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[51] Balosnee VI
[52] balso tonic
[53] Balthus, Dr.
[54] Baltrim
[55] banana split

[51] Experience Hallucinations, Mission, planet, Ferengi
Balosnee VI: Explore hallucinations caused by the harmonies of the tides.
-Grand Nagus Zek OR Total Attributes<20 + Empathy + Greed
-Span: 3; 30 points

[52] Balso Tonic, Food
"Drink. Federation Ambassador Odan was fond of balso tonic. The Enterprise-D food replicator was, unfortunately, unable to manufacture it."
-Cannot report to Replicators. While in play, all Trill on this ship or facility have one more level of Diplomacy. Any Odan at this site may be exchange for any other Odan from hand at the start of your turn for free.

[53] Dr. Balthus, Personnel, Federation, 
"Representative of Federation scientists specializing in botany. A botanist aboard the Enterprise-D and colleague of Keiko O'Brien."
-SCIENCE, Biology x2; 

[54] Baltrim, Personnel, Bajoran, 5 points
"Resident of Jerrado. Bajoran national made mute by the Cardassians during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. Teamed up with Mullibok and Keena to start a new life on Bajor's moon."
-CIVILIAN, Honor, Cooking; Worth points to you while at unsolved Relocate Settlers; Does not work with Cardassians

[55] Banana Split, Food
"Earth dessert made from ice cream, various sweet toppings, and a sliced banana. Wesley Crusher described it to Jono as 'maybe the best thing there is in the universe'."
-While in play, Jono and Wesley Crusher are STRENGTH +2, but CUNNING -2. Discard at any time to download Food Fight.

[51] Yes, that is total attributes LESS than 20.
[52] It can still report to Food serving Sites, no problem.
[53] n/a
[54] Baltrim must be on Jerrado's surface to be worth points.
[55] Note that this will affect Jono and Wesley if they are anywhere in play, even if on opponent's side of the table.

[56] Bandi
[57] Baneans
[58] Baneriam hawk
[59] bantaca
[60] bantan

[56] Visit Facility, Mission, planet, , Any affiliated Away Team may attempt
Bandi-controlled world: Visit, buy or pass over facility offered by over-eager Bandi people.
-OFFICER x3 + (Diplomacy OR Greed) + Exobiology
-Span: 4; 35 points; Seeding player's end: If you solve with Acquisition, you may download any facility here; Opponent's end: Farpoint Alien may report here

[57] Prove Innocence, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Federation/Klingon, 
Banea: Prove innocence of crewmember falsely accused of murder.
-CUNNING>60 + Law OR Sherlock Holmes OR Dixon Hill
-Span: 3; 35 points; When you solve, you may take one of your personnel held captive back into hand
Now exists as Expose Plot.

[58] Like a Hawk, Event
"Quark once told Odo that he resembled a Baneriam hawk looking for prey, when the security chief was observing patrons at the bar on Stardate 46853."
-Plays on your unique SECURITY. If ever opposed at a site, immediately probe:
#: Deterrent. No personnel battle may occur here until end of opponent's turn. Discard Event.
#: Search and seizure. Opponent must discard all equipment cards present. Discard Event.
#Otherwise: Missed something. Discard probe card.

[59] Bantaca, Artifact
"Large stone spire built at the center of ancient Bajoran cities, said to mark the city's place in the cosmos. Symbols carved into one such spire helped the Emissary find B'hala in 2373."
-Immediately play on any planet location. Nullifies and prevents any Event played on that location. Planet may not be moved. Discard at the start of any turn to download B'hala to Bajor.

[60] Bantan, Food, 
"One of Neelix's specialties. Very spicy. Blend any red meat with oil, Voraxan peppers, Talaxian root spice and peppered butter in sauce pan. Flash fry for a minutes before covering. Simmer for five minutes. Serve with water."
-Plays only if Cooking is present. While in play, Plasma Fires either play for free, or need two SECURITY to put out.

[56] Note that both ends have different game text. The downloaded facility is immediately built and ignores the normal rule of matching each facility with affiliation icons on the mission (since there are none). You can still not build a Neutral Outpost (space only) at this location.
[57] n/a
[58] n/a
[59] Planet may not be moved by Q or Blade of Tkon, etc.
[60] Cooking need not stay at the site to upkeep the Food card, but must be present for it to be played there.

[61] "Bar Association"
[62] Barak-Kadan
[63] Baran, Arctus
[64] Barash
[65] barber shop

[61] Union Rules, Objective, , Countdown: 5
-Plays on table. While in play, Food cards are played like Event cards; Rules of Acquisition cards are suspended; and Program cards played on Holosuites cost the owner 2 points per turn to upkeep. Nullified by Liquidation.

[62] Barak-Kadan, Personnel, Klingon
"Male Klingon opera singer. Worf liked his strong intonations and traditional style, but Jadzia thought he was boring because he never varied his performance."
-VIP, Music x2, CIVILIAN, Honor; Attributes may not be modified

[63] Exists as Baran.

[64]Barash, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Humanoid child forced to leave his home planet. His mother hid him in a cavern on Alpha Onias III with machinery that could transform matter into any form he wished. Lured Commander Riker there for some company."
-CIVILIAN, Youth; SD Any  icon personnel;  personnel may be active where present; May nullify Hologram Ruse where present
Now exists as Barash.

[65]Barber Shop, Site
-Barbering personnel may report here (for free if any Mot). Once each turn, if you have Barbering personnel here unopposed, you may download one Espionnage on Romulan card OR Mot's Advice OR Barber Pole OR Alfarian Hair Pasta. Barbering personnel is opposed if present with any completely bald personnel, even your own.
-Any Nor OR  ship with  [Promenade/Saucer Section]

[61] With Union Rules in play, Food cards count as your normal card play and require no upkeep.
[62] His 9-9-9 cannot go up or down. Not from War Room, not from Frame of Mind, not even from hand weapons.
[63] n/a
[64] Barash acts as a living Holo-Emitter.
[65] "Any Mot" may refer to an eventual Mr. Mot persona for Picard. Why the Espionnage card? Because Mot was credited with making Picard and Data's Romulan wigs in "Unification". Look for an AtoZ Fed on Rom Espionnage card. Your barber is opposed if even your own COMPLETELY bald personnel is present. That does NOT refer to Picard (who has some hair), but Bolians, Ferengi, Benzites and the like are completely bald. To avoid confusion, let's rule that androids (except the universal Soong-Type) and changelings have "hair" that can be styled. The Site can exist on a ship with Command and Staff icons. It can have more, but not less. That means a Galaxy or Nebula-class ship has a Barber Shop, but an Excelsior or the Defiant does not.

[66] Barbo
[67] Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome
[68] Barclay, Reginald
[69] Bardakian pronghorn moose
[70] Bardeezan merchant ship

[66] Barbo, Personnel, Ferengi
"Quark's cousin. Released from the Tarahong detention center in 2369. Sold defective warp drives to the Tarahong government. Betrayed by his business partner, Quark."
-CIVILIAN, Greed, ENGINEER, Physics; 

[67] Exists as Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease.

[68] Exists as Reginald Barclay.

[69] Bardakian Pronghorn Moose, Personnel, Neutral, 
"An animal life-form known for its loud and horrible call. This one is male."
-ANIMAL; Cantankerousness; At the start of a personnel battle, pairs off with two opposing personnel, attacking each one with full STRENGTH

[70] Bardeezan Vessel, Ship, Non-Aligned, 
"Trading vessel. In 2370, one departing Deep Space 9 was briefly suspected of carrying the abducted Gul Dukat, but was later cleared."
-Merchant Vessel[] Once per game, you may report one personnel face down aboard as ship undocks

[66] If some of my Ferengi don't have incredible special skills, it's because, at this stage, the affiliation needs regular skills too.
[67] n/a
[68] n/a
[69] Say there are 5 opposing personnel. When the Moose turns up in your pile, it attacks the next two in your opponent's pile. Both suffer the Moose's attack. If either one stuns the Moose, it is stunned and so on. Two stun results do not equal a mortally wounded result. If there is only one opposing personnel left when Moose is uncovered, it only attacks the one. If the Moose faces a dual-personnel card, it only attacks that one. (I guess it's in trouble.)
[70] The personnel remains unknown to your opponent until he either plays a Long-Range Scan on the ship, or the personnel has to reveal itself to resolve a dilemma, solve a mission, gets involved in a personnel battle, etc.

[71] Bare, Professor Honey
[72] Bareil, Vedek
[73] Barisa Prime
[74] baristatic filter
[75] barium

[71]Honey Bare, Personnel, Federation, 
"Character in Julian Bashir's secret agent program. One of Earth's leading seismologists in 1964. A holosuite malfunction in 2372 caused her to look exactly like Jadzia Dax."
-SCIENCE, ENGINEER, Geology x3; SD Rescue Captives if your male personnel is held captive
Now exists as Professor Honey Bare.

[72] Exists as Bareil Antos.

[73] Fake Distress Call, Mission, planet, Dominion
Barisa Prime: Fake distress call claiming attack by neighbouring world as a diversionary tactic.
- icon + Treachery x3 + Computer Skill
-Span: 4; 40 points

[74] Baristatic Filters, Event
"Device used in a planet's atmosphere to remove air pollution on a large scale. A thousand baristatic filters were used on planet Tagra IV to clean the air."
-Plays on table. Protects your personnel in play from Anesthezine Gas, Aaaaaaaaack! and Acidichloride Gas.

[75] Barium, Event, .
"Chemical element with atomic number 56. Until the late 21st century, barium was administered to patients with gastrointestinal disorders to facilitate the imaging of the intestinal lining with X-rays."
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, you must retrieve all Food cards from your deck and place them on the table shuffled as a side-deck. In place of any card draw, you may take one Food card from side-deck into hand. Affected by Mirror Image.

[71] Holographic but not universal. Also, she IS a personna of Jadzia Dax, but Dax cannot be switched with honey where a hologram could not exist.
[72] n/a
[73] You don't even have to use a Founder here. A Non-Aligned Bluegill will do.
[74] Since Anesthezine Gas neutralizes intruders, this card is a little more useful than IP Scanner. It may be affected by Antigrav.
[75] The Food cards are taken at random fron the side-deck. You can download from this side-deck. Mirror Image makes it so your opponent must also make a side-deck of his Food cards.

[76] Barkon IV
[77] Barkonians
[78] Barnaby, Lieutenant
[79] Barnum, P.T.
[80] barokie

[76] Retrieve Lethal Materials, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Federation/Ferengi
Barkon IV: Retrieve crashed probe's radioactive casing from pre-industrial planet.
-ENGINEER + Physics + (android OR shape-shifter OR Exocomp OR  personnel)
-Span: 4; 35 points; One-personnel Away Teams are placed in stasis here

[77] The Ice Man Cometh, Dilemma, planet
"When Data crash landed on Barkon IV, his strange appearance was attributed to his being an 'Ice Man' from the mountains."
-If Away Team consists of only one personnel, and that personnel is an android, Vulcan, hologram or Changeling, it is placed in stasis until the end of your next full turn and opponent may download Thine Own Self.

[78] Barnaby, Personnel, Federation, 
"Starfleet tactical officer aboard the Enterprise-D. Served under Dr. Crusher during the encountr with the self-aware 'rogue' Borg in 2370. Had no patience for Taitt."
-SECURITY, Physics;  icon MEDICAL personnel may lead ship he is on into battle; 

[79] A Sucker Born Every Minute, Objective
-Plays on table. While in play,  personnel are INTEGRITY, CUNNING and STRENGTH -2. If your personnel with Treachery present with opponent's personnel with Youth, you may exchange one of your Equipment cards present with opponent's Artifact played as Equipment also present. Nullifed if opponent ever has 5 Law at any outpost, reexchanging cards to owners' hands.

[80]To Each His Own, Interrupt
"Ensign Cortin Zweller preffered barokie to dom-jot, saying barokie was 'more of a challenge'."
-Nullify Dom-Jot OR Parisee Squares. OR Make Anbo-Jytsu affect an entire Away Team, nullifying its points. OR Suspend Fair Play until the end of your turn.

[76] Can't go alone on this one. Note that personnel filtered out may become one-personnel Away Teams and be immediately placed in stasis and susceptible to Dead in Bed and the like.
[77] Attacks very specific (but powerful) redshirts.
[78] n/a
[79] Universal personnel affected are on both sides of the table. The 5 Law must be together at the same outpost.
[80] When playing on Anbo-Jytsu, your entire Away Team must pair off as stated on that card.

[81] Barolian freighter
[82] Barolians
[83] Barradas III
[84] Barradas system
[85] Barron, Dr.

[81] Barolian Freighter, Ship, Non-Aligned
"Space vessel that, in 2368, received a deflector array found to have been stolen from the Vulcan ship T'Pau."
-Barolian Class[] When reporting, choose one standard equipment present

[82]Trade Agreement: Non-Aligned/Romulan, Event
"The Barolian government entered into trade negociations with the Romulans in 2364. Romulan Senator Pardek took part in the conference."
-Plays on table. While in play, as long as no other affiliation aboard, your  personnel may use and staff  ships alone. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

[83] Exists as Plunder Site.

[84] Capture Pirates, Mission, space, Bajoran/Cardassian/Federation/Romulan
Barradas System: Locate and capture mercenary pirates looting this now deserted system.
-Law x2 + (Honor x3 OR OFFICER x4) + WEAPONS>8
-Span: 3; 40 points; Always insert next to Plunder Site

[85] Dr. Barron, Personnel, Federation
"Federation anthropologist assigned to planet Mintaka III to study the proto-Vulcan culture in 2366."
-SCIENCE, Anthropology x2; Scores 5 points if helps solve Cultural Observation.

[81] If no other ship is present when reported, it forfeits its chance at special equipment.
[82] The entire crew must be Non-Aligned to staff Romulan ships under Trade Aggrement. No Federation, Dominion or what have you. Of course, you could have Romulans present, but then you wouldn't need the Event.
[83] n/a
[84] n/a
[85] n/a

[86] Barros Inn
[87] Barson II
[88] Bartel, Engineer
[89] Barthalomew, Countess Regina
[90] Bartlett

[86] Barros Inn, Event
"A bar located on one of the Rigel planets. The Barros Inn was known as one of the wildest bars in that system. Curzon Dax was once thrown out of the Barros Inn for setting fire to the place."
-Seeds during dilemma phase on any Rigel planet location. You may store up to three personnel under Event. During the game, when your personnel are involved in a personnel battle, you may take one personnel under Barros Inn (random selection) and relocate it to the site of that battle. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

[87] Medical Emergency, Mission, planet/space, Federation
Barson II: Rush medical supplies to infected population, exceeding warp speed limits if necessary.
-MEDICAL x4 + Any MEDICAL-related equipment + RANGE>8
-Span: 3; 40 points; Subspace Warp Rift and Tetryon Field may not play here.

[88] Bartel, Personnel, Federation, 
"Female engineer aboard the Enterprise-D, at the time the ship encountered the Dyson Sphere near Norpin V."
-ENGINEER, Transporter Skill; 

[89]Countess Regina Bartholomew, Personnel, Non-Aligned,
"Holographic recreation inspired by the Sherlock Holmes stories. In love with Professor Moriarty. Created by Moriarty within the Enterprise-D holodeck computer in 2369. Quite brilliant."
-VIP, Diplomacy, Treachery; Professor Moriarty's attributes +2 where present
Now exists as Regina Barthalomew.

[90] Bartlett, Personnel, Federation, 10 points
"Starfleet officer assigned to Deep Space 9. In 2372, was aboard the USS Defiant when it was attacked by the USS Lakota acting under Admiral Leyton's orders."
-OFFICER, Navigation, May suspend Docking Procedures for ship he is on; Score points if killed by 

[86] The relocated personnel may immediately participate in the battle. Barros Inn is unaffected by the mission being solved, nor does it affect the mission attempt. If Barros Inn is somehow nullified, the personnel underneath are placed out-of-play.
[87] The RANGE requirement goes to the rush nature of the mission. If your ship wasn't fast enough, it just doesn't get there in time to save any lives.
[88] n/a
[89] Holographic, but not universal.
[90] n/a

[91] Barton
[92] baryon particles
[93] baryon sweep
[94] Barzan wormhole
[95] Barzans

[91]Barton's Drama, Dilemma, space
"Julian Bashir felt that Earth writers after twenty-third century Earth playright Barton's time were too derivative of alien drama."
-Unless only one species (besides infiltrators) staffs this ship, ship is stopped. (Discard dilemma only if mission is attemptable by  crews.)

[92] Baryon Surge, Dilemma, space
"An increase in baryon particles was detected with the malfunction of the metaphasic shield test of 2369. The increase in cain baryons was believed to be partially responsible for the death of Jo'bril."
-If this ship's SHIELDS are currently enhanced in any way, one matching personnel present is killed. Discard dilemma.

[93] Exists as Baryon Buildup.

[94]Barzan Wormhole, Doorway
-Requires two Barzan Wormhole cards; each inserts into a spaceline to create a location (span 1). Play one in Alpha Quadrant (adjecent to Wormhole Negociations); download the other to one end of Delta Quadrant. Limit one per quadrant. While in play, any ship may move from one end to the other. At the start of each of your turns, Wormhole in Delta Quadrant moves one location towards other end of spaceline. When it leaves that end, discard both doorways.
Now exists asBarzan Wormhole.

[95] Exists as Wormhole Negociations.

[91] Hybrids count as either species. Staffing the ship means being aboard, not just contributing a particular icon to staffing. Non-Aligned crews can attempt missions with either the NA icon or those attemptable by "Any crew" (but not "Any aligned crew".
[92] With Nutationals, Metaphasics, Captain's Logs, et al., this should hit a good portion of the time. Note that a ship with its SHIELDS below its normal number are not affected.
[93] n/a
[94] Ship is not "stopped" after going through this wormhole. Once the doorways are discarded, they may be played again. If you time it right, you can get some serious extra RANGE out of a ship needing to cover a long distance in the Delta Quadrant. Make a move onto the Barzan WH and let yourself get carried by it over a large mission (span 5 or 6). Free ride ;-)
[95] n/a

[96] Basai Master
[97] baseball
[98] Bashir, Amsha
[99] Bashir, Dr. Julian
[100] Bashir, Julian (mirror)

[96] Basai Master, Interrupt
"Honorific applied to great Klingon poets."
-Play on any Klingon without Youth and with either Honor x2 OR Music who just won a personnel battle. All Klingons present with it are attributes +1. Discard at any time to nullify Ode to Spot OR download Shakespeare's Own Words.

[97] Exists as Baseball.

[98] Amsha Bashir, Personnel, Federation, 5 points
"Mother of Julian Bashir. Conspired with her husband, Richard Bashir, to have illegal genetic enhancement performed on their child Julian, when he was seven years old."
-CIVILIAN; Worth points while your opponent has none of your personnel captive; May replace any Bashir present randomly selected for something other than death

[99] Exists as Julian Bashir.

[100] Julian Bashir-Mirror, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"In the mirror universe, resided on Terek Nor. Argumentative member of the Terran resistance. Became captain of Rebel raider ship. As its pilot, helped fend off an Alliance fleet that threatened the rebel-held Nor."
-OFFICER, Navigation x2, Resistance, Treachery; If present at a Nor, each of your ships present are WEAPONS +2; 
Now exists as Captain Bashir.

[96] The personnel chosen must be involved in a winning battle. It doesn't matter if it won its particular pairing, but it must have survived. Its attributes are not affected.
[97] n/a
[98] She can replace Bashirs (3 to choose from) selected to be framed for murder, captured, put in stasis, be disabled, etc.
[99] n/a
[100] He doesn't have to be on the Nor, merely at the same spaceline location, to confer the bonus.

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