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[1] I'danian spice pudding
[2] "I, Borg"
[3] I, the Jury
[4] Iadara Colony
[5] Ibudan

[1] I'danian Spice Pudding, Food
"Highly caloric dessert. Used to entice customers into Quark's bar on Deep Space 9's promenade. Jake Sisko's favorite."
-Where present, any Jake may report for free. At any time, discard to relocate all intruders on this facility or ship to this location.

[2]"Locutus", Personnel, Federation
"Jean-Luc Picard posed as the Borg counterpart Locutus while trying to unsettle the Borg drone called Hugh on stardate 45854.2."
-VIP, Diplomacy, Leadership; May not be targeted for assimilation; May suspend one Borg special skill each turn where present; 

[3] I, the Jury, Event
"Novel published in 1947 by Earth writer Mickey Spillane about fictitious detective Mike Hammer. Recommended to Odo by Mile O'Brien."
-Plays on any personnel with Law. While in play, that personnel may use any hand weapon regardless of restrictions AND initiate personnel battles ignoring affiliation attack restrictions.

[4] Spy on Federation Colony, Mission, planet, Cardassian
Iadara Colony: Conduct covert surveillance of this colony using both sensors and manpower.
-Obsidian Order x2 + Computer Skill + Treachery x3
-Span: 5; 30 points; May only be attempted if Stellar Cartography aboard your ship here.

[5] Ibudan, Personnel, Bajoran, Countdown: 3
"Bajoran criminal who profited from running blackmarket goods during the occupation. Murdered a Cardassian. Caught by Odo, but released."
-CIVILIAN, Smuggling x2, Treachery, Greed, Biology; When captured, activate countdown. Released to anywhere when countdown ends; 

[1] Now there's a good way to make use of all those Food cards that give battling bonuses at their location only: bring the fight to your Food-serving site!!!
[2] The Borg work so differently that I didn't want to make this "Locutus" (quotation marks included) a Borg infiltrator. Still, he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Special downloads count as special skills.
[3] The Law personnel becomes a vigilante that can use any hand weapon regardless of which affiliation it was made for, whether they have Honor or not, and even breaking down Odo's "no hand weapons" restriction.
[4] Nice redundancy with Alter Records, your Stellar Cartography personnel must be aboard a ship here for the mission to even be attempted. It does not suffer through the dilemmas.
[5] Ibudan is released even if Brainwashed and/or E-Banded. You can relocate him to anywhere in play when he's released.

[6] "Icarus Factor, The"
[7] Iccobar
[8] iced coffee
[9] Iceman
[10] ico-spectrogram

[6] Blind!, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 3
"William T. Riker and his father Kyle were blind to each other's point of view. Not just during their Anbo-jytsu matches, but always."
-One personnel present with a family member (opponent's choice) is "stopped" until countdown ends. Mission continues, but all related personnel lose their first two listed skills until end of countdown. Discard dilemma.

[7] Iconian Roots, Event
"The Iconian language and culture has its roots far in galactic history, from which also sprang the Iccobar, the Dewan and the Dinasians."
-Plays on table. While in play, Iconian Gateways may relocate personnel to time locations. Discard at any time to nullify Root Language OR download Iconian Escape.

[8] Iced Coffee, Food
"Chilled beverage made from brewed coffee beans. Enjoyed by Geordi LaForge. Trendier than iced tea. More of a summer drink."
-While in play, you may "stop" one personnel present every turn. Doubles any Mission Fatigue's countdown encountered by opponent, discarding Food card in the process. (Not cumulative.)

[9] Iceman, Interrupt
"At weekly poker games, Worf was called 'the Iceman" because of his impassive face. Dax called Koloth by the same nickname."
-Plays on your Klingon to win any Royale Casino side-game it has just encountered OR download any Koloth to its location OR take it back into hand, nullifying Alien Probe, Heisenberg Compensators and Telepathic Alien Kidnappers affecting you.

[10] Ico-Spectrogram Results, Event
"Scientific test used as part of planetary surveys. Wesley Crusher ordered one in 2365 that detected important dilithium deposits."
-Plays on any planet location. If you solved mission, download one equipment card and/or one ship here; discard event. OR If not yet solved, your Away Teams may ignore any Geology requirements here.

[6] So say Rom, Quark and Ishka are on the mission attempt. You can pick one of them to be stopped for 3 turns (say, Quark). Until the countdown ends, Rom and Ishka lose their first 2 listed skills.
[7] When relocated to time locations, personnel may walk to planets, ships or facilities there.
[8] Does the opposite of Coffee. Discards to make one Mission Fatigue dilemma Countdown: 6.
[9] You can play this on any Klingon.
[10] With the second function, the event is not discarded, nor may it be discarded for the first function. The effect lasts even after the mission is solved (though it probably won't do much unless cards requiring Geology are played here). Geology requirements are suspended (considered fulfilled) for both missions and dilemmas.

[11] icoberry torte
[12] icon
[13] Iconia
[14] Iconian computer weapon
[15] Iconian gateway

[11] Icoberry Torte, Food
"Rectangular-shaped dessert food. Available at DS9's replimat. A favorite of Benjamin Sisko's. Made Jadzia Dax's spots itch."
-At the start of each turn, choose two non-Trill personnel present to be +2 CUNNING and STRENGTH. Doubled if at Replimat. (Not cumulative.)

[12] Bajoran Icon, Artifact
"200-year-old Bajoran representational painting showing the lost city of B'hala. Part of the collection of the state museum in Ilvia."
-Place in hand until played on table as an Event. While in play, allows B'hala to coexist on Bajor with a facility. Once per turn, one Bajoran in your discard pile may be shuffled into your draw deck. (Cumulative.)

[13] Exists as Iconia Investigation.

[14] Exists as Iconian Computer Weapon.

[15] Exists as Iconian Gateway.

[11] Doubles to 4 personnel and +4 bonuses.
[12] Usually, B'hala (an event with reporting abilities) cannot coexist on Bajor with a facility. If a facility is built there later, despite B'hala's game text, the card is not discarded.
[13] n/a
[14] n/a
[15] n/a

[16] Iconians
[17] iconic display console
[18] Icor IX
[19] icosahedron
[20] Idanians

[16]Orbital Bombardment, Event, 
"Bombing planets from orbit, the Borg tried to destroy Earth's future, much as someone had done to the Iconians long ago."
-Seeds or plays on table. Allows your ships with staffing requirements to fire on landed ships. Once per game, if playing Borg, you may download Stop First Contact to hand.
Now exists as Orbital Bombardment.

[17] Barclay Computer, Event
"When Reginald Barclay took control of the USS Enterprise through an iconic display console, he became, in essence, the ship's computer."
-Plays on your ship to give it CUNNING=15 and INTEGRITY=5. It discards any Cytherians it encounters (scoring points if seeded by opponent) and may relocate to end of any spaceline at start of any of your turns.

[18] Astrophysics Symposium, Mission, planet, Federation/Ferengi
Icor IX: Attend symposium on rough star clusters at this reputed Astrophysics Center.
-Astrophysics x4 OR Jean-Luc Picard who beamed down from a shuttle
-Span: 2; 30 points

[19] 20 Sides, Dilemma, space/planet
"There are more than two sides to every issue. A philosophy based on the icosahedron proposes at least twenty."
-Unless one personnel's total attributes>20 OR Kova Tholl and Esoqq present, opponent may nullify one Treaty OR Memory Wipe OR Trade Agreement OR Liaison in play.

[20] A Secretive People, Dilemma, planet
"Some species are very secretive, like the Idanians, making it very difficult to establish any kind of meaningful contact with them."
-Unless personnel with intelligence skill present, place on planet. All wall dilemmas here require an additional Treachery to be passed. Nullified by CUNNING>60 present.

[16] Does it really have to be more complicated than that? So why hasn't it been made yet?
[17] Many things here. First, it IS a version of the Barclay persona (note the name in boldface). It can be persona-switched normally (personnel for event or back) if Reg is on your ship. You may not have another Barclay in play at the same time as this event. Second, the CUNNING and INTEGRITY can be added to your attribute totals when attempting space missions. The ship cannot be targeted by a dilemma that targets a personnel's CUNNING, as it's still not a personnel. Lastly, keep in mind that self-seeded Cytherians can't be harvested for easy points (even if you weren't scared of Writ).
[18] The Astrophysics personnel need not have beamed down from a shuttle, only Picard.
[19] The dilemma isn't discarded, it remains as a wall. You must find one personnel whose total attributes are more than 20 from your Away Team or crew to pass it.
[20] "Intelligence skill" still refers to Tal Shiar, Obsidian Order, Resistance, Section 31, FCA, Klingon Intelligence, but not Founder which isn't a skill. The additional Treachery must be added to the requirements even if no Treachery was already required. (Thus, Impassable Door would require Computer Skill AND Treachery.)

[21] "Identity Crisis"
[22] IDIC
[23] Idini Star Cluster
[24] Idran hybrids
[25] Idran

[21] Glow-in-the-Dark Geordi, Personnel, Neutral
"On stardate 44664, Geordi LaForge suffered through DNA metamorphosis at Tarchannen III. Invisible but revealed by ultraviolet light."
-ANIMAL; May report to Tarchannen III where Borg may not scout if he is present with them; May not be attacked unless IP Scanner present

[22]IDIC, Event
"Infinite diversity in infinite combinations."
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, if you have personnel of more than 2 species and more than one gender in play together, once per turn, you may report one Vulcan to their location for free OR once per game, download one personnel from each non-ANIMAL classification to one location in play (then discard event) OR shuffle your draw deck.

[23] Patrol Pass, Mission, space, Non-Aligned
Idini Star Cluster: Patrol this uninhabited region sitting between two populated systems.
-SECURITY + Leadership + WEAPONS>7
-Span: 1; 25 points; When solved, opponent's ship flying by must stop here if you have a ship present.

[24] Over-Watered, Interrupt
"In 2373, the Idran hybrids left by Keiko O'Brien to the care of Miles and Julian were over-watered, causing them to die."
-Doubles Drought Tree's points until the end of your next full turn. OR Allows your botanist(s) to initiate battle regardless of affiliation attack restrictions at double STRENGTH. OR Nullifies Fire Sculptor.

[25] Stake Out Wormhole Terminus, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Dominion/Federation, 
Idran: Monitor mouth of Bajoran Wormhole from this very close system.
-Stellar Cartography + (Treachery OR Leadership) + (ENGINEER OR Founder) + (SECURITY x4 OR Jem'Hadar x3) + STRENGTH>50
-Span: 2; 40 points; Seeds next to Fulfill Prophecy, creating a region.

[21] This version of Geordi's persona is a Borg counter against double-scouting a popular space/planet mission. He cannot oppose them for Establish Gateway, but certainly can for Assimilate Planet. The skill does not work at any other location. His crew or Away Team can still be attacked, but he himself does not pair off, and cannot be selected to die, unless opponent has an IP Scanner present.
[22] To enable, you need a crew or Away Team anywhere in play that features 3 or more species AND 2 or more genders. The second function only works if you have the 7 personnel to download, and is the only option which requires you to discard the event.
[23] An easy low-pointer, but you get to set up a customs office there.
[24] By initiating battle, your botanist (as per that personnel's lore) leads its entire crew or Away Team into that battle. Double STRENGTH won't do much in space battle, but the personnel may still initiate that type of fight.
[25] Fulfill Prophecy represents the mouth of the Wormhole.

[26] "If I Only Had a Brain"
[27] "If Wishes Were Horses"
[28] Igo Sector
[29] iguana
[30] ih'tanu ceremony

[26] If I Only Had a Heart, Event
"Song from an ancient motion picture whistled by Dr. Ira Graves who noted it was sung by a mechanical man who discovered he was human after all."
-Plays on your android. While in play, at the start of your turn, your Cybernetics personnel present may reprogram its last listed standard skill OR change its special download to any other special download.

[27] Jadzia II, Personnel, Federation/Non-Aligned, 
"Gamma quadrant alien who took the form of Julian Bashir's fondest wish: a Jadzia Dax who lived and breathed for his love alone."
-CIVILIAN, Youth; May report for free directly to Julian Bashir; Julian Bashir is attributes all +3 where present

[28] Exists as Study Plasma Streamer.

[29] Spot the Iguana, Personnel, Neutral
"When Spot was affected by Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome, she became an iguana. Still had a litter of healthy kittens."
-ANIMAL; May nullify Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease where present (scoring its points); Your cats may report directly here for free

[30] Ih'tanu Ceremony, Event
"When a Bajoran girl turns 14 years old, the traditional Ih'tanu ceremony is performed to celebrate her coming of age."
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, your female Bajoran Youth personnel report for free to any of your facilities in play. Discard at any time to suspend play and download Doorway to Opportunity.

[26] Reprograming a special download merely requires you to change the card that android downloads to any other (legal) card. Once expended, it's still expended and may no longer be reprogramed.
[27] Just a simple personnel booster, it makes Julian quite strong.
[28] n/a
[29] Siliness. There are other cats, like Chester, but this also means you can persona-switch with Spot or free.
[30] Lets you in effect report an army of Sito Jaxas and similar personnel. Doorway to Opportunity will let you turn a Civilian into an Officer, maybe one of those Bajorans.

[31] ih'valla
[32] Ihat
[33] Ijarna
[34] Ikalian asteroid belt
[35] Ikat'ika

[31] Ih'valla, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 3
"One of the Bajoran D'jarras, it called for an artistic occupation. Major Kira Nerys was of that D'jarra, but had no artistic talent."
-Unless D'jarras in play OR an Emissary present, plays on mission. All OFFICERs here are VIPs, and all SECURITY here are CIVILIANs while present. Mission continues.

[32]Ihat, Interrupt
"Character from D'Arsay mythology. Acted as a spokesman. The first to allude to the nature of Masaka and her subjects."
-Plays when Masaka Transformations is played on you to place your hand anywhere in draw deck instead of bottom. OR Suspends Obelisk of Masaka for one full turn.

[33] Ijarna, Personnel, Bajoran
"Bajoran male. Inhabitant of Deep Space 9 in 372. He and his wife had a tumultuous relationship."
-CIVILIAN, Cantankerousness; May nullify or double effects of Promenade Shops's probes if unopposed there; May not attempt Reunion

[34] Arrest Kriosian Rebels, Mission, space, Cardassian/Ferengi/Klingon
Ikalian asteroid belt: Capture and place under arrest band of Kriosian rebels hiding in this asteroid belt and attacking passing ships.
-Law x2 + SECURITY x3 + STRENGTH>40
-Span: 3; 35 points; When solved, Brute Force only requires STRENGTH>8 x number of Away Team members...

[35] Exists as Ikat'ika.

[31] Mirrors some of D'jarras' effects, but in dilemma form.
[32] Nothing stops you from playing Masaka on yourself and then Ihat.
[33] I'm guessing as to species and affiliation. That last one is a restiction box, not a skill. AtoZ offers other opportunities for Cantankerousness, and Reunion really is only for McCoy. Plus, it's got a certain thematic flavor.
[34] When solved by ANY player, Brute Force's requirements change. Simply changes the 10 for an 8 on that mission.
[35] n/a

[36] Ilari Autarch
[37] Ilari bioelectric microfibers
[38] Ilari First Castellan
[39] Ilari talisman
[40] Ilari

[36] Overthrown, Dilemma, space/planet
"Tieran was the Autarch of Ilari in the Delta quadrant, a hereditary position of authority, until he was overthrown due to his tyranny."
-One VIP present (opponent's choice) loses its lore AND any title in its name until either The Mask of Korgano OR (if Bajoran) Orb Experience is played on it.

[37] Bioelectric Microfiber Implants, Event
"Highly sophisticated biotechnology used by Tieran and Vantika to effect a transfer of the subject's mind into a host person's brain."
-Plays on your Tieran OR any personnel affected by Vantika's Neural Pathways. When mortally wounded in personnel battle, you may steal personnel that mortally wounded it and play as your own with same classification as your personnel. Discard event and mortally wounded personnel.

[38] HQ: Military Adviser, Incident, Countdown: 3
-Seeds or plays on your homeworld. While in play, once per turn, you may download into play Attack Pattern Delta, HQ: War Room, Time to Reconsider, Surprise Attack, Feeding the War Effort OR (if Ferenginar) 34th Rule of Acquisition. Once per game, activate countdown. During countdown, if your matching ships involved in a battle, you may select your Tactic from entire battle bridge side-deck. When countdown ends, discard incident.

[39] Ilari Talisman, Artifact, 20 points
"Metallic choker that was the symbol of the Ilari Autarch in the Delta quadrant. When removed from office, the talisman is taken away."
-Must seed in Delta quadrant. Immediately plays on table as an Event card. Worth points to you while you have Treachery personnel in Delta quadrant (+5 if Tieran).

[40] Retake Power, Mission, planet, Non-Aligned, 
Ilari: Place former hereditary leader back into his rightful position of power.
-VIP + Treachery x3 + hand weapon + STRENGTH>40 OR Tieran
-Span: 3; 35 points
Now exists as Unseat Dictator.

[36] Makes Executive Authorization possibly nastier. When a personnel loses its lore, anything in there including familial relationships, matching commander status and titles (like Gul or General or what-have-you) are lost. Titles in their names are words such as Admiral, Kai, Captain, etc. that are not truly part of their names.
[37] Basically, if Worf wounds Tieran, Tieran (and the event) is discarded and you steal Worf making him a VIP (like Tieran) rather than SECURITY. Worf immediately switches Away Teams.
[38] You can still use the first function during the countdown.
[39] Kevin Uxbridge can nix the points of course, or your opponent could go Kazon hunting ;-).
[40] That Tieran starts to look pretty juicy, eh?

[41] Ilecom system
[42] Iliana
[43] Ilidaria
[44] Ilidarians
[45] Illium 629

[41] Study Manheim Effect, Mission, space, Dominion/Romulan
Ilecom system: Study "hiccup" in time suffered in this region as a consequence of Manheim experiments.
-Astrophysics x3 + SCIENCE x2 OR Paul Manheim
-Span: 3; 25 points; May be attempted and solved twice (on different turns), scoring points each time.

[42] Iliana, Personnel, Cardassian
"Undercover agent of the Obsidian Order. Daughter of Legate Ghemor. Identity given to Kira Nerys by the Order to smoke out her dissident father."
-SECURITY, Obsidian Order, Resistance, Honor; Where present, HQ: War Room also affects your dissidents; 

[43] Observe Singularity, Mission, planet, Non-Aligned, 
Ilidiarian space*Ilidaria: View quantum singularity from nearby planet in hopes of learning more about its event horizon.
-Astrophysics + Physics x2 + Stellar Cartography
-Span: 4; 30* points; *+10 points if Event Horizon is adjacent location.
Now exists as Observe Quantum Singularity.

[44] Trade Mission, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Ilidarian space*Border sector: Trade with technologically advanced Delta quadrant race.
-Acquisition + ENGINEER x2 + Diplomacy OR Neelix + Chakotay
-Span: 4; 35 points; When solved, probe. If Equipment card, report it to crew.

[45] Dilithium Decay, Event, Countdown: 3
"Traces of illium 629, a natural by-product of dilithium, were found on Drema IV, leading to the discovery of unusual strata and Sarjenka."
-Plays on any planet location (for free if Survey Instability). When you solve mission, activate countdown and effect: Your ships are RANGE +1 for every Geology personnel aboard.

[41] This mission can be solved twice in all, by the same player, or different players.
[42] The only Obsidian Order/Resistance personnel! She herself is not a dissident.
[43] Event Horizon is not AT adjacent location, since it IS a location (though it is an Incident).
[44] If the probe card is not an Equipment card, then it is simply replaced on top of the draw pile.
[45] Not per level of Geology of course.

[46] Iloja of Prim
[47] Ilvia
[48] Ilvian Proclamation
[49] "Imaginary Friend"
[50] imaging logs

[46] Iloja of Prim, Personnel, Cardassian, 
"Cardassian serialist poet from the time of the First Republic. Had quite a temper. Spent some time in exile on the planet Vulcan."
-VIP, Music, Honor; Where present, Vulcans may work with 

[47] HQ: State Museum, Event
"A prestigious state museum was located in the city of Ilvia on Bajor."
-Plays on your homeworld. While in play, your artifacts here may not be nullified, destroyed or stolen if your have SECURITY present.

[48] Ilvian Proclamation, Dilemma, space/planet
"Bajoran law enacted in 2369 after the end of the Occupation, that exiled all Bajorans who were part of the occupational government."
-If no Bajorans in Away Team or crew, opponent must replace with one dilemma in discard pile (if possible). If Bajoran present, place on Bajor; Bajoran VIPs may no longer report to any HQ there unless 3  Honor present.

[49] Isabella: Imaginary Friend, Event, 
"On stardate 45852.1, a little girl's imaginary playmate, Isabella, came to life while the Enterprise was studying a nebula."
-Plays on table. While in play, each turn, you may report for free one  personnel to your ship at a nebula. If personnel aboard, ship is immune to Isabella.

[50] Imaging Logs, Interrupt
"The imaging logs of the Argus Array were downloaded in 2370 as part of the Enterprise's investigation into the array's malfunction."
-Play if your ship is at same location as any facility. You may immediately download any Scan OR Probe card to same or adjacent location (unless location is not relevant).

[46] I'm guessing any Cardassian exile must be a pretty good guy, thus the Honor and high INTEGRITY ;-).
[47] Artifact protector, but a good place to keep that Orb of Prophecy and Change for example. It will also keep an Iconian Gateway played on a homeworld from being Uxbridged.
[48] Hoses just Bajorans. If Bajor is not on the table, the dilemma is simply discarded, having no target.
[49] Isabella's good side (the "friend") if you will. You may not report more than one personnel this way no matter how many nebulae are on the table.
[50] Probe cards (capital P) have no relationship to probe cards (p), they are cards with the word Probe in them. The last parentheses enable you to use a scan card to look at opponent's hand for example, even though that hand is not at same or adjacent location.

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