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[1] K'adlo
[2] K'Ehleyr
[3] K'mpec
[4] K'mtar alpha-1
[5] K'mtar

[1] K'adlo, Interrupt
"Klingon for 'thank you'. Though the Klingons are an aggressive species, they nonetheless are not ingrates."
-Plays only if you have a Klingon in play. Whenever your opponent "gives" you bonus points, play to double them; OR whenever you "give" points to you opponent, play to nullify them. (Not cumulative.)

[2] Exists as K'Ehleyr.

[3] Exists as K'mpec.

[4] K'mtar Alpha-1, Program
"Holodeck re-creation of the Klingon outpost of Maranga IV as it appeared in 2370. Used by K'mtar to demonstrate fighting skills to his young self."
-Where present, once per turn, Kitrik, Batrell and Bat'leth may report for free as . If K'mtar present, your other Klingons present are all attributes +2.

[5] Exists as K'mtar.

[1] Cards that "give" points include Lemon-Aid and Are These Truly Your Friends, Brother?
[2] n/a
[3] n/a
[4] Holo-Bat'leths work just like the Tommygun. They can't mortally wound unless the safeties are off.
[5] n/a

[6] K'nera
[7] k'oh-nar
[8] K'Ratak
[9] K'Tal
[10] K'Temang.

[6] Exists as K'nera.

[7] K'oh-nar, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 3, -5 points
"Vulcan term referring to a fear of being completely exposed in an emotionally vulnerable situation. Only the strongest discipline can overcome it."
-Place on one Mindmeld personnel present. Target personnel is placed in stasis until countdown ends. Then, place dilemma in bonus points area. Cured by 2 Empathy OR another Mindmeld present before the countdown expires.

[8] Inspired the IKC K'Ratak.

[9] Exists as K'Tal.

[10] K'Temang, Personnel, Klingon
"Commander of the K'Vort that attacked the Cardassian outpost Korma in 2372. Unaware his ship was renamed the Naprem by Dukat."
-OFFICER, SECURITY, Navigation, SD Klingon Disruptor; May use Naprem as  ship; 

[6] n/a
[7] If cured before the countdown ends, the dilemma does not go to points area.
[8] n/a
[9] n/a
[10] Is only a matching commander for the Naprem (the K'Vort that was the Naprem).

[11] K'Temoc
[12] K'Vada, Captain
[13] K'Vort-class battle cruiser
[14] K-3 cell count
[15] Ka'Ree

[11] K'Temoc, Personnel, Klingon, 
"Formidable Klingon warrior. Product of a period when the Federation and Klingon Empire were at war. Captain of the T'Ong."
-OFFICER; Leadership x2, Honor, Treachery; Score 2 points for each  personnel he kills in personnel battle; 

[12] Exists as K'Vada.

[13] Exists as the IKC K'Vort.

[14] Cell Count, Dilemma, space, Countdown: 4
"Fearing that he might have the Urodelean flu or something worse, Reg Barclay asked all his K-3 cells be counted, freezing up sickbay for hours."
-Place on ship. Until end of countdown, 2 personnel with MEDICAL present (3 if Reginald Barclay present) each turn are "stopped" (random selection).

[15] Ka'Ree, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Native of the Haakonian Order and wife of Ma'Bor Jetrel. Left him when she discovered his role in the massacre of 300,000 Talaxians."
-CIVILIAN, Honor, Physics; May nullify Metreon Cascade where present

[11] An Original Series icon, but no AU, so he can report normally OR at K-7, but either way still use TOS icon equipment and ships.
[12] n/a
[13] n/a
[14] Credit where credit is due: Kincaid came up with the joke for this in Trek for the Wars. That said, I didn't make the same card out of it. By saying "personnel with MEDICAL", it may cause a MEDICAL x2 to be stopped as only one of the two that must be. If there are fewer MEDICAL than required, then all MEDICALs are stopped. You must conduct the random selection each turn.
[15] n/a

[16] Kabul River
[17] Kaelon II
[18] Kaelon warships
[19] Kafar
[20] "Kahless and Lukara"

[16] Horseback Riding, Program
"Holographic re-creation of the Kabul River close to the Indian Ocean on Earth used for horseback riding simulations by Jean-Luc Picard."
-While in play, this ship or facility gains ANIMAL. You may "stop" your matching commander present to prevent opponent from playing any events or interrupts on this ship or its crew for the next full turn.

[17] Extend Life, Mission, planet, Federation/Klingon
Kaelon II: Negotiate for the continued life of native scientist despite his having passed the legal age limit.
-(Diplomacy x4 + Leadership + MEDICAL) OR (Timicin + Lwaxana Troi)
-Span: 3; 40 points; When solved, opponent may immediately download up to 2 just staffed Kaelon Warships to this location.

[18]Kaelon Warship, Ship, Non-Aligned, 
"Kaelon ship launched from Kaelon II's surface to intercept the USS Enterprise to persuade it to return their scientist, Timicin."
-Kaelon Class[] Tractor Beam; May report to, and take off from, Kaelon II

[19] Kafar, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Make Takarian. Servant and lackey of the two Ferengi who purported to be the Great Sages from Takarian mythology. Proved to be mistaken."
-CIVILIAN, Anthropology, Cooking; SD Great Sage; Your Ferengi present are CUNNING +1

[20]Kahless and Lukara, Personnel, Klingon, 
"Legendary Klingon couple whose love affair was the greatest in history. Kahless the Unforgettable stood against 500 warriors for the Lady Lukara."
-Kahless: VIP, Honor x3, Music; SD Sword of Kahless; 
-Lukara: VIP, Honor x2, Music; Other Klingons present INTEGRITY +2

[16] ANIMAL would work just like the Pasteur's MEDICAL. Opponent can still play cards at that location, even on an Away Team, but not on the ship its crew.
[17] Will you ever use that download? It's certainly a deterrent for mission theft.
[18] n/a
[19] Someone for the Ferengi to exploit.
[20] This Kahless is NOT a persona of the Kahless we already have, which is a clone so could coexist with the real one. Lukara will probably get her own card. An Honor juggernaut, if I do say so myself.

[21] Kahless the Unforgettable
[22] Kahlest
[23] Kahn, Dr. Lenara
[24] Kahn, Nilani
[25] Kai Winn soufflé

[21] Exists as Kahless.

[22] Exists as Kahlest.

[23] Lenara Kahn, Personnel, Federation
"Female joined Trill who was the Kahn symbiote's sixth host. Sister of Bejal Otner. Created the Federation's first artificial wormhole."
-SCIENCE, SCIENCE, Astrophysics x2; SD Wormhole (up to two at once); Attributes all +2 where any Dax present; 

[24] Nilani Kahn, Personnel, Federation, 
"Female joined Trill. Fifth host of the Kahn symbiote. Married to Torias Dax. Worried for him the day he got himself killed in a shuttle accident."
-CIVILIAN, SCIENCE; SD Any Dax host if one is killed where present; Attributes all +2 where any Dax present; 

[25] Kai Winn Soufflé, Food
"Elaborate dessert created by Quark in 2371 to honor Kai Winn's success in concluding a peace treaty with the Cardassians."
-If a personnel that has downloaded a Treaty, or allowed it to be played for free, is present, all personnel in play covered by that Treaty are all attributes +1. (Not cumulative.)

[21] n/a
[22] n/a
[23] The rules for symbiont personas are the same as they are for Dax. You can replace one with another as long as it is further down the line (fifth for sixth, but not vice-versa).
[24] See above.
[25] Personnel that "allow a Treaty to play for free" are those mentioned on that Treaty as being able to do so, like The Emissary for the Bajoran/Cardassian Treaty.

[26] kai
[27] Kainon
[28] Kajada, Ty
[29] kajanpak't
[30] Kal Rekk

[26] Kai Bareil, Personnel, Bajoran, 
"In an orb-induced vision during election time, Bareil saw himself as Kai, the religion leader of the Bajoran people, but with a price attached."
-VIP, Diplomacy x3, Honor, Leadership; May report to any  personnel; 

[27] Kainon, Personnel, Bajoran
"Disheveled male Bajoran with a history of criminal offenses. Often held for drunkenness. Killed Aamin Marritza when he was set free."
-CIVILIAN, Treachery; X=2 vs. ; If present, may nullify any personnel's bonus point box

[28] Exists as Ty Kajada.

[29] Courage!, Interrupt
"In Klingon, the word for 'courage' is kajanpak't, which has connotations of honor, especially in the face of overwhelming odds."
-Plays on your personnel with Honor x2 or Guramba OR Klingon with Honor OR with CUNNING<5 to "unstop" that personnel if its next move is to initiate a battle, counterattack, or attempt a mission where cards are still seeded.

[30] Kal Rekk, Dilemma, space/planet
"Traditional Vulcan holiday for atonement, solitude, and silence. Vulcans are often required to take time off to meditate."
-All Romulan underground members and Vulcans each immediately become seperate Away Teams or crews until mission solved OR personnel move to another spaceline location. Discard dilemma.

[26] This is not a persona of Bareil, it's the Bareil as Kai from the real Bareil's Orb vision.
[27] In other words, he could nullify Marritza's death points, and Kova Thol's, as well as the mission-solving points on Rager, IF those events happened at his location.
[28] n/a
[29] A seeded Outpost doesn't count, folks, though an Artifact will do as well as a Dilemma.
[30] Such personnel each become one-man Away Teams, even after stopped then unstopped until one of those conditions are met. Mission continues with the Away Team or crew of your choice of course, and if stopped, you may attempt with one of the others.

[31] Kal-if-fee
[32] kal-toh
[33] Kalandra, Dr.
[34] Kalavian biscuits
[35] Kaldra IV

[31] Kal-if-fee, Event
"Vulcan challenge of a mate's claim during Pon farr. The female can choose a champion to fight for her orfight on her own behalf."
-Plays on any Vulcan female present with a male Vulcan, and target any other male personnel present (or the female). Target personnel and male Vulcan must immediately battle, mortally wounding if possible.

[32] Kal-toh, Dilemma, space/planet
"Vulcan puzzle. A test of balance and concentration. Composed of metallic-crystal rods connected to one another in chaos that must become order."
-Unless Mindmeld x2 OR any Tuvok OR CUNNING>18 from 2 personnel present, one card in your hand is placed out-of-play (random selection).
Now exists as Kal-Toh.

[33] Dr. Kalandra, Personnel, Federation
"Federation medical officer. Head doctor at an emergency battlefield hospital on Ajilon Prime during the Klingon invasion of 2373."
-MEDICAL, MEDICAL, Biology; SECURITY personnel present are STRENGTH +2; 

[34] Kalavian Biscuits, Food, 
"Pastry snack from Neelix's kitchen. Late at night, crewmembers may be tempted to go steal these snacks from the cupboard."
-Where present, your Smuggling personnel are CUNNING and STRENGTH +1 (cumulative). Discard at any time to download Intruder Alert!

[35] Telepathic Library Project, Mission, planet, Non-Aligned
Kaldra IV: Conduct telepathic research, amassing memories to archive in Ullian library.
-(Empathy x2 + Anthropology x2) OR 1 Ullian
-Span: 3; 35 points; When solved, up to 3 cards you placed out-of-play may be returned to discard pile.

[31] Personnel battle no matter who owns them. The male Vulcan will end up fighting another male of any species or the female the event was played on.
[32] NOW will you use PADDs? This dilemma is not discarded unless its requirements are met.
[33] n/a
[34] The more Biscuits you have, the smarter and stronger your Smugglers become.
[35] Whether or not out-of-play cards return to your draw deck is entirely your choice, and must be done immediately upon solving the mission.

[36] Kaleb sector
[37] Kalem Apren
[38] Kalevian montar
[39] Kalin Trose
[40] Kalita

[36] Defection Plot, Mission, space, Romulan
Kaleb sector: Rendezvous with Corvallen freighter to deliver a defecting Romulan Vice-Proconsul.
-No Tal Shiar (except Major Rakal) + (any Romulan dissident OR Spock) + Smuggling
-Span: 5; 40 points

[37] Kalem Apren, Personnel, Bajoran
"First Minister of the Bajoran provisional government. Has a weak heart. Knows Kai Winn would succeed him if he died, but hopes it won't come to that."
-VIP, Leadership, Diplomacy, Anthropology; SD Kai Winn; 

[38] Kalevian Montar, Dilemma, space/planet, -5 points
"Game once played by Gul Dukat on Terok Nor with Odo. Dukat remembered playing many times, but Odo knows it was only once and that Dukat cheated."
-Two personnel present (random selection) are "stopped". If one of them has Law, lose points. If only one of them has Treachery, discard one card from hand. Discard dilemma.

[39] Kalin Trose, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Government representative of the Alpha Moon of planet Peliar Zel. Took part in two major conferences, thirty years apart, with Ambassador Odan."
-VIP, Diplomacy, Acquisition; May report to Peliar Zel; Any Odan present is attributes all +3; 

[40] Exists as Kalita.

[36] Spock will have to solve it under Treaty obviously.
[37] Since the download suspends play, you can activate it as he dies to recreate the events from the episode.
[38] In thye first instance, both personnel could have Law and get the point loss (but only -5 total). If both personnel have Treachery, you do not discard a card.
[39] For the bonus, that includes the symbiont if such a card were made
[40] n/a

[41] Kalla III
[42] Kalla-Nohra Syndrome
[43] Kallisko
[44] Kalto province
[45] Kalton

[41] Illegal Mining, Mission, planet, Klingon/Non-Aligned
Kalla III: Mine deposite of magnesite ore on uninhabited planet controlled by Pakled interests.
-Geology x2 + Treachery x2 OR Sisters of Duras OR 2 Pakleds
-Span: 3; 35 points

[42] Kalla-Nohra Syndrome, Dilemma, space/planet
"Chronic pulmonary disease found only in individuals exposed to the mining incident at Gallitep. Aamin Marritza was diagnosed with the condition."
-Place on one non-android, non-shapeshifter personnel present (random selection). It is STRENGTH -2 and if Cardassian, is killed if ever present with a Bajoran with Resistance OR INTEGRITY<4.

[43] Kallisko, Ship, Non-Aligned
"Transport ship from Boreal III. Near the Brechtian Cluster when it encountered the Crystalline Entity and had to send out a distress signal."
-Transport Class[] Tractor Beam; When damaged or destroyed by a dilemma, you may download any Interrupt card

[44] Kalto Province, Time Location, planet, , Countdown: 3
Kemper III, a few days ago: Thriving civilization on the verge of a great disaster.
-Plays on table. Any Away Team with a Tricorder present at Kemper III may travel here; activate countdown. If non-native Anthropology + STRENGTH>35 present when countdown ends, timeline disrupted a few days ago: non-native Away Teams return to Kemper III and Investigate Planet-Wide Disaster now unsolved; to solve, now requires Empathy + Anthropology + ENGINEER; and now worth 30 points. Native to this timeline: All Kalton personnel.

[45]Investigate Planet-Wide Disaster, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt, 
Kemper III: Investigate cause of polaric ion energy explosion detected on this now uninhabited planet.
-Empathy + Physics x3 + MEDICAL + ENGINEER + CUNNING>40
-Span: 4; 40 points

[41] Any 2 Pakleds will do.
[42] The STRENGTH minus applies to anyone, but a Cardie gets a kind of one-way nemesis icon. I'm especially proud of the Trek Sense to some of thoses clauses.
[43] Opens up a lot of possible reactions to the attack, but the Interrupt doesn't really have to have anything to do with the attack.
[44] A timeline that's really not far away in time. You can travel there with a Tricorder, but not back. Timeline disruption changes the mission requirements and points. If the mission was already solved, those points are nullified. Kalton personnel are those that explicitly come from Kalto Province.
[45] The planet, I had to name myself. Went for the name of one of the screenwriters of the episode.

[46] Kama Sutra
[47] Kamala
[48] Kamie
[49] Kamin
[50] kanar

[46] This Is a Family Game, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table. Limits each player to only one K'chiQ. If any Lwaxana helps solve a mission, it is worth 5 points less. Each time a Male's Love Interest is encountered, you may replace it with a Female's Love Interest from outside the game. You may nullify any Romance dilemma if it targets any ANIMAL OR two personnel who are related by blood. Also, non- personnel on Risa are placed in stasis until solved.

[47]Kamala, Personnel, Non-Aligned/Klingon
"Empathic metamorph from Krios. Fated to wed Chancellor Alrik of Valt. Jean-Luc Picard's perfect woman... and every other man's."
-VIP, Empathy, Diplomacy, Music; One skill of your choice and any 3 skills on a male present (choose at start of each turn)

[48] Kamie, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"One of the last natives of Kataan. Son of Meribor and grandson of Kamin. Lived a thousand years ago in the village of Ressik."
-CIVILIAN, Youth; Reports for free where Kamin present;  personnel present are INTEGRITY +1

[49]Kamin, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Native of Kataan incarnated by Jean-Luc Picard. Known as the best ironweaver in Ressik. Played the flute. Obsessed with the stars and the soil."
-CIVILIAN, Music, Geology, Stellar Cartography, ENGINEER, SCIENCE; SD Ressikan Flute

[50]Kanar, Food
"Beverage favored by the Cardassians, especially Damar. Takes some getting used to. Often sits in Quark's storeroom collecting dust."
-May seed one face up at Quark's Bar. Your Cardassians present are STRENGTH +2. Opposing Cardassians present are CUNNING -2. (Cumulative.)

[46] That it should be a Ref icon cards is debatable, but I wanted a real parody of It's Only a Game.
[47] 7 skills on her! At the start of each turn, you choose any one skill PLUS a male personnel from which she can take up to 3 more skills. If she already has them, they are doubled.
[48] Will not affect Mirror personnel even if they DO often need it ;-).
[49] 6 skills? He must be a Picard. His download of an artifact works just like Mirror Kirk's.
[50] You can seed one (active) at on your opponent's Nor! Both the bonus and the minus are cumulative.

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