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[1] 'audet IX
[2] A-koo-chee-moya
[3] A.F.
[4] Aaron, Admiral
[5] "Abandoned, The"

[1] Medical Collection, Mission, space/planet, Federation
'audet IX: Pick up specimens of plasma plague from this station.
-MEDICAL x3 + flying to any other MEDICAL mission and stopping there
-Range: 3; 25 points

[2] A-koo-chee-moya, Interrupt
"Native American term used in Chakotay's vision quest prayer."
-Play on any Chakotay, Lakanta, Anthwara or personnel present with Medicine Bundle. That personnel is INTEGRITY +2 and may avoid any random selection until the end of your next full turn. OR Download Vision Quest.

[3] Academy Romance, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: 3
"While Jean-Luc Picard was at Starfleet Academy failed Organic Chemistry because of 'A.F.', whose initials he had carved on Boothby's prized elm tree on the parade grounds."
-One Youth present (random selection) loses all but first two skills (except Youth) until countdown expires. That personnel is stopped while mission continues.

[4] Admiral Aaron, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Starfleet official stationed at Starfleet Headquarters in San Franciso. Had been taken over by the Bluegill that infiltrated Starfleet Command in 2364."
-VIP, Leadership; All Bluegills +1 STRENGTH where present; 

[5] The Abandoned, Objective, , 10 points
-Seeds or plays on table. When revealed, play a Young Jem'Hadar on opponent's ship or facility. That Jem'Hadar may not be attacked, only counter-attacked. It may, if at an appropriate Site, allow Dominion ships to dock at this facility. If ship or facility commandeered while that Jem'Hadar aboard, score points.

[1] To score the points, the ship must do nothing but fly to that other mission. If it counter-attacks during the flight, it must return to 'audet IX to reattempt the mission.
[2] Vision Quest and Medicine Bundle will be revealed in AtoZ in due course.
[3] n/a
[4] An attempt at a Bluegill, given what we now know of Infiltration rules.
[5] This refers to DS9 Episode #52. {The plot: "On Stardate 48214.5, Jem'Hadar baby was discovered on Deep Space 9 which grew at an alarming rate into a warrior, genetically programmed to kill.")

[6] ablative armor
[7] academy commandant
[8] Academy Flight Range
[9] academy range officer
[10] Acamar III

[6]Ablative Armor, Event
"Starship protective skin designed to vaporize under weapons fire, thereby dissipitating energy and protecting the ship's systems inside."
-Plays on any unique ship (for free on USS Defiant). If damaged, all weapons targeting that ship are halved.
Now exists as Ablative Armor.

[7] Academy Commandant, Personnel, Federation
"Bolian male. Starfleet officer in charge of Starfleet Academy. Conspired with Admiral Leyton in his attempted coup of Earth. Allowed the formation of Red Squad."
-OFFICER, Treachery, Computer Skill; Red Squad personnel may report here, Admiral Leyton is CUNNING +2 if present, 

[8] Academy Flight Exercises, Mission, space, Federation
Solar System Region*Near Saturn: Conduct flight exercises by cadets.
-Youth x5 + Navigation + Tractor Beam
-Span: 2; 30 points; Once completed, all your Youth without Navigation have that skill.

[9] Academy Range Officer, Event
"Starfleet officer in charge of the Academy Flight Range, located near Saturn."
-Plays on any Solar System location. All Youth at that location have an extra level of the Navigation skill. Also, all Solar System Spans are considered one less for you, and one more for your opponent.

[10] Meet With Leader, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Federation/Klingon
Acamar Region*Acamar III: Meet with world leader and offer diplomatic aid.
-Diplomacy x2 + OFFICER + Anthropology + Empathy
-Span: 4; 30 points; Solving player may download one  VIP (Marouk if possible).

[6] Ablative Armor doesn't do a thing for Dilemmas or Missions that require certain shields.
[7] Red Squad personnel will eventually be designed.
[8] Tractor Beam is included because a large enough ship has to bring the training craft.
[9] n/a
[10] Acamar III is in the Acamar Region because the Encyclopedia also has an entry for Acamar system.

[11] Acamar system
[12] Acamarians
[13] accelerated critical neural pathway formation
[14] accelerometer
[15] access terminal

[11] Study Clan Culture, Mission, space, Cardassian/Federation/Klingon/Romulan
Acamar Region*Acamar system: Study Acamarian clan structure and their conflicts.
-Anthropology + No equipment + STRENGTH>35
-Span: 3; 35 points

[12]Clan Membership, Event
"Within some cultures, like that of the Acamarians, membership in a clan or family is considered of great social and political importance, and conflicts between the various groups often become violent."
-Plays on table. While in play, Lornaks may not work with Tralestas, Duras family members may not work with Klingons with Honor, and Red Circle members may not work with Resistance personnel.

[13] Illegal Enhancement, Dilemma, planet
"Medical procedure that uses genetic recording to alter the brain of a humanoid patient. Banned by the Federation and illegal under laws dating back to the Eugenics Wars."
-One personnel present (random selection, mutant if possible) is double CUNNING and gains 1 extra level of each of its skills UNLESS it is  OR Human (except any Bashir) OR Law is present.

[14] Accelerometer, Event, 
"Instrument used to measure the direction and amount of velocity change."
-Seeds or plays on table. If opponent gains more than 60 points on one mission attempt, and you are behind in points, victory conditions now require a total of 120 points. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

[15] Exists as Interlink Drone.

[11]  No equipment should actually be hard nowadays, and many dilemma combos should work here.
[12] Lornaks and Tralestas are Acamarian clans that may appear in a future AtoZ.
[13] A reverse dilemma that you might seed yourself. Its effects are beneficial.
[14] The Referee icon is present since this is a card that, like Operate Wormhole Relays and Fair Play, limits abusive strategies, in this case, that of packing a large point mission with bonus points and mission specialists, thereby winning in one swift mission attempt.
[15] The Encyclopedia definition is remarkably like the function of the Interlink Drone.

[16] access tunnel
[17] "Accession"
[18] Accolan
[19] aceton assimilators
[20] acetylcholine

[16]Access Tunnels, Site
-If unopposed, compatible personnel with at least one ENGINEER may walk to this site from anywhere to anywhere else on the Nor without having to walk through intervening sites. Unopposed ENGINEER and SECURITY here may nullify Automated Security System. Any player may play Aphasia Virus dilemma from hand to personnel at this site.
-Any Nor[Ops Module-Promenade-Habitat Ring-Docking Ring]

[17] Accession, Event
"Famed poet Akorem Laan emerged from the wormhole claiming to be the Emissary of the Prophets, causing a resurgence of Bajoran fundamentalism."
-Plays on table. While in play, at any time, any Emissary may be replaced with any other Emissary from hand.

[18] Accolan, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 5 points
"Citizen and artist on planet Aldea who would have helped raise Harry Bernard, Jr., child of an Enterprise-D crewmember."
-CIVILIAN; Worth points while on Aldea; SD Any personnel with Youth, that Youth is +4 to all attributes

[19] Exists as Menthar Booby Trap.

[20]At Each Others' Throats, Dilemma, space/planet
"The clamps implanted in Aktrinian prison inmates were designed to stimulate acetylcholine production, encouraging their aggressive tendencies."
-Unless 4 Youth OR 3 Empathy OR Ketracel White present, Away Team or crew is split into two equal groups (random selection). They battle and must choose to mortally wound if possible. Discard dilemma.

[16] The Access Tunnels can be placed anywhere in the site-line, or off to the side. Personnel need not cross it if they do not wish to, or are incapable of doing so.
[17] Emissaries include The Emissary, any persona of Benjamin Sisko and Akorem Laan.
[18] Aldea is the site of Investigate Legend.
[19] n/a
[20] From the Voyager episode "The Chute". It's Ketracel deprivation for everyone.

[21] acidichloride
[22] active-scan navigation
[23] adanji
[24] adaptive euristic matrix
[25] adaptive interface link

[21]Acidichloride Gas, Dilemma, planet
"Corrosive gaseous chemical, toxic to humanoid life, breathed by Tom Paris when he underwent a mutative change in 2372."
-Unless EMH Program present OR Intruder Force Field on table, 3 personnel other than Benzites and those affected by Threshold are killed. (Away Team may escape using Emergency Transporter Armbands. Discard dilemma.)

[22] Active-Scan Navigation, Objective
-Plays on table. Your ships at any nebula or Atmospheric Ionization location may not be attacked UNLESS total CUNNING>50 and Navigation aboard enemy ship. Also, your ships may attack or counter-attack without impediment if SCIENCE and Navigation aboard (still respecting affiliation battle restrictions).

[23] Adanji, Interrupt
"Variety of insence used in the Klingon Mauk-to'Vor ritual."
-"Burn" on any Fire card (play when such a card is used) to give +2 to all Klingon attributes for the next full turn OR Download Mauk-to'Vor.

[24] Adaptive Heuristic Matrix, Event
"Extremely sophisticated computer memory architecture incorporated into Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram allowing it to evolve and grow."
-Plays on table. While in play, all  personnel are unique (discard any duplicates). OR Exchange this Event for any  personnel in your discard pile.

[25] Adaptive Interface Link, Interrupt
"Computer connection used to exchange information between two computer systems of totally alien origin. Downloaded 'Pup' to Deep Space 9 from an alien probe."
-Play to exchange top Q's Tent card of opponent playing an affiliation other than your own with your own Q's Tent top card. Cards are immediately placed in players' hands. Nullified by opponent revealing Treaty card with your affiliation from hand, table, Q's Tent or Zalkonian Storage Capsule.

[21] Benzites are immune to the gas thanks to their rebreathers.
[22] "Starship Down" has the Defiant crew use echolocation to spot other ships.
[23] "Fire cards" include Firestorm, Plasma Fire, Fire Sculptor and Duranja, among others.
[24] Makes holographic Away Teams and crews trickier to use.
[25] Players get their cards back when the game ends.

[26] Adele, Aunt
[27] Adelman Neurological Institute
[28] Adelphi, USS
[29] Adelphous IV
[30] Adigeon Prime

[26]Aunt Adele's Home Remedies, Doorway
-Seeds on table. Allows your  icon cards to come into play. Discarded if any Picard dies. OR Play from hand to nullify any opponent's  icon card from draw deck.

[27] Biomedical Research, Mission, planet, Federation/Ferengi/Klingon
Adelman Neurological Institute: Do research on genetronic replication at this facility.
-MEDICAL x3 + Biology + ENGINEER OR Toby Russell + any PADD
-Span: 2; 30 points; Solving player may download Genetronic Replicator.

[28] USS Adelphi, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet Registry NCC-26849. Conducted the disastrous first contact with the planet Ghorusda. 47 people, including Captain Darson, were killed in the incident."
-Ambassador class[ No Empathy] Dilemmas requiring Empathy are discarded at space missions where present. Tractor Beam

[29] Necessary Debriefing, Mission, planet, Federation
Adelphous IV: Get debriefed following disastrous mission.
-OFFICER x3 + Leadership + Honor
-Span: 4; 30 points; May only be attempted after being stopped on another mission attempt.

[30] Genetic Alteration, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt
Adigeon Prime: Have deficient child's brain enhanced illegally.
-Treachery + MEDICAL x2 + 1 couple
-Span: 3; 25 points; Solving player may download one Youth personnel of same species as couple. That Youth considered to be a mutant.

[26] Since Encyclopedia dream cards will undoubtedly be heavy on the Federation side, the Picard limitation makes sense. Non-Federation Picards include Galen and Locutus. The icon is Mr. Atoz's face. Optionally, players may forgo the use of this card if their decks are heavy on AtoZ cards.
[27] A use for Toby?
[28] Empaths actually "unstaff" the Adelphi.
[29] This mission actually encourages failure. The Encyclopedia gave Adelphous IV only as a destination for the Enterprise after the events of "Data's Day".
[30] Had fun with this one. A "couple" is two personnel referenced in the lore as being lovers or spouses. When more than one species is represented by the couple, the Youth may be of either species.

[31] Adin
[32] Admiral's Banquet
[33] Adred
[34] Advanced Tactical Training
[35] "Adversary, The"

[31] Adin, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Personal physician to the Ilari tyrant Tieran. Adin continued to minister to him even when Tieran's body died and his consciousness inhabited Kes's body in 2373."
-MEDICAL, Exobiology; Tieran's STRENGTH and CUNNING +3 where present; 

[32] Incoming Message - Admiral's Banquet, Dilemma, space, X points
"Representative of functions like the Annual Starfleet Admiral's Banquet. Picard avoided going to these tedious affairs  for six years in a row."
-If matching commander aboard, ship must do nothing but go back to closest compatible facility where it scores points. X=5 for each Admiral aboard ship upon destination. Discard Admirals.

[33]Adred, Personnel, Ferengi, 
"Ferengi entrepreneur. Father of Ishka. Grandfather of Rom and Quark. Great-grandfather of Nog."
-VIP, Acquisition x2, Greed x2, Computer Skill; Ishka's attributes +5 where present

[34] Advanced Tactical Training, Objective, 
-Seeds or plays on table. Wherever you have a unique  SECURITY personnel in play, your Federation espionnage cards play at any time (for free) and may not be nullified. Also, once each turn, you may discard one of your Federation espionnage cards from hand or table, then draw one card. At any time, you may discard this objective from table to download one Federation espionnage card.

[35] Flush Out Adversary, Objective, 
-Seeds or plays on table. If you have 2 SECURITY aboard a ship or facility where opponent's infiltrator is present, you may initiate a personnel battle against it. If you win personnel battle, you may choose to capture infiltrator. Score 5 points if infiltrator is killed, -5 if Odo is present.

[31] n/a
[32] Only the Federation and Romulans can stand to gain from this Cytherians-like dilemma.
[33] A conceptual family head like Mogh.
[34] Something to tide Federation players over until the ultimate release of Plans of Section 31. And unique Federation SECURITY aren't too common.
[35] n/a

[36] Aeon
[37] Agamemnon, USS
[38] Age of Ascension
[39] Age of Decision
[40] Ah-Kel

[36]Aeon, Ship, Federation, 
"Federation timeship from the 29th century. Commanded by Captain Braxton. Made a forced landing on Earth in the year 1967."
-Timeship[] May travel to any Time Location at same location; Only holds one personnel

[37] USS Agamemnon, Ship, Federation
"Federation starship part of task force three, under Captain Picard's indirect command during an expected Borg invasion in 2369."
-Apollo Class[] Rogue Borg may not board. Tractor Beam.

[38] Age of Ascension, Event
"Klingon rite of passage, marking a new level of spiritual attainment for a Klingon warrior. The warrior strides between two lines of Klingons who subject him to painstiks."
-Plays on table. After participating in a winning battle, your Klingons with Youth replace that skill with another of your choosing.

[39] Age of Decision, Objective
-Once per game, per player, plays on any mission attemptable by both players. Players must decide who will get to solve or scout it in the following fashion: Player with the most Youth on the table gets to solve or scout. If there is a tie, player with the number of personnel closest to 14 on the table gets to solve or scout. In case of another tie, players may pit champions against one another in personnel battle. Winner of battle gets to solve or scout. Once this is decided, losing player may not attempt or scout mission under any circumstances.

[40] Ah-Kel, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Miradorn male. Ah-Kel's twin, Ro-Kel, was killed by the fugitive Croden during a robbery in 2369. Vowed to kill Croden in retaliation."
-SECURITY, Navigation, Treachery; Attributes +2 with Ro-Kel; Once per game, may redirect Vendetta to any opponent's personnel; 
Now exists as Ah-Kel and Ro-Kel.

[36] Can't rescue personnel stuck in Time Locations, but good for pot shots like possibly shooting down opponent's Phoenix, or returning with a different pilot.
[37] Jean-Luc Picard is NOT matching commander.
[38] A mini-Reflection Therapy with flavor.
[39] The Age of Decision is a Talarian rite of passage signaling the majority for a Talarian male at 14 years. I've abandoned Trek Sense in this case. In case of a match of champions, personnel must get to location on their own steam and are not even forced to do so. If one player never sends a champion, the mission may never be solved or scouted.
[40] n/a

[41] Ahab, Captain
[42] Ahjess
[43] Ailis pâté
[44] airlock
[45] airponics bay

[41] Already exists as Don't Call Me Ahab!

[42] Ahjess, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Son of Lela Dax. Ahjess would crawl into bed with his mother for attention."
-CIVILIAN; Youth x2; Lela Dax is Attributes +4 when present; All Daxes are immune to stasis while in play.

[43] Ailis Pâté, Food, 
"Hors d'oeuvre. Grind ailis until it is soft yet grainy. Mix with generous portion of pepper, cognac spice and Telaxian mint. Cook briefly in the oven at 150 degrees centigrade. Spread on crackers. Serve."
-While in play, all personnel on this ship or facility are STRENGTH +2, +3 if from Delta Quadrant.

[44] Already exists as Airlock.

[45]Airponics Bay, Site
-Kes or any compatible Biology personnel may report here. Every turn that Kes or any Biology personnel are present here, you may download one Food card to the Mess Hall (if personnel present there). Plasma Fire here will destroy the site entirely (relocating personnel present to adjacent sites).
-USS Voyager [Saucer Section]

[41] n/a
[42] I took the stasis immunity from a joke about Dead in Bed. Ahjess makes sure you're not.
[43] Hope you like the recipe.
[44] n/a
[45] A first Food card augmentor.

[46] Ajax, USS
[47] Ajilon Prime
[48] Ajur
[49] "Ak'la bella doo"
[50] Ak'voh

[46] USS Ajax, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet registry NCC-11574. In 2364, Propulsion specialist Kosinski tested an experimental warp drive upgrade on the Ajax. His theories were later proved baseless."
-Apollo Class[ Physics] Tractor Beam. *RANGE reverts to 8 if The Traveller ever enters play.

[47] Border Skirmish, Mission, planet, Federation/Klingon
Ajilon Prime: Send tactical support to trenches at this border planet.
-Span: 2; 40 points; While unsolved,  may attack .

[48] Already exists as Non-Aligned Personnel, Ajur.

[49] Ak'la bella doo, Event
"Klingon folk song. Jadzia Dax taught it to the proprietor of the Klingon kiosk on DS9. He was amazed that she knew a Klingon song he had never heard."
-Plays on any site where Food is served if a Music personnel present. While in play, any number of Food cards may be in effect here. Discard when no Music personnel present.

[50] Ak'voh, Interrupt, Countdown: 3
"Old Klingon tradition in which a fallen warrior's comrades stay with the body to keep away predators. Allows the spirit to leave the body to make the journey to Sto'vo'kor."
-Plays when Klingon Death Yell has just been played if at least two Klingons remain at the location of dead Klingon. As long as at least two Klingons stay at that location, Klingon Death Yell is not discarded, resulting in 5 points per full turn from the card. Discard both when Klingons are opposed OR when countdown expires.

[46] The Traveller enters play when either the personnel or event do. Lakanta doesn't count.
[47] A little incentive for the Klingons to attempt it, but does the Federation want them to get those points?
[48] n/a
[49] n/a
[50] The first turn only yields the original 5 points, thus the maximum number of points obtainable through Ak'voh is 15. Klingon Death Yell is still discarded to point area.

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