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[1] d'akturak
[2] D'Arsay
[3] D'Arsay archive
[4] D'Arsay symbols
[5] d'blok

[1] D'akturak, Event
"Klingon word for an ice man. Curzon Dax referred to Koloth as such because he was an unyielding negociator for his
-Plays on your personnel with Diplomacy, Honor and Leadership. Once per turn, it may cancel any personnel battle (except against Borg or Rogue Borg) and, if Klingon, may capture one opposing personnel present with total attributes<13 (random selection).

[2] Confirm Culture's Existence, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt, 
Potential D'Arsay homeworld: Confirm or deny relics' links to ancient D'Arsay mythology.
-Archeology x3 + Anthropology + Any personnel that may report for free to a Headquarters in play + CUNNING>50
-Span: 4; 40 points; D'Arsay Archive may seed here.

[3]D'Arsay Archive, Artifact
"Data-storage facility launched over 87 million years ago by the D'Arsay civilization. Able to transform a ship into the scene for an epic drama from the D'Arsay's rich mythology."
-Must seed at a space location. When acquired, immediately target one ship present. That ship's RANGE and WEAPONS are permanently disabled. You may now report Equipment cards, androids and up to three Artifacts here normally. Nullifed by The Mask of Korgano.

[4] Masaka Means Death, Interrupt
"The D'Arsay archive contained pictograms from ancient mythology. The icon believed to be Masaka's was interpreted by Data as meaning 'death'."
-Plays when Masaka Transformations is played to take all personnel cards going to the bottom of draw deck and place them in discard pile instead. OR Kills one personnel affected by The Mask of Korgano.

[5] D'blok, Personnel, Klingon, , 5 points
"Klingon animal. Ritually hunted by Klingon warriors to prove their honor. This one is female."
-ANIMAL; Targs present are STRENGTH +1 (cumulative); If killed by a Klingon, that Klingon scores points

[1] Something for all the DipHoLes out there. The target personnel must have all three skills.
[2] I wanted a universal that was worth a lot of points. The problem is that you might lose a lot of your necessary personnel during dilemma resolution and be unable to do the mission again and again. Personnel that report for free at HQs are those listed on such cards (High Council members, Admirals, etc.)
[3] Turns the ship into some sort of facility. Artifacts need not be normally acquired to show up on the modified ship. Reporting is not immediate, each counts as your normal card play. You can also use it to hurt your opponent. As a dilemma, it'll work well on players who aren't stocking Artifacts in their draw deck (why would they?), disabling their ship for good. Or better yet, target their ship present, but report YOUR androids to it. Yep, the wording makes it possible to turn an opponent's ship into your own facility.
[4] n/a
[5] Had to invent everything after "Klingon animal".

[6] D'deridex-class warbird
[7] D'Ghor
[8] D'jarra
[9] d'k tagh
[10] D'Kora class

[6] Exists as D'deridex.

[7] Exists as D'Ghor.

[8]D'jarras, Incident
-Plays on table. While in play, all Bajorans in play change their classifications like so: CIVILIAN to VIP, VIP to SECURITY, SECURITY to SCIENCE, SCIENCE to ENGINEER, ENGINEER to MEDICAL, MEDICAL to OFFICER and OFFICER to CIVILIAN. Of those personnel, VIP and MEDICAL with INTEGRITY<6, ENGINEER and SCIENCE with CUNNING<6, and OFFICER and SECURITY with STRENGTH<6 are all attributes -2. Any emissary may nullify at start of turn.

[9] Exists as D'k Tagh.

[10] D'Kora, Ship, Ferengi, 
"Also known as the Marauder class starship, used throughout the Ferengi Alliance for trading and defens. Typically carries a crew of 450."
-D'Kora Class[1 Command, 1 Staff] Tractor Beam
Now exists as D'Kora Marauder.

[6] n/a
[7] n/a
[8] This card went through a lot of changes, from an Interrupt, to an Event with a countdown icon, to an Objective. It might even have been a dilemma if Akorem Laan hadn't been able to download it. Akorem Laan is an emissary as is The Emissary himself. The card affects both sides of the table.
[9] n/a
[10] Just your basic ship for an affiliation that needs one.

[11] D'Sora, Lieutenant Jenna
[12] D'Tan
[13] da Vinci, Leonardo
[14] dabo girl
[15] dabo

[11] Exists as Jenna D'Sora.

[12] Exists as D'Tan.

[13] Leonardo da Vinci, Personnel, Federation, 
"Holographic representation of the Renaissance artist, inventor and scientific theorist. The real one postulated that man could fly. This one helped Captain Janeway find refuge in the Delta quadrant."
-SCIENCE, ENGINEER, Biology; Doubles all Mona Lisas in play; Where present, Kathryn Janeway is attributes +2
Now exists as Leonardo da Vinci.

[14] Dabo Girls, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: 2
"Beautiful women of various species are employed as dabo game operators. Scantily-clad dabo girls significantly enhance casino revenues. And when they go on shore leave, watch out!"
-If Leeta OR Mardah OR Sarda OR total female INTEGRITY>20 present, mission continues. Otherwise, all male personnel
are "stopped", until countdown ends if Ferengi.

[15] Dabo!, Objective, 15 points
-Plays on Quark's Bar. Any player who has Greed personnel present may probe at the start of their turn:
#: Double down. Discard one card from hand.
#: Pass 5. Opponent transfers 5 points to you if you show them your hand.
#: Dabo! Score points unless opposed by any dabo girl.
Now exists as Dabo.

[11] n/a
[12] n/a
[13] n/a
[14] A powerful wall, worse than Matriarchal Society, as well as a good filter.
[15] Both player may make use of the same Dabo card. A dabo girl is any personnel with that title in their lore. The fact that the probe is an AU icon is a joke on the impossibility of winning. ;-)

[16] Dachlyds
[17] Daedalus-class starships
[18] Daggin
[19] DaH!
[20] Dahar Master

[16] Settle Dispute, Mission, space, Federation/Ferengi
Dachlyd space: Settle trade dispute between warring Dachlyds and Gemarians.
-Diplomacy x2 + WEAPONS>7 + (Honor OR Acquisition)
-Span: 4; 30 points

[17] USS Daedalus, Ship, Federation, ,, 10 points
"The first class of starships commissioned under the auspices of the United Federation of Planets. Benjamin Sisko had a model of one in his office."
-Daedalus Class[] Worth points while undamaged; May only report one per turn (limit of 3).

[18] Daggin, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Representative of male Ocampa. Gardener who worked in the botanical gardens of the Ocampa's subterranean complex at the time of the Caretaker's death."
-CIVILIAN, Biology, Geology

[19]DaH!, Interrupt
-Plays where you have your Klingon leader present to immediately initiate battle, unstopping all stopped cards for the duration of the battle. For this battle, your personnel may not use hand weapons and you may only draw one Tactic card.

[20] Tales of the Dahar Master, Dilemma, space/planet
"The Dahar Master is a highly honored warrior of the Klingon empire. Sometimes, a particularly venerable Master will be followed even after he has lost the abilities that made him great."
-For every Klingon with Honor and no Youth present, one personnel present is "stopped" (random selection). (Discard dilemma.)

[16] A simple mission to build the Ferengi's mission base.
[17] For museum decks.
[18] Nothing to rave about, but Ocampa do have a number of special powers cards in AtoZ, so here you have a universal personnel to take advantage of those.
[19] You may only draw one Tactic card: refers to the initial draw of cards, not to damage markers. You can initiate battle even during your opponent's turn.
[20] Note that your own Klingons present can stop your opponent's personnel. Non-Klingons still have to listen to the doddering old fool. The rationalization for someone young like Worf being targeted is that the Dahar Master can be the dilemma itself (not a personnel) and it's people like Worf who honor him and cause the delay. Think of the time he incensed the kids at the Romulan camp.

[21] Dahkur Hills
[22] Dahkur Province
[23] DaiMon
[24] Dakar, Senegal
[25] Dakeen Monastery

[21] Hunted and Hungry, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: 3
"During the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, Kira Nerys and members of the Shakaar resistance cell spent a winter in the Dahkur Hills, hounded by Cardassian troups."
-If opposing personnel at this spaceline location, unless Resistance OR CUNNING>40 present, your personnel are "stopped" until countdown ends. Once per turn, opponent's SECURITY here may capture one "stopped" personnel with any attribute<5. (Discard dilemma.)

[22] HQ: Provincial Politics, Objective, ±5 points
-Plays on Bajor, Cardassia or Romulus. While in play, whenever you have 2 VIPs matching this homeworld's affiliation present, you may probe:
#: A world divided. Download one dissident, unificationist,  OR Circle personnel to this location or anywhere you have ships.
#: Building a better world. Download one Equipment card and score points.
#Any affiliation icon other than your matching VIPs': Petty infighting. All your personnel on planet are "stopped". Lose points and discard objective.

[23] DaiMon Bok, Personnel, Ferengi
"DaiMon who commanded a D'Kora class ship until his obsession for revenge against Jean-Luc Picard cost him his career. Bok blamed Picard for the death of his son. Found the hulk of the Stargazer."
-OFFICER, Leadership, Transporter Skill, Treachery, Greed (unless Jean-Luc Picard in play);  may use USS Stargazer where present; 

[24] Nanite Factory, Station, Neutral
"Nanites are manufactured at some factories, including one in Dakar, Senegal."
-Build at any planet mission. If 2 Cybernetics OR Wesley Crusher present, one Nanites card may report here as personnel. Nanites lose their point box, gain INTEGRITY 6 and CUNNING 4, keep their game text as a skill, may be beamed to passing ships and may still be nullified.

[25] Monastic Retreat, Event
"During the week prior to the Kendra Valley Massacre, religious leader Vedek Bareil was on retreat at the Dakeen Monastery where he was spared."
-Plays on table. Once per turn, you may relocate your Vedek, Prylar, Kai OR  icon personnel in the Bajor Region here (limit of one). At the start of your next turn, all cards played on it are discarded and it is returned to its original location.

[21] The trigger must exist first. If it doesn't, the dilemma is discarded. If it does exist, the requirements kick in.
[22] The objective is not cumulative and you cannot ptobe more than once per turn.
[23] A lot of things going for the Ferengi version of Bok. He's a persona, matching commander to the universal D'Kora, and has a slightly different mix of skills and attributes.
[24] Turn Nanites into personnel cards. They become instant damage cards. Does your opponent dare leave his Borg Cube unattended in case you make a pass? They won't damage your own ship unless you want them to.
[25] A little purging for the pious among us. The card to be purged cannot actually be played on more than that personnel (a group dilemma, for example). If the location your personnel must return to ceases to exist, you may relocate it anywhere in the Bajor Region or, alternatively, keep it at the Retreat.

[26] Dal'Rok
[27] Dal, Joret
[28] Dalby, Kenneth
[29] Daled IV
[30] Daliwakan

[26] Exists as Dal'Rok.

[27] Joret Dal, Personnel, Cardassian/Federation
"Male dissident. Both in the Cardassian military and a Federation operative who provided Starfleet with valuable information about Cardassia's strategic intentions. Commanded the Curie, transporting Ensign Sito who was posing as a Bajoran terrorist."
-SECURITY, Navigation, Honor; Suspends Lower Decks where present; [Cardassian infiltration] icon; 

[28] Kenneth Dalby, Personnel, Federation/Non-Aligned, 
"Representative of Maquis resistance fighters who joined the crew of the USS Voyager. Spent his troubled youth on the Bajoran frontier. Saw the woman he loved be killed by Cardassians. Gave Tuvok a hard time."
-OFFICER, Resistance, Computer Skill; Does not work with .personnel or Cardassians; .

[29] Unite a World at War, Mission, planet, Non-Aligned
Daled IV: Bring together two opposite factions, fulfilling a long-planned for destiny.
-Salia OR Salia OR Salia OR Salia OR Salia
-Span: 3; 40 points

[30]Daliwakan, Personnel, Federation, .
"Holographic recreation of a ½-human, ½-Daliwakan gigolo who frequented Chez Sandrine in a Tom Paris holodeck simulation."
-CIVILIAN; Where present, once per turn, may redirect one Love Interest or Romance dilemma to a  icon personnel present; Where present,  icon personnel are considered to be of their apparent species

[26] n/a
[27] Lower Decks' bonuses are only suspended on the personnel present with him. When infiltrating, he'll disrupt that event on his crew.
[28] It would be interesting to see what a deck with multiple Dalbys would look like. He can't work with Federation command personnel. Feds yes, Fed commanders no.
[29] AtoZ's 1000th dream card!!!! I pulled a mission, but made the best of it with a little joke. There's just one way to solve this one.
[30] As it stands, a [holo] personnel's species is considered to be "hologram". Where present, this personnel makes all holograms actually count as humans, Klingons, etc. With some species-specific cards around (and Hate Crime), it changes the landscape a bit.

[31] Dalvin hissing beatle
[32] Damar, Glinn
[33] dampening field
[34] Danar, Gul
[35] Danar, Roga

[31] Alexander's Hissing Beetle, Event
"Alexander Rozhenko kept a Dalvin hissing beetle as a pet. Counselor Deanna Troi agreed to care for the animal while Alexander was visiting his grandparents."
-Plays on any Alexander OR K'mtar. At the start of every turn, may be passed on to another personnel present (your choice). Targeted personnel (unless any Alexander or K'mtar) is attributes -2.

[32] Exists as Damar.

[33] Dampening Field, Event
"Energy field that inhibits transmissions of many forms of energy, including communications. In 2372, one such field was activated on Deep Space 9 as part of a Level-1 counter-insurgency program."
-Plays on any Site on a Nor or ship if you have an ENGINEER at Ops or on the Bridge, OR if Automated Security System active here. No personnel may leave or enter that Site, nor may your opponent use its game text. Discard at the end of any of your turns.

[34] Exists as Danar.

[35] Exists as Roga Danar.

[31] The Beetle may be passed on to your opponent's personnel.
[32] n/a
[33] You can still report personnel and equipment at a site even if your opponent cannot.
[34] n/a
[35] n/a

[36] "Dancing Doctor, The"
[37] Daneeka
[38] Dano, Kal
[39] Danula II
[40] Dara

[36] The Dancing Doctor, Personnel, Federation
"Dr. Beverly Crusher had a number of extracuricular interests like cooking, theater and dance. Tried to hide her nickname from the rest of the crew."
-MEDICAL, MEDICAL, Anthropology, Music, Cooking; Where present, may nullify any discard or card draw from Ooby Dooby; SD Shall We Dance OR Cyrano de Bergerac

[37] Daneeka, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet officer assigned to USS Okinawa when Benjamin Sisko was its executive officer. Reassigned to Earth by Admiral Leyton in preparation for his military coupof Earth's government."
-OFFICER, Leadership, Computer Skill; Ship or facility she is aboard is attributes +1 in Earth region; 

[38] Kal Dano, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"27th-century scientist who invented the Tox Uthat, a device with enormous weapons potential. Fearful that it would be stolen, fled to the 22nd-century, where he hid the Uthat on planet Risa."
-SCIENCE, ENGINEER x2, Astrophysics x3; Once per game, may replace one unused Tox Uthat in play under any unsolved mission

[39] Landscaping, Mission, planet, Federation
Danula II: Prepare grounds for annual Starfleet Academy marathon.
-(Boothby OR Any botanist) + STRENGTH>30
-Span: 2; 30 points; When solved, you may download By a Nose to your hand

[40] Dara, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 10 points
"Daughter of noted Kaelon scientist Timicin and mother of his only grandson. Visited Timicin aboard the Enterprise-D in 2367 to plead with him to return home and carry out his Resolution. Not much of a renegade."
-CIVILIAN, Honor; When Timicin is discarded at 60 points, score points

[36] A persona of Beverly Crusher. When Bev encounters Ooby Dooby, she decides just how many discards and draws are performed as a result of the dilemma. For example, say you have 3 Youth and 4 Music personnel (including Bev), you could decide you only wanted to discard 2 cards, or draw 1.
[37] Had to guess on the gender.
[38] The Tox Uthat so replaced would have to be re-acquired.
[39] A botanist is someone listed as such in the lore. Basically, Keiko O'Brien and her staff.
[40] I don't believe in giving her the 60-point limit because she's still young and shouldn't be thinking about her countdown.

[41] Daren, Neela
[42] Darhe'el, Gul
[43] "Dark Page"
[44] dark-matter nebula
[45] "Darkling"

[41] Exists as Neela Daren.

[42] Gul Darhe'el, Personnel, Cardassian
"Cardassian commander of the infamous Gallitep labor camp on planet Bajor. Under his authority, hundreds of Bajorans were tortured and killed while working under brutal conditions."
-OFFICER, Leadership x2, Treachery; Once per game, may kill all captives present; 

[43] A Dark Page From the Past, Dilemma, space/planet
"On Stardate 47254.1, neurological problems forced Lwaxana Troi to confront a dark secret for her past. Many people have such skeletons in their closets."
-One non-Youth unique personnel present (random selection) is placed in stasis along with any of its family members in play. Cure by bringing Empathy to personnel in stasis' location.

[44] Dark-Matter Nebula, Mission, space, .
"The Delta quadrant is rife with dark-matter nebulas such as the one in which the crew of the USS Voyager was attacked by trianic energy beings."
-Long-Range Scan must be played to initiate battle here. X = number of Navigation aboard ship.
-Span: 7-X

[45] Dark Side, Dilemma, space/planet
"When Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram incorporated personalities from several historical figures, their darker personality traits surfaced in him and caused him to become evil."
-Place on one  personnel or android present. Unless 3 ENGINEER present, it initiate battles against other personnel here. Nullified if targeted personnel ever deactivated or placed in stasis.

[41] n/a
[42] Gul Darhe'el has a persona he shares with Aamin Marritza called The Butcher of Gallitep. I know he should be able to kill a lot more captives than that, but I don't want to make him too powerful.
[43] Family relationships are indicated in each card's lore. The cure works individually for each personnel in stasis, each coming out of its coma when that skill is present. It is discarded when no one is affected, but if still in play, will affect just-reported personnel.
[44] A Delta quadrant version with its own particularities.
[45] A new use for Off Switch?

[46] "Darkness and the Light, The"
[47] "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra"
[48] "Darmok"
[49] Darnay's disease
[50] Daro, Glinn

[46] Modified Voice, Dilemma, space/planet
"To satisfy his thirst for revenge against the Shakaar resistance cell, Silarin Prin modified Major Kira's own voice electronically to send her messages of their impending deaths."
- Immediately "stops" all personnel present with nemesis icons. Place on mission. Further dilemmas and actions requiring any Computer Skill here require 2 more.

[47] Darmok and Jilad at Tanagra, Objective, 10 points
-Plays on any planet where you have 2 OFFICERs of different affiliations OR 2  OFFICERs of different species. They may not leave planet. At any time, you may play a compatible dilemma from discard pile which does not require more than 20 of any attribute (random selection) on them. They face it alone together. If they pass it, download any Treaty, score points and discard objective. If they do not and both survive, discard dilemma. Try again next turn.

[48]Uzani, His Army, With Fist Closed, Tactic
ATTACK bonus +2 for each Darmok class vessel firing. Hit = . Direct hit =.
*Ship trapped: Ship cannot move away as long as two or more opposing ships are present.

[49] Darnay's Disease, Dilemma, space/panet
"A deadly ailment that attacks the brain and nervous system of its victims. Dr. Ira Graves died of Darnay's disease in 2365."
-Unless 3 MEDICAL present, plays on any non-Youth personnel present (opponent's choice). At the end of each of your turns, its CUNNING is lowered by 2 points. Dies when CUNNING reaches 0.

[50] Exists as Daro.

[46] You can help make your Nor or ship commandeer proof by uncovering Modified Voice at its location. "Actions" can refer to a commandeer attempt just as much as to dilemma or mission resolution.
[47] The two OFFICERs work together regardless of affiliation or player ownership for passing that dilemma. A compatible dilemma is one that can be seeded at a planet. If one of the OFFICERs bites the big one, there no longer is a valid target for the objective and it is discarded without scoring points. Note that passing a dilemma means surviving it and being unstopped. That means that a Male's Love Interest will still count as a pass even if it affects one of the two personnel.
[48] A way to make sure the opposing ship stays until you're done battling. It doesn't stop it from hiding at that location however.
[49] n/a
[50] n/a

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