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[1] B'Moth, IKS
[2] B'omar Sovereignty
[3] B'omar
[4] Br'er Rabbit
[5] Ba'ku planet

[1] IKC B'Moth, Ship, Klingon
"Klingon battle cruiser reported missing while on patrol near Cardassian border in 2373. Found by General Martok who rescued its 35 crew members."
-K't'inga Class[] Cloaking Device; May report damaged to any location

[2] Cut Through Red Tape, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
B'omar space: Negociate passage with an overly restrictive race.
-Diplomacy x3 + Law x2 + (Acquisition OR WEAPONS>9 OR B'omar)
-Span: 6-X; 40 points; X = 1 for each Law aboard ship

[3] B'omar Attack Fighter, Ship, Non-Aligned, 
"Typical attack fighter used by the B'omar Sovereignty. Attacked Voyager's away team on a planet in B'omar space on which the Raven had crashlanded years before."
-B'omar Class[B'omar] SD Orbital Bombardment; If commandeered, staff with one  icon

[4] Br'er Rabbit Maneuver, Tactic
-ATTACK bonus +2 if at a nebula, +3 in Briar Patch. Hit = . Direct hit = .
*Tactical sensors offline: nullifies ship's Tactical Console and your Tactic cards are played blind when this ship participates in the battle.

[5] Forced Relocation, Mission, planet, Cardassian/Dominion/Romulan
Briar Patch region*Ba'ku planet: Relocate small Ba'ku population to prepare the planet for particle harvest.
-Son'a + Treachery x4 + Transporter Skill + (Holodeck OR INTEGRITY<24)
-Span: 3; 35 points
Now exists as Insurrection.

[1] At once mimics the T'Ong's and the Enterprise-C's reporting abilities.
[2] You cannot reduce a mission's Span below 0.
[3] To make various DQ races interesting, I give them things that can only be used by them. Staffing here merely requires one member of the B'Omar species. If commandeered, THEN it may be staffed by a Command icon.
[4] The picture would show the Enterprise-E coming out of the smoky Briar Patch, surprising a Son'a ship. Playing Tactics blind means that which Tactic is played (among the two or more drawn from the side-deck) is a random selection rather than the player's. No Tactical Console may be "installed" on the ship as long as this damage counter remains on it.
[5] I'm having the S'ona align with whichever power is ready to do the job.

[6] Ba'ku rhyl
[7] Ba'ku
[8] baby wormhole
[9] Baduviam tapestry
[10] Bajoran lilac

[6]Ba'ku Rhyl, Personnel, Neutral, 5 points, 
"Small animal life-form indigenous to the Ba'ku planet. Artim had one as a pet that he kept in his pocket. Tended to stray."
-ANIMAL; Each Ba'ku present worth points (not cumulative); May walk between sites as an interrupt

[7]Ba'ku Tapestry, Artifact
"The Ba'ku lived such long lives that even an apprentice's tapestry was incredibly intricate and beautiful. Eventually, the apprentice would become a master."
-Take into hand until played on any spaceline location as an event card. While in play, all skill, attribute and staffing requirements at this location are doubled. If Ba'ku present, you may ignore. (Unique. Not cumulative.)

[8] Baby Wormhole, Interrupt
"Awww, cute."
-Plays on Wormhole interrupt. Ship may not go through it (except One Little Ship), but personnel may beam to location on other side.

[9] Tapestry For Sale, Interrupt
"Baduviam tapestries are prized multilayered textile art pieces used as decorative wall pieces. They are on sale at the best shops only."
-Nullifies Ba'ku Tapestry. OR Discard one of your Gold-Pressed Latinum in play to download into play one Res-Q OR to nullify Picard's Atrificial Heart.

[10] Bajoran Lilac, Event
"Variety of floriculture indigenous to planet Bajor. They were the favorite of Kira Meru, Kira Nerys's mother. They made her forget her family for a moment."
-Plays on table. While in play, your Bajoran females may work with your Cardassians regardless of affiliation. (Nullified by The Devil.)

[6] What good would it do to have the Rhyl move? Well, there may be things you play on the animal that would make sense to move around during your opponent's turn. The Rhyl may walk at any time, Interrupt-like, even during opponent's turn.
[7] Yes, everything doubled. Dilemma and mission requirements, but also ships' staffing requirements if they stopped here. It takes 2 leaders to initiate battles here. Passing a Tetryon Field requires 2 Navigation, etc. Either player may ignore by bringing their own Ba'ku here. The Rhyl counts as a Ba'ku.
[8] The two Wormholes are still discarded. Personnel may only beam if their ship has transporters obviously, and to any possible location (legal planet, facility, ship). Your opponent may decide not to beam his personnel.
[9] Makes mostly reference to the episode "Tapestry". The Latinum discarded can be anywhere in play, not necessarily at the Heart's location.
[10] A mini-Treaty, and one that has more Trek Sense than a full-fledged Treaty (which you won't see).

[11] Bajoran shrimp
[12] Balancar Agricultural Consortium
[13] Balancar
[14] baldric
[15] balsamic vinegrette

[11]Bajoran Shrimp, Food
"Small edible marine decapod indigenous to the green oceans of Bajor. Served at Dax and Worf's wedding."
-Requires two personnel to upkeep. While in play, personnel on same ship or facility (except Borg) may cooperate regardless of affiliation.

[12] Fake Mission, Dilemma, space/planet
"The Balancar Agricultural Consortium once faked a drought in order to drive up the price of stockpiled syrup of squill."
-Unless Acquisition OR Law present, place on mission. While in play, mission is worth 15 points less. Nullified by Amanda Rogers.

[13] Expose Squill Fraud, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Ferengi
Balancar: Expose fraudulent stockpiling of syrup of squill during faked drought.
-Biology + Honor + (Law OR any Nagus) + CUNNING>45
-Span: 4; 35 points; Once solved, nullifies one Fake Mission in play (or next Fake Mission if none are).

[14] Worf's Baldric, Event
"Worf wore a sash that indicated his belonging to the House of Mogh. Later, he joined the House of Martok and changed the sash."
-Plays on your Klingon. While in play, it may share one of its skills (even special skills and downloads) with any or all members of its family in play. (Not cumulative.)

[15] Balsamic Vinegrette, Food
"Salad dressing made with special vinegar. Served aboard the USS Enterprise-E during a reception welcoming the Evorans into the Federation."
-While in play, adds "OR Evorans" to any card mentioning Antedeans. OR Plays on any salad to double its effect. (Not cumulative.)

[11] Turns any ship of facility into a Ferengi Trading Post, but note that Away Teams springing from those ships are not affected unless the Food is brought along.
[12] If Fake Mission is nullified, its points go back up, even if it was solved and "scored".
[13] Nullifies that pesky dilemma that lowers a mission's points by 15.
[14] The main families are Worf's and Duras's, but there are a few minor ones too. Don't forget that special skills are not cumulative, and that special downloads can only be used once per game regardless of the number of the exact same card in play during that game. But you can make Alexander give the Bortas a bonus while your Worf Son of Mogh is busy elsewhere, etc. It's also easier to make K'mtar's bonus stick when you give it to Federation-aligned Worf.
[15] So if a card requires an Antedean to nullify it for example, an Evoran will too. A Food card played on another works just like a real Food card, but has no effect unless the salad (in this case) is also at that food-serving site. Both cards must be upkept normally. As of this writing (around F55), salads include Corn Salad (doubles its bonuses) and Endive Salad (unstops personnel twice per turn).

[16] bamboo
[17] banana pancakes
[18] Bandee
[19] barbecued shrimp
[20] Bareil Antos (mirror)

[16] Bamboo, Event
"Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Headquarters grounds feature decorative plantings of bamboo behind which many a cadet has overheard a thing or two."
-Plays on any planet location. Opponent may not initiate battle against your personnel on surface, and you may look at any opponent's personnel present. Nullified by Tricorder present.

[17] Banana Pancakes, Food
"Thin flat cakes made from batter fried in a pan, flavored with the yellow pulpy fruit of the banana plant. Always put a smile on B'Elanna Torres's face."
-At same spaceline location, hybrid personnel are INTEGRITY +2 (+3 if B'Elanna Torres) AND may, once per turn, nullify any event or interrupt played specifically on them. (Not cumulative.)

[18] Bandee, Personnel, Bajoran, 
"Typical Bajoran national who worked as a nurse in the infirmiry on Deep Space 9 in 2374. Never suspected Julian Bashir of working with Section 31."
-MEDICAL, Biology; No Section 31 personnel may report to this location; 

[19] Barbecued Shrimp, Food
"Dish of small edible marine decapods grilled over an open flame and served with seasoned sauce. On the menu at Sisko's restaurant in New Orleans."
-Once per turn, you may download Fire Sculptor OR nullify Plasma Fire on same ship OR "stop" one Antedean at same spaceline location OR place one Bajoran Shrimp out-of-play. (Not cumulative.)

[20] Bareil Antos-Mirror, Personnel, Bajoran/Non-Aligned, 
"Petty thief and con man in mirror universe. Romantically involved with Lisea, The Intendent and Kira Nerys. Sent to steal an Orb, he returned without it."
-CIVILIAN, Treachery, Smuggling, Computer Skill, SECURITY; May steal one Orb artifact present; 
Now exists as Bareil.

[16] A hidey-hole from which you can peek at your opponent's cards. Maybe you have a Yuta under there, or something.
[17] Hybrid personnel are those that are part one species, and part another (B'Elanna, Alexander, Spock, Troi, etc.).
[18] Might protect you from Sloan's ultimate reporting ability.
[19] n/a
[20] Orb artifacts are only present when they are used as equipment.

[21] Barrica
[22] barrowbug
[23] Baseball Hall of Fame
[24] baseball trading card
[25] Bashir, Singh el

[21] Draw Them Out!, Interrupt
"While at Setlik III, Miles O'Brien led two dozen men against the Barrica encampment, driving out an entire regiment of Cardassian soldiers."
-Plays on just-initiated personnel battle at a facility. If facility under your control, download up to 3  SECURITY personnel here. If under your opponent's, your personnel are each STRENGTH +X, where X = number of your SECURITY present.

[22] Barrowbug, Event
"Bajoran insect that carries food on its back in a depression located there. It looks a lot like a wheelbarrow, thus its name."
-Plays on table. While in play, Food cards may be carried by upkeeping personnel to other sites on same facility or ship.

[23] Hall of Fame, Doorway
-Once per game, play to discard any baseball card artifact in play and bring from outside the game to anywhere in play any one non-seed  card OR  card OR foil card OR Future Enterprise OR Spock OR Admiral McCoy OR Data Laughing OR  icon  personnel OR Mogh OR Gi'ral OR Ja'rod OR Thomas Paris OR Dr. Telek R'Mor OR Ensign Tuvok OR Enhanced AtoZ card.

[24]Baseball Stats, Incident
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, whenever you encounter a dilemma, you may meet its attribute requirements by using the average of that attribute in your crew or Away Team as if it were the attribute of each personnel in that crew or Away Team. Also, in personnel battles, your personnel looking right are STRENGTH +2 against adversaries looking left. Discard when 3 of your personnel have been discarded.

[25] Singh el Bashir, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Fifteenth-century Earth poet. His work was later characterized by some scholars as ostensibly derivative. Distant ancestor of Julian Bashir."
-CIVILIAN, Music; All Bashirs in play attributes +2; May "stop" one Cardassian poet OR any Garak where present

[21] Different effect depending on if you are the attacker or the defender. Both players may play the card on the battle, each getting their effect. If the facility is under no one's control, the card may be played, but will have no effect.
[22] Many Food cards are only useful at their immediate location (the Food-serving site). Now order take-out and bring those cards to other sites. Those personnel battles need not take place at the Replimat anymore.
[23] The card must still have a valid target, if a target is required. You can discard a Baseball Card that is in your opponent's possession.
[24] The Roger Maris card done right (graphically), the card IS a baseball card (the back with the stats) with the CCG graphics superimposed on it. How does the first function work? Well, say you meet Firestorm. You might have INTEGRITY 4 personnel in the Away Team, but you higher INTEGRITY personnel in same team actually boost the average to 5.1. All personnel are considered to have that number, so no one dies! The second function: personnel are always looking in one direction or another. Those that face completely forward are not affected. 3 strikes and you're out means personnel discarded AFTER the incident was played.
[25] The Bashir bonus affects him too. He stops those Cardassians because their own literature is so repetitive. Garak "digs" the elder Bashir, I'm sure.

[26] Basso Tromac
[27] bat-LEH
[28] bat
[29] Bathkin, Dr.
[30] batter

[26] Basso Tromac, Personnel, Bajoran/Cardassian, 
"Bajoran male who collaborated with the Cardassians during occupation. Procured Bajoran comfort women for Cardassian officers on Terok Nor."
-CIVILIAN, Treachery; May capture one Bajoran female present each turn

[27] Bat-LEH!, Interrupt
"The all-important word for Honor in Klingon is 'Bat-LEH'. Note the similarity to 'Bat'leth' which means 'sword of honor'. Long live the Empire."
-Once per turn, downloads one personnel with Honor to any  facility. OR Downloads one Bat'leth or Q'apla! to your Klingon with Honor. OR All Honor personnel are INTEGRITY and STRENGTH +2 this turn.(Not cumulative.)

[28]Bat, Equipment, 
"Nocturnal flying mammal wi--INCOMING COMMUNICATION DISRUPTION FROM HOLOSUITE 5--is a wooden stick with which to hit baseballs... or, sometimes, kneecaps."
-Use at start of personnel battle; one of your personnel present may stun one opposing personnel, two if your personnel has baseball mentioned in its lore. OR Your arms dealer may, if Safety Protocols are disengaged, disable one personnel present for two full turns.

[29]Dr. Bathkin, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Scientist from Andros III. Developped controversial theory about keeping body cells entertained to stave off death. Imitated by Elias Geiger."
-SCIENCE, Navigation, Biology; While in play, doubles Cellular Entertainment Chamber; SCIENCE (if Dr. Elias Giger in play); 

[30] Worf at Bat, Personnel, Federation
"Worf was the first Klingon to ever play baseball thanks to a game between the Deep Space 9 Niners and the USS T'Kumbra Logocians."
-SECURITY, Honor; SD Bat; May nullify Bunt; If on same facility, may transfer 5 opponent's Baseball points per turn to your total; 

[26] He's AU because he was only seen in a "past" episode, from a time when Kira was only a little girl.
[27] The first and last function works on non-Klingons too.
[28] Had some fun here, then realized the entry was for Bajoran bats! Ah well, subverted the whole thing by having even more fun! The second function need not occur during a personnel battle. Further, you cannot break an already disabled personnel's legs on a second turn. And that function is only once per turn, by the way.
[29] Only a double SCIENCE if Geiger's in play. Is the requirement for silly Entertain Cells mission.
[30] That's Bunt, not Brunt, and it may be nullified if Worf at Bat is anywhere in play. Your opponent's Baseball points can be transferred to you if Worf is there. It'll take 4 turns to transfer all 20 points. Opposing Worfs at Bat on same facility can transfer points back and forth every turn.

[31] battlefield trauma kit
[32] Beethoven, Ludwig van
[33] "Behind the Lines"
[34] bekk
[35] Belle

[31]Battlefield Trauma Kit, Equipment
"Small packet of medical supplies soldiers may use to dress wounds in the field."
-Gives all your SECURITY-classification personnel the extra skill of MEDICAL where present.

[32] Musical Charge, Interrupt
"Jean-Luc Picard listened to a Beethoven sonata when the Enterprise-E approached the Briar Patch in 2375."
-Plays on your ship with Music aboard. For the rest of this turn, this ship is RANGE +2 and you may draw an extra Tactic card if it participates in a battle.

[33] Odo, Personnel, Dominion
"Relatively young Founder. Accepted to learn from the Founder Leader with whom he was intimate. Betrayed Kira Nerys and the resistance."
-VIP, SECURITY, Diplomacy, Youth, Computer Skill x2, Law; May "stop" any Rom or Kira present; ; Does not use hand weapons

[34] Alexander Rozhenko, Personnel, Klingon
"¾ Klingon, ¼ human serving aboard the IKC Rotarran. Holds the rank of Bekk. Does not acknowledge his father, Worf. Crew's mascot."
-ENGINEER, Honor, Youth; Ship he is on is HULL +10%; Klingons on same bird-of-prey are attributes all +1; 

[35] Belle, Personnel, Federation, 
"Holographic 'daughter' of Voyager's Doctor. An outgoing an athletic girl who loved her father. Played the dangerous sport, parrises squares."
-CIVILIAN, Youth, Biology; Where present, The Doctor is INTEGRITY +3; STRENGTH +2 if playing Parisses Squares

[31] A rare equipment giving a skill to SECURITY.
[32] Both effects only occur this turn.
[33] This is a Dominion-affiliation persona of Odo. The Youth, I think is warranted because he had that wide-eyed naive quality when he was with the Founder Leader, and because he IS really young by the way they measure age.
[34] At first, I was going to call him Bekk Alexander Rozhenko or some such, but by giving this persona the same exact title as the original, I think I've made K'mtar more palatable. To calculate HULL, always substract 10% from current damage marker total.
[35] The Biology is presumably from listening dutifully to her father talk about his work.

[36] bemonite
[37] Bennet, Captain
[38] Benthan Guard
[39] Benthans
[40] Benthos IV

[36] Transport Block, Dilemma, space
"Bemonite is one substance which can inhibit energy propagation such as that employed in a transporter beam. Some energy fields do the same."
-Place on ship. Unless Transporter Skill present, personnel may not beam to or from this ship. Cure with 6 ENGINEER.

[37] Captain Bennett, Personnel, Federation
"Adjutant to Admiral Ross. In 2374, promoted to command Starfleet's Seventh Tactical Wing. Went behind the lines."
-OFFICER, Leadership x2, SECURITY; May report to Admiral Ross's location; You may draw one extra Tactic card when involved in a battle; 

[38] The Wrong Man, Dilemma, space/planet
"Commander Avik of the Benthan Guard tried to arrest Tom Paris for a crime he didn't commit, mistaking him for another man in 2372."
-Unless INTEGRITY>45 present, target one personnel present (opponent's choice). Any random selection involving that personnel from now on, targets it automatically. Discard dilemma.

[39] Test Coaxial Warp Drive, Mission, space, Non-Aligned, 
Benthan space: Test ultra-fast coaxial warp drive engines in this uninhabited corridor of space.
-(Physics x3 + Navigation x2) OR staffed Mithran-class ship
-Span: 5; 35 points

[40] Negotiate for Warp Technology, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt, 
Benthos IV: Open negotiations for trade of powerful coaxial warp drive engines.
-ENGINEER + OFFICER + (Diplomacy x2 OR Acquisition) + INTEGRITY>40
-Span: 5; 30 points; When you solve, you may download Coaxial Warp Drive to any ship present.

[36] Even Invasive Transporters won't let you beam aboard the ship.
[37] Hmmm... will he be matching commander for an entire armada? Only time will tell.
[38] Will work with further dilemmas, but also random selections on interrupts and the like.
[39] The ship will be available in Enhanced M.
[40] I haven't placed Benthan space and Benthos IV in the same region, as they could be as far apart as Earth and Vulcan are.

[41] bergamot tea
[42] beta matrix compositor
[43] Beyond the Galactic Edge
[44] Bilby, Liam
[45] Billings, USS

[41] Bergamot Tea, Food
"Beverage made by infusion of the perennial herb Monarda didyma. Neelix drank bergamot tea when he had trouble sleeping in 2375."
-Where present, your Cooking personnel may stun one opposing non-Borg in personnel battle. Also, nullifies REM Fatigue Hallucinations here.

[42] Scavenge Parts, Mission, space, Bajoran/Cardassian/Dominion/Federation, 
Abandoned station: Scavenge un-replicatable beta matrix compositors from an abandoned Cardassian Nor.
-ENGINEER x3 + Computer Skill x2 + (SECURITY x2 OR Obsidian Order)
-Span: 5; 30* points; Your side: *+10 if uncontrolled Empok Nor here; Opponent's side: *+10 if you control Empok Nor here; Both sides: When solved, repairs all your Nors.

[43] Beyond the Galactic Edge, Event, Countdown: 3
"Work of 21st-century literature by Hesterman. The Species 8472 replica of Valerie Archer found the book to offer insight into human society."
-Plays at the end of the spaceline. Becomes a location with a Span of 2. While in play, your  icon personnel and ships may report there directly.

[44]Liam Bilby, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Minor Orion Syndicate operative. Worked for Raimus. Devoted family man. Feared Syndicate retribution. Asked O'Brien to care for his cat."
-CIVILIAN, Honor, Computer Skill x2, Greed; SD Chester; Any Miles O'Brien present is INTEGRITY +3; 
Now exists as Liam Bilby.

[45] USS Billings, Ship, Federation
"First ship Kathryn Janeway served aboard as a commander. Tuvok also served on this vessel. Named for a city in Montana."
-Excelsior Class[] Tractor Beam; Commanders and First officers aboard are attributes +2

[41] Non-Borg personnel is meant to exclude Rogue Borg as well.
[42] "Uncontrolled" Empok Nor is the one that's tilted on its side. The repair of all your Nors in play only occurs once, when the mission is solved.
[43] A way to report the Species 8472, but it has a countdown. You should report a ship before reporting your personnel, though the non-human 8472s can survive the vacuum of space, like androids and Borg.
[44] Chester is his cat. Being part of the Orion Syndicate interacts with some AtoZ cards.
[45] I'm only guessing at the class of ship, since the new entries in the Encyclopedia don't have an updated starship chart. The special game text does not cover Lt. Commanders, only full Commanders.

[46] binary pulsar
[47] bio-dart
[48] biomolecular warhead
[49] bioship
[50] biosynthetic gland

[46] Survey Binary Pulsar, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Binary pulsar: Survey rare phenomenon of twin pulsars rapidly orbiting each other.
-Astrophysics x2 + Stellar Cartography + CUNNING>40
-Span: 4; 30 points

[47] Bio-Dart, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: 3
"The Delta quadrant's Voth are able to shoot small darts from their forearms. These deliver a fast-acting chemical that temporarily renders unconscious."
-Unless 2 Exobiology OR any Voth present, place on one personnel present (opponent's choice). It is placed in stasis until coutdown ends.

[48] Biomolecular Warhead, Tactic
-ATTACK bonus +4 if you have a  ship firing; +2 if Seven aboard ship firing. Hit = . Direct hit = . If ship hit is a Bioship or Living ship, add one  to either outcome.
*Organics systems destroyed: All Species 8472 present are killed OR, if none present, one personnel (random selection) is assimilated (if  ship firing) OR disabled until end of one full turn (if any other ship).

[49]Bioship, Ship, Neutral, 
"Warp-capable organic starship commanded by Species 8472. Operates in fluidic space and normal space. Has regenerative properties."
-Bioship[] Once per turn, in place of your card draw, remove one damage marker from ship

[50] Synthetic Gland Implant, Event, 
"Borg replacement for the original organic glands of an assimilated humanoid. Function: To control hormonal flux in the drone's body."
-Plays on your Borg personnel. You may choose at any time (suspending play) to give it its gender back or take it away again.

[46] A simple universal mission in the Delta quadrant.
[47] There will be a number of Voth personnel.
[48] A weapon against the sure-to-be powerful Species 8472. Bioships and Living ships (like Gomtuu) are more strongly affected. The damage marker is complex, but simple enough. If Species 8472 present, they die. If not, and the firing ship was Borg affiliation (the icon precludes the Borg Ship dilemma from using the option), one personnel is assimilated. In any other situation, a personnel is disabled until the end of the turn. Seven refers to the Federation persona, not to the Borg 7 of 9.
[49] Note that 8472 personnel cannot cooperate with non-fluidic personnel, so this ship, which can only be staffed by 8472 personnel, can't fall into the wrong hands. The matching commander is the universal Species 8472. Look for a card that allows for that 5 bioship mega-weapon in the future.
[50] The universal drones are all male (as per their pictures), but Seven of Nine and the Borg Queen are females, as is AtoZ's Riley Frazier or any female you might assimilate during a game. Use? Some relocations (Jamaharon, Love Interests and Alien Groupie) depend on gender. AtoZ has lots more, including cards that give bonuses to certain genders, etc.

[51] bipolar flow junction
[52] blast shutters
[53] "Blaze of Glory"
[54] Bligh, Captain William
[55] Bolias, Bank of

[51] Tracing the Problem, Interrupt
"A competent engineer can retrace any plasma flow interruptions using various flow junctions in a ship's warp propulsion system."
-Plays on your ship with ENGINEER; dilemmas encountered here this turn require one less ENGINEER. OR Plays on One Little Ship to relocate it inside any other ship present.

[52]Blast Shutters, Event
"Runabouts and other small craft have protective view port covers that can be lowered tp prevent damage from external objects."
-Plays on your runabout, shuttlecraft OR interceptor. While in play, protect personnel aboard from casualties incurred from damage markers.

[53] Blaze of Glory, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table; when one of your ships is destroyed in battle with a single personnel aboard, you may download to this location one  icon card (two if personnel is  icon, three if personnel is Michael Eddington). OR Plays on your Battle Bridge side-deck; when any of your ships are destroyed in battle, during the next battle you fight, you may look through your side-deck and choose your Tactic card; nullified by Fair Play.

[54] Off the Deep End, Dilemma, space
"Chakotay accused the Krenim commander Annorax of being like Captain Bligh in losing control of his crew and himself."
-Unless no personnel have died here this turn AND ship is undamaged, one  icon personnel present (matching commander if present) immediately uses all its special downloads and is "stopped". Discard dilemma.

[55] Bank Heist, Mission, planet, Ferengi/Non-Aligned
Bolias: Steal load of latinum from the Bank of Bolias.
-Treachery x2 + (Computer Skill x3 OR SECURITY x2) + (Any Orion Syndicate member OR Greed x5)
-Span: 3; 35 points

[51] One Little Ship (a tiny Runabout) is considered an intruder aboard opposing ships, and has the same status as personnel and equipment aboard one of your own. If ship sites exist here, relocate One Little Ship to any of them.
[52] Like Field Diverters, but protecting more than one site. (The small ships aren't starships and don't support most ship sites anyway.)
[53] A powerful card if you're on the losing end. The first function might be used purposefully by letting Michael Eddington die at the hands of a self-seeded Borg Ship dilemma, thus downloading three cards to that location (a ship with crew? it's 3 cards), though the Cube will most likely destroy the ship ;-). Any ships downloaded are free to counterattack that very minute. Note that only cards from the Blaze of Glory expansion are downloadable here, and only those that actually can exist at a specific spaceline location. The second function lets you look through your Battle Bridge side-deck and choose among all cards there (not just two), provided you lost a ship prior to this point. And since you can do this on purpose (sacrificial shuttles, etc.), Fair Play nullifies the card. If it's in play, Blaze of Glory cannot be played for the second function (won't nullify the first function).
[54] Might just stop a personnel, but if it has a special download, it might be wasted. If there is no target for the downloaded card, it is discarded with no effect and the SD is spent.
[55] For a while I was going to provide a remote option for the Computer Skill (à la Bilby), but decided against it. It'll turn up as some other card.

[56] Boothby
[57] Boq'ta
[58] Borg organelle
[59] Borge, Victor
[60] boronite

[56] Boothby 8472, Personnel, Neutral, 
"Species 8472 who impersonated Academy groundskeeper Boothby on Terrasphere 8. Convinced by Janeway the Federation was not a threat."
-OFFICER, Diplomacy, Biology, Leadership; Other 8472 infiltrators in play are INTEGRITY +2; 

[57] Boq'ta, Personnel, Federation
"Male Bolian. Engineer assigned to Deep Space 9. Part of a salvage team sent to the abandonned Empok Nor in 2373."
-ENGINEER, SECURITY, Computer Skill; Where present, discard to nullify one Empok Nor dilemma; 

[58] Borg Organelle Generator, Event, 
"Implant. Function: Production of subcellular nanites introduced into the Borg drone system to regulate cell functions."
-Plays on your Borg. While in play, that Borg may not be de-assimilated or disabled. If present with  and  drones, all drones present are attributes 7-7-7.

[59] Victor Borge, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Holographic re-creation of twentieth-century Earth entertainer. Piano musician and comedian who specialized in one-man shows on radio and television."
-CIVILIAN, Music; While in play, Vic Fontaine is all attributes +1; If only hologram here, may "stop" all opposing human personnel present

[60] Closer to Omega, Event
"Only boronite, a rare mineral substance, can be used as raw material to create Omega molecules."
-Plays on any mission location requiring Geology. While in play, you may play Omega. Nullified if opponent has INTEGRITY>40 here and Omega Directive in play. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

[56] See Valerie Archer in Enhanced Apocalypse Rising for more information on 8472 infiltrators. There already is a Boothby card, but this entry also talked about the fake one so...
[57] A disposable personnel if you want to commandeer Empok Nor, and since all of them have staying power, that may not be a bad thing.
[58] All three subcommands must be present for the attribute boost, and from a drone, not a Queen or counterpart. A new advantage to owning Seven of Nine. The Event is an implant.
[59] Vic's boost is not cumulative, and Borge need not be present to give it. He stops all humans or none at all, and doesn't stop non-humans that look like humans but are really holograms.
[60] You'll have to wait for Omega to see what it does, but you can be sure it packs a wallop if it needs these extra cards to make it work, à la Supernova.

[61] Borven, Glinn
[62] Bradbury, Ray
[63] Bre'Nan ritual
[64] Briar Patch
[65] bridal auction

[61] Borven, Personnel, Cardassian
"Glinn. Male Cardassian military officer. Aide to Gul Trepar in 2373. Helped coordinate the Fourth Order. Never liked Dukat."
-OFFICER, Leadership, Navigation, Computer Skill; SD Plans of the Fourth Order; May report to Trepar; 

[62] Ray Bradbury, Event, 
"Noted for his ability to capture the bizarre, the grotesque and the sentimental in his fiction. Wrote The Martian Chronicles and Farenheit 451."
-Plays on Mars. While in play, your human personnel may report there. At any time, discard to nullify one of your opponent's icon cards.

[63] Bre'Nan Ritual, Event
"Rite performed in preparation of a Klingon wedding, in which the bride meets her prospective mother-in-law who then passes judgement on her."
-Plays on any female present with a Klingon male. You may download any Klingon female there. If new female's attributes>target female's attributes, target female becomes . If not, becomes . Discard event.

[64] Navigate Briar Patch, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Briar Patch region*Briar Patch: Navigate through nebula full of dangerous radiation, flucuations and supernova remnants.
-Navigation x4 + Stellar Cartography + Astrophysics
-Span: 4; 35 points; All ships here are RANGE -2; No scan cards may play here.
Now exists as Analyze Radiation.

[65] Bridal Auction, Dilemma, space/planet
"Part of a Ferengi wedding ceremony. The bride must be auctioned off to the prospective groom(s) by her father."
-If any Ferengi present OR this is a  mission, opponent may discard X Gold-Pressed Latinum (from anywhere) to capture one female present (opponent's choice) unless you discard >X. Discard dilemma.

[61] n/a
[62] Odd to start with the nullifyer, but that's the alphabetical way. The SF (Science Fiction) icon () is something not unlike the Rules of Acquisition icon, which I've developped for the various SF authors mentioned in the Encyclopedia's addendum. Here, we'll find not only the real SF authors of the 40s and 50s, but also the ones from Sisko's "dream". The cards abilities will be related to the specific author's works or themes.
[63] The real use of this card may be to get that Klingon female, but it can also serve to make an opposing Klingon female lose her Klingon icon, or to turn your own NA into a full-fledged Klingon.
[64] Ships must have stopped here for their RANGE to be -2. No kind of scan has any effect on this location or anything located here.
[65] Ok, first, the dilemma strikes only if a Ferengi is present on a ship, or no matter what on a planet. Then, opponent can "spend" Latinum to capture a female of his choice. If he spends 2, you can counter his purchase by spending 3. If you counter his offer, he gets to keep his money. All Latinum may be discarded from anywhere in play or in hand.

[66] Brigette
[67] British Intelligence
[68] British Radio Network
[69] Broik
[70] Brone

[66] Brigette, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Persona imposed upon B'Elanna Torres by the Hirogen. Member of the French Resistance. In love with Bobby Davis. Pregnant."
-CIVILIAN, Resistance; SD French Resistance; Where present, Hirogen are STRENGTH -3; 

[67] Intelligence Over Strength, Dilemma, space/planet
"Taking the example of the British Intelligence whose fact gathering provided the critical data that won World War II, sometimes covert operations are better than military ones."
-Away Team or crew may not continue unless total CUNNING>STRENGTH.

[68] Voice of the Resistance, Interrupt, 
"During World War II, the British Radio Network provided covert messages to operatives of the French Resistance, encoded into normal news broadcasts."
-If you have any Resistance personnel in play, play to download any Incoming Message to same location (it may not be nullified) OR, once per game, nullify any Plans card in play.

[69] Broik, Personnel, Ferengi
"Waiter. Employed at Quark's Bar on Deep Space 9. Wish he'd known where Morn's latinum was. Bankrupted at an early age."
-CIVILIAN, Cooking, Greed; SD Any Dabo girl; May discard opponent's Gold-Pressed Latinum present

[70] Brone, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Photometric projection of a Vori soldier. Tough, but fair-minded defender. Team leader of the Fourth Vori Defense Contingent."
-SECURITY, SECURITY, Leadership; May nullify Upturned where present; 

[66] French Resistance will be a Program card.
[67] Simple enough. Both attributes are meant to be "total".
[68] Both functions require a Resistance personnel in play.
[69] Invented most of the lore. He may nullify (discard) any or all the opposing Latinum present.
[70] Not universal.

[71] Brooks, Ensign
[72] Brota
[73] Bullock, Admiral
[74] bunt
[75] burgundy

[71] Brooks, Personnel, Federation, 
"Ensign aboard the USS Voyager. During the 'Year of Hell', was Seven's roommate. Shares an aptitude in stellar cartography with her."
-SCIENCE, Stellar Cartography, Astrophysics; Seven is attributes all +2 where present; 

[72] Brota, Personnel, Klingon, 
"Partially Klingon Son of Mogh on the planet Gaia where the crew of the Defiant crashlanded 200 years in the past. Chose to live by Klingon traditions."
-CIVILIAN, Leadership, Honor, Anthropology; All 'Sons of Mogh' present are attributes all +2

[73] Admiral Bullock, Personnel, Neutral, 
"Species 8472 who posed as a senior officer at a re-creation of Starfleet Headquarters in the Delta quadrant. Would spy on Federation."
-OFFICER, Leadership, Treachery, Exobiology, Law; 

[74] Bunt, Interrupt, 5 points
"In the ancient Earth sport of baseball, an offensive play in which the batter hit a ball with minimum force to get it infield. Rom's specialty."
-Nullifies Strike! OR Plays on your baseball personnel (or any Rom) to nullify any Baseball played on same facility and score points. OR Place in discard pile of player with the least points.

[75] Burgundy, Food
"Alcoholic beverage made from fermented Earth grapes. A red or white wine. Tom Paris celebrated the construction of the Delta Flyer with it."
-At this location, whenever a ship without staffing requirements is reported, you may give any of its attributes a +2 bonus for the rest of the game. (Not cumulative.)

[71] n/a
[72] Sons of Mogh refer to any personnel with those words in their lore or title, including Premiere Worf, Kurn, and Worf Son of Mogh.
[73] See Valerie Archer in Enhanced Apocalypse Rising for more information on 8472 infiltrators. This one has a little more skills, and counts as an Admiral (in case Species 8472 can ever use Going to the Top).
[74] "Baseball personnel" are personnel the "love baseball" or actually play it. The points scored are not Baseball's 20, but Bunt's 5. The last function could be used in conjunction with Are These Truly Your Friends Brother? or to recycle a Bunt you don't want in your hand at this time.
[75] The ship must be reported at the same spaceline location as the Food-serving site. "For the rest of the game" means that a ship destroyed and later re-reported still has the bonus it originally got and may, at the right location, add to it again.

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