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[151] Deng
[152] Denius III
[153] denkir
[154] Denkiri Arm
[155] Denning, General Rex

[151] Deng, Personnel, Federation
"Male ensign. Enterprise-D crewmember who assisted in setting up the thermal deflectors against a fierce firestorm on planet Bersallis III."
-ENGINEER, Physics, Stellar Cartography, Honor; SD Thermal Deflectors; 

[152] Exists as Reopen Dig.

[153] Zibalian Measure, Event, 
"Zibalians such as Kivas Fajo use a different system of measurement than the nearby Federation. Kivas also used a very different system of values."
-Plays on table. While in play, Kivas Fajo-Collector is limited to allowing one card draw, and Kivas Fajo only scores bonus points for one Artifact.

[154] Exists as Chart Stellar Cluster.

[155] Rex Denning, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"General in the United States Air Corps in 20th century Roswell, New Mexico. Investiagted the crash of an extraterrestrial vessel in 1947. Concerned for Earth security."
-OFFICER, Leadership; SECURITY; SD Presidential Order; May prevent any landed ship present from taking off;  icon if other  personnel present

[151] n/a
[152] n/a
[153] 1st function: Kivas Fajo-Collector (the Event). 2nd function: Kivas Fajo (the Personnel).
[154] n/a
[155] If "stopped", he cannot prevent a landed ship from taking off.

[156] Denorios Belt
[157] dentarium
[158] Denubian Alps
[159] denucleation
[160] Denver, USS

[156] Exists as Characterize Neutrino Emissions.

[157] Vulcan Shipyards, Station, Federation
"Vulcan has its own shipyards for building and repairing ships in different parts of the Federation."
-Seed one at any  location (Vulcan if present). Your Vulcans may report here. Once per turn, one Vulcan Lander or T'Pau may report here for free as . Repairs ships. (Not duplicatable.)

[158] Ski Slopes, Program
"Holographic re-creation of the Denubian Alps, a non-terrestrial mountain range known for its excellent skiing conditions."
-While in play, personnel aboard ship or facility are STRENGTH +1. At the start of each of your turns, if personnel present in Holodeck or Holosuite, you may discard one card from hand and draw another.

[159] Genetic Harvest, Dilemma, space/planet, 
"The women of Taresia use denucleation to harvest genetic material from male humanoids as part of their procreation. Unfortunately for the males, the process is fatal."
-Unless 3 MEDICAL and Exobiology present, one male present (random selection) is killed if opponent immediately downloads one female to this location; "stopped" if not.

[160] USS Denver, Ship, Federation
"Federation transport ship. Crew complement of 23. Sustained heavy damage when it hit a Cardassian mine in 2368 while carrying 517 colonists to the Beloti Sector. Rescued by the Enterprise-D."
-Yorkshire Class[] May nullify Gravitic Mine where present

[156] n/a
[157] Non-Vulcans cannot report here. Vulcans that do do not report for free. A reported Vulcan Lander or T'Pau is [Fed] icon rather than [NA] or [Rom]. It repairs all your ships regardless of their origin.
[158] Ships without the Site Holodeck cannot use the second function.
[159] The dilemma is not discarded until its conditions are met.
[160] Yes, it's a Transport.

[161] deoxyribose suspensions
[162] Deral
[163] Dereth
[164] Deriben V
[165] dermal dysplasia

[161] DNA Message, Event
"The traitor J'Ddan used DNA suspensions to encode stolen Enterprise-D schematics into amino acid sequences injected into his bloodstream, turning his body into an information carrier."
-Plays on your infiltrator aboard an opponent's ship or facility. Return it to you Outpost and look at opponent's hand, Q's Tent OR Zalkonian Storage Capsule (opponent's choice). Discard event.

[162] Deral, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Inhabitant of planet Meridian. While the planet was in a corporeal state, worked with Defiant crewmembers to stabilize its dimensional shifts. Fell in love with Jadzia Dax."
-CIVILIAN, Physics, SCIENCE; May nullfy Brief Romance where present; May report to Meridian for free; 

[163] Dereth, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Vidiian male. Honatta for Motura. Abducted Voyager crewmember Neelix, removing his lungs and placing them into Motura's body."
-MEDICAL, MEDICAL, Exobiology, Honor (converts to Treachery when opposed); SD Toxic Shock
Now exists asDereth.

[164] Boring Labor, Mission, planet, Federation
Deriben V: Do routine and menial work and try not to go insane with boredom.
-Youth x3 + 3  icons + OFFICER with  icon
-Span: 3; 30 points; Owner's side: Until solved, nothing is ever "cool". Opposite side: Espionnage cards play for free here.

[165] Dermal Dysplasia, Dilemma, space
"Dermal dysplasia is a medical skin disorder caused by an overexposure of the epidermis to hazardous levels of thermal and ultraviolet radiation."
-Unless SHIELDS>9, "stops" all ENGINEERs present. For every ENGINEER "stopped", "stops" one additional MEDICAL present (your choice). Discard dilemma.

[161] Might be another reason to play Zalkonian Storage Capsule: just so you can tell your opponent to look at its emptiness. Hehehe.
[162] n/a
[163] n/a
[164] The owner's side affects both players and make it impossible to play Parallax Arguers for the bonus points. It's easier to remedy that if your opponent wants to as he or she can play Espionnage on Federation for free here.
[165] Say the dilemma stops 3 ENGINEERs, you must choose 3 MEDICAL to also be stopped (if present).

[166] dermal osmotic sealant
[167] dermal regenerator
[168] dermal residue
[169] dermaline gel
[170] dermatiraelian plastiscine

[166] Dermal Sealant, Event, , Countdown: 3
"Medicinal skin application - like dermal osmotic sealant - can prevent the leaking of bodily fluids best kept inside living tissue."
-Plays on table. While in play, no cards may come out of either discard pile under any circumstances.

[167] Regenerator, Incident, 
"Starfleet personnel can repair broken skin with a simple dermal regenerator. The universe also has unseen restorative elements that patch up reality."
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, when any spaceline location except Gaps in Normal Space is destroyed, replace it at the end of the spaceline (your choice) intact.

[168] Dermal Residue, Event, 2 points
"Dermal residue is often left behind by the contact of humanoid skin with inanimate objects. A Bajoran earring with enough residue on it was attributed to resistance fighter Li Nalas."
-Plays on any organic personnel. Worth points for every Equipment card present, and double points for every Artifact used as an Equipment card present. (Not cumulative.)

[169] Burn Victims, Interrupt
"Where plasma conduits explode or phaser are fired, there are bound to be burn victims. Some burns are superficial, but other may be life-threatening."
-Nullifies any Phaser Burns where your 2 MEDICAL are present. OR Suspends play to downloads Phaser Burns. OR Plays on any Youth personnel. It is "stopped" until the end of your next full turn.

[170] Plastic Surgery Medication, Event
"Dermatiraelian plastiscine was used to maintain the effects of cosmetic surgery on Aamin Marritza five years after he altered his face to that of Gul Darhe'el."
-Plays on table. While in play, infiltrators (except Bluegills and shapeshifters) are attributes -2 and may be exposed by 2 opposing MEDICAL present.

[166] This should counter any Res-Q-like effects that pull cards out of the discard pile, as well as shutting down, however briefly, Ore Processing decks.
[167] The lore may be pushing it, but I really had no choice. The Black Hole simply spews locations out its other end. A location hit with Supernova is relocated along with any intact cards present (could be possible).
[168] Organic personnel do not include, androids, holograms, changelings and Exocomps.
[169] The third function's Trek Sense: think of the episode where Jake Sisko lost it when he saw the effects war had on its soldiers.
[170] The Feds might want this one, since they are the most infiltratable (especially in AtoZ).

[171] Dern, Ensign
[172] "Descent, Part I"
[173] "Descent, Part II"
[174] desealer rod
[175] desegranine

[171] Dern, Personnel, Federation, 
"Ensign aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Systems engineer who migrated to the conn position in 2370. Lt. Barclay asked him to replace him on an away mission to the USS Yosemite."
-ENGINEER, Navigation, Computer Skill; May convert from ENGINEER to OFFICER once per game; 

[172] You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry, Interrupt
"Stop it... Stop it... Stop it... Stop... Stop... Stop..."
-Plays on any android to destroy all Rogue Borg Mercenaries present. Android is thereafter INTEGRITY -5, gains the skill of Treachery and cannot use hand weapons.

[173] Sons of Soong, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Android brothers Lore and Data, created by Dr. Soong. One is a bad influence on the other."
-CIVILIAN/CIVILIAN; ENGINEER x2, Computer Skill x3, Treachery x2, Leadership, SECURITY; SD Torture; Do not work with affiliated personnel; 
-INTEGRITY: 1+1, CUNNING: 12+13, STRENGTH: 12+12

[174] Passkey, Equipment
"A desealer rod may be used to unlock a pulsatel lockseal. Each type of seal usually has a key, or something that will act as a key."
-Nullifies Hidden Entrance, Malfunctioning Door, Founder Secret, Impassable Door, Lockbox, Punishment Box, Security Precautions and Holodeck Malfunction where present.

[175]Desegranine, Interrupt
"The Cardassians developped a drug that can be used to reverse memory loss. They have helpfully made it available to everyone."
-Plays any time a draw deck must be shuffled to nullify that shuffle, unless draw deck is shuffled with other cards.

[171] n/a
[172] The old Hulk tagline is used here for that scene where Data tries to make himself angry. It works on all androids because they have all shown the ability for emotion, even Data with his emotion chip. Could give you someone to always use Airlock with, since it can be played regardless of the presence of any RBMs.
[173] I didn't go the Data: these skills, Lore: these skills, because there was a lot of duplication anyway and little room. They only work with Non-Aligned and Neutral cards to temper their impressive powers.
[174] n/a
[175] Nullfies a shuffle due to The Juggler, or mandatory after a download. It won't work with Regenerate or any card that makes you "shuffle card into draw deck".

[176] DeSeve, Ensign Stefan
[177] DeSoto, Captain Robert
[178] Dessica II
[179] Dessican bartender
[180] "Destiny"

[176] Exists as Stefan DeSeve.

[177] Robert DeSoto, Personnel, Federation
"Commanding officer of the USS Hood. Spoke very highly of William T. Riker. Transported Tam Elbrun to the Enterprise-D for the 'Tin Man' mission."
-OFFICER, Leadership, Diplomacy; While in play, William T. Riker (and his personae) is attributes +2; 

[178] Investigate Murder, Mission, planet, Federation
Dessica II: Investigate apparent murder of high-ranking Starfleet officer.
-Transporter Skill + MEDICAL + SECURITY x2 + (Tricorder OR CUNNING>40)
-Span: 4; 40 points; When solved, rescue one personnel from discard pile and place in hand.

[179] Dessican Bartender, Interrupt
"The proprietor of a bar on planet Dessica II was reluctant to allow Yranac to share information about Captain Picard with an Enterprise-D away team in 2370."
-Nullifies Jaglom Shrek-Information Broker OR any special skill allowing your opponent to look at your side-decks, draw deck or Hidden Agendas.

[180]Fulfill Prophecy, Mission, space, Bajoran/Cardassian, 
Mouth of Wormhole: Fulfill ancient Bajoran prophecy regarding the three vipers.
-(The Emissary + another  icon) OR (Dejar + Gilora Rejal + Ulani Belor)
-Span: 2; 45 points; Gamma Quadrant end of Bajoran Wormhole must play adjacent to this location.

[176] n/a
[177] The attribute bonus goes to all personae of Riker including Riker Will, etc.
[178] The required Tricorder must be that specific equipment, not Medical Tricorder and the like.
[179] n/a
[180] While the Bajoran Wormhole's Alpha Quadrant end is always in the Bajor Region, the Gamma Quadrant end must be located next to this card, if in the spaceline.

[181] destruct sequence
[182] Detapa Council
[183] Detrian system
[184] detronal scanner
[185] deuridium

[181] Exists as Auto-Destruct Sequence.

[182] Coup, Incident
-Plays on your Headquarters OR if you have 4 SECURITY there, on your opponent's. From now on, different personnel report there for free:  and  Headquarters now report CIVILIANS for free;  Headquarters now report Admirals and Captains with INTEGRITY<6;  Headquarters now report Generals and Duras family members; and  Headquarters now report Tal Shiar personnel. (No effect on  or  Headquarters.) Nullified if another Coup is played here (discard both Incidents).

[183] Exists as Study Stellar Collision.

[184] Corrupted DNA, Dilemma, planet
"With the help of a detronal scanner, medical personnel can read and encode the DNA patterns of living tissue. This is useful in case such a pattern is corrupted by a transporter beam."
-Unless Transporter Skill and 2 MEDICAL present, one organic personnel present dies (random selection). (Has no effect on an Away Team from a landed ship.)

[185]Deuridium, Event
"Rare substance used by the Kobliad people to stabilize their cell structures to prolong their lives. A shipment of deuridium from the Gamma Quadrant was delivered to Deep Space 9 in 2369."
-Plays on your Cargo Module. Where present, your personnel are STRENGTH +2 and all dilemmas require one less MEDICAL. (Not cumulative.)

[181] n/a
[182] The old list of personnel that play for free becomes useless in favor of the new schemes listed here. For the Federation, both the Admirals and Captains must have the low INTEGRITY. No effect on the two fanatic affiliations.
[183] n/a
[184] If it has no effect (Away Team did not beam down), it is immediately discarded. Away Teams coming through Iconian Gateways and the like could still suffer from some sort of transport degradation.
[185] A new use for AtoZ's Cargo Module.

[186] deuterium control conduit
[187] deuterium maintenance
[188] deuterium
[189] Devala Lake
[190] Devidian II

[186] Routine Adjustments, Objective
-Plays on your ship. At the start of each turn, you may "stop" any or all ENGINEER-classification personnel aboard to add +1 RANGE per ENGINEER to your total RANGE for that turn; OR you may "stop" any or all SECURITY-classification personnel aboard to add +1 WEAPONS OR SHIELDS to your total WEAPONS OR SHIELDS for that turn.

[187] Spring Cleaning, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Long span between systems: Scrub exhaust manifolds and resuppy ship in slush deuterium fuel during long journey.
-ENGINEER x3 + Youth + (Neelix OR Any personnel with CUNNING<5)
-Span: 5; 30 points; Seeds in any quadrant.

[188] Deuterium, Interrupt
"Isotope of hydrogen consisting of one proton and one neutron in the nucleaus and two electrons circling it. Used as fuel for both warp and impulse engines."
-Downloads Hydrogen to Fuel OR any Anti-Matter card. OR Doubles Eyes in the Dark. OR Plays to double the RANGE of all ships with Cargo Bays in play until the end of your turn.

[189] Sunk, Dilemma, planet
"When Data decided to go swimming in Devala Lake, he sank straight to the bottom because he lacked buoyancy. He had to walk more than a kilometer to reach the shore."
-One android, Exocomp, robot or drone without a Floatation Device (random selection) is placed under mission until it is solved or scouted. Discard dilemma.

[190] Exists as Investigate Time Continuum.

[186] Whenever ENGINEER and SECURITY are used in the game text, they always refer to the classification and not the skill. With SECURITY, you either choose WEAPONS or SHIELDS, you may not split into both.
[187] Another "boring" mission. ;-) Only the most naive personnel will accept to scrub the manifolds.
[188] Doubled Eyes in the Dark adds the skills and attribute numbers of TWO personnel.
[189] n/a
[190] n/a

[191] Devidian nurse
[192] Devidians
[193] "Devil's Due"
[194] Devil
[195] Devolin system

[191]Devidian Nurse, Personnel, Neutral, 
"Shape-shifting Devidian who took human form in order to steal neural energy from humans on 19th-century Earth. Sometimes out-of-phase with the normal timeline."
-MEDICAL, Treachery; SD Devidian Foragers; Opposing personnel present are STRENGTH -2; May report through Devidian Door in addition to its limit

[192] Exists as Devian Foragers.

[193] Devil's Due, Dilemma, planet
"On Stardate 44474.5, the mythic Ardra came to take Ventax II as a prize for giving its population a thousand years of peace and prosperity."
-Unless 2 Law (OR Jean-Luc Picard) and CUNNING>35 present, place on mission. All artifacts seeded here may only be acquired by opponent's personnel OR your Smuggling personnel.

[194] Exists as The Devil.

[195] Exists as Pegasus Search.

[191] Devidian Nurse never counts toward your limit for Devidian Door (1 personnel usually, 3 with Ophidian Cane). You may not call "Devidian Door", report the nurse, and then not show it (adding 1 to a theoretical limit of 0).
[192] n/a
[193] The mission must still be solved or scouted for the artifacts to be acquireable.
[194] n/a
[195] n/a

[196] Devor
[197] Devoras
[198] Devos, Alexana
[199] Devron system
[200] Dewan

[196] Devor, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Serious member of a group of terrorists who tried to steal trilithium from the Enterprise-D. Intercepted Captain Picard as he was returning to the ship to fetch his saddle."
-SECURITY, Treachery, Computer Skill, Transporter Skill; May "stop" the only opposing personnel present; 

[197] Exists as Devoras.

[198] Alexanna Devos, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Chief of security on Rutia IV. In charge of investigating an incident in which a terrorist group known as the Ansata abducted Dr. Beverly Crusher."
-SECURITY, SECURITY, Law x2, Diplomacy, Leadership; May nullfy Terrorist Acts where present; 

[199]Investigate Temporal Distortion, Mission, space, Federation/Romulan
Neutral Zone*Devron system: Investigate indeterminate temporal readings in Neutral Zone.
-(Physics x3 OR Albert Einstein) + Astrophysics x2 + (Diplomacy OR Treachery)
-Span: 4; 40 points

[200]Root Language, Dilemma, space/planet
"Ancient languages like Dewan, Dinasian and Iccobar all come from the the same historic roots from the Iconinan language."
-Opponent may name any letter of the alphabet. All personnel cards whose title begins with that letter are "stopped". Discard dilemma.

[196] He's "serious" because he was played by Tim Russ who plays the Vulcan Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager. He can stop an opposing personnel only if that personnel is alone in its Away Team.
[197] n/a
[198] n/a
[199] The importance of this mission is playing with the three Anti-Time Time Locations (and if that ain't an oxymoron, I don't know what is).
[200] An alphabetical Yuta. Note that numbered personnel like 10 and 01 and immune to this selection. The Klingons will lose big at the sound of "K", and the Romulans at "T".

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