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[1] "Face of the Enemy"
[2] "Faces"
[3] "Facets"
[4] Fahleena III
[5] "Fair Trade"

[1] Rakal, Personnel, Federation
"When Deanna Troi woke up in Major Rakal's shoes, she was informed of her mission by unificationist N'Vek. Put Toreth in her place."
-VIP, Tal Shiar, Empathy, Leadership; Nullifies any matching commander status on same Romulan ship; 

[2]Face Me!, Interrupt
"Security officer Peter Durst found out the hard way what happens when you face the Vidiians in battle. His face was removed and grafted onto a Vidiian scientist's head."
-Plays at the start of a personnel battle. Your SECURITY personnel may choose which personnel they will pair with. OR Plays on your Vidiian. It is STRENGTH +4 until the end of your next full turn. (Not cumulative.)

[3] Curzon, Personnel, Bajoran/Federation
"When the zhian'tara ritual placed Curzon Dax's essence into Odo's shape-shifter body, they became one being. Quark liked Odo better this way."
-CIVILIAN, SECURITY, Diplomacy, Computer Skill, Honor, Law; SD Tranya; 

[4] Pick Up Explosives, Mission, planet, Cardassian/Non-Aligned
Fahleena III: Pick up components of illegal explosives meant for Cardassian war effort.
-Physics + Treachery + Smuggling x2 + (Cargo OR Transport vessel)
-Span: 3; 35 points; When solved, you may download one Anti-Matter Pod to hand.

[5] Unfair Trade, Dilemma, space/planet
"When Neelix encountered his old friend Wix at the Nekrit Supply Depot, he was reminded of an old debt, the paying of which prove quite unprofitable."
-Unless Acquisition x2 present, your Greed personnel present are "stopped" and your Gold-Pressed Latinum present is discarded. Discard dilemma. Mission continues.

[1] I was never satisfied with the Alternate Universe Rakal, so I made another. This one IS an infiltrator. Note that for purposes of this card, the AU Major Rakal can expose this one, but both are personae of Deanna Troi (no problem since they wouldn't be played by the same player). Her special ability kills Captain's Log and Defiant Dedication Plaque on the ship she is on.
[2] You can't use both effects on your Vidiian with SECURITY unless you play two copies of the card.
[3] You can persona switch either Odo or Curzon Dax with this card, but if both are in play, they must be together and both go into hand. Inversely, you could report Curzon, and later persona switch him to get two personnel for the price of one.
[4] n/a
[5] Anti-Ferengi, but not that much.

[6] Fajo, Kivas
[7] Falangian diamond
[8] Falcon
[9] Fall of Kang, The
[10] Falling Hawk, Joe

[6] Exists as Kivas Fajo.

[7] Falangian Diamond, Artifact
"Precious stone. In 2372, Odo suspected Rionoj of trafficking in stolen Falangian diamonds. He never made the accusation stick."
-Use as Equipment card. Where present, your Smuggling personnel are attributes +1, cannot be captured, and all their cargo runs are doubled. (Not cumulative.)

[8] Falcon, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Character in Julian Bashir's secret agent program. Tried to kill Bashir for nine years. A holosuite malfunction in 2372 caused him to look exactly like Miles O'Brien."
-SECURITY, Treachery x2, Leadership; SD Sniper; Gains Nemesis icon [holo, left-facing] if Safety Protocols disabled
Now exists as Falcon.

[9] The Fall of Kang, Interrupt, 5 points
"'So honor the valiant who die 'neath your sword
But pity the warrior who slays all his foes.' - G'Trok, The Fall of Kang."
-Plays after any of your Away Teams has been completely killed in a personnel battle to score points. OR Plays on opposing personnel just killed by a Bat'leth; score points equal to its INTEGRITY. OR Kill any Kang in play unless Bat'leth present. (Not cumulative.)

[10]Joe Falling Hawk, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"19th-century Native American man. Gambling partner to Frederick LaRouque. Lost his winnings to card-counting android from the future."
-CIVILIAN, Greed; One android present gains Acquisition; Frederick LaRouque's special skill doubled where present

[6] n/a
[7] Twice the number of card draws or Latinum downloads if the Smuggler and Artifact are present during cargo run. The Artifact may be used as the Equipment only once, but if brought with other equipment, the doubling still applies.
[8] The Nemesis icon (holo) is a Nemesis icon with a little yellow holo icon (atom) in the bead. It matches that of Secret Agent Julian Bashir. Miles cannot be persona switched with Falcon if not somewhere that would support holographic personnel.
[9] A lone personnel constituting an Away Team could be worth 5 points if killed in personnel battle.
[10] The android only has Acquisition while Joe is present. Note also that this is a native american personnel which helps for a number of Chakotay-related cards, like Medicine Bundle.

[11] Fallit Kot
[12] "Falor's Journey"
[13] Falow
[14] "False Profits"
[15] "Family Business"

[11] Fallit Kot, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Former business associate of Quark's. Betrayed by Quark and caught attempting to hijack a shipment of Romulan ale. Returned to kill the Ferengi."
-CIVILIAN, Treachery, Greed, Smuggling; SD Romulan Ale; May replace Quark in any random selection; 

[12] Falor's Journey, Event
"Traditional Vulcan folk song. A tale of enlightenment consisting of 348 verses. Falor was a prosperous merchant sent on a journey to greater awareness."
-Plays on your Vulcan with Youth or Music not at your Outpost. While in play, its CUNNING is +2 and you may download Vulcan Mindmeld to it once per turn.

[13] Falow, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Leader of the Wadi delegation who visited Deep Space 9 in 2369. Tall in stature. Master Surchid. Taught Quark how to play Chula."
-VIP, Diplomacy, Leadership; May nullify one Chula dilemma each turn where present; 

[14] Grand Proxy Neelix, Personnel, Ferengi, 
"On stardate 50074.3, Neelix was surgically altered to look like a Ferengi to thwart two Ferengi who were swindling a entire society by using their mythology."
-VIP, Cooking, Diplomacy, Acquisition; May "stop" one Ferengi present each turn; 

[15] Illegal Business, Dilemma, space/planet
"Quark and Rom's mother came under FCA investigation when it became apparent that she was earning profit, somthing females could not do under Ferengi law."
-If female Ferengi present, unless Computer Skill x4 also present, all Gold-Pressed Latinum present is discarded (to opponent's discard pile if he shows FCA from hand). Discard dilemma.

[11] Kot is a humanoid of undetermined species.
[12] n/a
[13] Pretty basic really.
[14] An odd Ferengi from the Delta quadrant.The first with Cooking!
[15] The "unless" clause is only used if the "if" clause is true. Don't forget to give back the Latinum at the end of the game!

[16] "Family"
[17] Fanalian toddy
[18] Fang-lee
[19] Farallon, Dr.
[20] Farek, Dr.

[16]Family, Interrupt/Event
"After his encounter with the Borg, Jean-Luc Picard realized the importance of family in his life."
-: Plays on table. While in play, your personnel that are part of the same family are attributes +2 when present together. (Not cumulative.)
-: Download one personnel to another personnel of the same family.

[17] Fanalian Toddy, Food
"Hot alcoholic beverage. Julian Bashir ordered one at Quark's bar in 2371 as a remedy for a cough Leeta pretended to have."
-While in play, your disabled personnel in Sickbay, Quark's Bar or Infirmiry are cured if you execute no orders this turn OR Julian Bashir present.

[18] Fang-Lee, Personnel, Federation, 
"Enterprise-D crewmember under Worf's command. Skilled in the martial arts. Not present when Worf broke his back in the cargo bay."
-SECURITY, Honor; May use Vulcan Nerve Pinch

[19] Dr. Farallon, Personnel, Federation
"Humanoid scientist. Inventor of particle fountain mining technology. Created Exocomps as robotic tools. Didn't acknowledge their sentience."
-SCIENCE, ENGINEER, Physics, Geology, Cybernetics; SD Particle Fountain; SD Exocomp; 
Now exists as Dr. Farallon.

[20] Exists as Dr. Farek.

[16] Your related dual-personnel (like the Sisters of Duras) get the bonus twice, one for, in this example, B'Etor, once for Lursa. You can conceivably download a personnel to an opposing, but related, personnel. Watch out Lore, cuz here comes daddy!
[17] Makes Julian even more desirable, but the card is otherwise pretty limited.
[18] Not Vulcan, but can use the Pinch as if he were. A universal with high STRENGTH.
[19] She is female.
[20] n/a

[21] Faren Kag
[22] Farius Prime
[23] Farn
[24] Farpoint Station
[25] Farragut, USS

[21] Faren Kag, Personnel, Bajoran
"Magistrate of a Bajoran village. Requested medical help from Deep Space 9 in 2369 when their storyteller, the Sirah, fell ill."
-VIP, Law; If on Bajor,  MEDICAL and ENGINEER may report there

[22] Infiltrate Consortium, Mission, planet, Federation
Farius Prime: Infiltrate Orion Syndicate on this planet under criminal control.
-SECURITY x3 + Computer Skill x2 + (Liam Bilby OR Connelly OR Nemesis icon [green, left-facing])
-Span: 4; 40 points

[23] Old Habits Die Hard, Interrupt
"When an assimilated species, the Farn, were cut off from the Collective, they immediately resumed an old ethnic conflict with the Parein."
-Plays on any drone cut off from Collective. It kills the next personnel not of its own species it encounters. Then, discard interrupt.

[24] Farpoint Station, Station, Neutral
"Gigantic jellyfish-like creature enslaved by the Bandi. Serves as an outpost. Creates whatever your heart desires."
-Seeds on any non-homeworld planet. Only the affiliation who solves this mission may report personnel here. May move to adjacent planet location at the beginning of each turn.

[25] USS Farragut, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry NCC-60591. Assigned to evacuate Federation colonists on Ajilon Prime during hostilities with the Klingons."
-Nebula Class[] Tractor Beam, Holodeck; If within range, suspends Wake of the Borg played on your Colony for one turn.

[21] For Treaty decks.
[22] Arissa has this icon. Connelly is a Miles O'Brien persona.
[23] A drone is cut off from the Collective when, for example, it is no longer Borg (because of Frame of Mind, for example) or when it is brainwashed or deassimilated. More cards will make this possible in the future. So you might use it on your own drone to kill one opposing personnel of the a different species. That species is never "Borg", but rather its former species. Humanoids may kill personnel whose species are not simply "humanoid" (like The Albino).
[24] I will later tie the Farpoint Alien ship and this station. If the adjacent mission is a space location, Farpoint Station may not be moved. It always moves with its entire contents. Once it has been determined which affiliation can report there, it doesn't change, even if moved to an unsolved mission.
[25] Gives you a chance to evacuate your Colony if your ship is within a Span of 8. Whether you actually send the Farragut to save your personnel is your own decision.

[26] Farrakk
[27] Farran
[28] "Fascination"
[29] Fatal Revenge, The
[30] "Favorite Son"

[26] Farrakk, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Arms dealer. Former business associate of Hagath. In 2373, committed a relatively minor betrayal of his partner. Needed to watch his back."
-CIVILIAN, Smuggling, Treachery; ; Attributes -3 if Hagath present

[27] Farran, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Typical Enaran male who was a member of the ethnic group known as the Regressives. Victim of the horrific resettlment of Enara Prime. Lost a life as a cook."
-CIVILIAN, Cooking

[28] Another Wedding, Dilemma, space/planet
"Lwaxana Troi was adept at finding new husbands, though as she found out, they weren't all they were cracked up to be. Some matches didn't last long at all."
-Choose both a male and a female personnel (random selection). If they are unrelated to each other and unmarried, they and one other  icon personnel (opponent's choice) are "stopped". Discard dilemma.

[29] Fatal Revenge, Dilemma, space/planet
"The Fatal Revenge is a Gothic novel much enjoyed by Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari. She read it during her boring off hours at Relay Station 47."
-Unless 2 SECURITY OR Aquiel Uhnari OR Kathryn Janeway present, opponent may choose one personnel present to be killed OR captured OR relocated to farthest planet on the spaceline OR placed in stasis.

[30] Getting All the Attention, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 3
"When Harry Kim was made Taresian, he enjoyed the attention of many beautiful Taresian women. Was Tom Paris jealous? Who wouldn't be?"
-Unless total INTEGRITY>50, place on one personnel present (random selection). While in play, all other personnel of the same gender present are attributes -2.

[26] A weaker arms dealer. (More common.)
[27] A cooking mission specialist. (Also common.)
[28] The Command icon personnel is the officer that marries them. Like Odo and Lwaxana, this might not make them spouses for the rest of the game.
[29] All the choices!
[30] Make them jealous! Might make Soren a little more useful ;-).

[31] Fayla
[32] FCA
[33] Fearless, USS
[34] Federal Employment Act
[35] Federation Archaeology Council

[31] Fayla, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Elderly Drayan who piloted a shuttle carrying several others destined for the final ritual on one of the moons of planet Drayan II."
-CIVILIAN, Navigation; Shuttle he is on may land; SD Final Ritual

[32]Brunt, FCA, Event
"Liquidator Brunt had a knack for always showing up where he smelled financial subvsersion, like a vulture circling a dying animal."
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, FCA personnel may report anywhere.

[33] USS Fearless, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry NCC-4598. Ship on which propulsion specialist Kosinski performed an unsuccessful series of experimental engine upgrades."
-Excelsior Class[] Tractor Beam; The Traveller aboard only returns to hand after moving the ship twice

[34] Federal Employment Act, Event, 
"Legislation enacted in the United States on Earth in 1946. Declared that the government had to promote maximum employment, production and purchasing power."
-Plays on table. While in play, your human CIVILIANs may act as Ferengi with Greed when using  cards.

[35] Keynote Address, Event, Countdown: 3
"Jean-Luc Picard was asked to give the keynote address at the Federation Archeology Council's symposium, held aboard the Enterprise-D in 2367."
-Plays on any ship with Archeology aboard. While in play, both players' Archeology personnel may report aboard (for free if of  a compatible affiliation).

[31] n/a
[32] Works on all FCA, even your opponent's.
[33] Of course, if the Traveller moves this ship only once, and then later moves another ship, well, he returns to hand after that move.
[34] Your CIVILIANs are only Ferengi with Greed for purposes of the Rules. In effect, it allows them to use Rules #6, 33 and 47. Your human waiters (like Ben) can use #211.
[35] A mini-Open Diplomatic Relations/Crew Reassignment of sorts. Represents Picard's bumping into Vash at this symposium.

[36] Federation Astronomical Committee
[37] Federation Astrophysical Survey
[38] Federation-Cardassian treaty
[39] Federation Code of Justice
[40] Federation Council

[36] Name Celestial Object, Objective, -10 points
-Plays on table. Opponent immediately names one unique mission not on table by its exact location name (not title). If no such mission exists, opponent loses points. If it does, take it from out-of-play and place it anywhere on the spaceline. It may be attempted by your any affiliation for which you have a facility. (Unique.)

[37] Update Information, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Charted Sector: Update and maintain current celestial navigation information.
-Stellar Cartography + Navigation + Youth
-Span: 3; 25 points; When solved, you may change Span to 2 or 4.

[38] Exists as Treaty: Federation/Cardassian.

[39] Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Interrupt
"The Federation Code of Justice plainly states that defendants are innocent until proven guilty, and if innocent, are to be set free."
-Plays on your  personnel with Honor held captive; it is immediately set free and returns to your nearest facility. OR Nullifies Extradition OR Drumhead OR Framed for Murder.

[40] Federation Council, Headquarters, Federation
"Governing body of the UFP. It passes laws and mediates disputes between member worlds."
-Seeds or plays on Earth. May coexist with Office of the President. Once per turn, one Ambassador, Federation Diplomacy or Law personnel may report here OR one HQ card may play on table for free. (Not duplicatable.)

[36] The location to be named must be "Forkus Sector", not "Fissure Research", for example. You might use this if your other missions have been difficult to access to get another one. It immediately gets the "attemptable by" icons of each of your facilities (except Neutral). If your opponent is smart, he'll name something real hard to steal. If he's not and doesn't want you to have the mission, it'll cost 10 points (by simply naming a location that doesn't exist). The objective remains on table for the length of the game.
[37] Once the span is changed, it remains at 2 or 4 for the rest of the game. You may leave it at 3.
[38] n/a
[39] n/a
[40] An alternate HQ for Feds (like I gave the Bajorans). This one allows for ambassadors from ANY affiliation, you'll note.

[41] Federation Day
[42] Federation Department of Temporal Investigations
[43] Federation Grand Jury
[44] Federation Penal Settlment
[45] Federation President

[41] Federation Day, Event
"The United Federation of Planets celebrates a holiday marking its founding in 2161. Soren once joined Commander Riker in the celebration."
-Plays on any  location. All your  personnel and ships in play are immediately relocated here.

[42] Dulmer & Lucsly, Personnel, Federation
"Temporal Investigations investigators. Asked Sisko about his time tribbles."
-SECURITY/SECURITY; Dulmer: Law, Physics; May nullify one Temporal card at his location each turn; Lucsly: Navigation; May nullify one  dilemma or interrupt at this location each turn; 

[43] Witness For the Prosecution, Dilemma, space/planet
"In 2373, Quark's life was placed in danger when he was called to testify against the Orion Syndicate by a Federation Grand Jury."
-Immediately place on one unique personnel present (opponent's choice, Orion Syndicate OR Quark if possible). It becomes the target of the next random selection at its location. Then, discard dilemma.

[44] Federation Penal Colony, Station, Federation
"Institution like that in New Zealand where Federation criminals are rehabilitated."
-Plays on any matching planet location. Has a Brig.  and  icon captives held here for one full turn lose their Treachery, Smuggling and Greed (except Ferengi) for the rest of the game. (Cure captives with Obsidian Order OR Tal Shiar.)

[45] I'm confident this was handled on Office of the President.

[41] There are no exceptions. ALL your Fed personnel. The event is not discarded so you can't re-use the same copy this game unless you nullify it first (to avoid abuse).
[42] While their single cards have varying X-Files inspired abilities, the combined version is basically a nullifyer.
[43] Not just for following up on dilemma combos, but also for interrupts and such which call for random selection. Orion Syndicate personnel are those that have that organization mentioned in their lore. So even someone who went against them would be elligible.
[44] A twist on capturing, Federation-style. Won't work against every affiliation (except NAs working with them). The elligible Ferengi (like Dr. Farek) don't lose Greed (but they would lose the others). Obsidian Order and Tal Shiar personnel can "reprogram" their NAs by being present with them (either while in captivity, or after they've been released).
[45] n/a

[46] Federation Science Council
[47] Federation signal buoy
[48] Federation Supreme Court
[49] Fek'lhr
[50] Felada onion crisps

[46] Not Proven Yet, Interrupt, Countdown: 2
"When Rabal and Serova submitted preliminary research on how warp speed space travel was damaging the fabric of space, the Federation Science Council found insufficient evidence to support their claims."
-Plays on any event or incident just played. Its effects are suspended until countdown ends. (May not be played more than once on same exact card.)

[47] Signal Buoy, Event
"Deep-space beacon used to designate specific areas of space. Many species mark their territory using signal buoys. Contains sensor equipment."
-Plays on any mission location where your ship is present. On any turn your opponent has a ship here, you may download Red Alert! into play OR initiate battle at that location, ignoring battle restrictions.

F[48]Appeal, Incident
-Seeds or plays on table. When played, select one of the following to be in effect: Transporter Skill personnel in play can beam up one more personnel than any anti-beaming card usually allows. OR Tal Shiar personnel in play may initiate battle against . OR Your own misseeded cards do not prevent you from solving any mission. OR Jem'Hadar commit suicide when a changeling present dies.

[49] Exists as Fek'lhr.

[50] Felada Onion Crisps, Food, 
"Hors d'oeuvres. One of Neelix's specialties. There's no use crying when you don't get the last one. He'll make some more."
-Where present, your Cooking personnel are attributes +3. Discard at any time to nullify Data Laughing, Parallax Arguers, Ode to Spot OR Barber Pole.

[46] Can only be played when the event or incident has been JUST played (or revealed, in the case of Hidden Agendas).
[47] You need not have a ship present at the location to make use of the game text once the Buoy is in play.
[48] An appeal to a number of rules changes. (I don't consider these errata, but real rules changes.)
[49] n/a
[50] Cooking is of course, the only new skill in AtoZ.

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