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[101] "Chain of Command, Part I"
[102] "Chain of Command, Part II"
[103] Chakotay
[104] Chalan Aroya
[105] Chalna

[101] I Stand Relieved, Interrupt
"Ships sometimes suffer a change of the guard when one commander is relieved by another. On Stardate 46357.4,  Edward Jellico replaced Jean-Luc Picard as captain of the Enterprise-D."
-Target your unique personnel present with any compatible matching commander. That matching commander loses matching commander status, while target gains it for same ships.

[102]Torture, Event
"Pain often forces prisoners to talk. It can also force them to die."
-Plays on your captive. At the start of each of your turns, you may probe:
#: I'll talk.You may look at any Hidden Agenda in play, or top card of opponent's draw deck.
#: Breaking point. Opponent loses X points, where X = 6 minus number of  icons on personnel. (Ignore if personnel has more than 6  icons.)
# A little accident. Personnel dies. Discard event.
Now exists as Torture.

[103]Chakotay, Personnel, Federation
"First officer of the USS Voyager. Former Maquis and boxer. Fiercely proud of his Native American heritage. Commanded a Maquis Raider that was lost in the Badlands. Patient with his captain."
-OFFICER, Navigation x2, Anthropology, Leadership;  personnel present are INTEGRITY +2; SD Medicine Bundle
Now exists as Chakotay.

[104] Chalan Aroya, Personnel, Bajoran
"Bajoran national who owned the Celestial Café, a Bajoran restaurant overlooking the Promenade on Deep Space 9. Attracted to security chief Odo."
-CIVILIAN, Acquisition, Cooking; May report for free at Celestial Café

[105] Survive Anarchy, Mission, planet, Federation/Klingon
Chalna: Visit planet "ruled" by anarchy and study Chalnoth culture.
-Anthropology + STRENGTH>50 + (3 hand weapons OR no recurring attribute number OR Esoqq)
-Span: 4; 40 points; Law personnel may not attempt

[101] Had trouble with wording, but the intent is, I hope, clear. You CAN steal matching commander status from your opponent's personnel, but it'll only really work if you are playing the same affiliation.
[102] Any other probe result has no effect. Madred doubles the second probe result only.
[103] My first real main!
[104] n/a
[105] No recurring attribute number? That means that in the entire Away Team, you cannot have more than one 5, one 6, etc. in any attribute. More for flavor than anything else.

[106] Chalnoth
[107] Chaltok IV
[108] chambers coil
[109] chameleon rose
[110] champagne

[106] Exists as Chalnoth.

[107] Illegal Polaric Research, Mission, planet, Romulan
Chaltok IV: Reopen research on polaric ion devices despite ban treaty.
-SCIENCE x3 + Physics + (Treachery x2 OR unrevealed Hidden Agenda in play)
-Span: 4; 30 points; Upright side only: Once per game, if solved, you may destroy all cards on surface.

[108] Incoming Message-Emergency Rescue, Interrupt
"When Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien were believed dead, O'Brien attempted to send an emergency signal from planet T'Lani III by resetting the actuators on a com device's chambers coil."
-Target your personnel card where you have no ship or facility and play on your ship. It must do nothing but rescue that personnel. Ship's RANGE doubled until then, and you may download Rescue Personnel to it.

[109] Chameleon Rose, Artifact
"Flower from Betazed that changes color with the mood of its owner. Wyatt Miller gave one to Deanna Troi before their planned wedding."
-Immediately play on table as an Event card. While in play, personnel in your crews and Away Team with Empathy is immune to At Each Other's Throats, Bothan Psi Assault, Canar, Empathic Echo and Thought Fire. Discard at any time to download Goddess of Empathy.

[110] Popped a Cork, Interrupt
"In Julian Bashir's secret agent holosuite program, Bashir used the cork of a bottle of 1945 Dom Perignon as a projectile to knock out Falcon."
-Plays on any personnel battle to stun one of opponent's  personnel. OR Download any Champagne Food card to a crew or Away Team that has just completed a mission OR on a ship reported this turn. (Food card returns to hand if not at a Food-serving site by end of turn.)

[106] n/a
[107] Opponent's side has no special game text.
[108] n/a
[109] n/a
[110] There are a number of Champagnes in the C expansion (Chateau this or that). Look for them. To christen a ship, a crew must be present.

[111] Champion Standing
[112] Champs Élysées
[113] Chamra Vortex
[114] chancellor
[115] Chandra V

[111] Champion Standing, Interrupt, 5 points
"Rank awarded to the most outstanding competitors in bat'leth competition. Worf earned Champion Standing at the competition on Forkas III in 2370."
-Place on strongest Klingon with Honor at a location where Honor Challenge has just been played. That Klingon is attributes +2 and worth points as long as it is part of an Away Team.

[112]Champs Élysées, Program
"Holographic recreation of a Paris landmark, a street in the old city known for its beautiful gardens. Nurse Alyssa Ogawa once visited the program with a gentleman friend."
-On same turn you activate program, you may report one  male personnel here for every female personnel present, then discard program card.

[113] Exists as Investigate Rumors.

[114] Chancellor Gowron, Personnel, Klingon
"Gowron became ruler of the Klingon Empire in 2368. In 2372, turned his back on his Federation allies to attack Cardassia. Commanded the IKC Negh'var after Martok transfered to the Rotarran."
-VIP, Honor, Leadership x2, Treachery; SD Bat'leth; All Klingons in play are STRENGTH +1;  may report directly here; 
Now exists as Chancellor Gowron.

[115] Three-Day Hello, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Federation
Chandra V: Perform three-day ritual to greet non-humanoid Chandrans.
-(Anthropology + Empathy x2 OR Tam Elbrun) + Diplomacy x2
-Span: 2; 15* points; *+15 points if Away Team stays here unopposed after solving mission for two full turns.

[111] The personnel reverts to its normal attributes and is worth 0 points if part of a crew or dead.
[112] A cheap date.
[113] n/a
[114] Martok Founder and Sisko and crew's Klingon personas are included in the reporting deal.
[115] Could be a 30-pointer if you have time to spare. The Away Team that must stay must include every personnel present upon solving, after those dilemmas are cleared. Of course, the mission can be done with 2 personnel (Tam and a big diplomat), so if you play your cards right, it's not so bad.

[116] Chandra
[117] Chang, Tac Officer
[118] changeling infant
[119] changeling
[120] Channing, Dr.

[116] Exists as Chula: The Chandra.

[117] Chang, Personnel, Federation
"Tac Officer in charge of Starfleet Academy entrance exams at the Relva VII facility. Supervised Wesley Crusher's first attempt to gain entrance to the academy in 2364."
-OFFICER, Computer Skill, MEDICAL, Honor; Once per game, May relocate one Youth persent to Earth; May nullify Zaldan where present; 

[118] Changeling Infant, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Representative of changelings seeded across the galaxy. Found and raised by Odo. Learned to mimic simple shapes and Odo's face. Hasn't chosen its sex yet."
-CIVILIAN, Youth; May nullify Broken Link where present; You may seed one at any non- location

[119] Well represented by Shape-Shift.

[120] Dr. Channing, Personnel, Federation
"Federation scientist who studied warp physics. Believed it possible to force dilithium to recrystallize in configurations able to better control the reactions between matter and antimatter."
-SCIENCE, Physics x2; While in play, suspends all Intermix Ratio cards; 

[116] n/a
[117] Since not much is known about Tac Officer Chang, I admit to filling in the blanks. The MEDICAL is a hommage to his role in the long-gone tv series, Quincey.
[118] Now everyone has access to changelings.
[119] n/a
[120] Since there's currently no way to disrupt Intermix Ratio...

[121] Chapman, Professor
[122] Chardis
[123] Charleston, USS
[124] Charybdis
[125] "Chase, The"

[121] Professor Chapman, Personnel, Federation
"Instructor at Starfleet Academy. Often disagreed with B'Elanna Torres when she was his student, but thought she was one of the most promising cadets he'd ever taught."
-ENGINEER, Physics, Astrophysics; B'Elanna Torres is attributes +2 while in play, only +1 if present; 

[122] Chardis, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Occupant of Mislen freighter attacked by the Swarm five parsecs from his homeworld in 2373. Sent a distress signal received by the stranded USS Voyager."
-CIVILIAN, Navigation; If aboard any freighter, it is SHIELDS +2; If killed by The Swarm, you may relocate it to another ship in play; 

[123] USS Charleston, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry NCC-42285. Ferried three revived 20th-century cryonic survivors back to Earth on 2364."
-Excelsior class[] Tractor Beam; Crew acquires Cryosatellite immediately upon encountering it

[124] Exists as The Charybdis.

[125] Common Ground, Event, Countdown: 3
"When humans, Klingons, Romulans and Cardassians discovered that most humanoid races in the Alpha Quadrant ha been seeded by a common ancestor, it gave them pause. Momentarily."
-Plays on table when any mission attemptable by 3 or more affiliations is solved. All affiliations in play (except Borg and Dominion) may cooperate as if under treaty, and none may battle. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

[121] n/a
[122] His race is Mislen. His full powers won't become apparent until The Swarm makes an appearance sometime in late 2002 ;-).
[123] n/a
[124] n/a
[125] Missions that say "Any Away Team/crew may attempt" are included in the trigger missions.

[126] Chateau Cleon
[127] Chateau Coeur
[128] Chateau Lafite Rothschild
[129] Chateau Picard
[130] chech'tluth

[126] Chateau Cleon, Food
"Champagne. On Stardate 48959, Quark served Chateau Cleon, vintage 2303, to celebrate Benjamin Sisko's promotion to captain."
-If any Admiral, General, Nagus, Chancellor, Legate or Founder present, one unique personnel present may be named matching commander of ship here. (Discard Food card.)

[127] Chateau Coeur, Food
"French variety of champagne. Tickles the nose with its bubbles. Sweet but not over-sweet. Hearty for a dessert wine."
-All personnel at same spaceline location who have suffered from Love Interest or Romance dilemmas this game are STRENGTH +1. At any time, report one French personnel here for free and discard Food card.

[128] Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Food
"Full-bodied, aged fine red wine from the Bordeaux region of France on Earth. Tom Paris dreamed of having crown roast of lamb dinner with a 2296 vintage when he was free of an Akritiran prison satellite."
-While in play, once per turn, you may nullify one point gained from Interrogation or Torture OR prevent opponent from playing Brainwash on one captive (your choice).

[129] Chateau Picard, Food
"Fine red wine produced at the Picard family vineyards in Labarre, France. Robert Picard gave his brother, Jean-Luc, a bottle of 2347 vintage following a visit home in 2367."
-While in play, Family is doubled. Discard at any time to nullify any dilemma that requires Music encountered at this spaceline location.

[130] Chech'tluth, Food
"Klingon alcoholic beverage. Worf ordered some for Bringloidi colony leader Danilo Odell, who found it sufficiently potent."
-May only be upkept by a Klingon. Places one non-Klingon personnel present in stasis per turn (random selection) until the end of that turn. While in play, upkeeping Klingon gains Diplomacy.

[126] Only that particular instance of the ship is affected, not the entire squadron of same universal ships. Tougher for Romulans and Bajorans to wing, but they have a lot of matching commanders already.
[127] French personnel include all the Picards and Louis.
[128] n/a
[129] If you have any question as to the second clause, just watch "Family" again and listen to Jean-Luc and Robert's drunk singing.
[130] n/a

[131] chee'lash
[132] CHEGH-chew  jaj-VAM jaj-KAK
[133] Chekote, Admiral
[134] Chekov, Pavel A.
[135] Chell

[131] Chee'lash, Food, , 5 points
"Fruit served to prisoners in the Agrathi artificial reality prison program experiences by Miles O'Brien. Prisoners hoarded these in case they weren't served again."
-May exist outside Food-serving sites once reported. Where present, each personnel with Cooking is worth points. At any time, suspend play to place any Food card here under Zalkonian Storage Capsule.

[132] Today Is a Good Day to Die, Event, Countdown: 2
"CHEGH-chew  jaj-VAM jaj-KAK!"
-Plays one table. While in play, each time one of your Klingons is killed by your opponent's cards, you may immediately play an event, objective or personnel for free.

[133] Admiral Chekote, Personnel, Federation
"Commander of Starbase 227. Allowed William T. Riker to search for Jean-Luc Picard after his disappearance on Dessica II. Ordered evacuation of Deep Space 9 when the station was under siege by the Circle."
-VIP, Leadership, Honor; SD Any Incoming Message; While in play, if your facility is destroyed or commandeered, you may suspend play to relocate your personnel to any ship or planet present; 

[134] PavelChekov, Personnel, Federation, 
"Served on the first Enterprise as that wessel's tactical officer. Russian patriot. Would have started a fight with Klingons who had insulted his captain, but was stopped by mister Scott. Almost."
-SECURITY, Navigation, Honor; May nullify Hyper-Aging where present; Once per game, may initiate a personnel battle ignoring regular attack restrictions; 
Now exists as Ensign Chekov.

[135]Chell, Personnel, Federation/Non-Aligned
"Bolian Maquis resistance fighter who joined the crew of the USS Voyager. During his first few weeks there, was regarded as a disruptive and unreliable worker."
-SECURITY, Resistance; Ship he is aboard is -2 to one attribute (opponent's choice); 
Now exists as Chell.

[131] A Cooking Ressikan Flute, but only works with cooks that are present. It cannot report to non-Food-serving locations, but can be moved from there afterwards. If returned to hand (if not upkept), it must report to Food-serving site once again.
[132] Your Klingons can't be killed by your own cards. This includes suicide missions against dilemmas you seeded, Auto-Destruct Sequences, berzerk Jem'Hadar allies, etc. If your opponent takes control of your cards (Brainwash, Alien Parasites, what have you), those cards are considered to be his, but the dying Klingons are still "yours".
[133] Works kind of like Emergency Transporter Armbands.
[134] The lore tries to use only material from "Trials and Tribble-ations" like Captain Kirk's does. He can initiate a personnel battle regardless of his affiliation and lack of Leadership or OFFICER.
[135] Another choice for The Naked Truth. Attribute once called, cannot be changed. Each ship he is aboard suffers the same attribute modifier. Ex.: If opponent called a -2 RANGE, it's always -2 RANGE for this game.

[136] Chen, Governor
[137] Cheney, Ensign
[138] cherel sauce
[139] Cheron, Battle of
[140] cherry pie

[136] Governor Chen, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Chief executive of the State of California on Earth in 2024. During the Bell Riots, ordered government troups to storm the Sanctuary District, resulting in thousands of deaths."
-VIP, Leadership, Law; SD Prepare Assault Teams OR Bell Riots

[137] Cheney, Personnel, Federation, 
"Ensign on the Enterprise-D. Played the cello, accompanying Data and Neela Daren in a concert in the Ten-Forward Lounge on Stardate 46693."
-ENGINEER, Music; 

[138] Cherel Sauce, Food, 
"Drayan condiment sometimes served on over takka berries."
-While in play, doubles Takka Berries present AND all Youth personnel in play lose that skill.

[139]Battle of Cheron, Time Location, planet/space, 
The future Neutral Zone, 2160: Crucial defeat of the Romulan Star Empire, ending the Romulan wars.
-Plays on any Neutral Zone location (limit one per location). If any Romulan ship destroyed here, location in present is no longer part of Neutral Zone. If any Federation ship destroyed here, opposing player may choose one adjacent present location to be part of Neutral Zone. May be travelled to normally from adjacent Battle of Cheron using present location's span.

[140]Cherry Pie, Food
"Dessert food consisting of a compote of Earth cherries baked in a flaky crust. Tom Paris liked cherry pie. Some like apple better."
-While in play, your opponent may not have more than 2 captives at any one time unless brainwashed. Extra captives (opponent's choice) are returned to your facility (your choice) at the end of their next turn.

[136] n/a
[137] The Federation's sole Music mission specialist.
[138] The Drayans aged in reverse, thus the card's ability.
[139] The Time Location can be played at any Neutral Zone region location, either space or planet (that's why both icons are on there). This could be used to impair or enhance PNZ (Patrol Neutral Zone) strategies.
[140] Your opponent can have more than 2 captives if those extra captives have Brainwash played on them, so we're strictly talking about a limit on personnel in the "captive area". Your opponent chooses which are the "extra" personnel. And since Food cards are played on your turn, he or she has an entire turn to play with the personnel, or brainwash it.

[141] Ches'sarro
[142] Chevy
[143] Chez Sandrine
[144] chicken à la Sisko
[145] "Child, The"

[141] Ches'sarro, Personnel, Bajoran
"Mining engineer who collaborated with the Cardassians during the Bajoran occupation. Blackmailed by Pallra. Had a nice pond on his property."
-ENGINEER, Geology, Treachery; SD Process Ore; May work with ; Does not work with Pallra; 

[142] 1957 Chevy, Artifact, 
"Mid-twentieth century Chevrolet car model. Tom Paris's idea of a perfect date was a visit to the hills overlooking Utopia Planetia on Mars in such a vehicle, of which very few remain in existence."
-Use as Equipment card. Fits two personnel. Those personnel (with artifact) are considered to be a dual-personnel card with +4 STRENGTH. You may change personnel inside only at the start of your turn. If destroyed, personnel inside are killed.

[143] Chez Sandrine, Program
"Holographic re-creation of a wharf-side bistrot in Marseille, France. Owned by, oddly enough, Sandrine. Features a 600 year old traditional pool table."
-Sandrine, Daliwakan, Gaunt Gary and Ricky may report here for free. May serve alcoholic Food cards. If in Delta Quadrant, all personnel here are attributes +2.

[144] Chicken à la Sisko, Food
"Culinary dish that was a specialty of Benjamin Sisko and his son Jake. Handed down from father to son for generations. Spicy."
-Where present, with any father and his son, each are CUNNING +2 AND any Event played on one may be transferred to the other.

[145] Immaculate Conception, Dilemma, space
"On Stardate 42073.1, Counselor Deanna Troi was impregnated by a spaceborne energy being. Within hours, that being was born, and in only a few days, grew to adulthood."
-Target one female present. She is stopped until end of next full turn, at which time opponent may download one Mortal Q or Ian Troi to her location OR one Kevin Uxbridge or Q2 or Amanda Rogers to hand.

[141] A personnel card that works with another affiliation without counting as a member of that affiliation for purposes of reporting, compatibility, etc.
[142] The STRENGTH bonus only goes to the total STRENGTH, not to each personnel. Dual-personnel status confers all the advantages and disadvantages of that card type. The artifact isn't discarded if the "dual-aligned" personnel dies.
[143] Alcoholic Food cards are reffered to as ales, beers, wines, champagnes, spirits or simply as alcoholic drinks in their lore.
[144] Father and son pairs are mentioned in individual personnel's lore. Both personnel get the attribute boost. The event transfer must occur at the Food-serving site. You could, for example, transfer I Am Not a Merry Man from Worf to Alexander Rozhenko.
[145] Personnel reported to the female's location are under their owner's control. Ian Troi is NOT Ian Andrew Troi.

[146] Children of Tama
[147] Children's Center
[148] chili burrito
[149] Chilton, Ensign Nell
[150] chime, Betazoid

[146] Vorath, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Child of Tama, speaking second. His sword raised high against Enterprise. Sokath, his eyes closed. Dathon, forcing them open. Telanni, her eyes wet with joy."
-OFFICER, Honor, SECURITY; May report aboard any Darmok-class ship; SD Particle Scattering Field; 

[147] Children's Center, Site
-Personnel affected by Rascals on this ship are relocated here and may not be attacked as long as they stay here. If Youth personnel present, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a is played as an Event, which is disacarded is Youth leaves site.
-Any Galaxy OR Nebula [Saucer Section]

[148]Zesty Chili Burrito, Food, 
"A highly seasoned dish of meat, chili, and beans wrapped in a flour tortilla, popular on 20th-century Earth."
-While in play, if any equipent or artifact card is destroyed by Disruptor Overload, one personnel present at destruction is relocated to different Time Location here (your choice) if possible.

[149] Nell Chilton, Personnel, Federation, 
"Starfleet officer in Q's anti-time future. Stationed at the helm of the USS Pasteur in this version of 2395 under Captain Beverly Picard."
-OFFICER, Navigation x2, MEDICAL; Ship she is one is SHIELDS +2 in the Neutral Zone; 

[150] Betazoid Chimes, Interrupt
"Some Betazoids express thanks for food being eaten by beating a small, flat crystalline gong during the meal. Some non-Betazoids, find its use annoying at best."
-Plays on any Food-serving site to return all Food cards there back to owner's hand until start of next full turn OR, if any Betazoid present, to play a Food card there for free.

[146] I took the name Vorath from the Tama's lore. Since that lore also mentions Picard and Dathon, I thought it credible that it could name the Tama's first officer, rather than another mythological figure.
[147] n/a
[148] If the personnel is already at a Time Location, the "present" may be considered a different time location. You cannot relocate a personnel to a space location if no ship is present to sustain its life.
[149] n/a
[150] The free card play does not count as your normal card play of course, but can also be played at any time an Interrupt could. It still needs a personnel to upkeep it.

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