Where your MEDICAL present, plays to relocate any card played on one of your personnel to another of your personnel (or stunned or disabled opposing personnel).

[169] Pure Thought, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Gateway to Exosia: Mentally enter subspace domain of pure thought sacred to Nacene civilization.
-Mindmeld x4 OR Empathy x4 OR 2 Ocampa OR Suspira OR Caretaker
-Span: 4; 35 points;  icon dilemmas may seed here without an open Alternate Universe Door.

[170] Exothermal Inversion, Dilemma, planet
"Dramatic upheaval in a planet's atmosphere caused by an external enegry source. Such a phenomenon was a real possibility in Penthara IV's plans for survival."
-Unless 4 Geology and/or Physics, place on planet. At the end of each turn, one personnel, equipment, or landed ship here is destroyed. Cure with RiQer OR nullify with Amanda Rogers.

[166] Could be difficult on decks taking advantage of skill redundancy. Classifications count as regular skills.
[167] n/a
[168] For example, you could excise I Am Not a Merry Man from Worf and put it on Alexander. You could also switch a Garak Has Some Issues from one personnel to the next. All personnel must be present with MEDICAL.
[169] An odd one, I admit. The last function will really only be good for self-seeds but you never know.
[170] "And/or" means that any combination of Geology and Physics of 4 or more will do. For example, 3 Geology and 1 Physics.

[171] "Explorers"
[172] Expressionistic phase
[173] "Eye of the Beholder"
[174] "Eye of the Needle"
[175] Eye of the Universe
[176] "Eyes in the dark"

[171] Fireworks, Interrupt, 5 points
"When Benjamin Sisko and his son arrived to Cardassian Prime in an ancient Bajoran sail vessel, Gul Dukat received the accomplishment with spectacular pyrotechnics."
-If you have not yet battled opponent this game, play to score points if opponent just completed a non-Borg objective. (Not cumulative.)

[172] Dizzy Painting, Interrupt
"Data's foray into expressionistic painting yielded a representation of the Battle of HarOs he gave to Worf on his birthday. It made the Klingon dizzy."
-Download Battle of HarOs. OR Relocate up to two ships in Romulan Neutral Zone to Battle of HarOs. OR Nullify Impressions' points. OR Persona switch a personnel with an  personnel with the same name.

[173] Deadly Love Triangle, Mind Location, 5 points
Any Empath: Empathic echo of a murder committed years ago, recreating it in a present day context.
-At the end of each turn, owner of empath probes:
#: Life goes on. Both players may report a personnel who was romantically involved with empath to mind location to score points.
#: Huh?!? That's not right. If personnel present with empath outside mind location, discard mind location.
#: The big jump. All personnel at mind location (including empath) are killed.
Native to this location: Calloway (owner of mind location decides if she is).

[174] Incoming Messsage from Another Time, Interrupt, 
"When the crew of Voyager contacted Dr. Telek R'Mor through a micro-wormhole on stardate 48579.4, they never thought that contact would occur on a much earlier date."
-Plays on any ship at a time location to download Wormhole or Temporal Vortex to it OR to relocate one personnel aboard to a ship at same location in the present.

[175] Eye of the Universe, Event
"The Skrreeans called the Bajoran Wormhole, the Eye of the Universe. They believed their lost homeworld could be found on the other side."
-Plays on Bajoran Wormhole in Gamma quadrant. While in play, your Skrreeans may report to any ship at adjacent location AND Refuse Immigration's requirements are doubled OR mission may be attempts and solved by any  Skrreean.

[176] Exists as Eyes in the Dark.

[171] Battling your opponent later does not nullify the bonus points.
[172] That last function: "name" is not the same as "title", so Lt. (j.g.) Picard is an AU version of Jean-Luc Picard.
[173] It plays on any personnel with empathy, not just Deanna Troi. The ML's owner decides if Calloway is a native or not when such a situation (like reporting) warrants it.
[174] n/a
[175] Makes Refuse Immigration much harder (2 Vedeks + Leadership x2 + Diplomacy x2 + CUNNING>56 OR Leadership x4 + INTEGRITY<60 + WEAPONS>20). Note that the INTEGRITY requirement becomes much easier. The mission can also be solved with the following requirement: one NA Skreean. The Skreean can attempt the mission without Bajoran help.
[176] n/a

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