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[201] Big Bang
[202] "Big Goodbye, The" (episode)
[203] "Big Goodbye, The"
[204] big daddy-o
[205] Biko, U.S.S.

[201]The Big Bang, Q-Time Location, space, 15 points
Center of the universe, 15 billion years ago: The beginning of our universe as we understand it.
-Immediately play on table. May be reached from any spaceline location. Quinn may hide here, bringing ship he is on to this location. Once per game, if any player brings 5 Astrophysics here, that player scores points. Any ship here at the end of owner's turn is damaged unless its SHIELDS>10 OR Q-Personnel aboard. Any ship leaving Time Location may relocate to any location on any spaceline, or to any other Time Location in play.

[202]Holodeck Malfunction, Dilemma, space, Countdown: 3
"On Stardate 41997.7, crewmembers of the starship Enterprise-D were caught in a holodeck malfunction during a Dixon Hill scenario. Environmental controls, safety protocols and computer control all went offline, resulting in the death of literature specialist Whalen."
-If Holodeck present, unless 3 ENGINEER and Physics present, three personnel present (random selection; at site if possible, relocating missing personnel there if necessary) are placed in stasis until countdown ends. At the end of every turn, one personnel in stasis here dies. Cure by playing a new Program card on Holodeck.

[203] The Big Goodbye, Program
"Holographic recreation of a short story featuring the first adventures of fictional San Francisco gumshoe detective Dixon Hill. Published in 1934 in Amazing Detective Stories."
-May cooexist on Holodeck with Amazing Detective Stories. While in play, your Dixon Hill  icon personnel  are CUNNING +2. Discard one  icon personnel here at any time to download Disengage Safety Protocols.

[204] Big Daddy-o Surf Special, Artifact
"Hawaiian-style shirt. A 1962 'big daddy-o' surf special. An American classic borne of 20th-century subculture of beach and surf popular in Hawaii and California."
-Place in hand until played on table as an Event card. While in play, each of your ships with Navigation may ignore the span of one spaceline location per turn when moving (two if Tom Paris aboard).

[205] USS Biko, Ship, Federation
"Federation supply ship. Starfleet registry number NCC-50331. Scheduled to rendezvous with the Enterprise-D on stardate 46271 at planet Deinonychus VII. Named after South African martyr."
-Olympic class[] Holodeck, Tractor Beam, ENGINEER

[201] This Time Location is found in the Q-Continuum side-deck. Only one player can benefit from the points, and only once. It can be reached like any other time location (through time-travel), but from a starting point in any "present" location.
[202] Holodeck will be a ship site in AtoZ. If there is no Holodeck site, any personnel present may be affected. If there is, and no personnel are at that site, relocate the missing personnel by randomly selecting the targets from total pool of personnel aboard ship. Since Program cards don't need the Holodeck site to work (just the special equipment), the cure will work for everyone. To cure, you must discard your current program and play another. If no program is currently on the Holodeck, playing one will cure the dilemma.
[203] The Program can't, however, coexist with other Program cards, even itself. If Amazing Detective Stories is discarded, The Big Goodbye isn't necessarily so. And you can say goodbye to (discard) any hologram present, not just Dixon Hill-related ones.
[204] Basically gives all your ships a boost in RANGE. Tom Paris is NOT Thomas Paris.
[205] Like the other Olympic class (the Pasteur), I've given it a classification, but one more in line with being a supply ship.

[206] Bilana III
[207] Bilaren system
[208] Bilecki, Lieutenant
[209] bilitrium
[210] bio-neural circuitry

[206]Test Soliton Wave, Mission, planet/space, Federation/Ferengi/Non-Aligned
Bilana III: Test soliton wave based propulsion system using planetbound generator.
-ENGINEER x3 + Stellar Cartography + SHIELDS>7
-Span: 3; 30* points; SD Soliton Wave (right side only); *If solving ship's next stop is Lemma II, score 5 extra points

[207] Investigate Q Upbringing, Mission, planet, Federation
Bilaren: Investigate planet where a Q was raised as a human.
-Anthropology + Q-Continuum in play + (any Q-Personnel OR Mortal Q OR Amanda Rogers discarded from hand)
-Span: 4; 30 points; Solving player may download Amanda's Parents from Q-Continuum and play it on opponent's side of the table

[208] Bilecki, Personnel, Federation/Bajoran
"Female Starfleet lieutenant assigned to station Deep Space 9 in 2369. She became engaged to a young man from Bajor. Among the Starfleet personnel who stayed on the station during the Circle's attempted coup in 2370."
-SECURITY, Honor; Staff icon

[209] Close Wormhole, Objective, 5 points
-Plays on Bajoran or Barzan Wormhole in Alpha Quadrant. If your ship with Treachery and Physics there for two full turns, discard both ends of that Wormhole. If your Tahna Los in play, score points.

[210] Bio-Neural Gel Packs, Event
"Advanced computer technology using synthetic neural cells for data processing. Bio-neural circuitry can organize and process complex information faster and more efficiently than traditional optical processors."
-Plays on your ship in Spacedock (for free if Intrepid class). All Computer Skill aboard is doubled. Once per turn, in place of one card draw, you may download a Program card here, returning any Program already in play here to hand.

[206] The special download (usable only by the seeding player) can be used any time. The mission doesn't have to be solved.
[207] Regardless of the way it was brought to the table, Amanda's Parents still only lasts til the next Q-Flash. To solve the mission, you must have a Q-Continuum side-deck open and in play.
[208] n/a
[209] n/a
[210] If a personnel has Computer Skill, it becomes Computer Skill x2. A personnel with Computer Skill x2 gets x4, etc.

[211] bio-neural energy
[212] bio-neural gel-pack
[213] bio-temporal chamber
[214] biochips
[215] biocontainment field

[211]Chakotay's Ghost, Personnel, Neutral
"Commander Chakotay's bio-neural energy was displaced by trianic energy beings known as the Komar. Although Voyager's E.M.H. pronounced him brain-dead, hi disembodied consciousness naviagated intact to other life-forms."
-(no classification); Leadership, Archeology, Navigation; When reporting, attaches to any personnel present conferring Native American status, attribute bonuses and regular skills to that personnel. May switch between personnel present at the start of your turn; May be exchanged for just-killed Chakotay (still discard Chakotay).

[212] Bio-Neural Infection, Dilemma, space
"On Stardate 48846, a virus infected the bio-neural gel packs aboard the USS Voyager. It threatened to cause a major systems malfunction until the ship developped a fever and destroyed the viral organism."
-If Bio-Neural Gel Packs played on this ship, it is damaged unless ENGINEER + MEDICAL>5. Discard dilemma.

[213] Bio-Temporal Chamber, Equipment, 
"Medical device created by the E.M.H. aboard the USS Voyager in 2379. It was used to stave off morilogium in Kes and extend her life by a year. Its field pushed her cells into an earlier stage of entropic decay."
-Where present, you may consider  versions of personnel to be personae. To exchange these personae, you must place the personnel going to hand in Chamber (killed if card destroyed). SD Any  personnel.

[214] Biochip Implant, Food, 
"Function: Supply nutrients to individual drones. Replace ingested and digested caloric sustenance with more efficient ore-fabricated nutrients."
-Play on drone in Assimilation Table as an implant card. All drones at same spaceline location are INTEGRITY +1. May report to any quadrant. (Cumulative.)

[215] Biocontainment Field, Event
"Force field used for containment of infectious material aboard starships. A level 4 quarantine involved the use of such a biocontainment field."
-Plays on your ship. While in play, if MEDICAL or Sickbay present, protects your ship and crew from suffering from any dilemma causing quarantine or able to pass itself from one personnel onto another. You must still pass the dilemma's conditions.

[211] Chakotay's Ghost, indeed a persona, has no Classification box. It acts as a booster to whichever personnel it inhabits. If that personnel dies, then the Ghost is also discarded. The persona rule works for a just-killed Chakotay, but the Chakotay doesn't return to hand. The Ghost may not be randomly selected alone. It may be chosen by either you or your opponent have a chance to do so.
[212] The requirement states that you must have more than 5 instances either of MEDICAL or ENGINEER present. (Ex.: 2 MEDICALs and 4 ENGINEERs.)
[213] For example, Jean-Luc Picard could lie down in the Chamber and come out as Admiral Picard or Lt. (j.g.) Picard. If an AU personnel from another location meets its double where the Chamber is, they may coexist since they have already been reported legally, much in the same way a reversed Anti-Time Anomaly allows the same unique personnel to exist in multiple copies. Such personnel may not report at a double's location where the Chamber is present.
[214] It doesn't report at a Food-serving site, but rather as an implant only playable at Assimilation Table.
[215] Aphasia Device and Coalescent Organism (to name a couple of targeted dilemmas) are not discared when encountered unless their requirements are met. They simply don't kill or disable as they normally would.

[216] bioenzymatic supplements
[217] biogenic field
[218] biogenic weapons
[219] bioimplant
[220] biomechanical gene disruptor

[216] Bioenzymatic Supplements, Food
"Small, bland yellow wafers that comprise the normal diet of the Iyaarans. To them, our food tastes remakably good."
-For every other Food card present, all your personnel here are STRENGTH +1 and INTEGRITY -1.

[217] Biogenic Field, Event
"A biogenic field is a form of naturally occurring energy. An 800 megajoule biogenic field surrounded a Nechisti shrine one the Nechani homeworld in the Delta quadrant."
-Plays on any planet location. Away Teams here are considered to have 2 MEDICAL present.

[218] Biogenic Weapons, Event
"Extremely deadly biological armament, illegal under interstellar treaties. Maquis intelligence suspected the Cardassians of stockpiling such weapons in 2370. The Maquis wound up using similar weapons on Cardassian planets."
-Plays on your ship with Treachery x3. Allows you to fire WEAPONS on a planet (then discard event), killing one member of each Away Team there for every point of WEAPONS unmodified ship has unless 4 MEDICAL present in Away Team.

[219] Bioimplant, Interrupt/Event
"Artificial organic material that can be surgically implanted into a person's body to replace damaged tissue. Noted soccer player Golanga had a bioimplant replacement for his knee."
-Plays on Golanga or any Nog (  ) OR any just stunned personnel (  ). That personnel is STRENGTH +2 and immune to Trauma.

[220] Exists as Harvester Virus.

[216] n/a
[217] Good in combination with Genetronic Replicator and against MEDICAL-related dilemmas.
[218] The WEAPONS value for Biogenics is always the one written on the card, and you never count the bonuses or minuses usually attributed to the ship. It also gives a new use to splitting Away Teams up with Phased Matter, for example. You can only fire once before the Event is discarded.
[219] Bioimplant is indeed an implant card. It plays either as an Event or an Interrupt depending on its target.
[220] n/a

[221] biomechanical maintenance program
[222] biomimetic fluctuation
[223] biomimetic gel
[224] biomolecular physiologist
[225] bioplast sheeting

[221] Android Maintenance, Event
"Commander Data's positronic network incorporates a biomechanical maintenance program. It kept him physically healthy and rarely in need of Dr. Crusher's professional services."
-Plays on table. While in play, protects your androids from Infections, Diseases and Viruses.

[222] Flaky, Slimy or Downright Gooey, Dilemma, space/planet
"Biomimetic fluctuation is a medical reading in Founders that is indicative of dangerous instability of the morphogenic matrix. It may lead to death."
-One shape-shifter present dies at the end of your next full turn (may not morph during that time) unless it returns to The Great Link by that time (if a Founder) OR 4 MEDICAL present.

[223] Sell Illegal Substance, Mission, space, Ferengi, 
Obscure system: Trade in biomimetic gel and other biogenic components.
-Smuggling x3 + Treachery + (Acquisition OR Greed x3)
-Span: 4; 35 points; May not be attempted if Law present

[224] Dr. Tzima, Personnel, Federation, 
"Representative of biomolecular physiologists. Specialized surgeon who was called in when Picard's life was threatened by complications in a routine cardiac replacement procedure in 2365. Katherine Pulaski still had to be called in."
-MEDICAL, Biology, Physics, SD Katherine Pulaski

[225] Android Factory, Station, Neutral, 
"If a judgement against Data's sentience had been handed down by Captain Louvoix, androids would have eventually been mass-produced."
-Build at any location if you have Cybernetics present and there are no Law personnel in play. On each of your turns, if unopposed Cybernetics present, you may download one android per turn to station. Your androids in play all INTEGRITY and CUNNING -2.

[221] Protects androids from Tsiolkovsky Infection for example, and Harvester Virus. (They were already immune to Microvirus and Barclay's.)
[222] n/a
[223] A protectable mission.
[224] The name comes from the actor who played the nameless role: Tzi Ma.
[225] Android Factory must be built in the Alpha Quadrant. Lore's INTEGRITY actually becomes -1.

[226] bioregenerative field
[227] biospectral analysis
[228] bipolar torch
[229] Birta, DaiMon
[230] birthday cake

[226] Cellular Growth, Event, Countdown: 3
"A bioregenerative field can be radiated upon a cell sample in order to accelerate cellular growth. Dr. Bashir once accelerated cells found in Ibudan's quarters that later developped into a clone of Ibudan."
-Relocates on personnel from discard pile to the location of its death/discard. May coexist with the same card of its persona even if unique. Discard again when countdown ends.

[227] Life-Form Analysis, Event
"Sensor studies, such as the useful biospectral analysis, can be used to evaluate organic life-forms or material. Much can be learned from other species' biology."
-Plays on your captive. If of an as-yet unanalysed species, probe at the start of your next turn (then discard Event).
#: Better understanding. Score X points, where X = 2 points for every Exobiology skill you have in play.
#: Guinea Pig. Either download Torture or Brainwash OR captive dies.
#: Found a weakness. All your personnel are +2 STRENGTH vs. that species.

[228]Bipolar Torch, Equipment
"Powerful cutting tool. Used aboard Deep Space 9 and other facilities and ships. Used to cut through toranium metal inlay on a station door on stardate 46925."
-ENGINEER use only. Nullifies any Entrance or Door planet dilemmas present. Also, where present, your ENGINEERs may use Airlock regardless of their other skills.

[229] Birta, Personnel, Ferengi
"Ferengi DaiMon and government official. Responded to an inquiry about DaiMon Bok. Confirmed that Bok had been stripped of his title, but had bought his way out of prison."
-VIP, Leadership, Stellar Cartography; If at your outpost, may change the classification of one Ferengi OFFICER present per turn; 
Now exists as Birta.

[230] Birthday Cake, Food
"Baked confection used as part of a human celebration to mark the anniversary of a person's day of birth. Vanilla or chocolate?"
-If Fissure Research in play, every turn, one of your  personnel may either report here or return to your hand from here.

[226] This cannot be used on a personnel who went directly from your hand or deck to the discard pile - it must have been in play. The location of its death can be a facility, ship, planet or site. If such a location no longer exists, the card play is not legal.
[227] Hybrids count as both species, so you could get STRENGTH +2 against both humans and Betazoids by analysing Deanna Troi. Once per species: the card doesn't let you analyse two Vulcans during one game for example. Every level of Exobiology counts for points. On a [Rom][Car] result, if you cannot download either of the cards mentioned, the personnel automatically dies.
[228] Entrance and Door dilemmas are those that contain those words in the title. (Ex.: Hidden Entrance, Malfunctioning Door, Impassable Door, etc.) A space/planet dilemma would count as a planet dilemma. Where the Torch present, your ENGINEERs can throw people out of Airlock as if they were Treacherous, Greedy or Computer literate. They must still have the required CUNNING or STRENGTH.
[229] Classifications can be anything except ANIMAL. The ability simulates Birta demoting a DaiMon to another sector (medical, engineering, science, security, administration or just plain civilian). An OFFICER converted to ENGINEER cannot be reconverted by Birta since it is no longer an OFFICER.
[230] There's not much point to playing Worf's Birthday Cake if Fissure Research is not in play. Personnel affected by The Mask of Korgano may return to your hand (discard the Mask), but may not return through the Cake.

[231] "Birthright, Part I"
[232] "Birthright, Part II"
[233] bitanium
[234] bitrious filaments
[235] bitters

[231] Data's Dreams, Mind Location, Countdown: 3
Data: When Data was hit with an energy discharge, dreaming subroutines kicked in unexpectedly.
-Plays on Data if just killed, disabled or placed in stasis. Now only disabled. Empathy personnel may not travel to this location. Immediately download 6 Interrupts from hand, draw deck, Q's Tent or Zalkonian Storage Capsule and shuffle them into a side-deck. For every personnel here at the start of each of your turns, reveal top interrupt. If an occasion to play it exists during the turn, do so. Interrupts not played go to bottom of draw deck.

[232] Romulan Prison Camp, Station, Romulan, X points
"One of many secret Romulan prison facilities. Some of these camps have been forgotten by the Empire.
-Plays on any matching planet location. Relocate all your captives here. If your matching SECURITY present, score points at the start of each of your turns, where X = 3 points per  icon captive, 2 for every  icon personnel and 1 for every personnel with neither a  or  icons. Captives may be rescued by unopposed Away Team here.

[233] Bitanium Degradation, Dilemma, space/planet
"The exotic compound bitanium was used in Soong-Type androids' neural pathways. Many things can cause bitanium to degrade, including toxic atmospheres or spatial anomalies."
-One android or Data's Head present (random selection) cannot use its skills and CUNNING. Cure with Cybernetics.

[234] Survey Carnage, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt, 
Entity's Trail: Study byproducts left by Crystalline Entity in its wake.
-Geology x2 + SCIENCE + Exobiology + CUNNING>40
-Span: 3; 30* points; *40 points if Crystalline Entity has killed personnel here

[235] Bitters, Food, 2X points
"Sharp-tasting beer made from hops, favored by Britons on Earth. Dr. Bashir ordered bitters for O'Brien shortly after completing their Battle of Britain holosuite simulation."
-While in play, worth points to the player with the most personnel in his or her discard pile, where X = differential between number of personnel in each player's discard pile. Points doubled if Cantankerousness present.

[231] Data's death may be nullified by the card. You must have access to 6 Interrupt cards in order to legally play it. It makes its own temporary side-deck (cards are not shuffled into an existing side-deck). The Interrupt play is mandatory, so an Amanda Rogers would automatically nullify the first Interrupt played by your opponent for example. When countdown ends, discard Mind Location and return Data to health.
[232] The Prison Camp may only be played on a mission that has the "attemptable by Romulan" icon. Captives can't up and go by themselves, and you can still play Interrogation, Brainwash, etc. on them.
[233] The degradation deal is invention on my part. I hate entries dealing with various metals and compounds!
[234] n/a
[235] Feeling bitter? The differential is obtained by substracting the greater number of dead personnel with the smaller. For example, if you have 6 personnel in the discard pile and your opponent has 2, the differential is 4 and Bitters is worth 8 points. (It's 2X remember.)

[236] Bizet, George
[237] Black Cluster
[238] black hole
[239] Black Hole
[240] Black Sea at Night

[236]No, I'm Sure It's Bizet, Interrupt
"When Captain Jean-Luc Picard listened to Berlioz in his ready room on the Enterprise-E in 2373, Riker mistook it for the work of Bizet. Had he stuck to his opinion, it would have amounted to insubordination."
-Nullifies one Captain's Order OR Abandon Mission. OR Make Music a required skill for any mission you seeded.

[237] Exists as Explore Black Cluster.

[238] Exists as Black Hole.

[239] Black Hole, Stirred Not Shaken, Food
"Ferengi beverage. The drink took its name from its opaque black color, as well as from its pungent odor. Jadzia Dax enjoyed Black Holes, and it was the favorite of a certain Boslic freighter captain."
-When played, take one  Space from outside the game and place it adjacent to any Black Hole in play, up to three time per game (a fourth time if Rionoj or Jadzia Dax present).(Not cumulative.)

[240] Black Sea at Night, Program, 10 points
"Romantic holodeck program, complete with moonlight and balalaikas. A nice destination when the ship is far from red alerts."
-Where present, makes  Space attemptable with the following requirements: (Male + Female) on Holodeck + no opposing ship present here or at adjacent location. When solved, score points. Opponent may retrieve one dilemma from discard pile or Q's Tent and play it under mission after attempt has been announced (one at each  Space).

[236] The card is nullified by Bizet? Berlioz.
[237] n/a
[238] n/a
[239] Since Food cards can be played, taken into hand, and played again, up to 3 (or 4) universal Space cards can be played in one turn. Playing extra Black Holes serves no porpose as the limit is per game.
[240] The program must be active on a ship at uniersal Space. You can attempt this "mission" using the Program once for every Space on the spaceline. Only one dilemma can be seeded here, mid-game. Of course, nothing would stop a player from seeding dilemmas here during the seed phase, now that Space is more or less attemptable.

[241] blackened redfish
[242] Blackwell, Admiral Margaret
[243] Blessed Exchequer
[244] blind beam-out
[245] "Blood Fever"

[241] Blackened Redfish, Food
"Prepared dish of a variety of fish found in the bayous of Louisiana on Earth."
-While in play, you may use your card play to download Plasma Fire to any ship with  or  aboard. Discard at any time to kill Livingston.

[242] Margaret Blackwell, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet Admiral. Suspended the Enterprise-D's mission to map the Merkoria Quasar and ordered the ship to rendezvous with the USS Carzy Horse in sector 1607. Suspended warp speed limitations for the duration of the mission."
-VIP, Stellar Cartography, Leadership; SD Abandon Mission; Nullifies and prevents any Speed Limit in play; 

[243] The Blessed Exchequer, Personnel. Ferengi, 
"Ferengi mythological figure. The accountant who presides over the Divine Treasury, the part of the afterlife reserved for those who have made a profit in their mortal lives."
-VIP, Acquisition x2; SD Divine Treasury; While in play, you may not lose any points

[244] Blind Beam-Out, Interrupt
"Transporter technique usually employed as an emergency measure, in which all life-forms in a given area are transported as a group intead of each pattern being isolated before transport."
-If Transporter Skill aboard your ship, play in reaction to any planet dilemma or personnel battle at this location. Beams all personnel on planet back to your ship, overriding any Barclay Transporter Phobia played here.

[245] Blood Fever, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 4
"During the USS Voyager's long trip in the Delta Quadrant, one Vulcan crewmember underwent Pon'Farr and attacked his chosen mate, B'Elanna Torres."
-If ship is in a Quadrant where you have no compatible Outpost, one Vulcan present (random selection) and one personnel of the opposite sex (opponent's choice, Vulcan if possible) are disabled.

[241] The joke's on the reds. Discarding Redfish will kill either yours or your opponent's Livingston (Picard's fish).
[242] Look for Speed Limit around the time I get to "Force of Nature".
[243] The Exchequer protects you from any point loss like that occasioned by The Higher... The Fewer, for example. It does not protect you from point transfers however.
[244] Opponent's personnel are also beamed aboard where they become intruders.
[245] Makes bringing Vulcans to other Quadrants a dangerous business.

[246] "Blood Oath"
[247] blood oath
[248] blood screening
[249] blood-gas infuser
[250] "Bloodlines"

[246]Surprise Attack, Interrupt
"Kor, Kang, Koloth and Dax made a surprise attack on the Albino's fortress in oredr to exact revenge on the Klingon criminal for having killed their children."
-If you have a ship under Engage Cloak, and its RANGE could take it to a planet location with an opposing Away Team on it, play during opponent's turn to decloak at that location and beam down an Away Team to engage in a personnel battle.

[247] Blood Oath, Objective, 15 points
-Plays on opponent's personnel that has just killed your Klingon. That personnel is returned to opponent's outpost and has a nemesis icon (dark red, right). Your Klingons with Honor (plus any Dax if Kor, Kang or Koloth present) now have a nemesis icon (dark red, left). If target personnel ever killed as a result of its nemesis icon, score points.
Now exists as Blood Oath.

[248] Blood Screenings, Event
"Medical test used by many races now to identify shape-shifters in our midst. The Klingons are particularly obsessed with blood screenings."
-Plays on your facility. Infiltrators may not report there if your SECURITY or Klingon present.
Now exists as Blood Screening.

[249] Holo-Organs, Interrupt
"In 2371, when Neelix has jis lungs stolen by Viidians, the Emergency Medical Hologram recreated them holographically and used tham as a blood-gas infuser to restore breathing."
-Plays on your just-killed personnel if EMH Program at same spaceline location to relocate that personnel to your ship with Holodeck present (to Holodeck or Sickbay if present). It is alive, may lend its skills and attributes (except STRENGTH) to space mission attempts, but may not leave ship.

[250] Fake Bloodline, Event
"On Stardate 47829.1, the renegade DaiMon Bok threatened to kill the son Picard never actually had by changing Jason Vigo's DNA so as to look like he was related to the captain."
-Choose two unique personnel in play. They are family. OR Choose two personnel from the same family. They are no longer related.

[246] Check out the timing rules for when the Interrupt can legally be played during a mission attempt.
[247] For Dax to benefit from the nemesis icon, she must must be present with either one of the Klingons named. Don't forget the double-edged sword of the nemesis icon. Your opponent could conceivably start picking off your personnel. En masse if they are all together!
[248] n/a
[249] The EMH is required because that would indicate the possibility of holo-emitters in present ship's Sickbay. If personnel is killed aboard the ship, it isn't relocated (except to an appropriate Site, if present).
[250] This makes use of some cards in AtoZ that deal with the family relationships listed in cards' lores.

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