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[251] combadge
[252] combat rations
[253] Comic, The
[254] "Coming of Age"
[255] Commander Riker Day

[251]Starfleet Communicator, Equipment
"Personal communications device incorporated into a decorative pin worn by Starfleet personnel. One of their components was gold."
-Federation use only. Allows one OFFICER present to share its skills with another OFFICER at the same spaceline location but not present.
Something like it is Classic Communicator.

[252] Combat Rations, Food, Countdown: 3
"Emergency food provisions. Starfleet's were brown flattened ovoids packaged in a silver plastic wrapper. They contained enough nutrients to keep a humanoid alive for three days."
-Once reported, may be carried by an Away Team. When it leaves food-serving site, countdown begins. Where present, your personnel (except androids, Exocomps and changelings) are STRENGTH +2. (Cumulative.)

[253] The Comic, Personnel, Federation, .
"Holographic recreation of a 20th century stand-up comedian. Did a fair Jerry Lewis impression. Tried to teach Data how to be funny. Tried."
-CIVILIAN, Anthropology; Reports for free at same location as any Barbering card (to anywhere if Barber Pole on table); SD Data Laughing

[254]Doorway to Opportunity, Doorway
-Seeds on table with four different Youth personnel underneath (these do not count toward you seed card limit). Once per game, retrieve one personnel from Doorway (random selection) and report it to any of your facilities in play for free. OR Stock in deck and play from hand to turn one CIVILIAN into an OFFICER.

[255] Commander Riker Day, Interrupt/Event, Countdown: 3, 
"Captain Picard once suggested replacing Captain Picard Day with Commander Riker Day to see how he liked it."
-Interrupt: Download one  icon Riker.
-Event: Plays on table. While in play, the persona rule is suspended for your William T. Riker. Return extra personae to hand
when countdown expires.

[251] See the Bajoran Communicator for more information.
[252] The Food's countdown continues even if returned to the ship. You can cheat a little by replacing it in your hand (like any Food card) and re-reporting it refreshed. Why this and not a hand weapon? Food cards report for free, remember?
[253] Yep, finally you can report an army of civilian anthropologists for free on a single turn. It's a dream come true.
[254] The Doorway itself does count toward your seed card limit. The 3 unused personnel may not be reported at all. Oh yeah, by the way, the Doorway ISN'T Unique per player.
[255] Works the same as the Captain Picard Day card, except it has an AU icon (it never really existed).

[256] communicator
[257] compressed tetryon beam
[258] computer core
[259] comra
[260] Concorde, U.S.S.

[256] Communicator Chirp, Interrupt
"Officers are sometimes interrupted by the familiar chirp of their communication devices and systems."
-Allows one OFFICER present to share its skills with another OFFICER at the same spaceline location but not present. OR Download one Starfleet, Bajoran or Klingon Communicator.

[257] Tetryon Weapon, Equipment
"Compressed energy weapon used by the Lenarians. Caused Jean-Luc Picard's artificial heart to fuse in 2369. Notoriously difficult to detect using standard scanning equipment."
-Non-Aligned use only. Each of your personnel present is STRENGTH +3, but loses 1 Diplomacy unless aboard your ship. (Cumulative. Immune to Disruptor Overload.)

[258]Computer Core, Site
-For every Computer Skill personnel present, ship or Nor is attributes +1 unless opponent has Computer Crash in play. If Nanites encontered here, suspend dilemma and place it on Core. Enhancements from this site are suspended. At the start of his or her turn, owner of ship or Nor must probe:
#: Core damaged. Ship loses one special equipment (owner's choice). On a Nor, one site (random selection) loses ability to report personnel and equipment.
#: Making tiny friends. Score Nanites' bonus points.
#Otherwise: Discard Nanites.
-Any Starship OR Nor [Saucer/Forward Section OR Ops Module]

[259] Ocampa Comra, Interrupt
"The Ocampa use the word comra to signify their spirit or soul. When Ocampa leave their homeworld, they become more in touch with their comra."
-Plays where you have Ocampa to download any other card affecting Ocampa specifically OR to nullify such a card. OR Plays on your just killed Ocampa to score points equal to their CUNNING.

[260] USS Concorde, Ship, Federation, 
"Starfleet registry number NCC-68711. In Q's alternate present, Admiral Nakamura deployed the Concorde to the Neutral Zone to investigate Romulan military buildup there."
-Freedom Class[] May report directly to Neutral Zone with up to 2 personnel. Tractor Beam.

[256] A Communicator card for the other affiliations, but it's only an Interrupt.
[257] n/a
[258] The Nanites stay on the Core until an "Otherwise" result is probed. That means you can score the Nanites' points more than once. When the Nanites are discarded on an "Otherwise", player does not score points. It is possible for you to encounter Nanites and redirect them to an opponent's Nor present. If your ship had a Core, they would go there first.
[259] Cards affecting Ocampa are like those affecting shape-shifters. You will have to look at specific game text.
[260] The only AU ship without an AU staffing requirement. It is native to Anti-Time Present.

[261] Conklin, Captain
[262] Conor, Aaron
[263] consciousness parasite
[264] "Conspiracy"
[265] Constable

[261] Captain Conklin, Personnel, Federation
"Captain of the Federation starship USS Magellan. Has built a reputation for extreme tactical preparation before going into battle."
-OFFICER, Navigation; After every ship battle he is involved in, you may look at the top card of your Battle Bridge side-deck; 

[262] Aaron Conor, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Leader and spokesman of the isolated Genome Colony on Moab IV. Genetically engineered. Risked cultural contamination by asking the Enterprise-D for help in saving the colony. Took a fancy to Deanna Troi."
-VIP, Diplomacy x2, Leadership; May nullify Female's Love Interest where present; Deanna Troi's attributes +2 where present

[263] Consciousness Parasites, Dilemma, space/planet
"Noncorporeal life-form that enters a host consciousness and attempts to coerce it into a matrix where it can be slowly consumed."
-Unless Mindmeld present, one personnel present (random selection) is placed in stasis. Opponent may download Dead in Bed OR Come Into the Light OR any relevant Mind Location to that personnel.

[264] Bluegill Conspiracy, Objective, 
-Seeds or plays on table. If Alien Parasites affect opponent's crew, one personnel present (random selection, except androids, shape-shifters, Exocomps and robots) becomes a Bluegill and an infiltrator controlled by you.

[265]Constable Odo, Personnel, Bajoran
"In 2372, Odo was punished for having killed one of his kind, by being turned into a solid. He didn't enjoy his life as a human and complained a lot. Became the surrogate father of a Changeling Infant."
-SECURITY, Law, Computer Skill x2, Exobiology; You may download any persona of Odo if Changeling Infant present; 

[261] You do not show the card to your opponent. You look after the results from the last battle have flipped over all necessary Tactic cards.
[262] If Martin Benbeck is present, he counts as a mutant.
[263] Mind Locations sometimes can only play on certain personnel. Unless that personnel is the one in stasis, it may not be possible to play a Mind Location.
[264] The personnel cannot be cured from this condition.
[265] This persona of Odo is human, not changeling, and thus cannot morph.

[266] Constantinople, U.S.S.
[267] Constellation, U.S.S.
[268] Constellation-class starship
[269] Constitution of the United Federation of Planets
[270] construction module

[266] USS Constantinople, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry NCC-34852. Suffered a hull breach near Gravesworld while carrying some 2012 colonists in 2365. Istanbul was Constantinople, now it's Istanbul not Constantinople..."
-Istanbul Class[] Tractor Beam; SD Colony (a second time if 3 CIVILIANs aboard)

[267]USS Constellation, Ship, Federation, universal
"Older Starfleet ship model. Formerly used for exploration, has since fallen to shuttle duties such as transporting the young Jem'Hadar captured on Deep Space 9 in 2371."
-Constellation Class[] Tractor Beam; SD Holding Cell Door

[268] Ship Specialization, Event
"Not all ships are as versatile as the Enterprise. Some are strictly used for deep space exploration, scientific research and medical relief missions."
-Plays on table. While in play, adds SCIENCE to Oberth-class ships' special equipment, ENGINEER to Constellation-class ships', and MEDICAL OR SECURITY to Miranda-class ships'.

[269] The Constitution, Event
"The Constitution of the United Federation of Planets outlines the framework by which the Federation is governed for the mutual benefit and protection of member planets and citizen rights."
-Plays on table; all  CIVILIANs are attributes +1. OR Play to return one  on which Brainwash or Torture has been played to your facility, discarding any cards played on it. OR Download one Constitution-class ship to your Headquarters.

[270]Construction Module, Ship, Neutral, 
"Remote controlled robotic device used for construction in free space. Once used to tow a radioactive garbage scow into a system's star, to no avail."
-Robot Drone[Your staffed ship present or adjacent] Tractor Beam, ENGINEER; Cannot hold personnel; May be reported to, carried aboard and lauched from your ships

[266] They Might Be Giants fans unite! The ship need not have 3 CIVILIANs to download the first Colony.
[267] n/a
[268] The problem here vis-à-vis the Encyclopedia is that there were two entries for the Constellation. One for the ship and one for the class. But in the game, these are one and the same. Hope I did something good for the game instead. The classification on the Miranda must be announced when the ship reports for duty or when the event comes into play.
[269] n/a
[270] Perfect for building Outposts without personnel present, or for moving Radioactive Garbage Scows out of your way. They may work in tandem to push the barge away.

[271] "Contagion"
[272] containment breach
[273] containment field
[274] Contract of Ardra
[275] control interface

[271] A lot of cards were taken from this episode, including Wrong Door.

[272] Exists as Warp Core Breach.

[273] Containment Field, Event, Countdown: 2
"Specially-shaped force fields are used to isolate dangerous materials like antimatter and biohazardous waste, viruses, etc."
-Plays on table. While in play, all other events on table are suspended. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)
Now exists as Containment Field.

[274] Contract of Ardra, Event
"A thousand-year-old agreement was made between the mythical Ardra and the Vantaxian people. In exchange for a thousand years of prosperity, she would get their world."
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, all affiliations are restricted from attacking unless permitted by another card. Nullified by any Law personnel played from hand.

[275] Science Console, Event
"Standard display on most modern starships. Permits scientific input into ship's systems, manipulation of scan data, research, and instant access to all databases."
-Plays on your ship docked at your facility. While you have a Computer Skill mission specialist or a SCIENCE-classification personnel aboard, at the start of each of your turns, you may exchange an Interrupt card from hand with one in your draw deck AND doubles your Computer Core's enhancements on same ship. (Captain's Order.)

[271] n/a
[272] n/a
[273] Yep, that's both players'.
[274] Understand that this card simply changes affiliations' battle restrictions at the root, and makes gives them that of the Federation. So any card that allows attacking within that context will work, inlcuding Wartime Conditions and the three-way Treaty. The Law personnel played from hand is discarded with the event.
[275] You must show the cards to your opponent to prove their card type.

[276] "Conundrum"
[277] Cor Caroli V
[278] Corado I Transmitter Array
[279] Corak, Glinn
[280] Corbin, Tom

[276] Exists as Conundrum.

[277] Discover Medical Secrets, Mission, planet, Cardassian/Dominion/Romulan
Cor Caroli V: Piece together why the Federation has classified quarantine on this planet.
-(Obsidian Order OR Tal Shiar OR Founder) + MEDICAL x3
-Span: 4; 35 points; If you solve, discard next dilemma you encounter which requires MEDICAL.

[278] Corado I Transmitter Array, Station, Federation
"Subspace communication relay and booster facility. Used for subspace communication by the Federation."
-Build at  location where you have a  ENGINEER present. Any ship within 10 span of Array may transfer any  icon card aboard or event card on it to another ship within 10 span of Array (to opponent's if you have 3 Computer Skill on yours). (Unique.)

[279]Corak, Personnel, Cardassian
"Cardassian Glinn. Aide to Gul Lemec during talks aboard the starship Enterprise-D in 2369 with the infamous Captain Jellico."
-OFFICER, Diplomacy, Treachery; Any Gul present is attributes +2; 

[280] Tom Corbin, Personnel, Federation
"Enterprise-D crewmember. Scientist. Colleague of Keiko O'Brien in the botany division. Enjoys walks in the arboretum. Well, he is a botanist."
-SCIENCE, Biology; Once per turn, may ignore any probe result from Arboretum if present, reshuffle probe card into deck, and probe again

[276] n/a
[277] n/a
[278] A [holo] card will be deactivated if there is no Holodeck or Holo-Projector to recieve it at the other end.
[279] n/a
[280] This might surreptitiously be used to manipulate your draw deck a little.

[281] Cordannas system
[282] cordrazine
[283] core behavior
[284] Corelki
[285] Coridan

[281] Drain White Dwarf, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt
Cordannas System: Feed emergent life forming on ship with white dwarf vertions.
-Astrophysics + Stellar Cartography x2 + (Emergent Lifeform OR SCIENCE x6)
-Span: 3; 45 points

[282]Cordrazine, Interrupt
"Powerful pharmaceutical stimulant. Used to revive patients after their lifesigns have been lost or weakened. If given to a healthy individual, make cause him or her to go berzerk."
-Cures any one personnel from stasis or disabling. OR Unstuns (then "unstops") one personnel (that personnel may be reshuffled into attacking personnel pile). OR Makes one personnel go berzerk until the end of your next turn.

[283] Core Behavior, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: 3
"A philosopher names Alixus preached that once humanity was free from technology, it would revert to its essence, a sort of core behavior inherent to all natural beings."
-Unless any Equipment card present, all personnel present become  until countdown ends.

[284] Corelki, Personnel, Federation, 
"Representative of female security officers serving in Starfleet. She was part of the many Away Teams beamed to Ohniaka III outpost in 2369. Fought Rogue Borg there."
-SECURITY, Geology; STRENGTH +1 against Borg, +2 against Rogue Borg; 

[285] Commemorate Signing of Treaty, Mission, planet, Federation/Non-Aligned
Coridan: Celebrate planet's entry into the United Federation of Planets.
- VIP +  VIP + Any Treaty in play
-Span: 3; 25* points; *+10 points if  VIP is Sarek

[281] Emergent Lifeform is a strange dilemma I'm cooking up, so not a joy to bring along on mission attempts. The SCIENCE replacement is based on the idea that some people might want to create such life in laboratory conditions.
[282] You cannot unstop a personnel unless it was stunned in the first place. It then may take its place in rank behind the personnel who haven't had their match-ups yet and rejoin the fight. A berzerk personnel acts just like a Ketracel-deprived Jem'Hadar.
[283] This might derail a mission attempt if no matching affiliation remains on the personnel.
[284] The Geology is based on the surveying of the planet that seemed to be going on in the episode.
[285] The Treaty must be on your side of the table. Note that this mission could easily stolen by Major Rakal.

[286] Corin
[287] cormaline
[288] corn salad
[289] Cornelian star system
[290] corophizine

[286] Corin, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Drayan male that, despite his advanced age, looked and acted like a young child. Met Tuvok on a Drayan moon when his shuttle crashlanded, killing all attendents present."
-CIVILIAN, Youth, Honor; SD Deathly Attendant

[287] Kazon Mining, Objective, 5 points
-Plays on table. When you have a Kazon and an ENGINEER at any unsolved  mission, you may attempt to "mine" it by encountering the first dilemma. When passed, score points (mission is now worth 5 less points). Mining personnel are "stopped".

[288]Corn Salad, Food
"Dish made with kernels of an Earth grain. Neelix prepared corn salad for Chakotay."
-While in play, for each Cooking present, your  icon personnel aboard ship or facility are INTEGRITY and STRENGTH +1.

[289] Escape Entity, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt
Cornelian System: Escape influence of "hole in space" created by evil entity near this system.
-Navigation x3 + RANGE>7 + CUNNING>45
-Span: 4; 35 points; Always seeds next to Study "Hole in Space".

[290] Side Effects, Dilemma, space/planet
"Drugs such as corophizine help patients cope with secondary infections and side effects dur to strange diseases and even stranger medication."
-Unless MEDICAL-related equipment present, place on planet. Each MEDICAL-related dilemma encountered here places one personnel in stasis before it is resolved.

[286] n/a
[287] The dilemma does not have to be overcome, as long as it is no longer seeded under the mission, that location has been mined. You can mine as many locations as you wish without discarding the objective.
[288] n/a
[289] Which ever mission seeds first, the other must be seeded next to it when it comes out.
[290] IP Scanner and Hypospray are MEDICAL-related equipment. A MEDICAL-related dilemma is any dilemma that requires MEDICAL to be present or as a cure.

[291] Correllium fever
[292] cortical analeptic
[293] cortical stimulator
[294] cortolin
[295] corundium alloy

[291] Outbreak, Interrupt
"In 2366, a case of Correlium fever got out of hand on Nahmi IV. It broke out on neighbouring planets soon after."
-Plays when any MEDICAL-related or  dilemma is about to be discarded. Redirect dilemma to any adjacent planet location. It immediately affects any personnel there, if any. If not, it is seeded underneath mission.

[292] Cerebral Cortex Failure, Dilemma, space/planet
"Some telepathic experiences may cause the cerebral cortex to shut down. Doctors may prescribe a cortical analeptic to reinvigorate the tissue, while a telepath would try to fix things from within."
-"Stops" one personnel with Mindmeld or Empathy (random selection). It dies unless MEDICAL and either Mindmeld OR 2 Empathy present. Discard dilemma.

[293]Cortical Stimulator, Equipment
"Medical instrument used to revitalize neural activity in a humanoid nervous system. Used to return Chakotay's bio-neural energy to his body."
-MEDICAL-classification use only. Where present with the host personnel, prevents personnel from dying in a Mind Location, bringing them back to MEDICAL's location. Also, nullifies Cerebral Cortex Failure and Telepathy Set Too High.

[294] Pass the Hypospray, Event
"Nurses and technicians are always on hand in sickbays, infirmiries and away teams to hand important equipment to doctors when they need them."
-Download one MEDICAL-related equipment to your MEDICAL-classification personnel. If that personnel has Youth, replace event in your hand.

[295] Scan Probe, Probe Scan, Event, Countdown: 3
"In 2369, Deep Space 9 scanned a probe coming out of the Bajoran wormhole. The object was made of a corundium alloy and sent a computer virus up the scanning beam."
-Plays on table; suspends Alien Probe's effect on you. OR Plays on Alien Probe to protect it from nullification. OR Plays on Kataan Probe to prevent personnel from going to or from Ressik.

[291] A MEDICAL-related dilemma is one that asks for MEDICAL as a requirement, target or cure. Cannot be played if there is no adjacent planet present.
[292] n/a
[293] When personnel die in a Mind Location, they die for real. This will snap them back out. The MEDICAL must be in the "real world" to make it work.
[294] Maybe a little more use for Calloway or Simon Tarses.
[295] All functions are limited by the countdown. This is a Scan card for purposes of other cards.

[296] Corvallan trader
[297] Corvallen freighter
[298] Corvan gilvos
[299] Corvan II
[300] Cos

[296] Corvallen Trader, Interrupt
"A Corvallen trader served as a witness to the marriage of Juliana O'Donnell and Dr. Noonien Soong in 2332. Another supposedly supplied Yog with magnesite in 2370. Always gets you what you need... for a price."
-Plays to discard your Event in play and download one Interrupt card from draw deck, Q's Tent or Zalkonian Storage Capsule for immediate play.

[297] Corvallen Freighter, Ship, Non-Aligned
"Cargo vessel. Was contracted to rendezvous with Romulan warbird Khazara in 2369 to pick up a smuggled Vice-Proconsul M'ret defecting to the Federation."
-Antares Class[] One  VIP may report aboard in stasis per game. May be beamed to any  ship or facility and come out of stasis as .

[298] Corvan Gilvos, Artifact, 10 points
"Stick-like rainforest animal indigenous to Corvan II. When their habitat was threatened by industrial pollutants, the species became endangered, and few survive to this day."
-Joins Away Team as an ANIMAL personnel with attributes 1/1/1. Worth points to you if on a planet with no other personnel OR if present with your Grand Nagus.

[299] Save Species, Mission, planet, Federation/Ferengi
Corvan II: Rescue and protect endangered species on a heavily polluted planet.
-Exobiology x2 + ANIMAL + (INTEGRITY>40 OR Acquisition x2)
-Span: 3; 35 points; When solved, ANIMAL present cannot be reported again by opponent.

[300] Cos, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Humanoid male who suffered a long string of bad luck due to an unusual gambling device. In 2370, shared a detention cell with Martus Mazur on Deep Space 9."
-CIVILIAN, Smuggling, Greed; May suspend Alien Gambling Device where present

[296] The price for the Interrupt is the Event. You can't do one and not do the other.
[297] Changes the affiliation of a Romulan to Federation. Personnel cannot come out of stasis until it boards another ship or a facility.
[298] As a personnel, it will be part of any personnel selection made (dilemmas, battles, etc.).
[299] If more than one ANIMAL are in the Away Team, you choose which one has become endangered.
[300] n/a

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