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[1] Gable, Clark
[2] Gabriel
[3] Gaia
[4] Gal'na
[5] Galactic Cluster 3

[1] Who Doesn't Know Clark Gable?, Dilemma, space/planet, 
"While the name meant nothing to James T. Kirk while visiting the 1930s, B'Elanna Torres correctly identified Clark Gable as the lead in To Catch a Thief."
-To pass requires any B'Elanna OR any Tom Paris OR any non-, non- human from a past time period OR any Dixon Hill-related  personnel OR 4 Anthropology.

[2] Gabriel, Personnel, Federation/Klingon,
"Typical child on planet Gaia, in a timeline created when the USS Defiant crew was stranded back in time. Wants to be a Son of Mogh."
-CIVILIAN, Youth, Honor; Your Sons of Mogh present are attributes all +1 (cumulative)

[3] Children of Time, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt, 
Gaia: Visit colony created in alternate timeline by stranded ship crew.
-Physics x4 + Navigation x2 + Honor OR Any Dax + Leadership
-Span: 4; 40 points; Your side: If Colony built here,  icon personnel matching solving affiliation(s) may report there for free; Opponent's side: Personnel may not beam up until mission solved.

[4] Gal'na, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Ba'ku male who would become Subhadar Gallatin. Would later return to his home planet to cause harm, but would find acceptance instead."
-CIVILIAN, Treachery, Navigation, SCIENCE; CUNNING and STRENGTH +2 outside Briar Patch region; 

[5] Study Transmaterial Plane, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Galactic Cluster 3: Study alternate dimension's advanced sentient Species 259
-SCIENCE x3 + Anthropology x2 +  icon
-Span: 2; 45 points; When solved, you may play one  card for free here.

[1] A "past time period" would be referenced in the lore, and cannot include OS or Movie-icon personnel.
[2] The Sons of Mogh include the card by the same name, but also any Worf, Kurn or Son of Mogh from Gaia. Is not a Son of Mogh himself.
[3] Note the different sides to the mission's game text. On your side, you can massively report AU Civilians to your Colony. All members of solving affiliations count for this, so having a single NA among your Klingons allows you to report both AU Klingons and AU Non-Aligneds. On your opponent's side, it is possible to beam down, but not beam back up until the mission is solved. It is possible to land and take off however.
[4] The current-day Gallatin would actually be more honorable, but this is before he learned the error of his ways.
[5] Yes, you need a former Borg personnel to complete this mission.

[6] Galaxy Science Fiction
[7] Gallatin, Subhadar
[8] Gamma
[9] Gand sector
[10] Gant

[6] Galaxy Science Fiction, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table. Once per turn, you may play or report one  icon card for free;  cards other than Galaxy Science Fiction may not be nullified. OR Plays on your  icon writer to download any non-personnel  card; discard incident. OR Plays on your  icon editor to download to here (or discard from here) one  icon writer; discard incident.

[7]Gallatin, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Son'a subhadar. Second-in-command of Son'a fleet under Ahdar Ru'afo. Not willing to kill the Ba'ku he hated for his exile."
-OFFICER, Leadership, Honor, Computer Skill x2, ENGINEER; SD Holoship (may staff without  personnel); 
Now exists as Gallatin.

[8] Gamma Solidarity, Incident
-Seeds or plays on table. Your  Jem'Hadar may initiate battle against Alpha Quadrant Jem'Hadar (pairing only with these personnel cards, splitting others into another Away Team or crew). Once per turn, you may report one  Jem'Hadar to another quadrant, ignoring quadrant restrictions. Discard at any time to download Obedience Brings Victory OR Victory Is Life to your  Jem'Hadar's location.

[9] Avoid Assimilation, Mission, space, Kazon, 
Gand Sector: Keep Borg from assimilating colony in this sector by proving the race unworthy of interest.
-Any Kazon with total attributes<19
-Span: 3; 30 points; Once solved, you may download The Kazon Collective.

[10] Gant, Personnel, Ferengi
"Ferengi merchant. Cousin of Ensign Nog. Specialized in the selling of wines and spirits. In 2375, helped Nog obtain 16 cases of Klingon bloodwine."
-CIVILIAN, Acquisition, Youth, Biology; SD Klingon Bloodwine

[6] The big über-incident relating to all things "From Beyond the Stars". Writers and editors must be personnel.
[7] n/a
[8] When your GQ Jemmies attack an Away Team/crew containing AQ Jem'Hadar, only the GQ Jem'Hadar and AQ Jem'Hadar pair off. All other personnel present cannot battle unless another card allows them to legally do so.
[9] The attributes need to be calculated with modifiers, so you sort of have to go in naked.
[10] While you shouldn't really have Klingons present, the Bloodwine would still adversely affect opposing Klingons.

[11] Gantt
[12] Gatsby, Commander
[13] Gauman
[14] Gegen, Forra
[15] Gelnon

[11] Exists as Gantt.

[12] Commander Gatsby, Personnel, Federation, ,
"Typical of Starfleet officers assigned to USS Olympia. Served under Captain Lisa Cusak on a mission into the Beta Quadrant from 2363 to 2371."
-OFFICER, Stellar Cartography, Honor; If present with Lisa Cusak, may share skills with same ship; 

[13] Gauman, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Representative of the B'omar Sovereignty. In 2374, came aboard Voyager with Dumah to negotiate a shortcut through their space."
-VIP, Stellar Cartography, Diplomacy, Law; SD Hail (unspent in B'omar space); 

[14] Forra Gegen, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Voth scientist in the field of exobiology and archaeology. Author of the Distant Origin Theory. Accused of heresy by Ministry of Elders."
-SCIENCE, SCIENCE, Archaeology x2, Exobiology x2, Stellar Cartography; SD Distant Origin

[15] Exists as Gelnon.

[11] n/a
[12] I know it's "present" period, but I think Cusak deserved to be AU, so the rest of her crew does too.
[13] He is one of the few personnel who can solve Cut Through Red Tape (where his special download would not be expended if used) alone, and is downloadable by Dumah.
[14] Distant Origin is a card found under Enhanced D.
[15] n/a

[16] genetic resequencing vector
[17] genome
[18] Gentry, David
[19] Giants
[20] "Gift, The"

[16] Resequencing Vector, Interrupt
"Genetic resequencing vector is a medical suspension formulated to shut down Borg nanoprobes as they emerge from dormancy."
-Nullifies Borg Nanoprobes OR Assimilation Tubules OR Nanoprobe Ressucitation; OR prevents Assimilation Table OR Talon Drone from assimilating your personnel this turn.

[17] Genome Exchange, Dilemma, space/planet
"On stardate 51762.4, Voyager encountered Steth, a being able to forcibly exchange genomes with others. He traded bodies with other pilots."
-Opponent may exchange one of their Navigation personnel in play or in hand with a Navigation personnel present (opponent's choice). Players may use them as theirs. Cure by bringing both personnel together with 3 MEDICAL.

[18] David Gentry, Personnel, Neutral, , 5 points
"Species 8472 who posed as a Starfleet Headquarters security officer. Ready to die rather than reveal his people's plans toward Earth."
-SECURITY, Honor, Treachery, Youth; SD Security Sacrifice; Score points if killed by 

[19] The Giants, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Professional Earth baseball team from the 20th and 21st centuries. In 1953, were based in New York City where Willie Hawkins played for them."
-CIVILIANS x9; SD Willie Hawkins; Once per turn, you may place a baseball-related card from hand under draw deck to draw another card; May not score Colony points

[20] Changing of the Guard, Incident
-Seeds or plays on table. Once per turn, suspend play to discard any Kes to download any Seven to same location OR any Beverly to download any Pulaski to same location (or vice-versa) OR any Dax to download any other Dax to same location OR any Wesley to download any Ro to same location OR any Tasha to download any Worf to same location; OR relocate any Worf from your ship to your facility.

[16] Nullified Nanoprobes are discarded. The card may protect all your personnel from all Talon Drones/Tables for the entire turn it is played on.
[17] Using a personnel as yours doesn't change its affiliation, so the personnel may fall under house arrest. The 3 MEDICAL required to cure the dilemma must be the curing player's, but either player may choose to cure it.
[18] Species 8472 may only usually report to Fluidic Space. They only have genders and classifications when in infiltrator form.
[19] From "Far Beyond the Stars" (Willie is the Michael Dorn character), I went in the same direction as the Cestus Comets - A MULTI-personnel card. Graphically, the picture screen is split into 9, each small frame showing a baseball card shot of every team member. The Stats are low because they represent a baseball team working together, not 9 individuals. When Willie is downloaded, he persona-switches with the Giants.
[20] Meant to simulate the various cast switch-overs from the various series. Note that only Beverly-Pulaski can go either way. I was gonna make it a Hidden Agenda, but Entertainment Tonight advertises these changes so early, it's never a secret.

[21] Giger, Dr. Elias
[22] Gilbert and Sullivan
[23] Ginger
[24] Girani, Doctor
[25] Glintara Sector

[21]Dr. Elias Giger, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Crackpot research scientist. Constructed chamber that kept your cells entertained, granting you immortality. Afraid of soulless minions of orthodoxy."
-SCIENCE, Biology, ENGINEER, Acquisition; SD Cellular Entertainment Chamber; X=amount of Biology present

[22] Gilbert and Sullivan, Dilemma, space/planet
"When trying to reason with a malfunctioning Data, Jean-Luc Picard sang verses from Gilbert and Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore to confuse the android."
-Unless 2 Music present, place one android here (random selection) under mission. Rescued when mission is solved.

[23] Ginger, Personnel, Non-Aligned, ,
"Holographic re-creation of a typical 1960s Las Vegas dancer. Once performed on the same stage as Liberace. Sometimes dated Vic Fontaine."
-CIVILIAN, Youth, Music; Your other  icon personnel with Music present are all attributes +2 (not cumulative)

[24] Dr. Girani, Personnel, Federation
"Physician assigned to Deep Space 9 in 2375. After Julian Bashir fell in love with Sarina Douglas, he asked him to take over as her doctor."

[25] Restricted Space, Mission, space, Dominion
Glintara Sector: Gain access to Romulan spaceways through treaty or trickery.
-(Diplomacy x4 + SECURITY x4) OR (Treachery x5 + any ship with attributes>22) OR (Weyoun + Founder Leader)
-Span: 5*; 35 points; *Once solved, Span=2

[21] The Chamber places personnel in stasis to (possibly) later give them attribute boosts (see Enhanced C). Since Giger is a Biology personnel himself, his base CUNNING is 9.
[22] A Music wall, but only if there's an android target.
[23] Nothing about Ginger is cumulative, so she can't boost other copies of Ginger present, nor can multiple Gingers boost personnel higher than +2.
[24] A simple, but excellent, support personnel.
[25] Watch out for ship-damaging dilemmas under this mission, they could lower your vessel's attributes.

[26] Global Tongo Championships
[27] Gnome Press
[28] Golana melon
[29] Golana
[30] Golanan time portal

[26] Global Tongo Championships, Event, Countdown: 3
"High-level tongo competition held annually on Ferenginar with various divisions including a Golder Masters and Female Division."
-Plays on Ferenginar (for free if Grand Nagus Zek and Ishka on planet). While in play, players may show any number on any card except copyright notice (but even from rarity area) as their bet instead of personnel attribute totals.

[27] Gnome Press, Event, 
"Publishing company that specialized in hard-cover science fiction books. In 1953, published Albert Macklin's first novel, a story about robots."
-Plays on table. While in play, your  icon personnel may use their special download twice per game (thrice if Albert Macklin).

[28] Golana Melon, Food
"Large round fruit of the gourd family found on the planet Golana. Molly O'Brien based her diet around it when trapped alone in the past."
-Your  icon personnel present are all attributes +1 (cumulative up to +3). May be upkept on Golana.

[29] Rescue Orphan, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Federation
Golana: Mount rescue of a child that has fallen into an ancient time portal.
-Archaeology x2 + Physics x3 + ENGINEER + SCIENCE
-Span: 2; 40 points; When solved, you may download one  Youth personnel here.

[30] Golanan Time Portal, Artifact
"Ancient Golanan device that created a passageway to the future or the past. A picnicking Molly O'Brien fell into one that led 300 years into the past."
-Immediately plays on this planet. When any opposing personnel are present, you may relocate them to a corresponding Time Location.

[26] Note that a player may still use an attribute total as their bet (which would limit the owner to Ferengi personnel). A player using any other number is not limited to Ferengi cards however.
[27] Each SF icon personnel (the characters from "Far Beyond the Stars") has a special download of personnel.
[28] Food cards usually need to be present at a Food-serving site.
[29] I decided against making this part of the Bajor region, since it's only "near Bajoran space" even if it was colonized by Bajorans.
[30] Another use for time locations: temporal prisons!

[31] Golanans
[32] gold
[33] Golden Age of Bajor
[34] golf
[35] Golian spa

[31] Molly's Playground, Time Location, planet, 
Any planet, at least 300 years ago: Golana is an example of a virgin planet some time before being colonized.
-Plays on table. Native to this timeline: Molly (if corresponding planet is Golana).

[32] Useless Gold, Dilemma, space/planet
"While gold is no longer as valuable as it once was in the the 24th century, it is still used to encase latinum. It was all Quark found of Morn's treasure."
-Unless Acquisition and Honor present, all Gold-Pressed Latinum present is discarded and Away Team or crew is "stopped".

[33] Golden Age of Bajor, Objective
-Seeds or plays on table. Any Away Team or crew with  icon personnel may initiate battle against  icon personnel ignoring affiliation attack restrictions. Any  icon personnel killed by  personnel in personnel battle go to bonus point area where they are worth 5 points each. When 3 or more  icon personnel are in bonus point area, place Objective on Bajor: Mission may not be attempted by opposing personnel,  cards may not be attacked, and all  personnel in play are INTEGRITY +3.

[34] Hole in One!, Interrupt, 10 points
"In the game of golf played by humans (and sometimes Klingons), the best possible result is to send the ball into the hole with a single stroke."
-If your single ship just scored a direct hit on an opposing ship, play to destroy the ship if it wasn't destroyed OR to score points (once per game, per ship).

[35] Golian Spa, Station, Neutral
"Resort that provides rest and relaxation facilities."
-Plays on any  location without affiliation icons. Once each turn, you may discard one personnel present to even up your hand.

[31] What? That's it? Yep. It's basically meant to be a prison for use with the Golanan Time Portal and must be attached to a planet mission in play. Molly (the older version) only plays there directly if the card is attached to Golana.
[32] A wall with worse consequences for the Ferengi.
[33] The chances of using this objective to its full potential are rather remote, since they depend on opponents using pah-wraith personnel. There may be a card that turns an opposing personnel into a pah-wraith personnel in the future however. Note that to kill a pah-wraith personnel in personnel battle and score the points, the Orb personnel must be paired with it. If the Bajorans cannot be attacked, you may still retaliate if attacked by them.
[34] A single ship means a single ship. You cannot have more than one ship firing in that battle. You can only play this interrupt once per ship, so your Fesarius cannot score 10 points more than once during a game. The mention of Klingons in the lore is my tip of the hat to Star Trek's only attempt at musical comedy in an absolutely excecrable TOS novel, "How Much For Just This Planet?" in which, you guesse it, Klingons play golf with Scotty.
[35] Evening up your hand works like in Warp Speed play, drawing cards until you have 7 in hand. Only the Spa's owner may use its game text.

[36] Goodheart, Constance
[37] Gorath
[38] gorch
[39] Gordon, Ensign Paul
[40] Goren system

[36] Constance Goodheart, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Captain Proton's secretary in his holographic adventures. On one occasion, played by Seven of Nine."
-CIVILIAN, Youth; Once per turn, may "scream" to download any card with Captain Proton in lore to her location; At any time, may be switched with Seven of Nine from hand

[37] Test Mettle, Mission, planet, Klingon
Gorath: Cross sulpheric lagoons as part of Day of Honor "celebrations".
-Navigation + Honor x4 + Geology + (CUNNING+STRENGTH>50)
-Span: 2; 40 points

[38] Gorch, Interrupt
"Klingons have to do everything in a big way, even their pimples."
-Plays on any Klingon Youth to double its skills and attributes until end of your next full turn. OR Plays on any non-Youth Klingon in Briar Patch region; it gains Youth for rest of game. Discard Interrupt.

[39] Paul Gordon, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet security officer serving under Benjamin Sisko. Ensign aboard the commandeered Jem'Hadar attack ship during Dominion War."
-SECURITY, Computer Skill, Navigation, Anthropology; While in play, Benjamin Sisko is matching commander of  Stolen Attack Ship; 

[40] Mediate Dispute, Mission, space, Federation
Goren system: Mediate dispute between various worlds in this planetary system.
-Diplomacy x5 OR Jean-Luc Picard + Deanna Troi
-Span: 4; 30 points; May be seeded on end of spaceline.

[36] This is NOT a version of the Seven of Nine persona (frankly, she didn't play the role very well), so they can co-exist despite the switching ability. Note that you cannot switch her back, it's just a one-way thing.
[37] I imagine those 40 points can be made to grow with Assign Mission Specialists.
[38] The card is not cumulative.
[39] It's not the same Stolen Attack Ship, but it's the same isn't it?
[40] The special game text is based on the fact that Picard really wanted to go to the Briar Patch which was in the opposite direction. It may only be seeded on the end of the Alpha Quadrant spaceline.

[41] Grable, Betty
[42] Graife
[43] Grail of Kahless
[44] Grant, Cary
[45] grapok sauce

[41]Gorgeous Gams, Interrupt
"The Earth actress Betty Grable was known for her long, beautiful legs, as emphasized by many pictures popular with American soldiers in WWII."
-Plays on your female personnel to "stop" all opposing male SECURITY present until end of their next turn OR to nullify Captured here.

[42] Graife, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Bolian bartender at low-class tavern on planet Farius Prime. His bar was frequented by Liam Bilby and his associates. Worked for Raimus."
-CIVILIAN, Greed, Orion Syndicate

[43] Grail of Kahless, Artifact
"Sacred Klingon chalice that once belonged to Kahless. Traditional observances of the Day of Honor including drinking from a replica."
-Plays on table as an Event card. Doubles Day of Honor (including X's value). Discard with Day of Honor to download one extra Klingon with Honor OR Bat'leth OR Klingon Food card.

[44] Suave Like Cary Grant, Interrupt
"The star of,a mong other films, To Catch a Thief, was known for his charm in dealing both with the ladies and men's men."
-Plays on your male personnel to "stop" all opposing female SECURITY present until end of their next turn OR to nullify Protection Racket here.

[45] Grapok Sauce, Interrupt
"Klingon condiment. Yummy."
-Plays on any Klingon-related Food card if Cooking present to double its effects until end of your next full turn.

[41] You also need a female personnel to nullify Captured.
[42] An Orion Syndicate support personnel (and a bartender).
[43] So Day of Honor would add 2X to your Klingons' STRENGTH for 2 full turns, and allow you to download up to 2 Honor personnel (possibly 3) or 4 Bat'leths (possibly 5). A Klingon Food card is any Food card that mentions Klingons.
[44] A Gorgeous Gams for guys!
[45] Klingon-related Food cards are those that mention Klingons in either the lore or game text.

[46] gravimetric shear
[47] gravimetric torpedo
[48] graviton stabilizer
[49] gray mode
[50] Gray's Anatomy

[46] Gravimetric Shear, Dilemma, space
"The deformation of a ship by differential variations in a local gravitational field can literally rip a ship apart."
-Unless Navigation, ENGINEER and Astrophysics present, place on ship. The next time it moves, it is damaged unless 2 Navigation, 2 ENGINEER and 2 Astrophysics aboard. Then, discard dilemma.

[47] Gravimetric Torpedo, Tactic
-ATTACK bonus +1 if Omega Particle at this location. Hit = . Direct hit = .
*Mass destruction: If firing on outpost with Omega Particle, all personnel and equipment aboard are discarded.

[48] Stabilize Gravity, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Deep space: Calibrate graviton stabilizers aboard ship for a smoother ride.
-ENGINEER x2 + Physics
-Span: 5; 20* points; *+5 points if any [Enterprise] icon personnel present.

[49] Gray Mode, Dilemma, space
"Starship operational protocols designed for severe energy conservation. Power to nonessential decks is discontinued, and other systems are at 20%."
-Plays on ship. Personnel and equipment may not report or download directly aboard AND all attributes are halved (round up). Cure by docking with Outpost for 2 full turns.

[50] Gray's Anatomy, Event
"Classic medical reference textbook on the anatomical structure of humans. Written by Dr. Henry Gray. First published in 1858 (non-interactive edition).
-Plays on your MEDICAL-classification personnel. While in play, that personnel adds one level of Biology (if human) or Exobiology (if non-human). (Cumulative.)

[46] Relocation by means that do not require using RANGE are not "moving".
[47] Dangerous, but has no special effect on ships or outposts without the Omega Particle. Note that "defending" the Particle also imparts you the ATTACK bonus (so long as it's at the same location as the battle).
[48] I couldn't resist creating an Enterprise-related card for this concept, based on Archer's antigravity shower scene.
[49] Yes, this will work on Borg ships too.
[50] Personnel without any Bio or Exo do gain the skill outright the first time.

[51] Grease Monkey
[52] Great Forest
[53] Great Material Continuum
[54] Great War
[55] grint hound

[51] Grease Monkey, Program
"Holographic program created by Tom Paris. Set in the 20th century, it features a re-creation of a garage where a 1969 Camaro can be altered."
-Plays for free at Tom Paris' location (he gains one level of ENGINEER while present). Extends Camaro's effects to Equipment cards at this Holodeck.

[52] Great Forest, Event, 
"Promised place of the afterlife in Talaxian mythology. A beautiful place filled with sunlight where the departed are reunited with their ancestors."
-"Guides" your Talaxian who died on your previous turn from discard pile to point area (worth points equal to CUNNING; "in play" for uniqueness only). Discard event. OR Downloads Guiding Tree.

[53] Great Material Continuum, Doorway
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, once per turn, your Ferengi with Acquisition may do all three of the following: discard one Equipment card present, place one Equipment card in discard pile at bottom of draw deck, and download an Equipment card. If Ferengi is any Nagus or Nog, may discard/place/download any Event card that plays on a ship or facility instead of Equipment card.

[54] Captain Janeway, Personnel, Fedeation, 
"It was believed for a long time that Kathryn Janeway and her Warship Voyager had committed atrocities during the Great War between the Vaskans and Kyrians."
-OFFICER, Treachery x2, SECURITY, Leadership; May initiate battle against any affiliation; SD Any Phaser; 

[55] Grint Hound, Personnel, Klingon, 
"Four-legged Klingon beast. This female carried Worf on her back when he was but a child. He was only thrown once."
-ANIMAL; Youth personnel present gain the extra skill of Biology x½; Once per turn, may "stop" one Youth personnel present

[51] The Camaro turns "destroyed" into "deactivated for rest of turn" for Artifacts used as Equipment cards at all Holodecks. At a Holodeck where Grease Monkey is playing, Equipment cards share in that protection.
[52] Though there are Bajorans in the Delta Quadrant, this is a version of Duranja for an actual DQ species.
[53] All three steps must be taken for the card to work, but of course, your discarded card can be the one placed under draw deck, so it's a perpetual motion engine. When converting the equipment to an event, all three steps need not be conducted with events.
[54] It's the evil Janeway from "Living Witness"! She may initiate battle against ANY affiliation.
[55] 2 Youth Klingons may pool their Biology to create a full skill, of course. The lore is pretty much invented.

[56] groat
[57] groatcakes
[58] Guiding Tree
[59] Guill
[60] gyrodyne

[56]Groat, Food
"Grain of a cereal grass widely cultivated on Bajor and providing a flour used for baked goods such as bread and pastries."
-May play on Bajor without a Food-serving Site. Any dessert Food card from this quadrant may do the same. Also, all Bajorans present are STRENGTH +1 (cumulative).

[57] Groatcake, Food
"Bajoran breakfast food. Leeta loved syrup of squill on hers. We must concur."
-May play to Groat's location where it doesn't need upkeeping. Doubles any effect at this location that uses dabo girls.

[58]Guiding Tree, Event, 
"In Talaxian mythology, a large, beautiful tree standing at the center of the afterlife. It is a gathering place for the dead's ancestors and loved ones."
-Plays on table. While in play, Great Forest also "guides" non-Talaxians who name Talaxians (specific members or entire species) in their lore.

[59] Guill, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Mari merchant. Sells hardware at a marketplace. Traffics in illicit mental imagery. Provoked B'Elanna Torres to harvest her violent thoughts."
-CIVILIAN, Treachery, Empathy, Acquisition, ENGINEER; SD Black Thoughts Market

[60] Jem'Hadar Gyros, Event
"Jem'Hadar attack ships employ energy-producing devices called gyrodynes to power their back-up systems. These supplement the warp core."
-Plays on your Jem'Hadar ship; it is all attributes +1 while your Jem'Hadar ENGINEER aboard. (Cumulative up to +3.)

[56] Desserts are mentioned as such in their lore (which, I realize, does exclude some desserts).
[57] Yes, it may play on Bajor if Groat is there. As for the effect, it doubles Quark's Bar's dabo girl reporting, doubles any discards incurred from killing one there or from the 211th Rule, doubles draws and downloads from Dabo, and makes Aluura's attribute boost +4 for dabo girls.
[58] So any personnel who names Neelix, for example, or the entire Talaxian race, like Jetrel, can now be worth points equal to their CUNNING, as per Great Forest.
[59] Couldn't fit his illicit business as a special skill, so we'll go for a full card later on.
[60] Jem'Hadar ships are any ships with the word Jem'Hadar in the title.

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