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[201] Clemens, Samuel Langhorne
[202] Clement, USS
[203] Clemonds, Sonny
[204] Clendenning, Dr.
[205] Cleponji

[201] Exists as Samuel Clemens.

[202] USS Clement, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry number NCC-12537. A rendezvous with the USS Enterprise-D in 2370 was cancelled when that ship was ordered to the Argaya system."
-Apollo Class[1 Command, 1 Staff] Attributes all +1 at  locations. Tractor Beam

[203] Sonny Clemonds, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Country-and-western singer from the 20th century. Died of emphysema and extensive liver damage, but was cryogenically frozen and place aboard a satellite. Revived in 2364. Didn't learn his lesson."
-CIVILIAN, Music, Greed; May report from hand or discard pile to any just acquired Cryosatellite; SD Any  MEDICAL personnel

[204] Dr. Clandenning, Personnel, Federation
"Resident of the Omicron Theta colony. Used gamma radiation scans to decay by-products from the Crystalline Entity's trail."
-SCIENCE, Physics, Exobiology; While in play, suspends any game text affecting Crystalline Entity; 

[205]Cleponji, Ship, Non-Aligned
"Ancient Promellian battle cruiser recovered intact from asteroid belt near Orelious IX. The last of its kind since the Menthar-Promellian war ended a thousand years ago."
-Promellian Cruiser[Computer Skill x3 OR ] Any Archeology x2 personnel may act as matching commander

[201] n/a
[202] The special ability is based on that of the universal USS Apollo.
[203] Calling all nurses!
[204] Suspends Lore's special skill as well as some AtoZ cards like Antiproton Beam and Contact Entity.
[205] This is NOT an AU vessel, regardless of its staffing requirements.

[206] Cliffs of Heaven
[207] Cliffs of Bole
[208] cloaking device, Aldean
[209] cloaking device, Klingon
[210] cloaking device, Romulan

[206] Cliffs of Heaven, Program
"Holographic re-creation of a renowned diving spot on Sumiko III. Spectacular but dangerous, an Enterprise-D crewmember hurt herself twice in this program."
-Every turn, one personnel present (your choice) is stunned unless a matching MEDICAL personnel is also present.

[207] Cliffs of Bole, Event
"Scenic spot visited by Benjamin Sisko and Curzon Dax. For some reason, Bolians hold it as sacred ground.
-Plays on Bolarus IX. While in play, Bolians may report here for free. Any Mot at this location may download one Mot's Advice per turn. (Not cumulative.)

[208]Aldean Cloaking Device, Artifact
"Immensely powerful force field that effectively renders a planet, like Aldea, invisible from space.Used to isolate the peaceful inhabitants of that planet until it destroyed their ozone layer."
-Immediately play on any planet mission you seeded. On each of your turns, you may cloak or uncloak that planet.

[209] Represented by Engage Cloak.

[210] Scan for Cloaks, Event, Countdown: 4, 
"Innovations in sensor technology make it possible for ships to detect cloaked ships, but cloaking technology too evolves, and a sensor advantage is never kept for long."
-Plays on table. While in play, Engage Cloak is suspended for your opponent and all their cloaked ships remain face up. They are still cloaked with all the privileges and limits that entails.

[206] With a Holodeck site, you can avoid having your personnel present. On a ship with Holodeck, make sure you have your doctor close by. In any case, the stun effect lasts only until the end of the turn. Lure your opponent's intruders here and get an extra stun result (your choice remember?).
[207] Bolarus IX is the site of Defend Homeland.
[208] Works just like Investigate Legend. Anything on the surface is trapped there when the planet cloaks, and the mission is unattemptable. Can give you uncanny control over Aldea itself.
[209] n/a
[210] With this, you can keep track of cloaked ships and they can't even take refuge under Engage Cloak. They still are cloaked and may not attempt missions, attack, be attacked, etc. It is a Scan card.

[211] cloaking device
[212] clone
[213] "Cloud, The"
[214] Clown
[215] Club Martus

[211]Activate Cloaking Device, Interrupt
"In 2371, the Romulan Star Empire and Federation entered into an agreement granting Starfleet the use of one cloaking device for the USS Defiant."
-Plays on your ship with Cloaking Device to cloak or uncloak it regardless of it has already done so. OR Plays on your ship or facility in space; adds Cloaking Device.

[212]Clone Machine, Artifact
"Apparatus created and used by survivors of the Mariposa after it crashed and left only five colonists to populate a planet. It constructed clones of each in sufficient quantity to build a colony."
-Place in hand until played on table as an Event card. While in play, multiple copies of unique personnel (except androids, changelings and Borg) may co-exist.
Now exists as Clone Machine.

[213] Harvest Fuel, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Kazon border: Harvest fuel from sentient nebula-like creature.
-ENGINEER x3 + Exobiology + (Total ship's attributes>21 OR INTEGRITY<21 + WEAPONS>7)
-Span: 4; 35 points

[214]The Clown, Personnel, Neutral,.
"Malevolent character inhabiting the virtual reality of the five hibernating survivors of the Kohl settlement. Translated from their fears by the hibernation system."
-SECURITY, Treachery x2; Kills one personnel in stasis present per turn; SD The Juggler

[215] Club Martus, Site
-May not be seeded, only built later if Martus Mazur is present on Deep Space 9. If Alien Gambling Device brought here, and an unopposed CIVILIAN is present, you may probe once per turn:
#: Good luck. You may immediately play probe card, or, if it has any point box, score its points.
#: Bad luck. Discard probe card.
#: Even worse luck. Relocate all cards here to adjacent site and discard Club Martus.
-Deep Space 9[Promenade]

[211] Ever imagine a cloaking Nor?
[212] This also suspends the persona rule.
[213] n/a
[214] The Clown will become more powerful when the appropriate Mind Location is created. Like Kivas Fajo, he has no INTEGRITY.
[215] When Martus builds his Club, simply insert it in Site line. In case of Good luck, if you do not play the card, it stays on top of draw deck. If you take its points (quite lucrative in Black Hole/Supernova/Regenerate strategies), it goes to the bonus point area. You may not illegally put a mission, dilemma or Q-card in your draw deck and then draw it in this manner.

[216] "Clues"
[217] co-orbital satellites
[218] CO
[219] coalescent organism
[220] Coalition

[216] Paxan Memory Wipe, Dilemma, space
"On Stardate 44502.7, the Enterprise-D encountered the isolationist Paxans who removed their memories of ever discovering them."
-Unless an android OR Exocomp OR CUNNING>40 present, opponent may relocate your ship to an adjacent location. If you scored points at that location, lose those points.

[217] Study Co-Orbital Satellites, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt,  universal
Uninhabited system: Catalogue satellites who almost collided with each other and started orbiting one another.
-Stellar Cartography x2 + Physics + Navigation
-Span: 3; 30 points; Restore Errant Moon worth +5 points if you solve

[218] Contradictory Orders, Dilemma, space/planet
"When more than one commanding officer is part of the same crew or away team, differences of opinion or style may cause personnel's allegiance to be split."
-Unless only one  icon personnel present, all  icon personnel are stopped. (Discard dilemma.)

[219] Exists as Coalescent Organism.

[220]Untrustworthy Guide, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 3
"When Turkana IV's Coalition offered the crew of the USS Enterprise-D assistance in rescuing the crew of a crashed ship, it came in a pretty but trecherous package: Ishara Yar."
-Unless CUNNING>30 OR Tasha Yar present, place on mission. All requirements of wall dilemmas encountered are doubled.

[216] A bane to players whose missions are all grouped together, it does not discrard Particle Fountains or Drought Trees. If a Drought Tree's points are removed because of Paxan Memory Wipe, and the Tree is later canceled by an opposing Away Team, that lone sapling will have cost you 14 points in all.
[217] The player who solves this one must also be the one who solves Restore Errant Moon to get the bonus points.
[218] n/a
[219] n/a
[220] 2 Diplomacy and CUNNING>30 becomes 4 Diplomacy and CUNNING>60, for example. This does not affect filters, killers, et al., only "Unless... then you are stopped" dilemmas. Note the countdown.

[221] cobalt diselenide
[222] cobalt-thorium device
[223] Cochrane distortion
[224] Cochrane Medal of Excellence
[225] Cochrane, Shuttlecraft

[221] Cobalt Bombing, Dilemma, planet
"Biochemical nerve agent particularly deadly to Cardassians used by the Maquis. Used by Micheal Eddington to attack the Veloz Prime colony."
-If Maquis personnel in play, all Cardassians present die unless 2 MEDICAL and Exobiology present. (Discard dilemma.)

[222] Cobalt-Thorium Weapon, Tactic
ATTACK bonus +1 if Maquis aboard ship firing. Hit = . Direct hit = .
*Cut off main bridge: unless 2 Leadership present, ship may not be repaired.

[223] Cochrane Distortion, Interrupt
"A characteristic fluctuation in the phase of a subspace field generated by a starship's warp engine, or the way history remembers Zefram Cochrane: as a great idealist."
-Nullify one Subspace Warp Rift. OR Plays on any ship to make its RANGE +2 or -2 for one full turn. OR Download Visit Cochrane Memorial to any planet location.

[224] Cochrane Medal of Excellence, Event, , 5 points
"Starfleet commendation for outstanding research in warp theory. In an alternate universe, Harry Kim received it while attending Starfleet Academy."
-Plays on your non- personnel present with any  icon. Worth points to you while an  icon is present. Discard if none are.

[225] Cochrane, Ship, Federation
"USS Voyager Type-9 shuttlecraft that broke the Warp 10 barrier under the command of Tom Paris."
-Type IX Shuttlecraft[] Once per game, may be relocated to anywhere on any spaceline

[221] Will only really work on one affiliation, but with disastrous results. The trigger is something the seeder will have to work for.
[222] A first Tactic card.
[223] Opponent about to hit your Abandon Ship?
[224] Works like this: Say your Worf is present with an AU personnel, aboard an AU ship, standing next to a Drought Tree or at Fissure Research, he is present with an AU icon. He's worth 5 points until there is no AU icon around. It doesn't have to be the same exact AU icon either. Maybe a use for Mask of Korgano? For 5 points, I wouldn't count on it.
[225] The shuttle just can't go to a Time Location. It may be relocated to a planet surface. Tom Paris is the matching commander.

[226] Cochrane, Zefram
[227] "Coda"
[228] Code 47
[229] "Code of Honor"
[230] Code One Alpha Zero

[226] Exists as Zefram Cochrane.

[227]Come Into the Light, Interrupt, , Countdown: 3
"On Stardate 50518.6, Kathryn Janeway was involved in a near-fatal shuttle crash and an alien presence in her mind took the form of her dead father trying to convince her she was in the afterlife."
-Plays on any personnel disabled or in stasis. At the end of each of your turns, probe:
#: Personnel dies. Res-Q may not retrieve this card.
#: Personnel is no longer disabled or in stasis.

[228] Code 47, Event, , Countdown: 3
"Subspace communiqué of extremely high sensitivity and secrecy. Code 47 messages are for the captain's eyes only, and are erased from the computer records."
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, Incoming Messages and Hails may only be played on ships with their matching commanders aboard, and are placed out-of-play instead of in the discard pile.

[229] Catfight, Dilemma, planet
"On Stardate 41235.25, Tasha Yar was kidnapped by Lutan of Ligos II, which forced a confrontation between her and Lutan's wife. The battle was to the death."
-Opponent may immediately download one  female personnel here. She initiates a personnel battle against one female present (random selection). Other personnel may not interfere, are not stopped, and continue.

[230] Incoming Message: Distress Call, Interrupt
"Stranded personnel often quickly set up signal beacons so that passing ships can locate and rescue them. If their ship has crashed, this is referred to by Starfleet as a Code Alpha One Zero."
-Plays on any ship if owner has a one personnel Away Team on spaceline. That ship must do nothing but go rescue that personnel. (Your choice is more than one such Away Team.)

[226] n/a
[227] While the affected card cannot be Res-Qed, it is not played out-of-play. It can still be Regenerated or Ore Processed into the deck, for example. If the personnel is ever removed from stasis or un-disabled while the Interrupt is in play, it is per force discarded.
[228] n/a
[229] The dilemma is a wall that requires a female UNLESS opponent doesn't download a female of his own. Opponent should only download his female if there is a female to fight, since the stopped Away Team could kill her easily on the next turn. Then again, they might be Feds. Opponent could download a second female if a female finally shows up to pass the dilemma, or, if the first downloaded female hasn't moved, she could initiate the personnel battle herself.
[230] The card cannot be played if there is no one-man Away Team. If the personnel is killed, discard the Interrupt. If it is removed from its location, ship must go "rescue" it wherever it has gone, unless it is off the spaceline (like in the captives' area).

[231] coded transponder frequency
[232] coffee ice cream
[233] coffee
[234] "Cogito ergo sum"
[235] coherent graviton pulse

[231] Espionage: Federation on Cardassian, Event
"Starfleet has had the transponder codes of Cardassian ships for years, enabling them to track Cardassian vessels with great accuracy."
-Plays on any Cardassian mission. Your Federation personnel may attempt this mission, if you can show any Scan card from your hand just before the mission attempt. Discard after mission completed.

[232] Coffee Ice Cream, Food
"Frozen Earth dairy confection made wirh coffee flavoring. Kathryn Janeway was particularly fond of coffee ice cream."
-While in play, nullifies Coffee at same spaceline location AND OFFICERs present are INTEGRITY +1.

[233]Coffee, Food
"Aromatic beverage made from ground, roasted seeds of an Earth tree of genus Coffea. Often served hot, sometimes with cream and sugar. O'Brien liked his Jamaican blend, double strong, double sweet. The real power behind Starfleet."
-While in play, you may "unstop" one personnel present every turn. Nullifies any Mission Fatigue encountered here, discarding Food card in the process. (Not cumulative.)

[234] Cogito Ergo Sum, Event, 
"'Ì think therefore I am.' A holographic re-creation of Professor Moriarty quoted Descartes' famous line before attempting to leave the holodeck on his own volition."
-Plays on table. While in play, your  personnel exchange their  icons for  icons. Nullified if Alternate Universe Door ever closed OR Space-Time Portal discarded.

[235] Graviton Pulse, Interrupt
"Energy waves that can neutralize tretryon emissions. One of the solutions to the sudden appearance of tetryons when the Enterprise-D came under siege from solanagen-based aliens."
-Nullifies Tetryon Field OR Subspace Schism. OR Redirects a just encountered Alien Abduction to any ship at an unsolved  mission.

[231] An Espionnage card for Feds, but with a little restrictions. The Scan card is not played when shown.
[232] Since Coffee could become slightly abusive, go keep it in check by chasing your opponent's Food-serving ship with your own. Obviously the two cards cannot co-exist.
[233] n/a
[234] Personnel who lose their holo icon are no longer bound by the personnel battle restrictions.
[235] With this interrupt, it becomes possible to self-seed Alien Abduction and redirect it to an opponent's ship at a space mission he or she can't solve (and thus couldn't rescue the abducted personnel). 3 Leadership still dispells it.

[236] coladrium flow
[237] "Cold Fire"
[238] Cold Moon Over Blackwater
[239] cold, common
[240] coleibric hemorrhage

[236]Hydrogen to Fuel, Event, Countdown: 2
"Tosk's ship could convert interstellar hydrogen into usable fuel using its arva nodes. Alpha quadrant space-faring civilizations use a ramscoop to do the same."
-Plays on any ship at a Nebula. While in play, it's RANGE is +3 and cannot be lowered by any card. (Not cumulative.)

[237]Cold Fire, Interrupt
"The Ocampa Kes discovered she had pyrotechnic abilities after meeting other members of her species that had been allowed to leave their homeworld."
-Plays on a personnel battle to download one Phaser Burns for every Ocampa you have present. Phaser Burns may be played even if phasers and disruptors not present. (Not cumulative.)

[238] Cold Moon Over Blackwater, Program, 5 points
"Holographic re-creation of a gothic novel enjoyed by Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari. Like a lot of gothic literature, it dealt with the tragic death of a young woman."
-While in play, if your female personnel at the same spaceline location is killed by a dilemma that specifically targets females, she is relocated to this Holodeck. Discard Program and score points.

[239] The Common Cold, Dilemma, space/planet
"By the 24th century, the common cold was a curable ailment, but in other time periods, it was the bane of many humanoid species."
-"Stops" X  personnel (random selection), where X = number of Away Team/crew members present minus number of MEDICAL present. (Discard dilemma.)

[240] Coleibric Hemorrage, Dilemma, space/planet
"A fatal condition in Cardassian physiology. Caused the death of the infamous Butcher of Galitep, Gul Darhe'el."
-Unless 3 MEDICAL present, one Cardassian present (random selection; any Darhe'el if present) dies.

[236] While the Event is in play (note the countdown), Baryon Buildups, Birth of "Junior", even battle damage, cannot lower the ship's RANGE. It keeps the Event even if it leaves the nebula.
[237] n/a
[238] I converted the book into a Program myself. The dilemma is also discarded normally (if it's supposed to discard).
[239] So if you have 5 Away Team members and 3 MEDICAL (inlcuding one MEDICAL x2), the dilemma would filter out (up to) 2 AU personnel.
[240] Only affects Cardassians? Not so. It's still a wall for the other affiliations.

[241] Coleridge, Biddle "B.C."
[242] colgonite astringent
[243] "Collaborator, The"
[244] Collected Stories
[245] Collins, Ensign

[241] B.C., Personnel, Non-Aligned,
"Born Biddle Coleridge, violent leader during the Bell Riots. Held hostages in Sanctuary District A's processing center. In the slag of that era, a 'ghost'."
-CIVILIAN, Leadership, Treachery; May capture one "stopped" personnel at same location

[242] Mot's Beauty Treatments, Interrupt, 5 points
"Mot's barber shop offered colognite astringent beauty treatments to Enterprise-D crewmembers. Dr. Beverly Crusher enjoyed the occasional treatment."
-Replace any Barber Pole with an event card from your hand. OR Relocate one female personnel to Barber Shop at same spaceline location. OR Place in any discard pile.

[243] Traitor!, Dilemma, space/planet
"Major Kira was shocked to discover that Vedek Bareil was involved in a cover-up to hide the former Kai's collaboration with the Cardassians."
-One dissident, unificationist, collaborator, Maquis, Circle or Section 31 personnel OR Duras family member is killed (random seletion) unless INTEGRITY>40 present, and captured if it is. (Discard dilemma.)

[244]Collected Stories, Event, Countdown: 3, 
"In an alternate future, collection of short stories written by Jake Sisko. That collection won the Betar Prize in 2391. Or would have."
-Plays on table. While in play, your personnel are attributes +X, where X = number of other personnel in play whose lore mentions the same date or stardate as theirs.

[245] Collins, Personnel, Federation
"Transporter technician aboard the USS Enterprise-D. He was on duty when an away team beamed down to meet Bajoran leader Orta in 2368. Had beamed Ensign Ro hours before."
-ENGINEER, Transporter Skill; If on a ship at a  location, may beam Away Team up at any time, as if using Emergency Transporter Armbands; 

[241] B.C. is not a ghost for purposes of cards affecting these. He cannot use his special skill if he himself is stopped.
[242] Barbering silliness. You CAN play an event to replace your opponent's Barber Pole by the way. And simply playing it to the discard pile really only puts those bonus points in there. There is no direct way to score the points (try Are These Truly Your Friends, Brother?).
[243] Yes, Spock counts as a traitor. No one dies or is captured if no target is present, but you still need the INTEGRITY to overcome it on the turn it is encountered.
[244] Example: You have 2 personnel in play from 2368 and your opponent has 1. Your two personnel would each get a +2 bonus to attributes. Personnel don't count themselves as having the same date as themselves. I think Klingons prbably stand to gain the most from this, in particular those from the Klingon civil war.
[245] Collins' ability is the same as Emergency Transporter Armbands', so you can beam personnel just after a battle has been initiated, or to avoid Firestorm, but not to avoid other dilemmas.

[246] Colt Firearms
[247] Coltar IV
[248] coltayin roots
[249] Colti, Admiral
[250] Colyus

[246] Cavalry Pistol, Artifact, 
"19th-century Earth double-action Colt discovered in 2368 in a cavern near San Francisco next to the head of an android and the watch of an author. They say God made men, but Colt made them equal."
-Use as an Equipment card. At start of personnel battle, choose opposing personnel with highest unmodified STRENGTH. For this battle, your personnel's lowest possible STRENGTH (after modifiers are factored in) equals the chosen personnel's STRENGTH before modifiers.

[247] Investigate Temporal Hiccup, Mission, planet, Dominion/Federation/Romulan
Coltar IV:: Investigate Investigate effects effects of of timetime//gravitygravity experiments experiments on on this this planet planet..
-(Physics x3 OR Anti-Matter Pod) + 3 instances of the same personnel
-Span: 4; 40 points; When solved, all Manheim's Dimentional Doors are discarded.

[248] Coltayin Roots, Food
"Edible plant form. The image of Anna prepared a coltayin root meal mixed with Tarellian spices for Captain Picard during the time they were marooned together."
-While in play, any personnel alone on a planet with no ship or facility in orbit is STRENGTH +2 (+3 if Roots are present) and may change affiliation icon to any except Borg. (Not cumulative.)

[249] Admiral Colti, Personnel, Federation
"Senior Starfleet officer. In 2373, attended what was to have been a signing ceremony at Deep Space 9 for Bajor's entrance into the Federation."
-VIP, Diplomacy; SD Treaty: Bajoran/Federation; INTEGRITY +2 if any Kai in play; 

[250] Colyus, Personnel, Non-Aligned, .
"Sentient holographic lifeform and law enforcement authority on Yadera II. Investigated the disappearance of 22 villagers in 2370."
-SECURITY, Law, Leadership; Once per game, may rescue one  icon personnel from discard pile and return it to Arch or hand

[246] Example: Say you pick your opponent's Worf (STRENGTH 10), and your personnel have one Romulan Disruptor. Any personnel who still don't reach 10 STRENGTH, are automatically upped to that level. 10 is the lowest possible STRENGTH your personnel can have for this battle.
[247] The three personnel will have to be universals I suppose, unless Clone Machine is in play. My thanks to The Kai for lore inspiration.
[248] It may be possible for the Food card to be present with other cards' effects, but not at a Food-serving site. With Roots, a personnel has to do what he or she has to do and may attempt another affiliation's mission by changing to its affiliation icon. You could also save someone from stasis on Qualor II or suddenly benefit from a general effect like The Emissary's INTEGRITY boost to Bajorans.
[249] n/a
[250] n/a

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