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E EXPANSION: Emergence
C = Common (45)   U = Uncommon (45)   R = Rare (59)
   Elanian Singer Stone R    Event Horizon R    Echo Diplacement U
DILEMMAS    Unstable Element R    Hull Hugging R
   Blown EPS Conduits U    Adapt: Neutralize Weapon U    Deadly Love Triangle R
   Dark Secret R    Cold Storage U    Murderous Moment R
   Elamos the Magnificent C    Dangerous Transport C FACILITY - CARDASSIAN
   Emergent Lifeform R    Divert Energy C    Cardassian Detention Center [Station] R
   Enemy Coalition C    Dizzy Painting C FACILITY - FEDERATION
   Erosene Winds C    Electrophoretic Activity C    Earth Station McKinley [Station] R
   Ethical Dilemma U    Emergency Hatch C PERSONNEL - BAJORAN
   Ethics, Sophistry and the Alternate Universe R    Empathic Touch C    Eblan U
   Exothermal Inversion U    Endorphins C    Ermat Zimm U
   Family Visit C    Enkidu, a Wild Man R PERSONNEL - FEDERATION
   Friendly Hug U    EPS Discharge C    Captain Edwell C
   Holographic Puzzle C    Erase Memory Engram U    Captain Entebe U
   Opposite Reactions C    Exoscalpel C    Commander Sisko R
   Repairs Required U    Fireworks C    Dr. Terence Epstein R
   Shuttle Accident C    Fortuitous Programing C    Dr. Toby Russell R
   Symbiont in Trouble R    Hand Actuator C    Edouard C
   The Elected One's Prerogative R    Impressions U    Erib U
   Too Much White U    Incoming Message: Elgol-Red U    Eric C
   Were You Listening? C   Incoming Messsage from Another Time C    Erko U
EQUIPMENT    Jammed Crystal Emitter C    The Doctor R
   Consciousness Archive C    Spread the Plague U PERSONNEL - KLINGON
   Empath's Coccoon U    Tough Grilling C    Commander K'Ehleyr [Federation] R
   PADD - Earth Guidebook U    Unrestricted Access C PERSONNEL - NON-ALIGNED
   The Egg U    You Have Mail C    Amelia Earhart R
     Alien Interface U    Contact Reclusive People R    Ee'Char R
   Asteroid Launcher R    Detect Paxans R    Ekoria R
   Eidetic Memory C    Explore Alien Graveyard R    Elani U
   Turbulence C    Explore Venomous Planet R    Eliann U
   Elementary Temporal Mechanics R    Help World Government C    Eline U
   Elogium U    Hide in Pulsar Interference R    Elrem U
   Emergency Procedures C    Investigate Satarran Insurgents R    Emi R
   Emotion Chip R    Investigate Vortex R    Endar R
   Entropy U    Kill Vash! R    Epran U
   Eseekas C    Pure Thought R    Esoqq R
   Exobiology Experts U    Royal Museum Security Evaluation R    Ethan R
   Eye of the Universe R    Shopping Spree U    Eudana C
   Low Gravity C    Standoff R    John Evansville R
   Mole R    Stellar Cartography Readings U    Rakhar Exarch R
   My Enemy, My Ally R    Study Emission Nebula C SHIPS - FEDERATION
   Outlawed Mutants U    Study Jarada U    El-Baz C
   Program Splicing U    Submit Results U    Excelsior R
   The Doctor Returns U    Survey Pulsar Cluster R    Starship Enterprise R
   There Go the Waterworks C    Two Heroes at Tenagra R    USS Endeavour R
   The Usual Response U    Uncover Historical Falicies R    USS Essex R
   You're Going to Have to Trust Me R OBJECTIVES    USS Excaliber R
FOODS    Feeding the War Effort R    USS Exeter U
   Eggs Benedict R    Murder Investigation R SHIP - NEUTRAL
  Eggs with Bacon and Corned Beef Hash C PROGRAMS    Farpoint Alien R
   Endive Salad C    Emerald Wading Pool C SHIPS - NON-ALIGNED
   Enemy's Blood C    Everest Stronghold U    Ekina U
   Eskarian Egg U SITE    Kazon Shuttle C
   Tea, Earl Grey, Hot R    Main Engineering U    Erstwhile U

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