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[1] Fancy Dan
[2] "Far Beyond the Stars"
[3] fare
[4] Farris, Karen
[5] "Favor the Bold"

[1] Fancy Dan, Interrupt, 7 points
"In baseball, the execution by a fielder of a play with an extra flourish in hopes of winning applause from the crowd. Ezri Dax executed one against the Logicians."
-Play to score points if: you complete a mission using skills from at least 4 personnel that cross-index each other in their lore OR win a personnel battle with less than twice the number of opposing personnel without losing a single personnel.

[2] Far Beyond the Stars, Mind Location
Benjamin Sisko OR The Emissary: Prophet-induced vision of the 1950s science-fiction writing community.
-Plays on any Benjamin Sisko OR The Emissary. At the start of each of your turns, you may download to hand OR play for free one  icon card. Non- personnel relocating to this location become  and human species while here. Target personnel's owner may discard if it is mortally wounded in Mind Location OR any player acquires an Orb artifact OR Bajoran Wormhole is opened or closed. Native to this location: All  icon personnel (they must play here).

[3] Orion Fare, Dilemma, space/planet
"Members of the Orion Syndicate pay a percentage of their illicit profits to whoever is their immediate 'boss', who in turn, pays a 'fare' to their boss."
-Unless Orion Syndicate present OR you immediately discard one Gold-Pressed Latinum (even from hand), once personnel with Treachery present (random selection) is killed. Discard dilemma.

[4] Karen Farris, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet Academy cadet, member of Red Squad and First Officer of the USS Valiant after the death of its bridge crew. In over her head."
-OFFICER, Youth, Leadership, SECURITY; Tim Watters attributes all +2 if present; 

[5] Fortune Favors the Bold, Incident. 
-Seeds or plays on table: While in play, your ships WEAPONS and SHIELDS +2 at locations where your opponent has more ships than you do. OR Place on your commandeered facility or ship; opponent's personnel present may not initiate battle against your intruders. OR Place on Bajoran Wormhole; if your  personnel present, opposing ships stopped here at the end of any of you turns may be relocated to end of the spaceline in their native quadrant; discard Incident.

[1] Personnel that cross-index each other are those that are mention or that mention another in the group in their lore. Obviously, a personnel need not mention all 3 of the other personnel. For the personnel battle option, you must have less than twice the number of opposing personnel involved in the battle AND not have a single one killed.
[2] You may play this on your OPPONENT's Sisko, still reaping the rewards yourself. If personnel enter the Mind Location, they basically lose the use of species-specific cards such a Vulcan Nerve Pinch and Klingon Death Yell.
[3] Very difficult, but it's discarded so...
[4] It's very hard to do the USS Valiant gang. How do you equivocate cadets with true officers? Decipher's done it by making them powerful enough (Nick Locarno, Wesley Crusher and Nog are good examples) so I've followed their lead.
[5] In all cases, the Incident must be seeded or played on table. Only the last function discards the Incident after use, where either end of a quadrant will do (your choice). When a facility is no longer commandeered (i.e. commandeered BACK), the Incident is discarded (second function).

[6] Federation Medical Academy
[7] Federation News Service
[8] Felix
[9] Ferengi Bill of Opportunities
[10] Ferengi business license

[6] Federation Medical Academy, Headquarters, Federation
"School of medical instruction operated by the United Federation of Planets."
-Seeds or plays on Earth. May coexist with Office of the President. Once per turn, one MEDICAL-classification personnel with no instance of MEDICAL in its skills may report for free here. (Not duplicatable.)

[7] News Service, Event
"In 2373, Jake Sisko became an official correspondent for the Federation News Service, often placing himself in danger to get the story."
-Plays on Jake Sisko or any journalist or reporter. Personnel may infiltrate any affiliation as if it had the appropriate infiltration icon. Once per turn, you may peek at one  card or card in opponent's hand.

[8] Felix, Personnel, Federation
"Friend of Julian Bashir. Designed Vic Fontaine's practically sentient program as well as many others, from a 1960s spy adventure to an Alamo simulation."
-CIVILIAN, Computer Skill x3, ENGINEER, Anthropology; SD Vic Fontaine; SD Any Program card

[9] Ferengi Bill of Opportunities, Incident
-Plays on table. While in play, if at any time you do not have at least 4 female personnel in play, you may download female personnel to any location until you have 4 in play. Also, if Lumba, Ishka, Grand Nagus Zek and/or Grand Nagus Rom are in play, they may each nullify one Rule of Acquisition this game. OR Plays on Writ of Accountability to suspend its effects until the end of your next full turn (discard incident).

[10] Business License - Revoked!, Event, Countdown: 4
"Liquidator Brunt revoked Quark's Ferengi business license in 2372 when Quark broke a contract. Losing this is tantamount to exile from Ferengi society."
-If FCA in play, plays on Quark's Bar to suspend its game text until end of countdown. OR Nullifies any use of Gold-Pressed Latinum (discard all Latinum involved).

[6] In other words, no super-MEDICAL may report for free at this HQ.
[7] The reporter may alos use other infiltration cards. It can also switch icons if your opponent is playing more than one affiliation.
[8] I think the Computer x3 was deserved.
[9] On the last function: it does not make Writ blind, so if you commit acts for which you are held accountable during the suspension, you still lose the game when the card becomes active again. It may be used at the very end of a game however, since it would end before the card could take effect again.
[10] The FCA doesn't have to be yours, so this may punish FCA/Writ strategies bu closing down Quark's.

[11] Ferengi Gambling Commission
[12] "Ferengi Love Songs"
[13] "Fever"
[14] Fifth Fleet
[15] Fiji

[11] Ferengi Gaming Commission, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table. Dabo may be played on any Ferengi facility (if on a Nor, at Promenade Shops). Also, any card draws or points derived from opponent's winning at Dabo, Tongo or Royale Casino side-games are mirrored on your side of the table. OR Nullifies one Dabo OR Tongo OR Royal Casino dilemma in point area (discard incident).

[12] 229th Rule of Acquisition, Event, 
"Latinum lasts longer than lust."
-Plays on table. While in play, whenever you encounter a Love Interest or Romance dilemma, you may discard one Gold-Pressed Latinum from same location to discard dilemma without effect. Also, you may discard one personnel romantically involved with your Ferengi at same location to download up to 3 Gold-Pressed Latinum (discard event).

[13]Fever, Interrupt
"Popular 20th-century song telling of the early stages of humanoid mating rituals. Written by Willie John and Eddie Coolie. Sung by Lola Chrystal at Vic's."
-"Stops" one male personnel where you have a female. OR Downloads any Odo to any Kira or Lola Chrystal. OR Plays to make Thermal Deflectors unnecessary for rest of turn.

[14] The Fifth Fleet, Fleet, Federation
"Objectives: Defend Vulcan front. Liberate DS9."
-May report directly to Vulcan. Fleet may initiate battle against  cards. ATTACK and DEFENSE bonus +1 against any facility. Assigned to this Fleet: USS Cortéz, USS Sarek,  USS Excelsior x2,  USS Oberth and  USS Miranda.

[15] Fiji, Program
"Holographic re-creation of an Earth island nation with a tropical climate. Location suggested by B'Elanna Torres as a warmer vacation than skiing."
-May be switched from hand with any ski-related Program card. Personnel on this ship or facility who are, according to their lore, romantically invoved with someone are INTEGRITY +2.

[11] LOSING at any of these games (for example, getting negative points on a Royale Casino dilemma) is not mirrored.
[12] Since some non-Ferengi personnel have been romantically involved with Ferengi (Grilka and Natima Lang, for example), you could discard your opponent's personnel. The Rule is only dicarded after the second function has been used.
[13] On the last function: Fever makes such cards as Volcanic Eruption passable for a short while. It also confers immunity to the cards listed on Thermal Deflectors itself. Why not stock Deflectors instead? Well, Lola's special download of Fever may suspend play before the lava or Firestorm hits.
[14] New card type! If a Ship card is a container of Personnel and Equipment, then a Fleet is a container of Ships. It reports to a facility just like a ship does (as your regular card play) and may contain only the ships listed on it. The Fleet may move (with all ships in it) at the listed RANGE  no matter what each ship's particular RANGE is. It may move as soon as it has at least one ship inside. Once underway, the ships listed can report directly to it, but not in any number. If only one Miranda is listed, you may only report/contain one even if the ship is universal. Ships may also join the Fleet later. Joining or leaving a Fleet is considered an action just like docking/undocking. A ship must leave a Fleet in order to attempt a mission, scout, dock with a facility or beam personnel to a planet location. A ship may leave after the Fleet has expended its entire RANGE, using its own leftover RANGE (Fleet's RANGE - ship's RANGE) if any to move away.
[15] Another personnel's lore does not make a personnel automatically involved.

[16] firenut
[17] First Clerk
[18] First Order
[19] Fitzpatrick
[20] fleet liaison officer

[16] Firenut, Food, 
"Dry, one-seeded fruit, consisting of an edible kernel in a woody shell. Neelix brewed a potent (and thick!) coffee blend with firenuts."
-Your personnel present are STRENGTH +2 but INTEGRITY -1 (cumulative up to a limit of 2). If Cooking present, you may discard at any time to download Coffee.

[17] First Clerk Quark, Personnel, Ferengi
"In 2373, Quark served as the Grand Nagus' First Clerk, or personal financial assistant. He soon found out the Nagus was losing his faculties."
-VIP, Acquisition x2, Computer Skill; SD Ferengi PADD; Any Nagus present is CUNNING +3; 

[18] Emrak, Personnel, Cardassian, 
"Typical Cardassian soldier of the First Order's Third Battalion. Given a massive dose of psychotropic drugs on Empok Nor."

[19] Fitzpatrick, Personnel, Federation, 
"Starfleet officer aboard USS Voyager. On stardate 51501.4, received a letter from home via a transmission through a Hirogen relay station."
-OFFICER, Navigation, Computer Skill; SD Incoming Message: Letter From Home; 

[20] Fleet Liaison, Event
"In 2373, Lieutenant Commander Worf served as fleet liaison officer between the forces at Deep Space 9 and those of the Klingon fleet."
-Downloads Liaison. OR Plays on table; while in play, if you have two or more Fleets at the same spaceline location, they may mix regardless of affiliation (using attack restrictions of your choice) and gain and extra +2 ATTACK and DEFENSE bonus in battle.

[16] The maximum attribute changes are STRENGTH +4 and INTEGRITY -2.
[17] This version of the Quark persona is good at boosting an Away Team's CUNNING.
[18] A good personnel to report to Sleeper Trap, I dare say.
[19] n/a
[20] You have the choice between either Fleet's attack restrictions.

[21] Flith
[22] Florence
[23] Flotter, The Adventures of
[24] Flotter
[25] fluidic space

[21] Flith, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Typical humanoid member of the Orion Syndicate. Under Liam Bilby on Farius Prime. Failed to pay his fare to the head boss in 2374."
-CIVILIAN, Treachery x2, Orion Syndicate; 

[22] Florence, Program
"Holographic re-creation of a city in the nation-state of Italy. The center of an explosion of art and science from the 14th through the 17th centuries."
-Leonardo da Vinci may report here for free. Discard at any time to download Mona Lisa OR Da Vinci's Flyer (as if acquired).

[23]The Adventures of Flotter, Program
"Interactive holographic stories for children. Set in the Forest of Forever, users meet characters representing, and acting like, the forces of nature."
-Where present, your Youth personnel are CUNNING +2 and, once per turn, may each nullify one card present with fire, wind, water or earth in the title. Your Flotter-related  icon cards may report directly here.

[24]Flotter, Personnel, Federation, ,
"Holographic main character of The Adventures of Flotter, aka Flotter T. Water III. Comically represents the element of water in the Forest of Forever."
-VIP, Biology x2; SD Any aquatic-related non-seed card; Youth personnel present are CUNNING +2

[25] Fluidic Space, Mission, fluidic,
Fluidic space: Other-dimensional domain filled with a viscous bio-liquid. Home to Species 8472.
-Your  cards may report here.  icon ships may move to or from here to or from any  location.
-Span: 3*; *Span +2 for non- ships.

[21] A universal support personnel with Orion Syndicate.
[22] Gets all these related cards together.
[23] Kind of open-ended, I know. The card has to be present, so could be a dilemma, but not something like Fire Sculptor.
[24] "Aquatic" must be in the title or lore.
[25] The mission has no requirements (like Nebula or Space). It is also a new semi-spaceline known as Fluidic Space (has that icon). When moving to or from a DQ location, the ship would use the Span of the destination as if it were adjacent to the starting point. If two players are using Species 8472, they would each need their patch of Fluidic Space, but could travel to the next. There will be a way for ships other than Bioships to cross over (like Voyager and the Borg did).

[26] Fontaine, Vic
[27] footfall
[28] Forest of Forever
[29] Fostossa virus
[30] franc

[26] Vic Fontaine, Personnel, Federation, 
"Unique self-aware hologram created by Bashir's pally, Felix. Las Vegas crooner. Has a way with people. Always active. Bad joker."
-CIVILIAN, Music, Anthropology x2; SD Lola Chrystal; X=5 OR 9; SD Any Royale Casino dilemma (as an Event card)
Now exists as Vic Fontaine.

[27] How Far Is That?, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: X
"The Vori used the 'footfall' as a unit of distance. Other worlds use other systems entirely. It's easy to get lost when trying to convert these into meters."
-Unless 2 Anthropology and Physics present, your Away Team is lost ("stopped") until end of countdown, where X = lowest CUNNING present divided by 3 (rounded up). Discard dilemma.

[28] Forest of Forever, Program
"Fanciful holographic setting for the Adventures of Flotter. Stories here emphasize the interrelationship of various forces of nature."
-May coexist with, and double, The Adventures of Flotter. Once per game, if your Samantha Wildman present, you may download one Flotter-related  icon card to this location.

[29] Fostassa Virus, Dilemma, space/planet
"Epidemic that once hit Bajor. It was only cured after extensive experimentation on Bajoran prisoners, resulting in the painful death of many."
-Unless 3 MEDICAL and 2 Treachery OR Crell Moset present, your  personnel and any escorted captives present are all killed.

[30]Holographic Funds, Equipment, , Countdown: 3
"In period holographic programs, old-style money is often still used, though plentiful for users. Vic's uses dollars, occupied France, francs."
-May report to any Holodeck. Each turn, you may report one  card (except Holographic Funds) to any Program for free. (Cumulative.)

[26] Downloading a Royale Casino dilemma to his location immediately initiates a side-game involving both players. The points earned are not considered points earned through a dilemma for Writ's purposes (it is played as an Event).
[27] So if your lowest CUNNING present was 5, you'd be stopped for 2 turns.
[28] A doubled Adventures makes Youth +4 CUNNING and able to nullify two target cards per turn.
[29] Yeah it kills your own personnel, but so that you can recycle them in your own deck. Brainwashed captives are not "escorted", so this wouldn't work with them.
[30] So if you had more Funds, you could report multiple holos for free each turn. The countdown is based on the fact that the money may run out.

[31] France
[32] Frane
[33] frankfurter
[34] Fredrickson, USS
[35] freedom of the press

[31] Occupied France, Program
"Holographic re-creation of WWII France occupied by the Nazis. Used by Hirogen as a hunting simulation, specifically to hunt members of the French Resistance."
-May switch with French Resistance. Your  icon and  icon cards from WWII France report here for free. Once per turn, one  personnel from WWII France may report here.

[32] Frane, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Male inhabitant of the Mari homeworld. A habitual perpetrator of hostile mental images. Stole a violent thought from B'Elanna Torres."
-CIVILIAN, Empathy x2, Treachery; Whenever targeted by a dilemma as an Empath, may redirect effects to one personnel present

[33] Frankfurter, Food, 
"Smoked, often seasoned sausage, reddish in color, made with meat, popular on 20th-century Earth. Usually served with sauerkraut."
-Your  icon personnel present are each CUNNING +3 and STRENGTH +1 while present. (Not cumulative.)

[34] USS Frederickson, Ship, Federation
"Starfleet Registry Number NCC-42111. One of several ships which took part in battles against the Dominion. Named for a 20th-century scenic artist."
-Excelsior Class[] Tractor Beam; If battling , your ships present may attack different targets

[35] Freedom of the Press, Incident
-Plays on table. Your journalists, reporters and Jake Sisko may report to any location for free. If present with opposing personnel, they may infiltraten them, but may not use Dial Martok for Murder. They may use File Mission Report from their location as infiltrators. Nullified by any Plans or Emblem card played on it (discard both).

[31] Personnel from occupied France may be listed as coming from WWII France. Personnel with Resistance already do not gain another level of Resistance. If the Program is deactivated, the skill is lost.
[32] So if a dilemma, say, captures an Empath, Frane, if targeted, could make any other personnel present be captured instead, including an opposing personnel.
[33] Considering the effect of Cassie on reporting SF cards, this might not be such a bad one.
[34] The ability does not lift standard attack restrictions however.
[35] Sort of expands on Jake's infiltration icon. Note that to use File Mission Report from anywhere, you have to be infiltrating, so they must help your opponent solve a mission to do so.

[36] French Resistance
[37] French toast
[38] Frola
[39] From Here to Eternity
[40] full consortium

[36]French Resistance, Program
"Holodeck re-creation of WWII France occupied by Nazi Germany. Used by Hirogen hunters study humans. In this version, Klingon warriors helped the rebels."
-Your  and  personnel from occupied France may report directly here. While in play, your personnel present (except  and Hirogen) gain Resistance.

[37] French Toast, Food
"Earth breakfast dish of bread dipped in a batter of beaten eggs and fried. The Doctor's holographic wife made some for the entire family."
-Where present, your  and  icon personnel are CUNNING +1 (all attributes are +1 if any Picard or Chez Sandrine personnel).

[38] Frola, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Female Voth. Young daughter of exobiologist Forra Gegen. Interested romatically in Tova Veer, her father's assistant."
-CIVILIAN, Youth, Exobiology

[39] From Here to Eternity, Interrupt
"Frank Sinatra won acclaim for his role in this 1953 film, the kind of entertainment preferred over science-fiction at the time."
-Nullifies any  icon card. OR Downloads Where No Man Has Gone Before. OR Doubles any card played on Vic Fontaine for one full turn.

[40] Full Consortium, Event, , 10 points
"A high-value hand in the Ferengi card game, Tongo. Few things beat it. The equivalent of a Royal Flush in poker. Desired by Quark."
-Seeds or plays on table. Once per game, if all cards in hand (minimum of 5) are all the same card type OR all the same affiliation, reveal to score points OR download up to 5  cards to hand.

[36] Personnel from WWII France need to either mention WWII in their lore, or else something about Nazi Germany. The Hirogen counts as a nomal card play and may be reported by either player.
[37] Picard and Sandrine are mentioned because they are French, nyuck nyuck. A holo-persona Picard would be Dixon Hill for example.
[38] The Voth have a couple support cards that make her useful simply as a support personnel.
[39] This [science-fiction] card nullifier even kills [SF] icon personnel like Benny.
[40] If you have more than 5 cards in hand, they must still all be the same type/color (not just 5 of them). This is a one-time bonus.

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