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F EXPANSION: Favor the Bold
C = Common (59)   U = Uncommon (59)   R = Rare (60)
ARTIFACTS    New Lease on Life R Q-CARD
   Falangian Diamond R    Protective Caves C    Tuck and Roll, Data! U
   First Republic Documents R    Remember the Fire Plains U TACTIC
   Folnar Jewel Plant R    Revised 10th Rule of Acquisition R    Fuurinkazan Strategy U
   Ford Pickup Truck R    Signal Buoy C FACILITY - BAJORAN
   Hebitian Vault R    Speed Limit R    Fire Caves [Cardassian/HQ] R
   29th-Century Interference R FOODS    Federation Council [HQ] R
   Another Wedding C    Fanalian Toddy C    Federation Penal Colony [Station] U
   Cold Core C    Felada Onion Crisps C    Fifth House of Betazed [HQ] R
   Dangers of Fraternization C    Feline Supplement 25 C FACILITY - KLINGON
   Deadly Massage C    Feragoit Goulash U    First City R
   Desert R    Ferengi Spore Pie C FACILITY - NEUTRAL
   Fatal Revenge C    Fish Juice U    Farpoint Station R
   Felicium Addiction U    Flaked Blood Fleas C PERSONNEL - BAJORAN
   Ferengi Code R    Flambé Noodles U    Curzon[Federation] R
   Finiis'ral C    Flan C    Faren Kag U
   Fire Ants C    Foraiga U PERSONNEL - BORG
   Fire Beast of Sullus R    French Onion Soup C    Riley Frazier R
   Fire Snakes U    Fricandeau Stew R PERSONNEL - FEDERATION
   Fizzbin R    Fruit Cocktail C    Cadet Crusher R
   Floater Ride C    Fudge Ripple Pudding C    Captain Sulu R
   Foiled Again R   Fungili U    Dr. Farallon R
   Getting All the Attention U INCIDENT    Dulmer & Lucsly R
   Hidden Explosive U    Appeal U    Fang-Lee C
   Illegal Business C INTERRUPTS    Felton U
   Lost Impulse R    Docking Request C    Flaherty U
   New Hobby R    Face Me! C    Fletcher C
   Only Frangs Accepted C   Fake Certificate of Dismemberment U    Marissa Flores U
     Paranoid Culture R    Felaran Rose C    Marla Finn U
   Someone's Messed With My DNA! R    Ferengi Death Sell U    Matt Franklin C
   Subsection 1027, Paragraph 3 C    Festival of Lights C    Min Riker U
   Unfair Trade C   Finding and Winning Your Perfect Mate U    Mireilla Freni C
   Water Fullerenes U    Flux Capacitor C    Pascal Fullerton R
   Where's the Proof? R    Innocent Until Proven Guilty C    Rakal R
   Witness For the Prosecution C    Not Proven Yet C    Sheriff Worf R
EQUIPMENT    Old Habits Die Hard C    Sigmund Freud C
   Ferengi Whip C    Painful Reminder U    Tuvok, Freakasaurus [NA] R
   Flux Generator C    Show Me Yours C PERSONNEL - FERENGI
   Fusing Pitons C    Someone's Built a Campfire!? C    Frin R
EVENTS    Temporal Scan C    Grand Proxy Neelix R
   40th Floor, FCA R    The Fall of Kang U PERSONNEL - KLINGON
   Abandon Mines! R INTERRUPT/EVENT    Lursor, Son of B'Etor R
   Android Blinking U    Family C PERSONNEL - NEUTRAL
   Brunt, FCA R MISSIONS    Filian Python C
   D'Arsay Temple U    Analyse Attack Pattern U    Flitterbird C
   Dimensional Shifting R    Bat'leth Finals U PERSONNEL - NON-ALIGNED
   Falor's Journey C    Fence in Region U    Falcon R
   Federal Employment Act C    Ferengi Trade Mission U    Fallit Kot U
   Federation Day R    Gem Harvest U    Falow R
   Fencing Challenge C    Infiltrate Consortium R    Farrakk U
   Fenna R    Orion Syndicate Sting R    Farran C
   Ferengi Attainment Ceremony C    Patrol Jurisdiction R    Fayla U
   Ferengi Benevolent Association U    Pick Up Explosives U    Fento U
   Ferengi Salvage Code U    Protect Colony U    First Tasha [Federation] R
   Ferengi Welcome U    Study Armless People R    Freya U
   Field Diverters U    Study Phage Outbreak U    Joe Falling Hawk U
   Field Docent R    Trade with Colony U    Kyril Finn R
   Final Ritual C    Update Information C PERSONNEL - ROMULAN
   Fire Suppression System C    Verify Arrival U    Frenchotte U
   First Meal C    Field Training U    Fermi U
   Food Slot C    For the Cause! R    Feynman R
   Frère Jacques C    For the Uniform R    USS Farragut U
   Helm Console U    Name Celestial Object R    USS Fearless U
   HQ: The Lobes for Business U    Plans of the Fourth Order R    USS Fleming U
   Melting Uniform R    Bridge of the Starship Enterprise R    Ferengi Cargo Shuttle C
   Ferengi Trader C

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