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[51] imaging scanner
[52] Immelmann turn
[53] immunosupressant
[54] impedrezine
[55] Imperial Plaza

[51] Imaging Scanner, Event
"Component of a transporter that captures a molecular-resolution of the transport subject. Four redundant scanners may ignore each other if one has corrupted data."
-Plays on table. While in play, both players must show their beaming personnel to opponent. Once per turn, you may discard an opposing personnel being beamed if you have a copy or persona of it in play.

[52]Immelman Turn, Tactic
-ATTACK bonus +1 if you have 2 Navigation aboard ship firing, +2 if it has no staffing requirements. Hit = . Direct hit = .
*Communications scrambled: Owner may not play any Incoming Message, Hail ot Open Diplomatic Negociations at this location.

[53] Rejection, Interrupt
"Dr. Crusher had to use immunosupressant drugs in 2367 to help William Riker successfully carry the Trill symbiont Odan within his body."
-Plays on any symbiont card to seperate it from its host card. Host dies unless 2 MEDICAL present. Symbiont dies unless Hypospray or an unjoined Trill other than the host is present.

[54] Pssssshhhhhhtt, Interrupt, 5 points
"Sound made by a hypospray when discharging its payload into the bloodstream. Usually accompanied by a sound of relief."
-Plays on Hypospray when any card whose title ends with "-zine" is used at same location OR when another interrupt makes use of that Hypospray. Score points OR draw one card.

[55] Visit Dukat Monument, Objective
-Seed one on Cardassia during outpost phase. (Destroyed if Cardassia is assimilated. Unique.) When your unopposed Cardassian Gul OR Damar is present, you may probe:
#: "A great man." Draw one card.
#: "A great leader." Play one card.
#: "We pledge alliegeance..." Download one card.
#: "Bulldoze this thing down." Discard one card.

[51] Playing multiple Scanners is allowed, but you can't discard a bunch of personnel at the same time.
[52] The damage counter mostly restricts the stopping function of Hail, and ODN, since your opponent may still use Incoming Messages on an opposing ship at another location (some Messages are meant for your own ships though).
[53] Could be nasty, but you'd have to believe the Dax or Tsot symbionts were going to be used (or other symbionts coming soon). Cannot be used on a joined Trill that has no accompanying symbiont personnel card (like Jadzia Dax whose symbiont is built-in).
[54] Impedrezene was yet another cardiac medecine, so I had to get creative. I tied it in with a few other medecine cards (like Cordrazine and Animazine).
[55] The Gul Dukat monument is in the Imperial Plaza. I know it's just a Visit Cochrane Memorial for Cardies, but it's funny. All the current rulings on VCM are reitirated here.

[56] Imperial Senate, Romulan
[57] "Improbable Cause"
[58] improvoline
[59] impulse sustainer
[60] Imutta

[56] Imperial Senate, Incident
-Seeds or plays on Continuing Committee. Once per game, when you have a Senator or Consul here, you may download one Romulan equipment card to each of your other Romulan here who has Treachery. Discard incident. OR Plays on your Proconsul OR Sela at Office of the Proconsul. Download to that personnel one Tal Shiar personnel or any number of Romulan non-Tal Shiar SECURITY with up to 9 total  icons. Discard incident.

[57] Tain, Personnel, Cardassian/Romulan, 5 points
"Enabran Tain joined forces with the Tal Shiar to attack the Founders. Commanded a D'deridex Advanced, but not from the bridge."
-VIP, Obsidian Order, Tal Shiar, Leadership, Diplomacy; Score points each time a Founder is killed where present; 

[58] Medecine Switch, Interrupt
"It would be dangerous to mistake a calmative like improvoline with a cardiostimulant like inaprovoline. Administering the wrong drug could be lethal."
-When any card is used with Hypospray, you may download any other card that uses Hypospray and replace that card. Replaced card is discarded.

[59] Impulse Sustainer, Interrupt
"Propulsion unit in space vehicles such as class-4 sensor probes that provides thrust after the probe's initial launch."
-Plays once per turn on any Probe to move it to an adjacent location. Replace interrupt in hand. OR Exchange for any just-used scan card in discard pile to play on a location adjacent to the location just scanned.

[60] Imutta, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 4, -5 points
"One of the Bajoran D'jarras, it called for an occupation concerned with the preparing of the dead for burial. Not popular, but never by choice."
-Unless D'jarras in play OR an Emissary present, plays on one personnel present (random selection). Each time a personnel present dies, lose points (maximum of -5 per turn). Mission continues.

[56] A proconsul is also a consul. Jaron is non-Tal Shiar SECURITY even if his lore makes him Tal Shiar. The card is meant to represent how dangerous the Senate can be - with Disruptors appearing in hands (though sometimes, it's just benign PADDs), and the Office of the Proconsul possibly being swarmed by would-be assassins, requiring the SECURITY download.
[57] Closer to what I would have expected from Tain.
[58] AtoZ has a number of cards that are to be used where Hypospray is present. This card exchanges one medecine-related card for another, even on opponent's Hypo.
[59] The first function does not discard the interrupt, the second does. Probe cards are those with the word Probe in their title, not the probed top card of a draw deck. Second function: You play a scan (any kind) at a location (say, Repair Mission), discard that scan card, play Impulse Sustainer, get back that scan card, at which point you must immediately use it on a location adjacent to Repair Mission. It must be a valid target, of course.
[60] Another D'jarra dilemma! Follow it up with an Armus or something. You can't just go blow up the personnel's ship, killing all hands for a massive point loss though - opponent cannot lose more than 5 points per copies of this card each turn.

[61] Imzadi
[62] "In Purgatory's Shadow"
[63] "In the Hands of the Prophets"
[64] "In the zone"
[65] "In Theory"

[61] Imzadi, Event
"Betazoid term meaning 'beloved'. Two people in such a relationship would often share a telepathic bond that sometimes lasted beyond that relationship."
-Plays on you Empath. Name a personnel in play of the opposite gender. Each personnel shares its skills (even special skills) with the other. (Only nullfied by The Devil. Unique.)

[62] Maimed, Event
"While a captive of the Dominion, General Martok lost an eye in battle with the Jem'Hadar. He lost no honor over it by complaining."
-Plays on your captive (for free if currently being tortured, sending Torture back to hand). It is released to opponent's nearest facility, and is now STRENGTH -2. All compatible personnel present are INTEGRITY -2.

[63] What to Teach, Dilemma, space/planet
"Vedek Winn thought Keiko O'Brien's teaching Bajoran children about 'wormhole aliens' rather than 'Prophets' was intrinsically wrong."
-Away Team or crew may not continue until there is an equal number of  personnel and SCIENCE personnel present.

[64] In the Zone, Event
"The sense that one is on a winning streak. Chief O'Brien was briefly 'in the zone' when he won 46 consecutive dart games in 2371."
-Plays on table. If you just solved two missions OR won two battles on the same turn, you may "unstop" all your cards. Discard event.
Now exists as In the Zone.

[65] I'm Glad I Was in There Somewhere, Dilemma, space/planet
"'Reconfiguring the warp field parameters, analyzing the works of Charles Dickens, calculating the maximum pressure I should apply to your lips, considering a new food supplement..."
-Shuffle Away Team or crew with any cards present affecting it. Choose one (random selection): Discard any event, interrupt, food or equipment card selected; stop any personnel selected along with one personnel of the opposite gender (your choice).

[61] If you don't mind sharing your skills with your opponent, you can even name an opposing Imzadi. Note that non-cumulative skills remain non-cumulative, and that special downloads can only be used once per game, by either personnel, but not by both.
[62] Turns a captive into an INTEGRITY sapper, if you give him up. The Event stays on the personnel until nullified.
[63] So if you don't have any [Orb] icon personnel, then you can't bring SCIENCE along. Can you think of any combos?
[64] Solve a third mission with that extra RANGE and freed filtered personnel, or battle again!
[65] Title: Jenna D'Sora's classic line. Lore: Data's even more classic enumeration. Choosing any other card (such as a dilemma that sticks to a personnel) has no effect.

[66] In'Cha
[67] Inad
[68] inaprovaline
[69] Indiana
[70] "Indiscretion"

[66]Begin, Incident, ,
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, when any player has more than 6 personnel at a facility, but hasn't attempted a mission yet this game, they must either attempt a mission immediately (on their turn) OR opposing player may relocate up to 6 personnel at that facility to one planet location on spaceline (discard incident).

[67] Inad, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Female Ullian. Telepathic historian. Wife of Tarmin. Part of a delegation that visited the Enterprise-D in 2368. Interested in childhood memories."
-VIP, Empathy; One personnel present gains Youth; While in play, Tarmin may glance at one extra side-deck per game

[68] Inaprovaline, Interrupt, Countdown: 2
"Inaprovaline has been used to stabilize various conditions, including John Doe's transfiguration, and Vedek Bareil's radiation wounds."
-Plays on any dilemma with a countdown icon where you have Hypospray present. Suspends the effects and countdown of that dilemma until countdown on this card ends.

[69] Janeway's Birthplace, Event, -10 points
"Kathryn Janeway was born in Indiana, in North America's midwest region. She loved the warm and humid summers, but still chose to explore the galaxy."
-Plays on table; your versions of the Kathryn Janeway persona report for free. OR Plays on Earth; each time opponent reports a version of the Kathryn Janeway persona, they lose points, unless this event also on table.

[70] Strange Runabout-Fellows, Dilemma, space
"To her dismay, Kira had to endure Dukat's company while looking for the remains of the Ravinok. She had to cut the conversation short many times."
-If a male and female present, lowest INTEGRITY male and highest INTEGRITY female are "stopped" (discarded if from different affiliations).

[66] In'Cha means Begin in Klingon. The second function is a consequence to not choosing the first. This is meant to counter strategies where mega-Away Teams are assembled at Outposts or HQs.
[67] Tarmin's second glance works just like the first (as per his game text), but must be at a different side-deck.
[68] The dilemma's countdown would then resume.
[69] Sure, it's a joke card up to a point, I admit it. The second function doesn't work if the same event is also on table (on either side).
[70] A different look at Strange Bedfellows (what IS it with Dukat and Bajoran women!?).

[71] Indri VIII
[72] inertial dampeners
[73] Inferna Prime
[74] infernite
[75] infinite velocity, theory of

[71] Destroy Genetic Evidence, Mission, planet, Klingon
Indri VIII: Quickly analyse and destroy genetic evidence of a common link between all sentient species on this class-L planet.
-Biology x2 + Exobiology + (3 disruptors OR Breen CRM114) + Treachery x2
-Span: 4; 40 points; Opponent's points for Hunt for DNA Program are -10 if solved.

[72] Intertial Dampeners Offline, Event, 
"Field-manipulation device that compensate for acceleration forces aboard space vehicles. Taking them offline increased their reaction time."
-Plays on table. Targets each of your ships in play individually. Ship is RANGE +1, ATTACK +1, and SHIELDS -1. (Cumulative per Navigation aboard each ship.) At start of each turn, you may re-play this card as a .

[73] Orion Syndicate Hearings, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Federation/Ferengi
Inferna Prime: Testify at hearings looking into the activities of galactic criminal cartel.
-(Quark OR Arissa OR Connelly OR Liam Bilby) + Law
-Span: 5; 40 points; When solved, you may capture one Orion Syndicate personnel in play.

[74] Collateral Damage, Interrupt
"When Neela used infernite explosives to destroy Deep Space 9's schoolroom, nearby facilities and systems were also damaged."
-Plays when any equipment card is destroyed at a site. That site's special game text is suspended until 3 ENGINEER present.

[75] Infinite Velocity, Dilemma, space
"If a ship attained the theoretical speed of Warp 10, it would conceptually exist at every single point in the universe. Is such a thing truly possible?"
-Plays on ship if 3 Navigation aboard. Opponent may relocate it anywhere in play AND one Navigation personnel aboard (opponent's choice) is disabled (cure with 6 MEDICAL). Discard dilemma.

[71] Your own Hunt for DNA Program is unaffected of course.
[72] A switchable event, you can return it to its Hidden Agenda status, thereby turning off its abilities. More than one IDO on the table affects the ship cumulatively only if there is the same number if Navigation aboard a ship. For example, if you have 3 IDOs in play, and a ship with 1 Nav, another with 2 Nav and the last with 3 Nav, the first will have +/- 1 bonuses, the second 2, and the last 3. A ship with 4 Nav would just have 3 bonuses.
[73] n/a
[74] The interrupt doesn't stay on the site to be nullified by Amanda. Equipment cards "discarded" aren't necessarily "destroyed", by the way.
[75] Punishes over-use of Navigation. 6 MEDICAL only nullify the disabling of the personnel, not the dilemma itself. You may relocate a ship to a time location or other quadrant.

[76] Infirmary
[77] Inglatu
[78] "Inheritance"
[79] Inheritors
[80] initiate

[76] Exists as Infirmary.

[77] Exists as Inglatu.

[78] Programmed Shut-Down, Dilemma, space/planet
"Dr. Soong programmed Juliana Tainer to shut down if she was ever in a situation that would reveal to her she was an android."
-Unless Cyberntics OR 4 Computer Skill present, one android present (opponent's choice) is disabled. Cure with 2 Cybernetics.

[79] Alien Influence, Dilemma, planet, -10 points
"Thousands of years ago, advanced alien beings contacted a tribe known as the Inheritors to influence their culture, giving them the tools required to evolve."
-Unless 2 Anthropology and INTEGRITY>35 OR Native American personnel present, place on planet. If solved and you are playing , worth points. If not, your VIPs in play are INTEGRITY -1. (Cumulative.)

[80] Initiate, Interrupt, 5 points, Countdown: 3
"Trill host candidates went through rigorous training to be granted the honor of receiving a symbiont. Only 300 symbionts exist to the almost 5000 applicants."
-Downloads one symbiont to your unjoined Trill in play. If that Trill's attributes>17, score points. If not, begin countdown. When countdown ends, symbiont is reshuffled into draw deck.

[76] n/a
[77] n/a
[78] The cure may be hard to get! Cybernetics x1 is one thing. x2? Eeech.
[79] So you need either (2 Ant + CUN>35) OR a Native American personnel to avoid its effects. If playing any Federation card, you lose the points (the Prime Directive). You can kill off your lone Fed personnel though to make the point loss disappear. The dilemma is cumulative in that the INTEGRITY may be more than -1 if there are more than one Alien Influences in play (on different missions).
[80] When an unjoined Trill receives a symbiont, it is now a joined Trill. AtoZ offers a couple of symbiont cards, including a universal one. Interrupt is either discarded when countdown ends, or sent to the bonus point section, depending on Trill's qualifications.

[81] "Initiations"
[82] Inkarian wool
[83] "Inner Light, The"
[84] inner nuncial series
[85] Innis, Valeda

[81] Earn Name, Objective
-Seeds or plays on table. Place on your  Kazon OR Kazon with Youth when it wins a personnel battle where your Away Team or crew had less than 4 personnel. It is (your choice, each once per personnel): all attributes +2 OR matching commander of a specific  Kazon ship at this location OR given any one skill to replace Youth OR given any Kazon sect icon instead of its current sect icon.

[82] Itchy, Interrupt
"After Odo was rendered into a humanoid by the Founders, Garak used Inkarian wool to make him a uniform. He found it to be itchy."
-"Stops" any version of the Elim Garak persona. OR Plays on any personnel to add 6  icons (but no skills) to it for one full turn (unless playing Borg). OR Places one former changeling in stasis until end of your next full turn.

[83] A Lifetime of Memories, Dilemma, space, Countdown: 2
"When Jean-Luc Picard's mind was taken over by an alien space probe on stardate 45944.1, in a few moments, he lived a lifetime on its planet of origin."
-Unless no personnel with CUNNING>7 present, opponent may either download one Mind Location to a personnel here OR place one personnel in stasis until end of countdown. Countdown doubled if Alien Probe in play OR if seeded at Investigate Probe.

[84] Neurological Tests, Dilemma, space/planet, -5 points
"Dr. Crusher ran an inner nuncial series, a battery of neurological tests, on Counselor Troi, following the loss of her empathic sense in 2367."
-If any personnel present has lost the use of any of its listed skills, that personnel is "stopped", and lose points unless 2 MEDICAL present. Discard dilemma.

[85] Valeda Innis, Personnel, Federation
"First Electorine of Haven. Strongly opposed a Tarellian vessel's request to land on planet Haven in 2364. Asked it be destroyed."
-VIP, Leadership; SD Incoming Message: Attack Authorization; While in play, ships with WEAPONS>8 may destroy Tarellian Plague Ship dilemma (scoring no points)

[81] Complicated, but hear me out. Whatever fight your Kazon must win, it must win it with an Away Team of 3 or less personnel. You may use multiple Earn Names, even have more than one on the table. When the battle is won, you may place all your Earn Names on elligible personnel if you wish. You may play more than one Earn Name on the same personnel, but you may not choose the same bonus twice for the same personnel (so a maximum of 4 Earn Names can be placed on a single personnel, 3 if it doesn't have Youth). Making a Kazon matching commander: if you choose a Kazon Shuttle for example, that Kazon is commander only of that specific shuttle, not of every card with that title in play. As for the Kazon sect icons, each Kazon has one of the icons, and only Kazon within the same sect can use them as per AtoZ's Kazon rules.
[82] Adding skill dots (always at the end of the list) makes that personnel the best-dressed in almost every situation for use with the 47th Rule, but has other effects, such as upping the bail value of that personnel with Guilty-Provisionally. Former changelings include the TwT Odo, and any changeling hit by Broken Link.
[83] Acts as a wall for smart personnel, either way. The personnel targeted for ML or stasis is opponent's choice.
[84] A hoser for players using Reflection Therapy to get the necessary skills, especially to steal missions, since one of the skills (unless an added Barbering) can no longer be used. Can also be leaded into by Vantika or Frame of Mind to set up the effect, à la Abandon Ship. Points are not lost if there was no personnel to enable the dilemma's effects.
[85] TPS has always been a very dangerous dilemma, so I thought I'd hose it a bit, but at the cost of using a not-too-great personnel.

[86] "Innocence"
[87] inpedrezine
[88] insignia and rank markings, Starfleet
[89] Intendant
[90] interface terminal

[86] Fuzzy Logic, Event, Countdown: X
"On Voyager's journey, many things considered impossible by right-minded people were encountered, like the Drayans who aged in reverse."
-Plays on table once per game. X=number of Voyager crewmembers currently in play (requires at least 1). While in play, you may disregard any card's errata.

[87] Headache?, Interrupt, Countdown: 3, -5 points
"By the 24th century, headaches had been all but eliminated. Still, when one occured, it could be controlled with inpedrezine, though not always."
-Plays to "stop" one personnel who just used its CUNNING OR any personnel until end of countdown if you just used Thought Maker on opponent's deck. Owner loses points. (Not cumulative.)

[88] Count the Pips, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, each of your Ensigns is worth 1 point; each Lieutenant 2 points; each Lt. Commander or Commander 3 points; each Captain 4 points and each Admiral 5 points. Points only count toward winning if Q's Planet OR The Big Picture in play. (Captain's Order.)

[89]Intendent's Milk Bath, Site, 
-Intendents and Regents may report here for free. at the start of your turn, if your Intendent present with any non- personnel who has a  counterpart, probe:
#: Take a bath. You may download one  personnel to any site on this Nor.
#: Backstabber! You may capture any opposing personnel present.
#Otherwise: Got milk? Your Intendent is "stopped". You may discard one card to draw one card.
-Terok Nor-Mirror [Habitat Ring]

[90]Interface Terminal, Event. 
"Computer console used on Earth during 21st century, employing stylus and touch-screen technology to gain access to the Net."
-Plays on any 21st-century Time Location. Opponent requires 2 Computer Skill present to use any of location's game text. Doubled if Access Denied in play.

[86] Requires at least one Voyager crewmember to even be played (plenty of those in AtoZ). After that, you can use Assign Mission Specialists as a Captain's Order, etc.
[87] Using CUNNING may be as simple as having it boosted by a PADD or other personnel, but also includes using it to pass dilemmas, solve missions and counter Crimson Forcefields.
[88] Of limited use to non-Feds, but I gotta give the blue guys something sometimes. Note that Vice-Admirals etc. are still Admirals, and that Lt. (j.g) are still Lieutenants. Any personnel whose rank is not explicitly mentioned on its card is not considered to be of that rank.
[89] A Mirror universe counterpart is one that has the same name in lore or title (with Mirror usually added at the end). Both players may use the game text if each has an Intendent.
[90] Montana Missile Complex is covered, so a Borg player could stop the Phoenix from nullifying Stop First Contact, as well as keep natives from reporting there.

[91] interface probe
[92] interface unit
[93] interface
[94] "Interface"
[95] interferometric dispersion

[91]Interface Probe, Personnel, Neutral, 
"Robotic device permitting someone to work at a distance in hazardous environments."
-*; *Link to any android, drone or Geordi at same spaceline location to place that personnel in stasis while Probe shares its classification, skills and attributes; 

[92]Interface Unit, Equipment
"Experimental device connected to Geordi LaForge's VISOR inputs, allowing sensory information from an interface probe to reach him"
-At the start of each turn, you may place one personnel present inside (capacity of 1). That personnel may use Interface Probe. If it already can, Probe has extra skills of Geology, Physics and Biology.

[93] Interface Problems, Interrupt
"The 21st-century global computer-based media and information network known as the Net was often plagued by connection problems."
-Nullifies The Net. OR Kills one personnel in Interface Unit. OR Breaks contact between an Interface Probe OR Animal Guide and its linked personnel. OR Nullifies one special download.

[94] You're Not My Mother!, Dilemma, space/planet
"Geordi LaForge was convinced he was seeing his mother when using an interface probe in 2370. It turned out an alien had taken her form."
-Unless one personnel here present with its mother, Away Team or crew is "stopped", and dilemma is placed on table. While in play, Maman Picard affects any aligned ship.

[95] Invisible to Radar, Event
"Interferometric dispersion can be used to render spacecraft undetectable by primitive radar detection systems. Used by Torres when visiting 1996."
-Plays on your ship (for free if B'Elanna Torres present). Adds Long-Range Scan Shielding to its special equipment, and it may cloak if at a Time Location.

[91] You can beam the Probe to a planet or other ship to spare your actual personnel from the effects of dilemmas. Since it is "robotic", it counts as an android. It can move by itself even if unmatched to a personnel, it just doesn't have any skills.
[92] Only androids, drones and Geordis get the extra 3 skills.
[93] A special download may only be nullified as a player tries to use it.
[94] Maman Picard is discarded after it has its effect, but You're Not My Mother! isn't and may affect more Mamans.
[95] The ship can of course uncloak as well. If it time travels back to the "present", it immediately uncloaks.

[96] interferometric pulse
[97] interlink sequencer
[98] intermix formula
[99] internal power grid
[100] interphase generator

[96] Interferometric Pulse, Tactic
-ATTACK bonus +1 if non-Borg  ship firing. Hit = . Direct hit = .
*Deflector shields ineffective: Opponent's shuttlecraft may board this ship if Navigation OR SECURITY aboard shuttlecraft (unless this ship cannot carry ships aboard).

[97] Interlink Sequencer, Event, Countdown: 3
"On stardate 46307, Data converted the interlink sequencer in his brain to asynchronous operation, thereby increasing his computational speed."
-Plays on your android to double its CUNNING and all its non-classification standard skills. (Not cumulative.) Nullified by Off Switch.

[98] Exists as Intermix Ratio.

[99] Power Grid Shutdown, Dilemma, space
"When the USS Enterprise hit a quantum filament, its internal power grid was disrupted, shutting down most systems on the ship."
-Unless 5 ENGINEER present, place on ship to place in stasis. Cure with a staffed matching ship at same location. Until then, at the end of each turn, probe: on , one personnel aboard (random selection) dies.

[100] Exists as Interphase Generator.

[96] Ships that cannot carry ships aboard are those that don't usually have a Tractor Beam, or that expressly state they cannot.
[97] A simple one. A skill already at x2 becomes x4.
[98] n/a
[99] The personnel aboard the ship are not in stasis, but they are trapped aboard a ship that has no working transporters, etc.
[100] n/a

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