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[1] acrybite
[2] Adislo, Hars
[3] "Afterimage"
[4] Agrat-mot Nebula
[5] ahdar

[1] Acrybite Futures, Interrupt/Event, 5 points
"Mined substance traded on the Ferengi Futures Exchange."
-Nullfies Antimonium Options. OR Downloads Latinum Payoff.
-Plays on your Ferengi with Acquisition. Worth points while Ferengi is a valid target. (Cumulative.)

[2] Hars Adislo, Personnel, Federation
"Male Bolian who served aboard the USS Enterprise-E in 2375. Wrote a research paper on thermionic transconductance, which he presented at the Nel Bato Conference."
-SCIENCE, Physics, Diplomacy; May "stop" one matching commander per turn where present; 

[3] New Counselor, Interrupt
"When Counselor Ezri Dax came aboard Deep Space 9, she was immediately given the task of helping Elim Garak with his claustrophobia."
-Plays to download a Counselor to any of your ships or facilities. Immediately nullifies any Claustrophobia, Ktarian Game, Garak Has Some Issues, Frame of Mind, Trauma and REM Fatigue Hallucinations there.

[4] Spy on Negociations, Mission, space, Non-Aligned, 
Agrat-mot Nebula: Spy on B'omar/Nassordin negotiations in this Delta Quadrant dust cloud.
-Owner's side: 3 Kazon OR 2 Vidiians OR 2 Krenim OR 1 Hirogen OR 2 Malon
-Opponent's side: 1 B'omar
-Span: 3; 40 points

[5] Ahdar's Couch, Event
"On Son'a ships, the ahdar, or captain, sits on a couch rather than in a chair at the center of the bridge."
-Plays on your Son'a ship. Its matching commander may report directly aboard. Every turn, choose one of ship's attributes to be +1 for rest of turn. Discard at any time to download Son'a Command. (Not cumulative. Captain's Order.)

[1] As an Event: The Ferengi ceases to be a valid target if a) it is discarded, b) it loses the skill Acquisition, or c) it changes both species and affiliation.
[2] Matching commanders don't have to be aboard their ships to be considered matching commanders. Indeed, if a ship is named in their lore, even if no card of that ship yet exists, that personnel is still a matching commander. Likewise, if the matching commander information is on the ship alone, the personnel is still its m.c. even if the ship isn't in play.
[3] Counselors are listed as such in their lore or card title. The nullfication effect only works if your Counselor was actually downloaded. While REM Fatigue Hallucinations doesn't quite play on a ship or its crew, it does have a countdown leading to the death of everyone aboard. Any ship under that deadline has the dilemma "there". A New Counselor aborts the countdown and cancels the dilemma's effects and requirements.
[4] For all those DQ races. Very hard to steal indeed.
[5] There will be three kinds of Son'a ships to choose from.

[6] Alamo, Battle of the
[7] "All the Way"
[8] Allied Forces
[9] Allos
[10] Almar

[6] The Alamo, Incident, ,, -20 points
-Seeds or plays on table. On any turn where 10 or more of your personnel are discarded, you may do one, all or any of the following: Download one facility to a compatible mission you have solved or scouted; draw 5 personnel from discard pile (random selection) and immediately report them to any of your facilities; and make yourself and your opponent lose points (even if playing Borg). Discard at any time to seed Davy Crockett's Cap (from outside the game) under any unsolved mission.
Now exists as Remember the Alamo.

[7] All the Way, Dilemma, space/planet
"'All the Way' was Jadzia Dax's favorite song from Vic Fontaine's repertoire. After her death, Worf repeatedly instructed Vic to sing the song, as a way of mourning her passing."
-Unless no personnel in your discard pile, target one personnel present (random selection); it is "stopped" and mission continues. Immediately place dilemma in opponent's hand. Each turn, if dilemma still in hand, opponent must replay it on target personnel ("stopping" it), then return it to hand, etc.

[8]The Cavalry, Interrupt
"The Voyager crewmembers trapped in a holographic Hirogen simulation of occupied France during World War II kept hoping that the Allies would come in and save them. It was a built-in solution to the program's dilemmas."
-Nullifies any non-mission card with a  icon, except where  icon is a probe result.

[9] Allos, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Delta Quadrant quantum scientist. In 2374, created about 200 million Omega molecules in an attempt to help his resource-poor homeworld."
-SCIENCE, SCIENCE, Physics x2; While in play, may suspend Omega Directive; 

[10] Almar, Personnel, Romulan
"Romulan subcommander serving on the Warbird T'Met. Helped devise a plan for commandeering the experimental USS Prometheus."
-OFFICER, ENGINEER, Computer Skill; Ship he is aboard is WEAPONS +3 vs. Advanced and experimental (NX) ships; 

[6] Your personnel must die on the same turn, not necessarily from the same cause or at the same location. Like Launch Portal, you can do one of the three things, two of them, or all three. The personnel in the discard pile must be shuffled together and drawn randomly (include all personnel, not just those that died in the 10+ batch). The points loss always go to both you and your opponent - a way to get back in the game even if you suffered a big loss of resources.
[7] Unless you can get your opponent to discard the dilemma, your target personnel is doomed to be stopped every turn for the rest of the game.
[8] Simple, it'll kill any one hologram, Program card, or card that affects such cards by referring to the holo icon (such as I'm a Doctor, Not a Doorstop, or Strict Dress Code).
[9] Omega Directive will be an Objective in Enhanced O.
[10] Experimental ships are listed as such in their lore or have a Starfleet Registry prefix "NX" instead of "NCC". Obviously, the boost is more useful against the Federation.

[11] almond pudding
[12] Alpha-Hirogen
[13] Alpha
[14] Alsuran Empire
[15] Altair sandwich

[11] Almond Pudding, Food
"A soft dessert made from milk, flavored with the fruit of the almond tree Prunus amygdalus. Hard to forget once you've tasted it."
-Ship it is aboard and its crew are unaffected by Memory Wipe, Paxan Memory Wipe and Neurolytic Emitter. Discard at any time to retrieve previously earned Persistence of Memory from discard pile and replay it to the table.

[12] Alpha-Hirogen, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Alpha-male Hirogen in command of a hunting pack and its Hirogen Cruiser. Captured Tuvok and Seven and wanted to rip out their spines. Proud beyond measure."
-OFFICER, Leadership, SECURITY, Exobiology; SD Target Prey; Does not work with another Alpha-Hirogen; 
Now exists as Idrin.

[13] Exists as a number of Alpha Jem'Hadar, like Kudak’Etan.

[14] Wipe Out Timeline, Mission, space, Non-Aligned, 
Alsuran homeworld: Destroy Alsuran Empire to alter timeline and restore Krenim Imperium to its former glory.
-Krenim Timeship + Physics x4 + INTEGRITY<20
-Span: 4; 40 points; When solved, you may download Temporal Incursion; While a  mission, is also a  location.

[15] Altair Sandwich, Food
"Hearty meal served between two large slices of bread. Favored by Julian Bashir."
-Where present, your MEDICAL personnel are STRENGTH +2. Also, your genetically-enhanced personnel are INTEGRITY +2. All bonuses doubled for Julian Bashir. (Not cumulative.)

[11] No need to reacquire Persistence of Memory.
[12] There can only be one Alpha-Hirogen in any given crew or Away Team regardless of the universal icon. I think the STRENGTH is appropriate.
[13] n/a
[14] Another mission for Delta quadrant NAs. The mission is attempted entirely from space, but it IS a planet location where Away Teams may survive, ships may land and facilities be built. Considered [planet] for everything except mission solving/scouting (and dilemma seeding).
[15] That's +4 STRENGTH, +4 INTEGRITY for Bashir.

[16] Aluura
[17] alva
[18] Alzen
[19] Amanin
[20] Amaro

[16] Aluura, Personnel, Ferengi/Non-Aligned, 5 points
"Humanoid Dabo girl. Though good at her job and very beautiful, Quark threatened to fire her unless she gave him oo-mox. She thought it might be fun to try."
-CIVILIAN, Youth, Greed; SD Oo-mox; Worth points while Quark present
Now exists as Aluura.

[17] Alva, Food
"Small pale yellow fruit indigenous to Bajor. Alavas were unknown in the Mirror universe."
-Your Bajorans at this spaceline location are attributes +1 and may each "stop" one  icon personnel present with them. (Not cumulative.)

[18] Alzen, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Srivani scientist. Part of the science team that secretly came aboard the Federation starship Voyager to conduct invasive and dangerous medical tests on the crew."
-SCIENCE, Exobiology x2, MEDICAL, Treachery; May shroud; While shrouded, opposing personnel present are STRENGTH -2; 

[19] Amanin, Personnel, Federation
"Psychiatrist from Betazed. Developed a method for retrieving unconscious memories from the humanoid mind, using a combination of sensory isolation and focused breathing."
-MEDICAL, Empathy x2, SCIENCE; If alone with a personnel, once per turn, may download any Mind Location OR Reflection Therapy to it

[20] Amaro, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet security officer stationed on Deep Space 9. Attended the Academy with Stolzoff, his good friend. Part of a salvage team sent to Empok Nor."
-SECURITY, Honor, ENGINEER; Once per game, may nullify one Empok Nor dilemma if present at Empok Nor; 

[16] I do believe a lot of the Ferengi females are going to be Ferengi employees because we haven't seen a lot of true females on the show.
[17] n/a
[18] Shrouding will be an ability like cloaking for personnel. Jem'Hadar will be able to do it with a special Event out and in play, Alzen may do so at any time. Personnel may only shroud or unshroud once per turn, and are forbidden from doing anything except moving (walking). No battling, no staffing ships, no mission solving or dilemma passing. Her special ability works even with the shroud on, in fact, only if the shroud is on.
[19] The Mind Location must be compatible with the target personnel, but Reflection Therapy may be played on it regardless of Treachery requirements.
[20] Specialized.

[21] Amasov, Captain
[22] Amonak
[23] Amsterdam News
[24] anaerobic metabolites
[25] Andor

[21] Captain Amasov, Personnel, Federation
"Commander of the USS Endeavour. Faced the Borg at Wolf 359. His ship was the only one to survive. Said of the Borg that they were as close to pure evil as any race Starfleet had discovered."
-OFFICER, Leadership, SECURITY; Borg personnel at same spaceline location are STRENGTH -2; 

[22] Safe Return, Event, 5 points
"T'Pel traveled to the Amonak temple on Vulcan to ask its priests to say a prayer for her husband Tuvok's safe return from the Delta quadrant."
-Plays on any lone personnel not in its own quadrant OR native time location OR on a planet with no matching affiliation icon or ship. Score points if personnel returns to its native time location OR an outpost in its home quadrant (doubled if personnel is Vulcan).

[23] Extra! Extra!, Interrupt, 
"In the 20th century, hard-copy newspapers were a cheap mode of news publication. In a New York experienced by Benjamin Sisko, he would read the Amsterdam News."
-When any player plays any card, play to download any card mentioned anywhere on that card to you hand or in play.

[24] The Ol' Runaround, Dilemma, space/planet
"When Jake and Nog tried to acquire a baseball card for Benjamin Sisko, they had to find a number of strange goods for the card's owner, including anaerobic metabolites."
-Unless Acquisition x2 present, place your hand underneath your draw deck and draw the same number of cards. Discard dilemma after it has been encountered 3 times.

[25] So Which Is It?, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt
Andor: Find out once and for all if it's Andor or Andoria.
-Stellar Cartography + Anthropology + (CUNNING>40 from up to 6 personnel)
-Span: 4; 35 points; May not coexist with Andoria.

[21] The Borg-draining skill stays in effect even if Amasov is assimilated, guaranteeing he won't be targeted by smart players. The Endeavor will also be a strong anti-Borg card.
[22] It's gotta be a LONE personnel, meaning no other personnel must be present for the interrupt to be played.
[23] A play on Extra cards, as well as on printed matter. The card title must figure wholly either in the game text, restriction or lore. Even the title is fair game (like Mogh on Worf Son of Mogh).
[24] The dilemma stops your personnel UNLESS Acquisition x2 is present, and isn't discarded until it is passed. If the same exact copy of The Ol' Runaround makes you get rid of your hand 3 times (or 3 times total if both players is attempting the mission), then it is discarded de facto. Call it an odd countdown, but it protects affiliations without much Acquisition.
[25] I was surprised to find yet another entry for Andoria, under Andor this time. So I made fun of the situation. If a player has already seeded Andoria (Study Andorian Practices), this one cannot be played, and vice-versa. Break out the universal missions.

[26] Andros III
[27] anetrizine
[28] Anij
[29] animazine
[30] Annorax

[26]Entertain Cells, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt
Andros III: Develop a way to cure mortality by counteracting living cells' boredom.
-SCIENCE personnel with (Barbering OR Cantakerousness OR Cooking) + CUNNING<6 OR Dr. Bathkin
-Span: 3; 40 points

[27] Head... Numb..., Interrupt, Countdown: 2
"Anetrizine is a pharmaceutical used to anesthetize cranial nerves. Sometimes given to patients in the throws of hallucination to give them more control over their fantasies."
-Plays on any Mind Location. All personnel there are placed in stasis except personnel the Mind Location was played on.

[28] Anij, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Peaceful Baku woman. Drawn to Jean-Luc Picard despite her distrust of off-landers. Could live in the moment by seemingly slowing down time."
-CIVILIAN, Diplomacy, Leadership; On your turn, where present, may cause one card to only have its effect at the end of your next turn; May not initiate battle

[29] Animazine, Interrupt
"Animazine was used aboard the USS Voyager in 2374 to prevent crew members from falling pray to the neurogenic field produced by the dream species."
-Plays on any personnel in a Mind Location (except the host) to bring it out of stasis. OR Nullifies Neurogenic Field. OR Downloads any native(s) of a Mind Location to that location.

[30] Annorax, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Krenim scientist who created a destructive temporal weapon. Commanded the Krenim Timeship. Obsessed with returning his race to its former glory."
-OFFICER, SCIENCE, Physics x3, Leadership, Treachery; SD Year of Hell; SD Temporal Weapon; 

[26] This is one of the stupidest missions out there, and without Dr. Bathkin, will take some doing. Mot's Advice will help greatly, but can you find the low CUNNING on a SCIENCE personnel?
[27] Made up most of the lore so I could find something useful for the card to do. There are things your ML personnel can do when the others leave him alone OR stops a bunch of personnel trying to complete a goal on their own ML personnel.
[28] Though she has Leadership, you can't use her to lead a crew or Away Team into battle. Your personnel can initiate battle (along with her) if you have another leader present. If the conditions for a card to have its effect are gone by the time it does, it is discarded without effect. Special skills are effects, but requirements (on a mission or dilemma) are not, so a dilemma would still stop an unprepared Away Team, but wouldn't have its effect (like killing) right away. She probably has lots more skills by the way, but would be unwilling to use them (science, navigation, whatever), so I've omitted them.
[29] You can download as many natives of a Mind Location as you wish, but only to that Mind Location. When a personnel in a Mind Location comes out of stasis, it is taken out of the ML.
[30] A powerful DQ NA, especially when you see the Timeship in Enhanced K. Because the timeline of Year of Hell never happened, I've opted for the AU icon.

[31] anti-back flow valve
[32] anticoagulant
[33] antipsychotic
[34] antithoron
[35] Archer, Valerie

[31] Through the Anti-Back Flow Valve, Interrupt
"When a Runabout was shrunk down in size, he reentered the Defiant by going through a check valve in the plasma vents of the ship."
-Plays on One Little Ship or any shape-shifter to relocate it aboard a ship present OR from a ship to outer space at same location. Owner may relocate to a planet if one present.

[32] Anticoagulant, Event
"Jem'Hadar weapons are designed to leave anti-blood clotting in the wounds they cause so that even grazing hits can result in massive blood loss."
-Plays on table. While in play, your Bat'leths, Kar'takins, D'k Taghs and Mek'leths are +1 STRENGTH against personnel other than androids, Exocomps, robots, shape-shifters and holograms.

[33]Antipsychotic, Interrupt
"Psychotropic pharmaceutical used to reduce psychotic tendencies in sentient humanoid patients. Calms Klingons down."
-At the start of a personnel battle, plays where you have Hypospray to stun one extra Treachery personnel OR Klingon (your choice) present for every MEDICAL you have present. (Not cumulative.) OR Nullifies Garak Has Some Issues.

[34] Opposites, Incident,, Countdown: 3
-Seeds or plays on table. When played, choose one of the following to be in effect while incident is in play:  cards may attack any affiliation,  cards may not attack any affiliation except  and . OR Personnel now can nullify the cards they can download, rather than download them. OR Cards can be nullified by cards they are immune to (as per their game text) and only those cards.

[35] Valerie Archer, Personnel, Neutral, 
"Species 8472 who posed as a female Starfleet commander serving at Starfleet Headquarters. Befriended Chakotay, finding him attractive despite the enormous differences in their species."
-OFFICER, Navigation, Leadership, Treachery; May report to Terrasphere 8 for free; ;

[31] A card will make it possible for shape-shifters to exist in space, watch for it. For now, this maneuver would kill an opposing shapeshifter real quick. If the ship is at a planet, the shifter (or One Little Ship) can go there.
[32] n/a
[33] This is in excess of personnel stunned when paired with MEDICALs. The Klingons need not have Treachery, hope that's clear.
[34] Yet another short entry about a type of antimatter. I decided to do something completely different. You can only choose one, but you can seed or play any number of Opposites. All functions, if chosen, affect both players. Last function: For example, if a card says, "Immune to Kevin Uxbridge", then Kevin can nullify it, but no others can (not even Mercy Kill, let's say).
[35] I've taken fellow dreamweaver Aramanac's lead on Species 8472, making them Neutral and reportable only (well, usually) to Fluidic Space. The infiltrators have gender and INTEGRITY, but 8472 in their natural state will not, and will have very different skills and attributes. I thank Aramanac for the use of his Fluidic Space mechanic, and Chris Hughes for the icon.

[36] Argala
[37] arithrazine
[38] Armstrong Park
[39] Arritheans
[40] Artim

[36] Return People, Mission, planet, Federation/Non-Aligned, 
Argala: Return crew of captured ship to this arctic tundra planet, after their release from Nyrian captivity.
-Starship + OFFICER + (Neelix OR Any counselor OR Diplomacy x4)
-Span: 5; 35 points; All  attempts must be made with a  icon personnel.

[37] A Doctor Must Be Present, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 4
"Some procedures, such as administering dangerous drugs like arithrazine to patients, must be done in the presence of doctors."
-Immediately place on table. While in play, your MEDICAL who are not doctors cannot use Hypospray or Genetronic Replicator. Nullified by Countermanda.

[38] One Giant Note for Mankind, Event
"Armstrong Park, named after Louis Armstrong, not Neil, was a great place for musicians to assemble. It was near Sisko's restaurant in New Orleans."
-Plays on any planet location. If all your Music personnel are ever on the surface (minimum of 4) either with musical Equipment present or with a musical Artifact in play, your personnel may hereafter report here as if Red Alert! was in play. (May not be nullified.)

[39] Arrithean Trade, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Arrithean space: Conduct trade with Delta quadrant race.
-Acquisition + (Greed x2 OR Diplomacy) + (CUNNING>30 OR INTEGRITY>30)
-Span: 4; 30 points; You may seed up to two copies on the spaceline as a region.

[40] Artim, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Ba'ku child born in 2363. Son of Sojef. Kept a Ba'ku rhyl as a pet in his pocket. Befriended Data though he was afraid of him at first. Taught him how to play."
-CIVILIAN, Youth; SD Ba'ku Rhyl; If with android, once per turn, may avoid a random selection OR remove android from a random selection

[36] In AtoZ, a Starship is defined as any ship with staffing icons (except the Phoenix). If attempting with Non-Aligned affiliation, at least one attempting personnel must have the Delta quadrant icon.
[37] Doctors are those that are described as either "doctors" or by the title "dr." in their lore or title. This does not affect personnel in other fields who have MEDICAL as a skill.
[38] Had to do the joke. All your Music must be present - that means there can't be a Music personnel somewhere else on te spaceline. Musical equipment exists in AtoZ form. Musical artifacts include Ressikan Flute.
[39] It's not universal, but it can create a small region.
[40] You really have to make a choice, because the special ability is only once per turn.

[41] Arturis
[42] astral eddy
[43] Astrometrics
[44] asymmetric encryption circuit
[45] Athos IV

[41] Arturis, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Delta quadrant humanoid whose people were entirely assimilated by the Borg. Blamed Voyager. Commanded USS Dauntless in deception attempt. Gifted linguist."
-CIVILIAN, Treachery, ENGINEER, Navigation; SD Quantum Slipstream; May nullify Root Language where present; 
Now exists as Arturis.

[42] Astral Eddy, Dilemma, space
"Spatial phenomenon occuring at the interfold between space and subspace. Very violent and heat-intensive, they can hurt ships and were responsible for the Vostigye station's destruction."
-Unless 2 Navigation + Physics present, damages one ship or facility here (random selection). Discard dilemma.
Now exists as Astral Eddy.

[43] Astrometrics Lab, Site
-This ship has the skill Stellar Cartography. Astrophysics personnel present are attributes all +1 (+2 if Seven of Nine). Whenever ship enters a region and you have personnel here, you may look at first seed card under every mission in that region (once per region, except Krenim region, which you can scan again if it changes).
-USS Voyager[Saucer Section]

[44] Inside Console, Site
-Place on Bridge (does not separate any sites from one another). Only accessible by One Little Ship and its crew. If personnel present, may nullify Commandeer Starship played on ship. ENGINEER present may download, play and nullify Fractal Encryption Code AND suspend the effects of any one Console event on this ship.
-Any ship[Bridge]

[45] Establish Base, Mission, planet, Non-Aligned
Badlands region*Athos IV: Establish Maquis base on this fog-bound world in the Badlands.
-3  icon personnel + ENGINEER
-Span: 2; 30 points; Once solved, your  icon personnel may report here.

[41] n/a
[42] That's right, it can damage a facility, or an opposing ship at that location!
[43] You can't just enter, attempt, abort, leave, re-enter, etc. The Krenim will have a way to change what's inside a region, so the scan ban is lifted in that case. Other ships will have Stellar Cartography, but only Voyager has the Borg-tech Astrometrics Lab.
[44] It's a site within a site, not someplace you can walk to (unless using One Little Ship). Your ENGINEER present does not have to be an android to use the Fractal Encryption Code. You can switch the Console you want to suspend every turn.
[45] Something to put a little more spark in the Maquis.

[46] Atoa, Lieutenant Manuele
[47] auditory nerve nibble
[48] Autralian aborigines
[49] autonomous regeneration sequencer
[50] Avik, Commander
[51] axonol

[46] Manuele Atoa, Personnel, Federation
"Officer assigned to USS Sutherland. Friends with Jadzia Dax. Attended her prewedding party where he performed traditional Samoan fire knife dance and drank too much."
-SECURITY, Anthropology, Music; SD Fire Sculptor; May be "stopped" to nullify Blended present; 

[47] Auditory Nerve Nibble, Interrupt
"Sexual technique of oo-mox devised to pleasure a Ferengi male by a very specific stimulation of his ears."
-Downloads Oo-mox. OR "Stops" one male Ferengi present with a dabo girl. OR Suspends the effects of all Food cards where a Ferengi present until end of next full turn.

[48] The Dreaming, Doorway
-Seeds or plays on table. You may stock up to 5 different  cards or Mind Locations underneath. Every time a personnel is placed in stasis, you may take one card here (your choice) and put it into play (seeding dilemmas at appropriate missions). If Nightmare ever in play, both it and The Dreaming are nullified and placed out-of-play, along with cards underneath this one.

[49] Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer, Event, 
"Borg device originally taken from Species 259 that automatically replicates Borg circuitry disabled by non-Borg means. Makes de-assimilation very difficult."
-Plays on table. While in play, cards you assimilated that are killed or destroyed go into your discard pile, not your opponent's. They remain assimilated if redrawn.

[50] Commander Avik, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Officer of the Benthan Guard. Mistook Tom Paris for a thief who had stolen a prototype coaxial drive starship from Benthos IV."
-SECURITY, Navigation, Physics; SD Captured; 

[51] Crowd Control, Interrupt
"Axonol is among the emergency crowd-control anasthetics on board the Starship Prometheus. Such aerosols are found on many ships and facilies to deal with intruders or troublemakers."
-Plays on any site you control. Suspends play to place in stasis up to four non- personnel (except androids; random selection) until the end of your next turn. Your SECURITY personnel present may capture any affected personnel.

[46] He can be the only one filtered by Blended if he wishes.
[47] On that last function, if the effect extends to areas other than the Food-serving site, the Ferengi only affects the location he or she is at.
[48] You can even stock AU dilemmas and seed them anywhere in play if you draw them. These cards all report where the legally can, meaning that an AU Door must be open and in play (except in the case of Mind Locations).
[49] In other words, that Taitt or Defiant you assimilated that got discarded earlier went into your discard pile (not owner's) and can be redrawn by you if Regenerating. It retains its "Borg overlay", if you will, until end of game. Cards could still be re-taken to hand by owner though, as that is not a discard.
[50] n/a
[51] You control a site if you control the ship or facility it is on. The card places your own personnel present in stasis too.

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