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[1] B'aht Qul challenge
[2] B'Etor
[3] B'hala
[4] B'iJik
[5] B'Nar

[1] B'aht Qul Challenge, Dilemma, space/planet
"Traditional Klingon game of strength in which one contestant holds both arms forward, while the other places his or her arms between the first, wrists touching. The first contestant attempts to press the arms together, while the second attempts to force them apart."
-Target two highest STRENGTH personnel (random selection if tie). Compare their STRENGTHs. Lowest of the two is stopped (both if tie).

[2] Already exists as B'Etor.

[3]B'hala, Event
"Legendary ancient city on planet bajor that disappeared some 20,000 years ago. Bajoran archeologists searched for it for millennia until the Emissary uncovered its ruins."
-Play on Bajor if no facility there. Once per turn, you may report one Bajoran VIP here. While in play, Artifacts you play as Event cards play for free. Discard if any facility ever built here.
Now exists as The City of B'hala.

[4] Already exists as B'iJik.

[5] B'Nar, Event, Countdown: 4
"Talarian mourning ritual. A rhythmic high-pitched wail expressed for hours at a time. The Talarian boys rescued by the Enterprise-D in 2367 made the B'Nar in protest for being held aboard."
-Plays on table. While in play, no cards may come out of either discard pile. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

[1] All STRENGTH determinations are made after modifiers.
[2] n/a
[3] Like the Rommies' Apnex Sea except for the Bajorans.
[4] n/a
[5] No Res-Qs, no Palor Toffs, no Are These Truly Your Friends, Brother, no Regenerate, et al. The discard piles are locked tight during the countdown.

[6] B'rel-class bird-of-prey
[7] B'tardat
[8] B'Zal
[9] B-Type warbird
[10] Ba'el

[6] B'rel, Ship, Klingon, 
"Small Klingon bird-of-prey with a crew of about a dozen, commonly used as a scout ship."
-B'rel Scout Class[] May not be carried aboard birds-of-prey; Cloaking Device
Now exists as B'rel.

[7] B'tardat, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Science minister on planet Kaelon II. In 2367, initiated hostile action against the Enterprise-D when Dr. Timicin requested asylum aboard the ship in defiance of his planet's laws."
-SCIENCE, VIP, Law; May place one personnel present with him on Kaelon II in stasis; 

[8]B'Zal Signal, Interrupt
"Ferengi signal code using alternating patterns of light and dark to transmit simple text messages. in 2370, Bok exloded a probe near the Enterprise-D, which created a series of light patterns that translated as 'My revenge is at hand'."
-Play to transfer any or all cards played on your ship with Ferengi aboard to another of your ships with Ferengi aboard.

[9] Exists as regular D'deridex.

[10] Exists as Ba'el.

[6] Based on the Cha'Joh. It can be carried about Voo'dieh and Vor'Cha class ships however.
[7] If B'tardat ever leaves the personnel in stasis, it is cured of that stasis.
[8] Transferrable cards include Baryon Buildup, Activate Tractor Beam, Incoming Message and Tsiolkovsky Infection. It does not transfer Personnel or Equipment aboard a ship.
[9] n/a
[10] n/a

[11] Balt'masor Syndrome
[12] baakonite
[13] Babel Conference
[14] "Babel"
[15] baccarat

[11] Balt'masor Syndrome, Dilemma, space/planet
"Disease suffered from by Klingon exobiologist J'Ddan. he required regular treatments given by injection for the condition."
-Place on one personnel present (random selection). If at the end of each of your turns, no MEDICAL is present with that personnel, it dies.

[12] Baakonite, Event
"Type of metal from which the blades of modern bat'leth swords are made."
-Plays on any Ore Processing Unit. At the start of each of your turns, you may download any number of Klingon hand weapons (except disruptors) to that site.

[13] Sarek Said, Interrupt
"Vulcan ambassador Sarek was a man of great influence. His opinion weighed so much that he is credited with the Coridan admission which passed on his recommendation."
-Place on any Treaty to protect it from nullification. OR Nullify Hate Crime. OR Download Vulcan Mindmeld.

[14] Babel, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 2
"On Stardate 46423.7, a virus infected the population of station Deep Space 9, making everyone unable to speak coherently. A breakdown of the universal translator could have a similar effect."
-Unless Law OR Diplomacy x3 present, personnel of different species may not work together.

[15] Baccarat, Dilemma, planet, ± 7 points, 
"Old Earth gambling game in which winnings were decided by comparing cards held by the banker with those held by the players. Julian Bashir's secret agent holosuite character was an exceptional player."
-Both players must show their hands. The player with the most Objective cards in hand scores points. If tie, player with the most Event cards scores points. If tie, the most Interrupt cards. If tie again, both players lose points.

[11] A MEDICAL personnel cannot count as MEDICAL present for itself.
[12] "Except disruptors" includes Klingon Disruptor and Klingon Disruptor Rifle.
[13] The only TNG reference to the Babel Conference in the Encyclopedia is from "Sarek", to the effect that Sarek spoke in favor of the Coridan admission and is credited with passage of the measure.
[14] This splits an away team or crew into multiple away teams and crews until the countdown expires. Split Away teams must continue the mission attempt seperately. One of the mini-crews must be able to staff the ship by itself for it to move.
[15] n/a

[16] bacillus spray
[17] Badar N'D'D
[18] Badlands
[19] BaH
[20] bahgol

[16] Pesticide, Event
"In an alternate future, Jean-Luc Picard used a bacillus spray, an organic pesticide whose major component is one of a number of rod-shaped bacteria that poisons parasites, on his prize-winning vineyard."
-Plays on any non-dilemma card with a point box to protect that card from nullification OR on Drought Tree to double its points. (Not cumulative.)

[17] Badar N'D'D, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Male Antican. Chief delegate of the Antican contingent to the Parliament Conference of 2364. Fond of Selay flesh."
-VIP, Cooking; When present at a Food harboring site, may use one Personnel card as a Food card

[18] Exists as Study Badlands.

[19] BaH!, Interrupt
"Klingon term for 'Fire', as ni the command to fire weapons."
-Plays on a cloaked  ship. It decloaks and fires upon any ship present or flying by, suspending that ship's movement.

[20] Bahgol, Food
"Beverage, best served warm. Kor, Kang, Koloth and Curzon dax once drank bahgol at the Korvat colony."
-While in play, your Klingons all INTEGRITY +1. Kor, Kang, Koloth and Curzon Dax are INTEGRITY +2.

[16] Even Altonian Brain Teaser will not affect a Particle Fountain protected thus. Note that you can either protect Drought Tree from nullification OR double its points. Not both.
[17] Food harboring sites include Quark's Bar, Replimat, Ten-Forward and Mess Hall. This Personnel allows you to "upkeep" a personnel just like a Food card, that is: reporting that card directly to the site and replacing it in hand at any time or when Badar N'D'D leaves the site. I would reserve this honor to personnel boosters. Did you know this was Marc Alaimo's (Dukat) first Star Trek role? Fuuuuuuuuuunnnnny!
[18] n/a
[19] It cannot be played on a Klingon ship just to kae it decloak - there must be a ship to fire on present. A passing ship may retaliate and continue its movement after the attack.
[20] Kor, Kang, Koloth are not INTEGRITY +3 total.

[21] Bahrat
[22] Bajor (mirror)
[23] Bajor VIII
[24] Bajor
[25] Bajoran assault vessel

[21] Bahrat, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Manager of the Nekrit Supply Depot on the norder of the Nekrit Expanse. Obsessive about law and order. Demanded a 20 percent commission for trading on his station."
-VIP, Law x2, Greed; While on table, you score 1 extra point for every 5 points you score normally; Nekrit Supply Depot is SHIELDS +6 while aboard; 

[22]Extract Records, Mission, planet, Non-Aligned, 
Bajor (mirror): Rescue important documents from the time of the Terran occupation.
-3  icons + Treachery x3 + Computer Skill
-Span: 4; 35 points
Now exists as Disrupt Alliance.

[23] Observe Illegal Trade, Mission, planet, Bajoran
Bajor Region*Bajor VIII: Conduct surveillance on Bajoran insurgents bent on purchasing illegal explosives from Klingon outcasts from this remote outpost.
-Law x2 + (Ocular Implants OR Zefram Cochrane's Telescope OR SECURITY x5)
-Span: 3; 45 points

[24] Exists as Alter Records.

[25] Exists as Assault Vessel.

[21] Always calculate a 20% gain in points while he's on the table. The Nekrit Supply Depot will be an Outpost for Delta Quadrant Non-Aligned.
[22] The Mirror icon on the mission itself is important to note. That mission can only be played on the Mirror spaceline. It can coexist with Alter Records (the real Bajor), is not part of the Bajor region, and is not a homeworld.
[23] To count, Zefram Cochrane's Telescope has to have been played on this spaceline location.
[24] n/a
[25] n/a

[26] Bajoran Central Archives
[27] Bajoran Chamber of Ministers
[28] Bajoran communicator
[29] Bajoran Days of Atonement
[30] Bajoran death chant

[26]HQ: Central Archives, Event
"Information repository for any given government."
-Plays on table if your homeworld on spaceline. Any Event and Interrupt cards now discard underneath here. When you have any unopposed matching personnel with Computer Skill and CUNNING>7 on your homeworld at the beginning of your turn, you may take any one card underneath this Event into hand. (Not cumulative.)

[27] Exists as Chamber of Ministers.

[28]Bajoran Communicator, Equipment
"Personal communications device incorporated into a decorative pin worn by bajoran personnel. Similar in operation to a Starfleet communicator."
-Bajoran use only. Allows one OFFICER present to share its skills with another OFFICER at the same spaceline location but not present.
Something like it is Classic Communicator.

[29] Days of Atonement, Dilemma, space/planet
"Holy festival. Former Shakaar resistance cell member Latha Mabrin was murdered at the Calash Retreat in 2373 while preparing for the Days of Atonement."
-Unless 2 Bajorans OR 3 Anthropology present, you lose points equal to twice the number of personnel in your opponent's discard pile.

[30] Bajoran Death Chant, Interrupt, Countdown: 3
"Funreal rite of the Bajoran people. It was reputed to be over two hours long."
-Play on any Bajoran, or group of Bajorans, who has just died. That personnel, or group of personnel, is not considered dead until countdown ends.

[26] "Your homeworld" is a homeworld for which you have an matching facility on spaceline.
[27] n/a
[28] Both OFFICERs must be Bajoran.
[29] n/a
[30] The personnel doesn't make it to the discard pile, cannot be Duranjaed or DeathYelled (possible in some situations) until the countdown ends. The Interrupt is discarded when the countdown ends.

[31] Bajoran First Minister
[32] Bajoran Gratitude Festival
[33] Bajoran impulse ship
[34] Bajoran Institute of Science
[35] Bajoran Military Academy

[31] First Minister Shakaar, Personnel, Bajoran
"First Minister who succeeded Kalem Apren, Shakaar Edon was elected for a six year term. Romantically involved with Kira Nerys, a member of his old resistance cell."
-VIP, Leadership x2, Resistance, SECURITY; Attributes all +2 if present with 5 or more Bajorans; Left-facing purple Nemesis icon, 
Now exists as First Minister Shakaar.

[32] Bajoran Gratitude Festival, Interrupt
"Annual Bajoran celebration of great importance during which burned their renewal scrolls so that their troubles could symbolically turn to ashes. Also called the Peldor Festival."
-Any time you have just transferred or given points to your opponent, play to download any card with the  icon or the word Bajoran in its title. OR Download Renewal Scroll.

[33] Exists as Bajoran Interceptor.

[34]Bajoran Institute of Science, Headquarters, Bajoran
"Bajoran research center. Dr. Mora Pol studied Odo here after the changeling's discovery in the Denorios Belt."
-Seeds or plays on Bajor if no other facility present. Once per turn, one Bajoran SCIENCE-classification personnel OR one SCIENCE-related Equipment card may play for free here. Shape-shifters here are in stasis if present with SCIENCE. (Not duplicatable.)

[35] Bajoran Military Academy, Headquarters, Bajoran
"Armed forces institute on planet Bajor. Responsible for the training of the Bajoran militia."
-Seeds or plays on Bajor if no other facility present. Once per turn, one Bajoran SECURITY-classification personnel OR hand weapon may play for free here. While in play, your Bajoran personnel with Youth are STRENGTH +2. (Not duplicatable.)

[31] This Shakaar actually has Silarin Prin's matching nemesis icon non-retroactively.
[32] "Giving points" includes any time a card makes you give points or cards with point boxes to your opponent.
[33] Imagine my disappointment when I realized these two ships were one and the same.
[34] I thought it interesting if the Bajorans had a choice of HQs.
[35] Ditto.

[36] Bajoran Militia
[37] Bajoran provisional government
[38] Bajoran solar-sail vessel
[39] Bajoran system
[40] Bajoran Time of Cleansing

[36] This is the entry that discusses the Bajoran Phaser and Bajoran Phaser Rifle.

[37] Provisional Government, Dilemma, space/planet
"As Quark once said to Sisko regarding Bajor's governing body: 'This provisional government is far too provisional for my taste; and when governments fall, people like me are drug out in the streets and shot.'"
-If your HQ on the spaceline (nearest if more than one), unless you have less than 2 personnel affiliated with that HQ present, personnel may no longer report there for free. Discard dilemma.

[38]Ancient Sail Vessel, Ship, Bajoran, ., -10 points
"Spacecraft used by the ancient Bajorans, propelled by light pressure from a sun. One even reached Cardassia by being caught in a tachyon eddie."
-Solar-Sail Vessel[ OR Benjamin Sisko] *May move one spaceline location per turn within the same region; Opponent who directly causes destruction of ship loses points; Holds 3 personnel; Has no transporters

[39] Exists officially as Acquire Illicit Explosives.

[40] Time of Cleansing, Event, Countdown: 3
"Monthlong Bajoran ritual in which the participants abstain from worldy pleasures. A real drain on Quark's revenues."
-Plays on table. While in play, Bajorans are not affected by Food cards, Jamaharon, Alien Groupie and may not be present at Quark's Bar, Holodecks and Holosuites.

[36] n/a
[37] An "HQ" is an actual Headquarters facility, not the various HQ Objectives and Events. Determine the nearest one by counting the number of spaceline locations. In case of a tie, go by Span numbers.
[38] The ship cannot leave a region.
[39] n/a
[40] You can either protect your Bajorans from Jamaharon, et al., or prevent your opponent's Bajorans from enjoying some Sites and Foods.

[41] Bajoran wormhole
[42] Bajorans
[43] baked potato
[44] baked Risan beans
[45] baktag

[41] Exists as Bajoran Wormhole.

[42] May be reported through Bajoran Outpost.

[43] Baked Potato, Food
"Edible tuber of the Solanum tuberosum plant, baked and served as a side dish, often garnished with butter or sour cream and chives. The thought of it made Starfleet personnel emprisonned by the Akritirians' mouths water."
-While in play, all Food affecting your personnel at this site also apply to your personnel on opponent's facilities. May be nullfied by Frigid played from hand or discard pile.

[44] Baked Risan Beans, Food
"Seeds from a leguminous plant indigenous to Risa, baked and served as a side dish."
-Requires no upkeep at Risa. While in play, opponent's personnel affected by Love Interests are relocated to this site as intruders.

[45]Klingon Insults, Dilemma, space/planet
"'Baktag! Pahtk!' Personnel have to watch what they say to Klingon warriors lest thy invoke their fury. And you wouldn't like a Klingon when he's angry."
-Unless 4 Honor present, one Klingon present attacks another personnel present (opponent's choice). If no Klingon present, Away Team or crew is "stopped".

[41] n/a
[42] n/a
[43] If a Food card at your Ten-Forward is giving your personnel present +1 STRENGTH for example, your intruders on opponent's Nor would also benefit from this "side dish".
[44] The card doesn't need a personnel present to be in play at Risa. It does need a food-serving Site however.
[45] The Klingon doesn't have to mortally wound if it doesn't want to, so it's either a matter of stopping one or two personnel, or the entire crew or Away Team.

[46] baktun
[47] Baldoxic vinegar
[48] Balduk warriors
[49] Balfour Lake
[50] Ballard, Lieutenant

[46] On Tkon Time, Event
"The now-extinct Tkon Empire used the baktun as a measure of time. It represented a large number of years, possibly centuries or millenia."
-Plays on table if Blade of Tkon has been acquired this game. While in play, cards do not count down. Discard if any player gets a double turn or time travels.

[47] Baldoxic Vinegar, Food, 
"Salad dressing. Neelix used Baldoxic vinegar on a salad of orchids. Mm-mmm."
-For each Baldoxic Vinegar in play, one personnel on same ship or facility's restriction box text is suspended. Nullified by The Devil.

[48]Balduk Warrior, Personnel, Klingon, .
"Member of a fierce group used by Worf in his Klingon callistenics holodeck program. He did not find him as frightening as a small angry child however."
-SECURITY, Guramba; STRENGTH +2 if no Youth present; May use Android Headlock if Safety Protocols disengaged

[49] Balfour Lake, Event, 5 points
"Location where Jack and Beverly Crusher took their young son Wesley on his first camping trip. The boy entertained himself by throwing manta leaves into the fire."
-Plays on Earth OR Camping Trip. Each Youth present there with a parent (as indicated by either card's lore), score points and discard Event card. (Not cumulative.)

[50] Lieutenant Ballard, Personnel, Federation
"Female Enterprise-D crewmember and teacher at the ship's primary school when Data's daughter, Lal, briefly attended class in 2366."
-SCIENCE; Anthropology; May teach Lal any skill; 

[46] Extremely useful to the Dominion (Ketracel White does not count down) and in conjunction with a number of Events and Objectives. Watch out for the double-edged sword though: dilemmas with countdowns will turn out to be permanent, and the card affects both players. Time-traveling includes the use of Temporal Rifts as well as movement to Time Locations. The Blade of Tkon may have been acquired by either player.
[47] The vinegar makes things go better together. So Lore can cooperate with the Federation after all, O'Brien can hang with Cardassians, Odo can use hand weapons, and so on.
[48] I extrapolate a number of things here: that Balduk warriors are indeed part of Worf's program, and that these are part of Klingon history and possibly exist in the empire (if not of the Klingon race). In any case, the Worf connection is enough for a Klingon affiliation icon.
[49] Having more than one Youth with a compatible parent score you multiple 5s, but you cannot have more than one Balfour Lake on the planet. The points are scored by the Youth, not the parents.
[50] If Lal is reported where Ballard is present, she may learn any two skills chosen from the complete list, not just from the personnel present.

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