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[201] dexalin
[202] Deyos
[203] diamide
[204] diamond slot formation
[205] diboridum core

[201] Oxygen Deprivation, Dilemma, space, Countdown: 3
"The crew of the J'naii shuttle Taris Murn had to be treated for oxygen deprivation when their life support failed. They were treated with dexalin."
-Unless non-organic OR  personnel present, all personnel present are disabled and die when countdown ends. Cure with MEDICAL.

[202] Deyos, Personnel, Dominion
"Vorta official in charge of Dominion internment camp 371 in 2373 while Dr. Bashir, Worf, Elim Garak and General Martok were imprisoned there."
-VIP, Treachery, Leadership, Law; Once per game, download X Jem'Hadar to this location, where X = number of captives present; May initiate battle against Jem'Hadar; 
Now exists as Deyos.

[203] Bajoran Earring, Equipment
"Most Bajorans where an elaborate earring on the left ear as a show of faith in the Prophets and their culture. It is a symbol of their pagh."
-Each Bajoran present is INTEGRITY +2. (Cumulative.) May report directly to any  icon personnel.

[204] Diamond Slot Formation, Tactic
-DEFENSE bonus +3 if you have a 4 or more ships defending, +5 if they have no staffing requirements. Hit = . Direct hit = .
*Warp core dumped: RANGE disabled until the end of your next full turn.

[205] Cardassian Generator, Equipment
"Cardassian power-units usually make use of a diboridium core, are small and handy and found in most of their technology."
-While on a Nor, its SHIELDS are +4 (cumulative). Site where present may report one extra equipment card per turn (not cumulative.)

[201] Non-organic personnel include holograms, androids, robots and Exocomps.
[202] Those are *your* captives of course. He can initiate battle against the Dominion, but only if Jem'Hadar are present. No attacking lone Founders or Vortas.
[203] n/a
[204] Might protect your swarms.
[205] If a Site cannot normally report Equipment, then the Generator doesn't suddenly make it possible.

[206] Dichromic Nebula
[207] dicosilium
[208] "Die is Cast, The"
[209] Dieghan, Liam
[210] dielectric field

[206] Covert Probing, Mission, space, Ferengi
Dichromic Nebula: Send robotic probe through gas cloud to spy on enemies without being located.
-(Navigation x2 + ENGINEER + Treachery) OR (Any Bok)
-Span: 4; 25 points; Owner's side: Any time your ship present with opposing ship here, you may download one Long-Range Scan and play it on that ship

[207] Reflective Coils, Interrupt
"Dr. Nel Apgar used dicosilium to create reflective coils for the Krieger-wave converter he was trying to develop at the time of his death."
-Plays on Krieger Waves to mirror its effect on one of your opponent's ships. OR Nullifies Mirror Image OR A Matter of Perspective. OR Downloads any Apgar to your Outpost.

[208] The Die Is Cast, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table. Place on homeworld, when any opposing ships present, you may download (even from discard pile) as many ships there, staff them by relocating any unstopped personnel in play aboard and initiate battle immediately. Discard Incident. Also, while in play, Tal Shiar and Obsidian Order personnel may report directly aboard Advanced ships. (Not duplicatable.)

[209] Up With Nature, Event
"Liam Dieghan, the neo-transcendentalist philosopher of Earth's early 22nd century, advocated a simple life in harmony with nature."
-Plays on any personnel alone at a non-homeworld planet location with no ship present. Its attributes are +5 and you may download Drought Tree there, even if mission is unsolved. (Not cumulative.)

[210] Electrodynamic Turbulence, Event
"Interplanetary spacecraft used by the people of Drayan II used a dielectric field to protect them from electrodynamic turbulence present on some of their moons."
-Plays on any planet location if no other Event card there. While in play, ships may not land at that location unless Drayan personnel aboard.

[206] You can't keep the interrupt for later use.
[207] The Krieger Waves could have been played on your opponent's ship in the first place. You choose a second ship to also suffer the effects.
[208] Tried hard to make it from both the Dominion's perspective AND the Romulan/Cardassian force's. If you cannot download as many ships as your opponent has present, you cannot make use of the card that way. Captives are not "unstopped" personnel, so no easy rescues there. The wording makes it possible for you to initiate battle regardless of attack restrictions. The final ability allows those personnel to report aboard Advanced D'Deridexes and Galors, even if those ships are not their own. You can put a Romulan intruder aboard a Cardassian ship this way, or truly mimic the episode by sending Lovok Founder to an Advanced warbird.
[209] Even if ships later arrive, or the personnel is no longer alone, it keeps the attribute enhancements.
[210] The restriction forbids someone from piling Distortion Fields on top of Turbulence and maiking the mission impossible to attempt.

[211] diencephalon
[212] differential magnetometer
[213] Dikon alpha
[214] dilithium chamber hatch
[215] dilithium crystal articulation

[211] Memory Invasion, Dilemma, space/planet
"When three Enterprise-D crewmembers were victims of telepathic memory invasion by Ullian researcher Jev in 2368, high levels of neurotransmitters were found in their diencephalons."
-One Ullian present (your choice) immediately "stopped". Unless 3 Empathy present, one personnel present (random selection) is placed in stasis. Cured if you let your Ullian be captured.

[212] Magnetic Scan, Interrupt
"The Rio Grande launched a number of differential magnetometer-equipped probes in the Gamma Quadrant to detect the downed Yangtzee Kiang."
-Plays on opponent's landed ship. You may beam personnel aboard and, if you do, download Commandeer Ship. OR Nullifies Hidden Fighter.

[213] Study Class 9 Pulsar, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt
Dikon alpha: Study pulsar as a possible source of vertion particles.
-Stellar Cartography + Astrophysics + SCIENCE x2 + Tractor Beam
-Span: 3; 30 points; When solved, nullifies any Emergent Lifeform in play.

[214] Submicron Fractures, Dilemma, space
"The Enterprise-D's dilithium chamber hatch failed in early 2367, resulting in a massive explosion in Main Engineering. Sabotage was suspected, but submicron fractures were the actual cause."
-Unless 3 ENGINEER present, opponent may download Warp Core Breach OR Plasma Fire to ship. Discard dilemma.

[215] Dilithium Configuration, Event
"Geordi LaForge's rearranging of the dilithium crystal articulation frame was frowned upon by its creator, Leah Brahms, but things work differently in the field than in the simulations."
-Plays on table. Each of your ships is RANGE +1 for every unique ENGINEER aboard. (Limit RANGE 12. Not cumulative.)

[211] You opponent can capture your Ullian right then and there if you wish it. The Ullian is stopped whether you pass the dilemma or not, which will be harder without its Empathy.
[212] Commandeer Ship goes to hand if the required Computer Skill personnel is absent or the ship isn't empty.
[213] n/a
[214] n/a
[215] n/a

[216] dilithium crystal chamber
[217] dilithium chamber calibrations
[218] dilithium
[219] dill weed
[220] dim

[216] Warp Core Construction Set, Program
"Holographic re-creation of Dr. Leah Brahms' lab at the Utopia Planetia Shipyards where the Enterprise-D's engines were designed."
-Dr. Leah Brahms reports for free here. Warp Core Breaches played on this ship are relocated to Holodeck. You may discard or deactivate Program at any time, discarding Warp Core Breach with it.

[217] Take It Slow, Dilemma, space
"Following routine vector calibrations, it is necessary to increase warp speed slowly so the realignment progression can be maintained."
-Place on ship. Unless 2 Navigation and ENGINEER aboard, it may only move one location per turn. Cure by returning to Outpost or Nor OR with 6 ENGINEER.

[218] Dilithium Recrystalization, Event
"In recent years, recrystalization techniques for dilithium have advanced to the point that crystals can be recomposited while still inside the articulation frame."
-Plays on any damaged ship with 2 ENGINEER aboard. Immediately discard two damage markers from it (your choice) OR, if none exist, completely repair the ship.

[219] Dill, Food, Countdown: 2
"Earth seasoning made from ground leaves of the aromatic herb Anethum graveolens native to Eurasia. Neelix put some on his Porakan eggs to enhance their taste."
-One non-beverage Food card present (your choice) is doubled. Dill may not be returned to hand and is discarded when Countdown ends. (Not cumulative.)

[220] Dim, Dilemma, planet, 
"In early 21st-century Earth slang, a dim was a Sanctuary District resident who was mentally ill. Dims exist on many worlds and may delay away team encountering them."
-Unless  icon OR 15<INTEGRITY<30 present, all personnel present are "stopped". Personnel with Empathy are "stopped" for an additional turn. Discard dilemma.

[216] Much more useful for the reporting ability (she IS universal you know).
[217] Ship must dock to "return".
[218] If your opponent isn't using a Battle Bridge side-deck, you get to instantly repair your ship, though it may turn out this way even with damage markers (if you only had two).
[219] Doubles a number of effects, each card being unique. Unlike other Food cards, it does not return to hand, and is discarded when its countdown ends. It doesn't need to be upkept either. It is not cumulative on the same Food card, but it is duplicatable (played on another Food card at the same location).
[220] That's a 2 turn delay for Empaths.

[221] DiMaggio, Joe
[222] Dinasian
[223] Diomedian scarlet moss
[224] dirak
[225] direct reticular stimulation

[221] Joe DiMaggio's Record, Interrupt
"Joe DiMaggio, arguably baseball's greatest center fielder, scored hits in 56 consecutive games. That record stood until 2026, when it was broken by shortstop for the London Kings, Buck Bokai."
-If Cestus Comets or Pike City Pioneers in play, download Buck Bokai to either of their locations. OR Nullify 1967 Roger Maris Baseball Card. OR Remove  icon from Buck Bokai.

[222]Iconian Escape, Event, Countdown: 3
"The similarity between various languages is evidence that the ancient Iconians escaped the destruction of their home planet, settling elsewhere in the galaxy."
-Plays on Iconian Gateway. While in play, personnel on any planet may relocate there OR, if already at Gateway's location, may suspend play to make them step through at any time.

[223] Collect Samples, Objective, 5 points
-Plays on table. While in play, all  missions you seeded require an additional Biology. If your botanist supplies the skill when solving the mission, score points. Discard at any time to nullify all Assign Mission Specialists in play. (Not cumulative.)

[224] Trade with Gamma Quadrant, Objective, 5 points
-Seeds or plays on table. At any time, place on your  ship in the Alpha quadrant. If ship's crew or Away Team solves a Gamma quadrant mission, download up to 3 Equipment, Food or Program cards immediately. When Alpha quadrant reached again, score points. Discard objective.

[225] He's Dead, Jim, Interrupt
"While direct reticular stimulation can often revive neural activity in a just-killed patient, sucha  procedure was unsuccessful in the case of Tasha Yar when she died at the hands of Armus."
-Plays on any personnel just selected to die. It cannot be saved by any means. (Cannot be nullified if any McCoy in play.)

[221] One such interrupt won't both download Bokai AND remove his [holo] icon. He keeps his AU icon in any case.
[222] The Emergency Transporter Armbands of the Iconian world. You can jump planets in the middle of a battle if you want, even to send reinforcements elsewhere.
[223] Botanists are those personnel listed as such in their lore (Keiko and her little friends). The card could be cumulative with Assign Mission Specialist if your Botanist only had Biology.
[224] The objective isn't discarded (or the points scored) until the ship reaches the Alpha quadrant, so you can keep downloading cards as long as you're solving missions.
[225] No Genetronic Replicator, no magic Hypospray, no John Doe, nothing. A mortally wounded personnel has "just been selected to die".

[226] directional sonic generator
[227] Dirgo
[228] "Disaster"
[229] discommendation
[230] displacement wave

[226] Sonic Generator, Equipment
"Hand-held directional audio frequency emitter. Chief O'Brien used one to combat an infestation of voles aboard station Deep Space 9 in 2370."
-At the start of a personnel battle, for every different classification you have present (except ANIMAL), you may stun one opposing ANIMAL present. (Not cumulative.) Also nullifies Vole Infestation where present.

[227] Dirgo, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Male from Pentarus V. Captain of mining shuttle Nenebek. Assigned to transport Captain Jean-Luc Picard to a conference. Crashed his shuttle in the middle of a desert. Heavy drinker."
-OFFICER, Navigation, Greed, Geology; SD Canteen

[228] Midwife, Dilemma, space/planet, -5 points
"On Stardate 45156.1, while communications were disrupted aboard a disabled Enterprise-D, Lieutenant Worf had to assist on Keiko O'Brien's delivery of her first child Molly."
-If ship (or Away Team's ship in orbit) damaged, one female present is "stopped". If MEDICAL present, Away Team or crew continues. If not, one male Klingon, Jem'Hadar OR SECURITY present is "stopped" (rest of away team continues) and lose points.

[229] Exists as Discommendation.

[230] Displacement Wave, Dilemma, space
"Spatial phenomenon characterized by a polarized magnetic variation in space. In 2371, a displacement wave relocated a Maquis ship and later the USS Voyager to the Delta quadrant."
-Unless Astrophysics and 2 Navigation present, ship is relocated to any quadrant. Opponent chooses quadrant, you choose exact location. Discard dilemma.

[226] Not a hand weapon. Personnel with more than one capitalized skill still only count as one classification (the others are skills, not classification), so Lore can't stun 3 ANIMALs. This will help against the battle-heavy AtoZ ANIMAL menagerie.
[227] n/a
[228] A fancy filter. As long as the targets exist, personnel will be filtered out. One female for sure, and perhaps a SECURITY, Klingon or Jem'Hadar (all of the male persuasion). You only lose points if you had one of those males present to be stopped.
[229] n/a
[230] If no other quadrant exists, the Alpha quadrant must be chosen, in which case you get to choose your destination. Maybe a self-seed?

[231] disruptor
[232] disruptors, system 5
[233] "Distant Voices"
[234] distortion field
[235] distortion ring being

[231] Exists as a number of heand weapons including Klingon Disruptor.

[232] Exists as System 5 Disruptors.

[233] Lethean Trauma, Mind Location
Lethean victim: When Julian Bashir was telepathically attacked, he accessed different parts of his personality to save his life in a Deep Space 9-like dreamscape.
-Plays on any personnel present with your Lethean OR just targeted by Lethean Telepathic Attack. Owner may report one personnel per turn here (return to hand if Mind Location nullified or host personnel dies, unless killed here). Each turn, it is STRENGTH -1. When STRENGTH = 0, dies. When all classifications (except ANIMAL) are present, Mind Location discarded and host personnel cured.

[234] Exists as Distortion Field.

[235] Distortion Ring, Dilemma, space, Countdown: 4
"A non-corporeal life-form that could literally change the shape of space once distorted the USS Voyager in an attempt to communicate."
-Unless Navigation and Astrophysics present, place on ship. All Sites aboard are shuffled now and every time personnel try to walk (announce number of sites you wish to walk and recreate Site line, placing walking personnel at the Site corresponding to that number).

[231] n/a
[232] n/a
[233] Since Empaths can freely walk to a Mind Location (becoming disabled in the real world however), your Lethian can easily walk in there and start killing the dream personnel that reports as a personality trait, making sure it doesn't return to the owner's hand. "Cured" means the Lithian victim's STRENGTH returns to normal and that it is no longer disabled. All classifications must be present, but can come from the same personnel.
[234] n/a
[235] You announce you wish to walk from Main Engineering to the Bridge, 3 Sites away. Shuffle. 3 away is now Mess Hall. That's where your personnel ends up. It may even end up in Main Engineering again.

[236] Divine Treasury
[237] Division of Planetary Operations
[238] Divok
[239] divorce, Klingon
[240] DNA reference scan

[236]Divine Treasury, Event, 1 point
"In Ferengi mythology, the place in the afterlife where financially successful ferengi go after death. The Registrar accepts the bribe of those worthy to enter."
-Plays on table. Your just-killed Ferengi with Acquisition are placed under event rather than in discard pile. Every turn, score points for each Greed here.

[237] Division of Planetary Operations, Headquarters, Federation
"Section of Starfleet tasked with Earth-based functions and operations. DPO headquarters is in Lisbon, Portugal."
-Seeds or plays on Earth. Nullifies Visit Cochrane Memorial here. Once per turn, one compatible  icon human personnel may report here for free. Once per game, you may download and play one HQ card for free. (Not duplicatable.)

[238] Exists as Divok.

[239] Klingon Divorce, Interrupt, -5 points
"Dissolution of a Klingon marriage is accomplished by the simple declaration of 'N'Gos tlhogh cha!', essentially 'Our marriage is done!'"
-Plays on any Klingon with a spouse or romantic involvement OR targeted by a Love Interest or Romance dilemma. Nullifies that relationship or dilemma. Klingon's owner loses points. (Not cumulative.)

[240] DNA Reference Scan, Interrupt
"Medical test to confirm an individual's identity by matching DNA patterns. Kobliad security officer Kajada asked Dr. Julian Bashir to order such a scan to confirm the identity of Rao Vantika."
-Nullifies any DNA-related dilemma. OR Where your MEDICAL present, you may expose one Infiltrator of the same apparent species OR nullify Reflection Therapy.

[236] An on-table afterlife Colony. Personnel with Greed x2 are worth 2 points per turn. The points remain even if the Event is nullified. If it is, the personnel under it go to the discard pile.
[237] Gives the Federation a choice of Headquarters. Non-Aligned humans can report for free here as well.
[238] n/a
[239] Some AtoZ cards are affected by romantic relationships listed in a card's lore. If a Klingon with such a relationship is targeted by one of the dilemmas listed, you can only nullify either the relationship OR the dilemma, not both.
[240] Reflection Therapy nullfication requires your MEDICAL present. Look to the glossary or individual lores for a list of DNA-related dilemmas. An infiltrator's apparent species is the species of the person it has taken the place of. (Ex,: Martok Founder's apparent species is Klingon).

[241] DNA
[242] Dobara
[243] docking clamps
[244] "Doctor Bashir, I Presume?"
[245] dodecahedron

[241] Exists as DNA Clues.

[242] Dobara, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Female Boraalan. Resident of the village saved by Nikolai Rozhenko in 2370. Lived with him and became pregnant with his child. Was smuggled to Vacca II."
-CIVILIAN; May report directly to Boraal II; Nikolai Rozhenko may report where present for free and is attributes +2 where present; While in play, doubles Chronicle

[243] Docking Clamp, Site
-Site that always separates rest of ship from a station's docking site. Opposing personnel require 2 Computer Skill to walk here. This ship is immune to Docking Procedures.
Any Starship[Saucer/Forward Section - Engineering Section]

[244] Star-Crossed Romance, Dilemma, space/planet
"Who would have thought that the beautiful dabo girl Leeta would find her match in the less-than-handsome Ferengi engineer Rom? Who would have wanted to?"
-If present, one male and one female of different species (your choice) are "stopped". Any player may immediately play Parallax Arguers to "stop" rest of Away Team or crew.

[245] The Rule of Twelve, Incident, -5 points
-Seeds on table before the Mission phase. Any player who plays a card that makes the total spaceline more than 12 locations long loses points (even if playing Borg). While in play, personnel with any attribute equal to 12 report for free AND ships with any attribute equal to 12 are attributes all equal to 12.

[241] n/a
[242] There's a smuggling reference in there because Penny Johnson, who played Dobara, would later play the role of Kasidy Yates on DS9. Chronicle, though referenced in the Encyclopedia, does not have an entry. Their mistake, but I'll eventually create one anyway.
[243] This site is where a Nor's docking sites intersect a ship's own sites. Docking Procedures played on this ship are simply discarded. It can be played in either section (Saucer or Engineering).
[244] Parallax Arguers has none of its usual effects when you do this.
[245] What was I to do with this entry: "Twelve-sided geometric solid. (Alliances [VGR])"? So I did this. Cards that cost 5 points include Gaps in Nornal Space, extra universal Space cards, Black Hole (though it may let you play more cards without a cost once it starts eating up the spaceline), and Bajoran Wormhole. The "total spaceline" is meant to represent missions in ALL quadrants. A ship with RANGE 12, becomes a 12-12-12 ship while this Incident is in play.

[246] Dodger Stadium
[247] Doe, John
[248] Dokachin, Klim
[249] Dokkaran temple
[250] Dolak, Gul

[246] Dodger Stadium, Program
"Holographic recreation of a large open air building in Los Angeles that used to host athletic competitions, especially baseball. Named for the Los Angeles Dodgers."
-Your baseball players and teams may report here directly. Once per turn, you may download one Worf at Bat OR Chewing Gum OR Strike Three OR Baseball (worth half its points) OR Bunt (limit: one of each per game).

[247] Exists as John Doe.

[248] Exists as Klim Dokachin.

[249] Dokkaran Temple Model, Dilemma, space
"The children on the Enterprise-D primary school studied and built models of the historic Dokkaran Temple. Data helped young Timothy with his."
-Unless android OR Timothy present, all Youth personnel present are "stopped". Discard dilemma.

[250] Exists as Dolak.

[246] Baseball players and teams are listed as such in their lore. An Umpire counts as a player. Baseball downloaded by the Program is only worth 10 points. And that's "Bunt", not "Brunt".
[247] n/a
[248] n/a
[249] Hard to avoid, but not that much of a pain.
[250] n/a

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