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[1] da Vinci workshop program Janeway-7
[2] Daelen
[3] Daleth
[4] Dalmine Sector
[5] Dalvos Prime

[1] Da Vinci Workshop, Program
"Program Janeway-7 features a re-creation of Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci in a 1502 Italian setting. An escape from stress."
-Leonard da Vinci may report here for free. If this ship's matching commander present, you may discard one card from hand and draw another from bottom of draw deck.

[2] Daelen, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Male humanoid whose genome was once stolen by Steth. In the body of a female, caught up with his original body, now Tom Paris'."
-CIVILIAN, SECURITY, Navigation, Exobiology; Counts as either male of female (suspend play to switch once per turn); 

[3] Daleth, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Vaskan ambassador. Engaged in trade negociations with Janeway in 2374, prior to Great War between Vaskans and Kyrians."
-VIP, Diplomacy; Honor OR Treachery (opponent may decide at start of each turn); SD Parallax Arguers (each time opponent decides skill; minimum of once per game); 

[4] Investigate Assimilation, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Dalmine Sector: Investigate possible assimilation by the Borg of 39 missing Talaxians.
-(Talaxian OR CUNNING<24) + Exobiology + Cybernetics
-Span: 5; 35* points; +5 points if any cards were assimilated at this location.

[5] Psychiatric Care, Mission, planet, Federation/Non-Aligned
Dalvos Prime: Care for mentally ill patient at this Federation mental health facility.
-(Any counselor OR Empathy x3) + INTEGRITY>35
-Span: 2; 30 points; When solved, discard one dilemma affecting one of your personnel present.

[1] In a Nor's Holosuite, no matching commander would be possible.
[2] So you can switch Daelen as you uncover a gender-specific dilemma, for example.
[3] The special download is regenerated every time opponent decides on Honor OR Treachery for your personnel. If opponent never does, you may still use your special download once per game, as usual.
[4] The extra points require cards to have been assimilated by the time you solve the mission. Not that you need either a Talaxian OR a not-so-smart crew, that's LESS THAN 24.
[5] A way to get rid of Mission Fatigue, Garak Has Some Issues, etc. while you score some points.

[6] Dammar
[7] Dark Time
[8] Dauntless, USS
[9] Davis, Bobby
[10] Dax, Ezri

[6] Dammar, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Typical Nyrian operative. The first to be translocated to the Voyager in the Nyrian attempt to take over the ship on stardate 50912.4."
-SECURITY, Transporter Skill x2, Treachery; May beam from  facility to any ship in same quadrant; 

[7] The Dark Time, Event, 
"Period in Klingon history between the 2nd and 3rd Dynasties when Empire was ruled by an elected council. Democracy began when the Emperor was assassinated."
-Plays on table. Whenever you report a  personnel, you may exchange it with any other  personnel in your draw deck. Discard if a Klingon Emperor ever reported.

[8] USS Dauntless, Ship, Non-Aligned, 
"Simulation of a federation starship fabricated and commanded by Arturis. Fake registry number NX-01A. A tool for revenge againt Voyager."
-Dauntless Class[ OR Arturis] Quantum Slipstream
Now exists as USS Dauntless.

[9] Bobby Davis, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Persona imposed on Tom Paris by the Hirogen. American soldier in the war with Nazi Germany. In love with a French girl called Brigette."
-SECURITY, Honor; SD The Cavalry; Once per turn, may "stop" one Hirogen where present; 

[10] Ezri Dax, Personnel, Federation
"Trill joined in an emergency. Dax's ninth host. Counselor on Deep Space 9. A bit confused. Dreamed of Julian. Gets spacesick."
-OFFICER, Youth, Anthropology x2, SCIENCE, Diplomacy; May nullify any Sniper in play; 
Now exists as Ezri Dax.

[6] An army of these makes for lots of intrusion, or you could just be using them to staff your far-away ships.
[7] Your opponent reporting an Emperor has the same discarding effect. Basically, the card downloads a personnel as long as you have a personnel in hand.
[8] Quantum Slipstream is a special equipment that requires a card by the same name to work. As an NX (experimental) ship, AtoZ has at least one card to boost the Dauntless.
[9] See AtoZ title page for more information on Holo-personae.
[10] Repeat discussion on how the Daxes work: The order of the hosts is in bold as a special type of persona. The first host can be replaced by the second, the second by the third, etc. When switched, they are discarded. If at any time, they are naturaly discarded, you may download the next host to that location (if possible) safe and sound. Could lead to an odd theme deck. Jadzia's lore is errataed to have her eighth host position in boldface.

[11] Dax, Yedrin
[12] Day of Honor
[13] "Day of Honor"
[14] de Neuf, Mademoiselle
[15] decibel

[11] Yedrin Dax, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Joined part Trill, part Klingon inhabitant of Gaia in an alternate timeline. Descended from Jadzia Dax and Worf. Planned to have history repeat itself."
-CIVILIAN, SCIENCE, Physics x2, Treachery; Allows  personnel from Gaia to report anywhere normally; 

[12]Day of Honor, Incident
-Plays on table. On that turn, both players must count the number of personnel in their discard piles. Player with fewest adds X STRENGTH to all their Klingon personnel for one full turn, where X=difference between numbers. Discard incident, downloading if possible one personnel with Honor OR any number of Targ OR up to 2 Bat'leths to any  location. (Unique.)

[13] Day of Honor Program, Program
"Holographic re-creation of Klingon Day of Honor 'festivities' programmed by Tom Paris so that B'Elanna Torres could respect her heritage."
-Klingons at this spaceline location are INTEGRITY +2. Once per game, you may download Day of Honor to table disregarding its unique nature. (Not cumulative.)

[14] Mademoiselle de Neuf, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Persona imposed by the Hirogen on former Borg Seven of Nine. Singer in a French tavern, Le Coeur de Lion. Member of French underground."
-CIVILIAN, Music, Resistance; May download a  card in place of your normal card play; 

[15] Too Loud!, Dilemma, planet
"Sounds above 140 decibels can cause pain in the human ear, and considerable more in Ferengi or Vulcans, whose ears are more sensitive."
-All humans, Vulcans and Ferengi species personnel present are "stopped". If Vulcans or Ferengi were "stopped", Away Team requires 3 MEDICAL to pass this dilemma. Otherwise, mission continues and dilemma is discarded.

[11] When in play, Gaians can report anywhere in play without the need for an AU Door or Time/Space Portal. He is both a Klingon AND a joined Trill.
[12] Say you had 3 personnel in your discard pile, and you opponent had 6, you would add 3 to your Klingons' STRENGTH for one full turn. In case of a tie, no one gets to boost their Klingons, but the discard and download still get done.
[13] Day of Honor (the incident) is unique. This program allows you to play two per game instead of one.
[14] I kept the 7s on the attributes as a hommage to her former persona, and just couldn't bring myself to make her all 9s based on this one.
[15] In some cases, filters out the humans, possibly leaving a very small Away Team. In others, the dilemma affects everybody unless 3 MEDICAL present. Note that in such cases, the Ferengi and Vulcans are still "stopped" even if the dilemma is passed. Ferengi SPECIES is specified because non-Ferengi [Fer] personnel are unaffected by it.

[16] Decker
[17] Decos Prime
[18] "Deep Space Nine"
[19] defender
[20] Degora Street

[16] Decker, Personnel, Federation, , 5 points
"Typical engineer assigned to Deep Space 9 in 2373. Amused by the gossip that Jake Sisko was trying to find a baseball card for his father's birthday."
-ENGINEER, Youth; Worth points if any baseball-related card in play (cumulative); 

[17] Equipment Swap, Mission, planet, Federation/Ferengi
Decos Prime: Navigate "Great Material Continuum" to get the goods you want.
-(Acquisition + Honor + CUNNING>30 OR Nog) + Any equipment card
-Span: 2; 30 points; When solved, you may switch any equipment cards here with the same number of equipment cards in draw deck or discard pile.

[18] "Deep Space Nine", Event, 
"Unpublished science-fiction novella written in 1953 by Benny Russell. The first to put a black man in charge, creating unwanted controversy."
-Plays on table. Nors all SHIELDS +2. You may immediately place 6 sites from out-of-play here. At the start of each of your turns, select one randomly, then discard: you may download one ship or personnel reportable at the site to an identical site in play.

[19] Defender Chakotay, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Chakotay once became a Vori defender in their war against the treacherous Kradin, their nemesis, as part of a grand reprogramming plan."
-SECURITY, Anthropology, Honor, Leadership; STRENGTH +2 in personnel battle; 

[20] Thieves' District, Dilemma, planet
"One does not walk down Degora Street on Farius Prime without protection of some kind unless one wants to be mugged, robbed, or worse."
-Unless 2 SECURITY OR 2 hand weapons, target one personnel present (random selection). If INTEGRITY<6, one Equipment card present is placed in opponent's hand. Otherwise (or if no Equipment present), personnel is killed.

[16] Each Decker can only score 5 points no matter how many baseball-related cards are in play (cards that mention baseball in their lore), but each Decker does score you the 5 points, so the ability is cumulative in that sense.
[17] It only requires one equipment to solve, but you may swap any number of equipment cards.
[18] The 6 sites are placed under the event (which has the picture that was drawn for Benny) in a random pile. Only personnel and ships who could normally report to the specific site can downoad to a site just like it in play, but regardless of its affiliation (since the event has none). So if you draw (then discard) Infirmiry for example, you could download a MEDICAL either to your own Nor, or to your opponent's, regardless of their respective affiliations. Opponent's Nors are also SHIELDS +2 while the event is in play. Once the sites are gone, the event is not discarded.
[19] You can switch to this persona even if Chakotay isn't in the Delta quadrant, according to the quadrant restriction rules.
[20] Equipment that comes into your hand via this dilemma is yours to use normally.

[21] Dejaren
[22] Dell
[23] Delta Flyer
[24] Demon-Class planet
[25] "Demon"

[21] Dejaren, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"HD-25 isomorphic projection. Holographic technician on Serosian starship. Killed his crew. Loves his goldfish. Seriously malfunctioning."
-ENGINEER, Treachery, Physics; SD Spectrum; Safety Protocols disengaged where present; 
Now exists as Dejaren.

[22] Dell, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet crewmember aboard USS Voyager. Assigned to recalibrating pressure seals on Omega Particle resonance chamber. Designated '3 of 10' by Seven."
-ENGINEER, Physics, Music; May report directly to Seven of Nine; Attributes all +1 for each member of "of 10" collective present; 

[23] Delta Flyer, Ship, Federation, 
"Advanced experimental shuttlecraft built aboard USS Voyager. Commanded by Tom Paris. Uses Borg-inspired technology."
-Delta Class[] Tractor Beam; May report directly aboard your ship in Delta quadrant; May not carry ships
Now exists as Delta Flyer.

[24] Demon Planet, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt, 
Demon-class planet: Explore hostile environment for vital elements on this Class-Y planet.
-Landed ship + Geology x3 + 5 classifications + STRENGTH>50
-Span: 3; 45 points; Each time personnel beam down here, one of them is killed (random selection).
Now exists as Restock Supplies.

[25] Demon Doubles, Event
"On a Demon-class planet, the crew of the USS Voyager were duplicated by silicon lifeforms inhabiting the extreme-environment world."
-Plays on Demon Planet. Once per game, you may download to there any or all unique non-android, non-shapeshifter personnel present in an Away Team there, regardless of duplication rules.

[21] Where present, he has the same effect as Disengage Safety Protocols, affecting him and all other holographic cards present. Spectrum is his pet (holographic) goldfish.
[22] The Music is a joke about the "resonance chamber. I appologize. Dell counts as one of the "of 10" personnel, as per his lore, so his effective attributes are 8-8-6.
[23] There's just not enough room on a ship card to make the Flyer any more distinctive :-(. Experimental ships get some bonuses through AtoZ cards. It's a shuttlecraft, so useable with Engage Shuttle Operations.
[24] 5 classifications: 5 DIFFERENT classifications. Not only does it require a landed ship, but beaming there for reasons other than mission solving is deadly!
[25] You may select to duplicate (download) your opponent's Away Team, if you have the personnel. You may not have more than 2 of the same unique personnel in play with this card, since the function is once per game.

[26] Denevan crystals
[27] derada
[28] dermaplast
[29] Derna
[30] Destiny, USS

[26] Denevan Crystals, Artifact
"Contraband substance illegal in the Federation. Quark turned a tidy profit (200 bars of latinum) when he sold some to a Nausicaan entrepreneur."
-Use as an Equipment card. Any time you download Gold-Pressed Latinum here, you may double the legal amount. Discard at any time to discard a Nausicaans dilemma or personnel present. (Not cumulative.)

[27] Derada, Dilemma, space/planet
"Comples and subtle board game of strategy played with eight pieces on a board with sixteen spaces. Played by Tom and B'Elanna in the Void."
-Unless 8 or more personnel present, "stops" half your personnel present (round down, random selection). Discard dilemma. Mission continues.

[28] Chemical Burns, Dilemma, planet
"Some planetary atmospheres may contain corrosive chemicals that burn the skin and require the application of dermaplasts."
-One personnel present (random selection) must beam off planet OR die. If beamed off, in stasis until Medical Kit OR any MEDICAL x2 personnel present.

[29] Build Medical Facility, Mission, planet, Bajoran/Romulan
Bajor region*Derna: Build medical facility on Bajoran moon to help wartime casualties.
-Span: 1; 30 points; If  solve, they may report hand weapons for free here; Unaffected by Fair Play.

[30] USS Destiny, Ship, Federation
"Federation starship that, shortly after the death of Jadzia Dax, transported the Dax symbiont back to Trill. Commanded by Captain Raymer."
-Excelsior Class[] Tractor Beam; SD Any Trill

[26] So if you could download one GP Latinum with Dabo, for example, you could download two. You can not only discard the Nausicaans dilemma, but any Nausicaan personnel (like Zon) as well.
[27] While it may seem like the perfect lead-in to such cards as The Higher... the Fewer, you might filter out half the Away Team, lessening its effect.
[28] Stasis would usually prevent a personnel from beaming back to a ship, so this card sends them back before putting them in stasis. Dangerous for non-Feds (who seem to have most of the super-MEDICAL).
[29] If both affiliations are squaring off against each other, there may be a race to finish this one, since it's never theft proof.
[30] Symbionts are NOT Trill in this game, they are symbionts. Don't really know if the Destiny was an Excelsior class ship.

[31] deus ex machina
[32] deuterium injector
[33] "Dictates of Poetics"
[34] dicyclic warp signature
[35] Diego, Captain

[31] Deus ex Machina, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table. If your opponent initiates a battle in which you are outnumbered at least 10 to 1 (for personnel) or 6 to 1 (for ships) OR if you attempt a mission under which your opponent seeded more than 5 dilemmas (if asked, opponent should reveal how many cards they seeded are dilemmas) OR if opponent has 60 or more points than you do, choose to: return all cards involved in the battle to owners' hands OR nullifies one dilemma to be encountered this turn OR allows you to play 3 turns without your opponent doing so. (Nullified by Q-Flash.)

[32] Deuterium Injector, Site
-Place on Engineering section (does not separate any sites from one another). Only accessible by One Little Ship and its crew, which may board ship through this site. If present, ENGINEER personnel may prevent ship from using RANGE unless 3 ENGINEER aboard.
-Any non- starship[Engineering section]

[33] Dictates of Poetics, Dilemma, space/planet, -5 points
"Vulcan essay by T'Hain that proffers that a character's actions must flow inexorably from his or her established traits."
-If any personnel present have had their skills added to or changed by other than by an Equipment card, lose points and remove or change back those skills. Discard dilemma. Mission continues.

[34] Hirogen Hunters, Dilemma, space, 
"Delta quadrant inhabitants know to avoid dicyclic war signatures, for thy herald the coming of the Hunters out for their heads as trophees."
-Unless Hirogen OR 3 Navigation and RANGE>8 present, one personnel of each species present (random selection) is captured. At the end of your next full turn, die. Discard dilemma.

[35] Captain Diego, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet officer who participated in the retaking of station Deep Space 9 from Dominion control in 2374. Commanded the latest USS Excelsior."
-OFFICER, Leadership, Computer Skill; SD Phaser Banks; Ship he is on is WEAPONS +2 vs. 

[31] Well I do call this *Enhanced*, don't I? Your choice of rewards would normally be based on the type of behavior exhibited by your opponent, but you could take the three turns as a valid response to a 10 to 1 battle. (You could not, of course, send ships back to hand as a valid response to 5+ dilemmas).
[32] It's a site within a site, not someplace you can walk to (unless using One Little Ship). The ENGINEER present that can suspend RANGE does so to the RANGE of the ship that holds the site (not One Little Ship), and that ENGINEER obviously does not count toward the 3 needed to cure the effect (which must be aboard the ship that holds the site).
[33] Removes Barbering, Reflection Therapied skills, etc. After a Frame of Mind, it insures a point loss, though skills return to normal (two of them anyway), same with Vantika's Neural Pathways.
[34] DQ dilemmas seeded in another spaceline are misseeds. The captured personnel all die, even if Brainwashed.
[35] Matching commander for the universal USS Excelsior.

[36] dilitus lobe
[37] dispersion field
[38] "Displaced"
[39] Distant Origin Theory
[40] "Distant Origin"

[36] Follow the Voth Nose, Interrupt
"The Voth have a very developed sense of smell thanks to the dilitus lobe in their brains. Scientists used it to ferret out the USS Voyager."
-If your ship has not moved for the past two full turns, plays on your Voth aboard to relocate that ship to any other ship within twice its RANGE.

[37] Dispersion Field, Event
"Non-natural energetic flux used to prevent the function of a transporter beam into a specific area."
-Plays on your facility or ship. Opposing personnel may not beam to or from here unless Pattern Enhancers in play.

[38] Arctic Environment, Dilemma, planet
"Cold temperatures, high winds and heavy snowfall can prove to be a very hostile environment, one recreated by the Nyrians on their vessel."
-Unless Breen OR Biology and STRENGTH>40 present, one personnel present (random selection) dies. May be played as a Program card on Nyrian Vessel.

[39]Distant Origin, Event, 
"Some Voth scientists believed that the species had its roots on Earth, a planet in the Alpha quadrant, though this was not accept by their leadership."
-Plays on table. Name one non-Borg Delta quadrant species and one Alpha quadrant homeworld. While in play, one member of that species per turn may report to that homeworld, for free if a Headquarters present. (Unique.)

[40] Hogan's Uniform, Artifact
"The discovery of Lt. Hogan's Starfleet uniform and insignia by the Voth helped prove humans and Voth shared a common ancestry."
-Seeds in Delta quadrant. Place into had until played as an Event; target one non-Borg Delta quadrant species and one Alpha quadrant affiliation. While in play, members of that species gain that affiliation's icon.

[36] So even during your opponent's turn, you can benefit from that Engage Cloak-like relocation.
[37] How's this for a counter to Invasive Beam-In?
[38] Program cards are not discarded when their requirements are met. Meeting them in that situation would only keep a personnel from dying.
[39] For example, if you name the Hirogen and the Klingon homeworld, Hirogen personnel (but not their ships) may report to Qo'noS regardless of normal quadrant restrictions, for free at The Great Hall.
[40] Want to use Klingon enhancers with Hirogen? Or need your Kazon to cooperate with the Feds? Vidiians hungering to attempt Romulan missions? This is the Artifact you'll need.

[41] Doctor's family program Beta-Rho
[42] Dominion battleship
[43] Don Carlo
[44] Dorado
[45] Dorala system

[41] Family Program, Program
"The Doctor's family program Beta-Rho was a simulation designed to allow him to experience the challenges of family life. Idealized, later more accurate."
-One  personnel from this program may report here for free each turn. While present, The Doctor is INTEGRITY + or -2 INTEGRITY (your choice).

[42] Exists as Dominion Battleship.

[43] Don Carlo, Program
"Re-creation of famous Verdi Italian opera completed in 1867. The holographic Doctor enjoyed singing duets with opera stars in this program."
-One  Music personnel may report here for free each turn. If 2  Music personnel present, you may nullify Ooby Dooby and Alba Ra encountered at this spaceline location.

[44] Dorado, Personnel, Federation, 
"Typical Starfleet officer aboard USS Voyager who received a letter from her home via a Starfleet transmission sent through a Hirogen relay station."
-OFFICER, Computer Skill, Youth; SD Incoming Message: Letters From Home; 

[45] Bolster Defense Perimeter, Mission, space, Klingon
Dorala system: Dispatch ships to defense perimeter threatened by Dominion forces.
-(3 birds-of-prey OR 2 Vor'Cha class ships) + (OFFICER x2 OR Martok)
-Span: 4; 40 points

[41] Playing around with the Doc's INTEGRITY may help achieving the right attribute combinations for such things as Chula dilemmas.
[42] n/a
[43] Note that The Doctor himself is a Music personnel.
[44] I fought long and hard with my soul not to invent a first name for her. It would have been Elle.
[45] The 2 OFFICERs (or Martok) must be on a single ship that's part of the mission requirements, and only that ship encounters dilemmas.

[46] Doran
[47] Dougherty, Admiral Matthew
[48] doughnut
[49] Douglas, Sarina
[50] dream species

[46] Doran, Personnel, Klingon
"Female Klingon warrior. Daughter of W'mar. In 2374, transfered from the IKC Vor'nak to the IKC Rotarran. Assigned to scanners."
-SCIENCE, SECURITY, Honor; Ship she is on is SHIELDS +1; 

[47] Matthew Dougherty, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet admiral. Conspired with the Son'a to deport the Ba'ku people in order to harness their planet's rejuvenation powers. There were only 600 of them."
-OFFICER, Treachery, Diplomacy; SD Holoship; If Son'a present, battle restrictions are lifted here; 
Now exists as Matthew Dougherty.

[48]Doughnut, Food,
"Small, toroidally shaped pastry, cooked by deep frying in fat, popular on Earth as a breakfast or desert food. Enjoyed by science-fiction writers."
-Where present, your  icon cards may play for free. If 3 in play, your  icon cards may play for free on table. If 12 in play, you may nullify one  icon card each turn.

[49] Sarina Douglas, Personnel, Federation
"Genetically enhanced woman who spent the better part of her life in a practically catatonic state. Released from it by Julian Bashir who, predictably, feel in love with her."
-CIVILIAN, SCIENCE x2, Music, Biology; Other mutants present are INTEGRITY +2; 

[50] They Walk in Dreams, Dilemma, space
"The crew of the USS Voyager were visited in their dreams by an isolationist telepathic species that attacked trespassers in their sleep."
-Unless 2 Empathy OR 2 Mindmeld, crew is placed into stasis as soon as it tries to move away from this location unless 4 Diplomacy present. REM Fatigue Hallucinations seeded here are worth no points. Discard dilemma.

[46] Toyed with making her universal and cumulative, but in an enhanced product, that doesn't fly as high. Besides, with 2 classifications, that might be overpowering her.
[47] At the same spaceline location as Dougherty and a Son'a, you don't have to adhere to the Federation's standard battle restrictions.
[48] The dozen doughnuts thing had to be done despite being silly, though the effect is a good one.
[49] The terms "mutant" and "genetically altered" are interchangeable.
[50] The REMs are worth no points even if they have already been passed. They remain in bonus point area, but their points are nullified.

[51] drone
[52] "Drone"
[53] DuBois, W.E.B.
[54] Dumah
[55] Dunes
[56] Duran'Adar
[57] dynamite

[51] Son'a Drones, Dilemma, planet
"Small self-piloted flying devices used to track and pursue Ba'ku villagers in order to implant them with isolinear tags, then beaming them up promptly."
-Unless Transporter Skill aboard your ship here, all CIVILIANs present and one other personnel (random selection) are beamed up to opponent's ship also here as captives (less one per Rifle present). Immune to Transport Inhibitor. Discard dilemma.

[52] Growin' Drone, Event, 
"When Borg DNA is beamed into a piece of equipment, Borg nanoprobes may start growing a new drone from that matrix, though only in exceptional circumstances."
-Plays on any unattended Equipment card present with your Transporter Skill. Discard equipment to download one Borg drone here. Add equipment's game text to that drone as a special skill, changing any mention of a species or affiliation to "Borg".

[53] The Web That Unites Us All, Event, , Countdown: 4
"William Edward Burghardt DuBois led the fight for social and economic justice for tge African-American population of the USA, and influenced writer Benny Russell."
-Plays on table once per game. While in play, your non-Borg personnel may disregard species requirements when using Equipment, Event, Food and Interrupt cards.

[54] Dumah, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Rerpresentative of the B'omar Sovereignty. In 2374, he and Gauman came aboard Voyager to negotiate a shortcut through their space."
-VIP, Diplomacy, SECURITY; SD Gauman; Opposing ships in same region are RANGE -2; 

[55] The Dunes, Program, 5 points
"Holographic re-creation of a luxury hotel and casino complex in 1950s Las Vegas. Vic Fontaine was among the celebrities who dined here."
-May co-exist with Vic's. Where present, one of your  Music personnel may report for free, scoring points if any other Music personnel present. (Once per card title.)

[56] Exists as Duran'Adar.

[57] Dynamite, Equipment, 
"Holographic re-creation of explosives used in simulation of World War II-torn France. Can be used to blow up entire buildings."
-Where your SECURITY present, may be set to "explode", nullifying one Program card and deactivation all  cards present. If Safety Protocols Disabled, also kills one non- personnel in Holodeck  (random selection). Discard Equipment. (Cumulative.)

[51] That's potentially a lot of capturing (minimum one) AND it stops the Away Team since they didn't have the Transporter Skill aboard their ship. Of course, if there is no opposing ship here, you may be stopped, but the dilemma doesn't beam or capture anyone. When removing those saved by Rifles, random selection.
[52] I suppose this would include artifacts used as equipment (though they are far less left unattended). Example of the text change: A drone grown from a Mek'leth would say "Each of your Borg present..." Sorry, non-Borg is still non-Borg so you can't grow a teddy bear drone from Kukalaka. :-)
[53] Now, anyone can use a Bat'leth, or Vulcan Nerve Pinch, or Kanar.
[54] Ships at the same location, even if not part of a region, are RANGE -2 since every mission is, in effect, its own region.
[55] You can only score the points once per holo personnel per Music personnel.
[56] n/a
[57] Yes, it could kill your own SECURITY, but it really depends on the number of personnel present. Deactivated holos may reactivate on the next turn of course. If the site Holodeck isn't used on this ship, you may choose a random death from the entire crew.

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