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[1] M'Char
[2] M'kemas III
[3] M'ret, Vice-Proconsul
[4] M'Tell
[5] M-9

[1]IKC M'Char, Ship, Klingon
"Klingon bird-of-prey under the command of Commander Kaybok. Stopped the Xhosa to search for shape-shifters. Countered by the USS Defiant."
-K'Vort Class[] Cloaking Device, Tractor Beam; SD Hail

[2] Start War, Mission, planet, Dominion
M'kemas III: Attack planet using foreign interests in hopes of starting war between Federation and Tzenkethi.
-( + Commandeered  ship) OR Treachery x10
-Span: 4; 50 points

[3] Vice-Proconsul M'ret, Personnel, Romulan/Federation
"High-ranking senator who defected to Federation in 2369. Worked with dissident movement on Romulus. Hoped to establish permanent escape route."
-VIP, Honor x2, Leadership, Diplomacy; Your personnel may be moved when in stasis as if disabled; 

[4] M'Tell, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Archaeologist noted for her discovery of Ya'Seem. Ranked among the greatest in her field. Expert on ancient toys from all over the quadrant."
-SCIENCE, SCIENCE, Archaeology x2; SD Tinghamut OR Ya'Seem

[5] M-9 Sign Language, Interrupt, 5 points
"When Riva lost the use of his Chorus, he taught warring factions the same sign language, giving them something in common to build upon."
-Downloads Disadvantage Into Advantage. OR Doubles Riva's skills until end of next turn. OR Scores points if you just solved a mission requiring Diplomacy in a single turn.

[1] Your basic ship K'Vort for Kaybok to command (plus special download).
[2] Because commandeering an appropriate ship would be the hard part (given that such a ship may not be in play), I jacked up the points and put in an equally difficult alternative.
[3] Nullifies the limit on statis personnel everywhere in play.
[4] The stuff about toys (and thus the download of the Vulcan toy Tinghamut) is invention based on her name sounding like the toy company Mattel.
[5] The points can only be scored with the last use. You cannot score the points if your mission attempt took more than one turn from the first time you attempted it to your scoring its points.

[6] Mab-Bu VI
[7] Mabus
[8] MacAllister, James Mooney
[9] macaroni and cheese
[10] macchiato

[6] Investigate Crash, Mission, planet, Federation
Mab-Bu VI: Investigate crash-landing site of 22nd-century starship on this gas giant's moon.
-Transporter Skill x2 + Empathy + Leadership + ENGINEER
-Span: 3; 35 points; Atmospheric Ionization may play here during Outpost phase.

[7] Exists as Mabus.

[8] James Mooney MacAllister, Personnel, Federation
"Cadet who shared a room with Harry Kim at Starfleet Academy. Studied algorithms until dawn and helped Kim through 4th-year quantum chemistry."
-SCIENCE, Physics, Youth, Computer Skill x2; Your Harry Kim present is CUNNING +3; 

[9] Macaroni and Cheese, Food
"Traditional Earth dish. Extruded carbohydrate pasta and pressed dairy curds. A favorite of Ensign Ashmore's on USS Voyager."
-Your  personnel present are all attributes +1 (cumulative up to a maximum of +3). May play in Delta Quadrant where Schplict present.

[10] Macchiato, Food
"Cappucino-like coffee beverage favored by Dr. Beverly Crusher of the USS Enterprise. Helps clear the mind to solve DNA puzzles."
-Doubles one personnel present's Exobiology skill. Your crew or Away Team present may ignore DNA Clues.

[6] Ionization seeds face up ("plays") of course.
[7] n/a
[8] I've recently made having the Academy in your lore important to play.
[9] Schplict is the cheese Neelix made to create the mac and cheese, the same cheese that gave the ship an infection.
[10] Counts as a Coffee card. DNA puzzles? The entry is from "The Chase". DNA Clues is not discarded, it still plays on the location, but your personnel drinking the Macchiato are unaffected by it.

[11] MacDougal, Sarah
[12] MacDuff, Commander Kieran
[13] Macet, Gul
[14] Macias
[15] Macormak, Ensign

[11] Sara MacDougal, Personnel, Federation
"Chief engineer of USS Enterprise in early 2364, when the crew was affected by the Tsiolkovsky infection. The assignment lasted few days of her life."
-ENGINEER, Astrophysics; While in play, you may play Love Interest dilemmas as Events to any ship affected by Tsiolkovsky Infection; 

[12]Kieran MacDuff, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Satarran operative masquerading as a Starfleet officer to fool the USS Enterprise's memory-wiped crew into attack the Lysians."
-OFFICER, Treachery x2, Computer Skill, Navigation, Anthropology, Leadership; SD Memory Wipe; ;

[13] Exists as Macet.

[14] Macias, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Leader of a Maquis cell on Ronara. Scarred by Cardassian. Fond of hasperat, though not a Bajoran. Befriended Ro Laren and let her join the Maquis."
-CIVILIAN, Anthropology, Leadership, Honor; Maquis Resistance Cell plays for free; SD Maquis Recruitment

[15] Macormak, Personnel, Federation, 
"Female Starfleet ensign assigned to the USS Voyager in 2372. Attracted to Ensign Bennet although she never made it clear to him."
-SCIENCE, Youth, Exobiology; Once per turn, may nullify one Love Interest OR Romance dilemma where present; 

[11] I really had very little information on her, so the last sentence is a rather clumsy reference to Brooke Bundy being in Days of our Lives in the mid-70s. It then inspired her special skill. You may play Love Interest dilemmas on your own ships too.
[12] I'm betting he's pretty nasty when using Counterintelligence.
[13] n/a
[14] And Ro actually boosts him too. The first of many Maquis cards in "M".
[15] Had to invent her classification and skill as she was never seen.

[16] MacPherson Nebula
[17] "Macrocosm"
[18] macrospentol
[19] macrovirus
[20] Maddox, Commander Bruce

[16] Create Vertion Particles, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt
MacPherson Nebula: Create vertion particles by initiating explosion into supernova remnant.
-Physics x3 + Exobiology + (SECURITY OR Tactical Console)
-Span: 2; 30 points; Ships affected by Emergent Life-Form must move toward this location (nullified when solved here; score +10 points).

[17] Janeway with Rifle, Personnel, Federation
"When Kathryn Janeway returned to her macrovirus-infested ship, all she had was her trusty Type III Phaser Rifle to defend herself."
-OFFICER, SECURITY, Diplomacy -1; Your personnel present are STRENGTH +3; May nullify Macrovirus where present; 

[18] Soldier Improvement, Event
"The Angosians created supersoldiers using various chemical treatments, including macrospental. Unfortunately, their effects were irreversible."
-Plays on your Roga Danar OR Jem'Hadar OR mutant. In personnel battle, that personnel is STRENGTH +3, pairs first and may not be stunned. (Not cumulative.)

[19] Exists as Macrovirus.

[20] Bruce Maddox, Personnel, Federation
"Noted cyberneticist. Chair of Robotics at Daystrom Institute. At first believed Data was not a sentient being, but later corresponded with him."
-ENGINEER, SCIENCE, Cybernetics, Computer Skill x2; Every turn, may "stop" one android present; 

[16] 40 points if Emergent Life-Form was on the ship. If the dilemma was cured as per its requirements, you would not score extra points.
[17] An experiment in Star Wars-ish personnel with weapon cards. This Janeway can persona-switch with another Janeway AND a Rifle (the Equipment card). The card counts as a Phaser Rifle for the sake of passing dilemmas, but it cannot be discarded or stolen from the Away Team or crew.
[18] Though not cumulative, you can play Improvements on multiple personnel. Such personnel may still be mortally wounded, but if only stunned, are not taken out of the total STRENGTH calculated at the end of the battle. "Mutants" are any genetically-engineered personnel.
[19] n/a
[20] I don't think he deserved Cybernetics x2 despite the high honors.

[21] Madeline
[22] Madena, Coalition of
[23] Madred, Gul
[24] mag-lev carriage
[25] Magella, Shuttlecraft

[21] Madeline, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Dixon Hill's secretary. Bemused by the world of private investigators. Wanted to become a P.I. herself. Lets all kinds of shady characters in the office."
-CIVILIAN, Youth; If at The Office of Dixon Hill, your  personnel with Dixon Hill in their lore may report here for free

[22] Precarious Treaty, Event, Countdown: 4
"The Coalition of Madena, a political entity encompassing planets Altec and Streleb was held together by a very precarious treaty."
-Plays on table (for free if your total Diplomacy in play>6). Until end of countdown, your personnel may all mix and cooperate regardless of affiliation.

[23] Exists as Gul Madred.

[24]Mag-Lev Carriage, Event
"Small passenger or cargo vehicle using magnetic leverage to travel up a cable tether connecting planet surface and orbital station."
-Plays on any planet with a facility in orbit. Your personnel and equipment may move between planet and facility without beaming, suspending play up to once per turn to move cards to the planet. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

[25] Magellan, Ship, Federation
"USS Enterprise shuttle #15. Unsuccessfully sent to rescue Jean-Luc Picard at El-Adrel. Commanded by William T. Riker through null space in 2368."
-Shuttlecraft[] May nullify Null Space where present

[21] Being at "The Office" means being on a ship with the relevant Holoprogram incident played on it.
[22] It doesn't matter what affiliations you have in play, they may ALL work together (for a time). So, yes, it serves as a temporary Ferengi/Cardassian treaty (for example) if that's what you need, or a bigger tri-treaty or quadro-treaty, etc.
[23] n/a
[24] Outposts are always considered to be in orbit, as would a Nor. Moving personnel up and down the Carriage works as normal (i.e. as many times as you want) with AN ADDITIONAL time that suspends play to bring reinforcements, but not pull out personnel.
[25] A nullified Null Space yields no points.

[26] Magellan, USS
[27] "Magic Carpet Ride"
[28] magma pockets
[29] magnascopic storm
[30] magnasite drops

[26]USS Magellan, Ship, Federation
"Registry number NCC-3069. Commanded by Captain Conklin. Despite being of an older class of starship, served him well enough in battle."
-Constellation Class[] Tractor Beam; SD Any Tactic

[27] Exists as Magic Carpet Ride OCD.

[28] Magma Pockets, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: 3
"In 2370, magma pockets in Atrea IV had cooled to the point of solidifying and threatening the stability of the planet."
-Place on planet (Away Team "stopped"). When countdown ends, all facilities and landed ships on planet surface are destroyed. Cure with 4 Geology OR Juliana Tainer present.

[29] Magnascopic Storm, Dilemma, space
"Electromagetic spatial disruption. The USS Enterprise was passing through such a phenomenon when an emergent life-form attached itself to the ship."
-Unless 2 Navigation and 2 Astrophysics present, opponent may play one  dilemma from hand or discard pile to this ship. Crew encounters immediately at the start of your next turn.

[30] Magnasite Drops, Equipment
"Corrosive compound used by Rom to dissolve the bolts holding a panel over a secret compartment in 2370. Also used to get at Quark's safe."
-Where present, your personnel may steal unattended Gold-Pressed Latinum. Once per game, discard (to top of draw deck if Rom present) to download Secret Compartment to same location.

[26] Conklin was also given Battle-Bridge-related skills.
[27] n/a
[28] This would only destroy facilities ON the planet, like a Colony or Headquarters, not any orbiting stations or outposts.
[29] In other words, if you don't have the requirements, your crew is "stopped". At the start of the next turn, you are immediately affected by the other dilemma, without needing to initiate an attempt. After the dilemma has been dealt with, you may or may not actually initiate a mission attempt and continue.
[30] If Rom is present and your opponent doesn't interfere, guarantees a successful probe for Secret Compartment.


[31] magnaspanner
[32] magnaton pulse
[33] magnesite
[34] magnetascopic interference
[35] magnetic constrictors

[31] Magnaspanner, Equipment
"Handheld tool used by Starfleet engineers. Used by Cortin Zweller to modify a dom-jot table in order to win a game against some Nausicaans."
-Once per turn where present, may nullify Dom-Jot OR "stop" one Nausicaan personnel OR halve the Nausicaan dilemma. Also, one Youth personnel present gains ENGINEER.

[32] Magnaton Pulse, Interrupt
"In 2372, renegade Jem'Hadar used a magneton pulse (a type of electromagnetic energy discharge) to hide their escape ship's ion trail."
-Plays on your ship without Cloaking Device; it is cloaked until end of next turn. OR Nullifies Long-Range Scan.

[33] Miracle Metal, Interrupt
"Magnesite (MgCO3) can cause feedback pulses in drilling phasers, block beaming, or be used on Kazon spacecraft and as cooking fuel."
-Plays to "stop" all Geology personnel at one location OR to prevent all beaming at one location until end of next turn OR to add +2 to all attributes of any Kazon ship for rest of game OR to download one Food card. (Each function once per game.)

[34] Magnetascopic Interference, Dilemma, space
"Electromagnetic energy produced by unstable protostars like that of the Topin system. It affects sensors and communication efficiency."
-Unless 2 Astrophysics and Computer Skill present, plays on location. Scan cards may not be played at this location and the Borg may not use Service the Collective here.

[35] Constrictor Sabotage, Dilemma, space
"In 2372, Michael Jonas sabotaged Voyager's magnascopic constrictors so that they would be forced to vent plasma, damaging the warp coils."
-If Treachery aboard, ship damaged (=). Instead of either , your opponent may download Target Engines from their Battle-Bridge side-deck.

[31] The last effect is on at all times, but the once per turn function must be selected from the list and may not each occur on the same turn.
[32] The second function is really a throw-away. Note that the first doesn't give the ship a Cloaking Device, merely cloaks it.
[33] The Kazon ship's enhancement can be Amandaed right then and there, but is thereafter not nullifyable.
[34] No Scan cards on any type can play here, including Long-Range Scan. Specifically, the Borg cannot quick-probe here thanks to Service the Collective.
[35] I thought it might be interesting to have dilemmas that damage with specific damage markers.

[36] magnetic leverage
[37] magnetic resonance traces
[38] magnetic seals
[39] magnetic spindle bearings
[40] magnetic storm

[36]Thin Air, Dilemma, space/planet
"When Tuvok climbed on top of a Nezu magnetic leverage platform during its ascent, he had to contend with high winds and rarified atmosphere."
-Place on planet OR ship. Your personnel present (except Vulcans, androids, changelings and holograms) are all attributes -3 unless wearing Environmental Suits (killed if any attribute=0 or less).

[37] Borg Footprint, Event
"After its encounter with the Borg at System J-25, the USS Enterprise crew was able to identify their specific magnetic resonance traces."
-Plays on table. At start of your turn, if your personnel present with any opposing  card, you may peek at one face down  card (opponent's choice).

[38] Antimatter Seal Collapse, Dilemma, space
"The magnetic seals of the USS Yamato's matter/antimatter containment system collapsed in 2365 just prior to the ship's explosion."
-Unless 2 Computer Skill and ENGINEER present, ship is destroyed. Nullify with Eject Warp Core.

[39] Reaction Control, Interrupt
"Many starships use a reaction control assembly to stabilize their flight, thanks to high-tech magnetic spindle bearings which require frequent maintenance."
-Suspends play to move your ship as much as half its RANGE (rounded up) OR to download any Maneuver card.

[40] Magnetic Storm, Dilemma, space
"Electromagnetic spatial disturbance that, in 2373, the Voyager shuttlecraft Sacajawea was caught in. The shuttle crashed almost killing Captain Janeway."
-Unless Astrophysics and 2 Navigation present, your ship with no staffing icons present is relocated to adjacent planet mission (landed, one personnel aboard dies, random selection) OR is destroyed (if no adjacent planet mission available).

[36] Had to do this one eventually since I mentioned it on a card long ago (Degebian Mountain Goat).
[37] Theoretically, your Borg opponent could always show you the same objective.
[38] Not that difficult, but harsh.
[39] Gets your ship moving even during your opponent's turn, even at the start of a battle.
[40] Except the wall part of this dilemma, it won't have an effect on ships with staffing icons.

[41] magneton scan
[42] magnetospheric energy taps
[43] Maht-H'a, IKS
[44] Maid Marian
[45] Maihar'du

[41] Magneton Scan, Interrupt
"Considered the most precise sensor instrument on the USS Voyager, the magneton scan was used in an effort to locate a Komar presence aboard."
-Nullifies Scanner Interference OR Komar Possession OR any card nullifying your scan card.

[42] Energy Tap, Event
"Magnetospheric energy taps were used by Peliar Zel as an energy source for Alpha Moon, though the field disastrously crossed Beta Moon's orbit."
-Plays on table (for free if  Peliar Zel in play). While in play, at start of your turn, you may simultaneously draw one card, play one card and discard one card from play.

[43] Exists as IKC Maht-H'a.

[44] Maid Marian, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"In Q's re-creation of Nottingham, Vash played the role of an indignified Maid Marian to Picard's Robin Hood."
-VIP, Anthropology; Reverses Ar-Q-ologist where present (you get to "dig up" cards instead of opponent); May only report (for free) if Q-Continuum open and in play

[45] Exists as Maihar'du.

[41] A scan card is, as usual, any card wih Scan in the title.
[42] You must do all 3 actions if you so choose, and may not just do one or two. The card play is in addition to your normal card play.
[43] n/a
[44] The last sentence of game text is in the restriction box.
[45] n/a

[46] main fusion reactor
[47] main particle impeller
[48] maintenance conduit
[49] Maj ram
[50] maje

[46] Exists as Reactor Overload.

[47] Particle Fountain Mishap, Interrupt
"In 2369, Dr. Farallon's particle impeller overloaded causing radiation to contaminate the work station on planet Tyrus VIIA."
-Nullifies Particle Fountain. OR Plays at a Particle Fountain's location to kill one personnel here (Exocomp if present, otherwise random selection).

[48] Conduit Maintenance, Event
"Nors have mainteance conduits running all over the station which are used to gain access to the facility's various systems."
-Downloads Access Tunnel to any Nor. OR Relocates your Away Team or crew at one Site to another without "walking". OR Once per game, nullifies Reactor Overload.

[49] Maj ram, Event
"In Klingon, 'Good night'. Though wished such a night, neither Worf nor Kor nor Dax got one when they guarded the Sword of Kahless from each other."
-Plays on any Klingon present with Sword of Kahless (unless any Kahless present). Once per turn, must "unstop" itself to attack opposing personnel present.

[50] Maje Karden, Personnel, Kazon
"After the young Kazon Karden got his Ogla name, he quickly rose through the ranks to become Maje of his sect. Somewhat influenced by Chakotay."
-OFFICER, Honor, Anthropology x2, Leadership, Navigation; Your other Kazon present are INTEGRITY +2; 

[46] n/a
[47] The card can kill someone on a ship or on the planet. An Exocomp is sort of forced to "Securty Sacrifice" here.
[48] This made me sweat since I'd given the site version to an entry titled "access tunnel".
[49] The Klingon is only forced to attack in personnel battle. It's a sort of Saltha'na Clock effect that takes effect right after the personnel is "stopped".
[50] Invention of what might have happened after Voyager left Kazon space. His sect is of course the Kazon-Ogla.

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