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[1] G'now juk Hol pajhard
[2] G'Trok
[3] Ga'nah
[4] gabosti stew
[5] Gabrielle

[1] Law of Heredity, Event
"G'now juk Hol pajhard. The Klingon law of heredity states that a son shall share in the honors and crimes of his father. This is a common law among many different races including Ferengi."
-All cards played this turn that target a specific personnel in play affect each relative of target present (in play if Klingon or Ferengi) as well. Then, discard event.

[2] G'Trok, Personnel, Klingon
"Klingon poet and writer of The Fall of Kang. Famous for his use of alliteration. Inspired by the great Klingon tragedy, K'hamlet."
-VIP, Honor, Anthropology, Music; SD The Fall of Kang (to anywhere in play)

[3] Sounds Familiar, Incident
-Plays on table. On each of your turns, you may suspend play to switch one of the following pairs in play with one another: Dukat and Dukath OR Richard Galen and Galen OR Damar and Danar OR Neela and Neela Daren OR Danar and Roga Danar OR Letek and Lemek OR Taibak and Tebok OR Canar and Kanar OR any two  Jem'Hadar OR any two Borg drones from the same group.

[4] Gabosti Stew, Food, 
"Food native to the Delta quadrant. Prepared by Neelix aboard the USS Voyager. Sometimes served with special pepper sauce."
-If present with Cooking personnel, at the start of each of your turns, you may download any other Food card to this location. (Not cumulative.)

[5] Gabrielle, Personnel, Federation, 
"Holographic re-creation of a lovely young French woman who was a patron at the Café des Artistes in Paris. Liked croissants."
-CIVILIAN, Youth; SD Croissant; May report to Café des Artistes; French personnel present are STRENGTH +2 (cumulative)

[1] This would mean that all cards that specifically target one personnel such as discommendation, data's medals, or reflection therapy would also affect their family. But cards that are not played, like dilemmas, would only target the affected personnel.
[2] The lore about alliterative poetry and K'hamlet are inventions taken from the Klingon Hamlet just released through Pocket Books.
[3] A silly card mostly, born out of the fact that a province on a world in the Delta quadrant (Ga'nah) has a name similar to a country on our own planet (Ghana). That led me to think about all the similar names in Trek. Note that both personnel must be in play somewhere to be switched with another, and don't have to belong to the same player. Only Canar (artifact) and Kanar (food) aren't personnel. Borg of the same group are those that are all "of 17" or "of 11", etc. More useful in those cases.
[4] One card per turn, but indefinitely, as long as the Stew is in play. Note that the Food downloaded must still obey quadrant reporting restrictions.
[5] All Picards are French (except Beverly).

[6] Gagarin IV
[7] Gage, USS
[8] gagh
[9] Gaila
[10] Gal Gath'thong

[6] Cloning Experiments, Mission, planet, Federation
Gagarin IV: Secretly produce genetically engineered humans at this facility.
-MEDICAL x5 + SCIENCE x4 + Treachery x2
-Span: 3; 40 points; SD Genetic Research Station

[7] USS Gage, Ship, Federation
"Apollo-class starship. Registry number NCC-11672. Part of the blockade at Wolf 359 to stop the Borg incursion into Federation territory."
-Apollo Class[] Tractor Beam; Attributes all +2 at any location scouted by the Borg

[8] Gagh, Food, 1 point
"Serpent worms. A Klingon culinary delicacy. Conoisseurs claim that gagh is best served fresh, i.e. live. Humans have been known to develop a taste for it."
-Where present, your humans with Honor and Klingons are STRENGTH +1 (cumulative). Opponent may destroy one Gagh card per turn with each opposing hand weapon present, but you score points.

[9] Exists as Gaila.

[10] Gal'Gathong, Program
"Holographic re-creation of a Romulan location of great natural beauty and spectacular firefalls. Alidar Jarok mourned he would never see it again."
-Romulans are compatible with this ship and may mix and cooperate with your crew and Away Teams here. If ship is , their INTEGRITY is +2. If  or , STRENGTH is +1. If  or , CUNNING is +1.

[6] The download is on your side of the card only.
[7] Objectives need not be completed, so long as the location has been scouted.
[8] If opponent has 3 Disruptors present for example, he can discard 3 Gagh cards per turn, but you will score 1 point for each one.
[9] n/a
[10] Would actually allow Romulans and Ferengi (for which there is no Treaty) to cooperate. All bonuses are for the Romulans only.

[11] Galador freighter
[12] Galador II
[13] Galaxy M33
[14] "Galaxy's Child"
[15] Galaxy, USS

[11] Galador Freighter, Ship, Non-Aligned, 
"Transport ship. Supposedly operated on trade route between Galador II and Farius Prime. In reality, a Maquis ship with fake registration."
-Freighter[] Long-Range Scan Shielding; Your  icon personnel may report aboard

[12] Trace Ship Sale, Mission, planet, Cardassian/Federation/Ferengi
Galador II: Trace sale of a Galador freighter to Maquis insurgents made at this planet's spaceport.
-(Law OR Acquisition) + SECURITY x2 + (Computer Skill x4 OR discard Gold-Pressed Latinum here OR captured  icon personnel at your Brig)
-Span: 3; 40 points

[13] Galaxy M33, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt
Galaxy M33: Survey this faraway galaxy, and hope you can return home soon.
-Stellar Cartography x5 + SCIENCE x6 + Empathy + Navigation x2 + any ship movement-related special skill + INTEGRITY>60
-Span: 100*; 50 points; Always at the end of the spaceline (your choice); *Span=3 if Cytherians affecting you; Adjacent location's span +96 if starting here.

[14] Phaser Surgery, Dilemma, space
"On Stardate 44614.6, the crew of the Enterprise-D had to be very careful in extracting an infant space creature from its mother using phaser banks as a scalpel."
-Unless 8>WEAPONS>4 and 2 MEDICAL present, all personnel are "stopped". Opponent may immediately replace with Birth of "Junior" from outside-the game. Otherwise, discard dilemma.

[15] Galaxy, Ship, Federation
"Prototype of the Galaxy-class starship series designed for deep-space exploration. Registry number NX-70637. Faught at Chin'toka."
-Galaxy Class[] Holodeck; Tractor Beam; Other Galaxy-class ships in play require 1 less  icon

[11] n/a
[12] The captured Maquis need not be at the location, only in a Brig somewhere.
[13] Galaxy M33 is practically its own spaceline - it sits alone at the end there. A great place for sending someone on a field trip, but also a powerful finishing mission IF you can keep your necessary personnel from being killed. A way to report on your ship is practically requisite if you're really planning on attempting this one. To even get there, you'll need amazing RANGE (I've made it part of the Alpha quadrant - it's on that side of our own galaxy - but at 100 Span) or The Traveller, Wormholes, etc. "Ship movement-related special skills" include RANGE bonuses in any condition (even if condition isn't present here) and making a ship move in an uncharacteristic way (Lakanta, Traveller). If Cytherians is affecting a ship, it has no chance of reaching the end of the spaceline normally. That's why the Span becomes 3 with Cytherians on a vessel (the ship is whisked away to that Galaxy). It might be a way to field trip a ship. It gets there, but can't come back.
[14] Sequence of events: If dilemma is passed, it is discarded and that's it. If not, it stops the crew. Then, opponent may immediately switch the dilemma with Birth of "Junior". It will be encountered next turn if mission attempt continues. If the dilemma isn't switched, it is discarded.
[15] The Encyclopedia has seperate entries for USS Galaxy, and Galaxy-class starships, so I had to make do. Note that the registry number is from the Encyclopedia and is for experimental ships (NX). Some cards in AtoZ affect such ships.

[16] Galaxy-Class Starship Development Project
[17] Galaxy-class starship
[18] Galdonterre
[19] Galek Sar
[20] Galen border conflicts

[16] Starship Development, Objective
-Plays on your homeworld OR shipyards OR Mars. While in play, each turn, if you have ENGINEER present, you may probe:
#: Same model, different options. One ship here gains any one special equipment.
#: New class. Download one  ship of a class not yet in play to this location, except an Advanced,  or NX ship.
#: Breakthrough. Download one Advanced, , NX or unique ship of a class not yet in play to this location. Discard objective.
#Otherwise: Waste of resources. Discard probe card.

[17] Exists as USS Galaxy.

[18] Albino Clues, Mission, planet, Klingon
Galdonterre: Continue search for nefarious albino criminal and Klingon-child killer.
-Any Nemesis icon [Red, Right-facing] + SECURITY + CUNNING>35
-Span: 2; 30* points; *+5 if A Good Day To Live is in play and unsolved

[19] Galek Sar, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Promellian male. Captain of the Cleponji. His ship was disabled by a Menthar booby trap. Commended his crew and took resposability for his failures."
-OFFICER, Computer Skill x3, Honor x2; Nullifies Ancient Computer anywhere in play; Doubles Captain's Log on Cleponji if aboard; 

[20] Booby Trapped Ship, Dilemma, space
"During the Galen border conflicts, a common Talarian tactic was to abandon spacecraft rigged to self-destruct when boarded."
-Unless CUNNING>40 OR Talarian present, kills X personnel, where X = total INTEGRITY divided by 7 (rounded up, random selection) if Transporter Skill present. Discard dilemma.

[16] NX ships are those Federation ships that have NX as a prefix to their registry number instead of NCC. You only discard the objective when you draw a unique ship.
[17] n/a
[18] Gives a bonus for storytelling, i.e. doing the missions in the right order.
[19] The Computer Skill is high enough to staff the Cleponji alone (it requires Computer x3 or [Command][Staff][AU]). He actually draws +6/+6 from Logging his ship, since any Archaeology personnel may act as regular matching commander anyway.
[20] The personnel are only killed if Transporter Skill is present to beam them over to the booby trapped ship. Jono counts as a Talarian.

[21] Galen IV
[22] Galen, Professor Richard
[23] Galen
[24] Galen
[25] Galeo-Manada style wrestling

[21] Defend Territory, Mission, planet, Your side: Non-Aligned; Opponent's side: Federation
Galen IV: Defend disputed territory at Federation/Talarian border.
-Your side: 1 Talarian + STRENGTH>40
-Opponent's side: Diplomacy + SECURITY + STRENGTH>45
-Span: 3; 35 points

[22] Exists as Richard Galen.

[23] Exists as Galen.

[24] Galen of Athens, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Ancient Greek physician and writer from Earth. Postulated that human arteries carried blood, not air as had been previously thought."
-MEDICAL, Biology; At same spaceline location, dilemmas require one less MEDICAL

[25] Wrestling in the Morning, Incident
-Plays on your outpost. When a personnel is reported there, one SECURITY personnel present (random selection) engages it in personnel battle. Stunned personnel do not die at end of battle. If just-reported personnel wins, you may immediately play a card for free. Battling personnel are unstopped.

[21] Jono counts as a Talarian.
[22] n/a
[23] n/a
[24] In effect, you could say he's a MEDICAL x2, but that MEDICAL also carries over to Away Teams at the same spaceline location as the ship he is aboard. His skills affects a dilemma's requirements only, not its cures.
[25] The picture would show Jadzia exercizing in the entry's style. "Morning" I've represented as when a personnel reports for duty (gets up). In effect, it retroactively makes a personnel play for free if it can beat the SECURITY. The two personnel are unstopped whether the reporting personnel won or not, but only AFTER another card has been played. That way, unless you have an army of SECURITY at your outpost, you can't do this trick over and over again, by reporting more personnel to the same outpost. Note that opposing SECURITY would be part of the random selection, and probably wouldn't keep to stunning if they could mortally wound.

[26] galicite
[27] Galileo, Shuttlecraft
[28] Galipotans
[29] Galis Blin
[30] Gallamite

[26] Just Minerals Here, Event
"Sometimes, worlds have no real archaeological remnants of their early societies, but are a treasure trove of mineral goods such as galicite."
-Plays on any planet location you seeded. All Archaeology requirements here are replaced with Geology.

[27] Galileo, Ship, Federation
"Shuttle attached to USS Enterprise-D. Commanded by Tasha Yar when first transporting Jean-Luc Picard aboard his new command."
-Type VI Shuttlecraft[] May report aboard any Enterprise

[28] On Galipotan Time, Event
"The Galipotan civilization's concept of time was much different from that of other humanoids. There memories extended from the future rather than the past."
-Plays on table. While in play, all your card draws and probes are made from the bottom of your draw deck rather than the top.

[29] Galis Blin, Personnel, Bajoran, 
"Representative of female Bajoran officials. Contacted by Kira Nerys on stardate 46423 who hopes she could shed light on who created the aphasia virus."
-VIP, MEDICAL, Law; Surmak Ren may report here directly; 

[30] See-Through, Event
"Gallamites, like Jadzia Dax's sometime lover, Captain Boday, had transparent skulls and brains twice human size. Some found them repulsive."
-Plays on any spaceline location (for free if Captain Boday present). Both players may look at all cards (even cloaked of hidden cards) here, except seeded cards.

[26] Turns Archaeology requirements of missions, dilemmas and any other cards (like The Charybdis) into Geology instead.
[27] The fact it's named after the more famous Starship Enterprise shuttle made me add the special game text.
[28] Doesn't affect cards that place other cards on top or on bottom of your draw deck, so you can manipulate your cards in a different way. Made up the second sentence of the lore.
[29] n/a
[30] A common card that acts as a sort of Long-Range Scan for personnel and sees through cloaks

[31] Gallia nectar
[32] gallicite
[33] Gallitep
[34] Galor IV
[35] Galor-class Cardassian warship

[31] Gallia Nectar, Food, 
"Delicious pale yellow colored drink made from a blossom which grows near a certain lake on Paxau. The blossom blooms only once every 6 years."
-One personnel present (your choice) is attributes +3 and gains one skill of your choice (you may change skill at start of every turn). (Unique.)

[32] Damaged Warp Coils, Dilemma, space
"While trapped in the Delta quadrant, Voyager's overworked systems needed as much as a kiloton of gallicite to reconstruct their warp coils."
-Unless 4 ENGINEER and 3  icons present, place on ship. It is RANGE -5 until ship at a planet location and Geology present.

[33] Remember Gallitep, Interrupt
"Numerous unspeakable atrocities were commited at the Cardassian labor camp of Gallitep on Bajor. Aamin Marritza was ashamed of his people for it."
-Nullifies Forced-Labor Camp (but not scored mission points, if mission already solved using objective's requirements). OR Doubles INTEGRITY of Aamin Maritza and any membres of Shakaar resistance cell until end of turn.

[34] Study Android, Mission, planet, Federation
Galor IV: Study newly built Soong-type android at this research facility.
-Cybernetics x2 + ENGINEER + OFFICER + Any Soong-type android
-Span: 2; 40 points; Android present is "stopped" after mission solved.

[35] Exists as Galor.

[31] A rare card to go with its concept.
[32] The Staffers are there to do the work (like Command personnel would really get their hands dirty). ;-)
[33] On first function: Mission requirements revert to normal if nullified before mission is solved. If already solved, the player does not lose points, but loses the card drawing ability afforded by escorting captives here. On second function: all personnel mention get the bonus anywhere in play. They need not be present together.
[34] The special game text kinda imposes a Mission Debriefing on the android alone. The rest of the Away Team is not stopped.
[35] n/a

[36] Galor-class plasma banks
[37] Galorda Prime
[38] Galorndon Core
[39] Galvin V
[40] "Gambit, Part I"

[36] Exists as Spiral-Wave Disruptor.

[37] Survey Death Toll, Mission, planet, Klingon
Galorda Prime: Count the dead following the crash of a civilian transport in order to manufacture evidence in another case.
-Computer Skill x2 + Treachery x2 + (Klingon Intelligence OR Ch'pok)
-Span: 5; 30 points; When solved, you may capture one Klingon present with your own.

[38] Exists as Covert Rescue.

[39] Attend Wedding, Mission, planet, Any non-Dominion Away Team may attempt
Galvin V: Attend Galvininan marriage which will only be successful if it produces children within a year.
-VIP x4
-Span: 3; 25* points; *+5 points for every VIP beyond the first 4 (limit of 4).

[40] Artifact Analysis, Objective, 5 points
-Plays on table. When you acquire an artifact, you may place it here (limit of one). At the end of every turn, if artifact on objective, you may probe:
#[Archaeology]: Hidden symbols. Place artifact out-of-play and take into hand any other artifact from outside-the-game. Discard objective.
#: A fake. Artifact discarded. Score points.
#Otherwise: Nothing happens.

[36] n/a
[37] The special game text works anywhere in play you have Klingons.
[38] n/a
[39] The theoretical limit to the points here is 45 with 8 VIPs present.
[40] You may have more than one Artifact Analysis in play (each with an artifact on it), or use the same one again and again if you get the "fake" result, since it stays in play. The use for switching artifacts may be when stealing an opponent's mission and drawing an artifact that is worthless with your strategy. Artifacts in hand are either played as the card type mentioned (equipment reporting for duty like equipment does), or played immediately at any location if card says it should. An "Archaeology" probe is one where that exact skill (with skill dot) is in a probed personnel's game text box.

[41] "Gambit, Part II"
[42] gambling device
[43] "Game, The"
[44] Gamelan V
[45] Gamma 7 outpost

[41] Riker, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"William T. Riker pretended to work with Baran's mercenaries in 2370."
-OFFICER, Leadership, Treachery, Diplomacy, Navigation, Computer Skill; May nullify any attack made by  here; ; Does not work with  affiliation

[42] Exists as Alien Gambling Device.

[43] Lefler's Law 36, Event
"You gotta go with what works."
-Plays on any spaceline location (for free if Robin Lefler present) until end of turn. Select any skill present and name any other skill. Your personnel use selected skill instead of named skill at this location. Discard event.

[44] Garbage Night, Mission, space/planet, Bajoran/Federation/Klingon
Gamelan V: Destroy radioactive ship in planet's orbit and innoculate population against radiation sickness.
-Tractor Beam + ENGINEER x3 + MEDICAL x3 + Navigation (aboard ship)
-Span: 4; 30 points; When solved, Radioactive Garbage Scows here may be discarded with Tractor Beam.

[45] Maquis Surveillance, Mission, planet, Federation
Demilitarized Zone*Gamma 7: Conduct surveillance on possible Maquis activity in demilitarized zone.
-SECURITY x2 + OFFICER x2 + (Section 31 OR Law) + INTEGRITY>40
-Span: 3; 35 points; While unsolved,  icon personnel are attributes +2; when solved, -2.

[41] I remember some people calling for an NA Riker ever since Galen came out. Here it is. He can nullify any Federation attack made against his ship or Away Team, but not any counterattack.
[42] n/a
[43] Say you have lots of Youth, but are low on MEDICAL. Select Youth and name MEDICAL. Now, all dilemma and mission requirements here switch MEDICAL with Youth. The event is discarded at the end of your turn.
[44] Could be a way to get rid of pesky Scows for good. Bring them here and simply discard them. The Navigation must be aboard ship, though the other personnel requirements could be on the planet or on the ship.
[45] Part of the DMZ region. Boosts Maquis while unsolved, detrimental to them while solved. Hey, maybe you don't want to solve the mission - use it as a kind of event that boosts your personnel.

[46] Gamma 7 Sector
[47] Gamma Arigulon System
[48] Gamma Erandi Nebula
[49] Gamma Eridon
[50] Gamma Hromi II

[46] Destroy Contaminated Ship, Mission, space, Cardassian/Federation/Klingon
Gamma 7 Sector: Destroy ship contaminated with deadly bacteria to keep it from infecting another.
-Span: 3; 35 points; When solved, one empty ship here (if any) is destroyed.

[47] Exists as Investigate Anomaly.

[48] Exists as Study Nebula.

[49] Regroup, Mission, space, Federation/Klingon
Gamma Eridon: Regroup armada in this strategic sector before launching an attack.
-4 or more ships + total WEAPONS>28 + OFFICER x4
-Span: 2; 40 points; When solved, in the next battle you initiate, your ships are WEAPONS and SHIELDS +2.

[50] Clan Negotiations, Mission, planet, Non-Aligned
Gamma Hromi II: Negotiate peace between Gatherers and Acamarians at this neutral site.
-Diplomacy x3 + Greed + INTEGRITY>35 OR Marouk + any Gatherer
-Span: 4; 35 points

[46] The special game text is strictly flavor, though you could relocate one here for this express purpose.
[47] n/a
[48] n/a
[49] A little something for armada decks.
[50] Gatherers are listed as such in their lores, and does not include the dilemma The Gatherers.

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