The Dream Cards That Could Never Be Printed

    MEGA-cards are the product of a defunct mind. They have to be. Imagine if you will, cards whose game text cannot possibly fit on a single card. These are it. Your favorite personnel and ship as if the card was extra-large and the game had no balance whatsoever. Indeed, the Borg can score an easy win by assimilating almost any male MEGA bridge crew personnel! And I hope no one minds the "joke" skills that usually come at the end of the game text, including Tomalak's Babylon 5 reference. This is the kind of project that can never be really complete (not as much as AtoZ, but you know what I mean), so feel free to email me with suggestions for even more skills/abilities that these guys should have. Any personnel who's appeared in more than one storyline is fair game. The list below tells that story, and yes, I know, some are missing. Add to the list too if you want. Until then, this is Siskoid, signing off...

Cards in the works or done... = indicates a new addition as of 25/02/01

Alexander Rozhenko........Alynna Nechayev...........Alyssa Ogawa...............Arne Darvin..............B'Elanna Torres
B'Etor...     ......................Bareil Antos...............Benjamin Sisko.............Beverly Crusher.........Bok
Boothby...........................Borg Queen....................Brunt...........................Chakotay..................Christine Chapel
Christopher Pike...............Data..............................David Marcus..............Deanna Troi...............Deep Space 9
Damar..............................Dr. Arridor....................Dr. Soong....................Duras........................Dukat
Earth................................EMH.............................Enabran Tain................Ezri Dax....................Founder Leader
Gaila.................................Garak............................Geordi La Forge..........Gowron....................Grilka
Guinan..............................Harry Kim.....................Harry Mudd.................Hikaru Sulu................Hugh
Ishka................................Jadzia Dax.....................Jake Sisko....................Jal Culluh...................James T. Kirk
Janice Rand......................Jean-Luc Picard.............Joseph Sisko................Julian Bashir...............K'Ehleyr
K'mpec............................Kang..............................Kasidy Yates...............Katherine Pulaski.......Kathryn Janeway
Keiko O'Brien...................Kes...............................Kahn...........................Kira Nerys.................Koloth
Kor...................................Leeta.............................Leonard McCoy...........Lore..........................Lwaxana Troi
Maihar'du.........................Martok...........................Micheal Eddington........Miles O'Brien.............Molly O'Brien
Montgommery Scott.........Morn..............................Mot the Barber.............Mr. Homn..................Neelix
Nog.................................Odo................................Pavel Chekov...............Professor Moriarty.....Q
Quark.............................Reginald Barclay..............Ro Laren.......................Rom..........................Saavik
Sarek..............................Sela.................................Seska...........................Seven of Nine.............Shakaar Edon
Spock..............................Spot................................Tasha Yar....................The Intendent.............The Traveller
Tomalak..........................Tom Paris........................Tora Ziyal....................Tuvok........................Uhura
USS Defiant....................USS Enterprise................USS Enterprise-D........USS Enterprise-E......USS Voyager
Vash...............................Vic Fontaine.....................Vorik..........................Wesley Crusher..........Weyoun
William T. Riker...............Winn................................Worf..........................Zefram Cochrane........Zek
Damar.............................Delta Flyer...................Future Enterprise........Lursa

The Cards

>Alexander Rozhenko, Personnel, Klingon/Federation
(important lore - none)
*Youth *Honor *Treachery *Computer Skill *Attributes doubled if K'Ehleyr present *May nullify any Parallax Arguers *Once per location, where present, you may play The Higher... the Fewer from hand (both players lose points equal to the number of personnel they own) *ANIMALs may not be randomly selected to die where present *May steal one Equipment per game where present *Ship he is on gets a +2 bonus to any one attribute. You may switch which one at the start of each turn *While in play, K'mtar reports for free *Immune to Discommendation *Worf attributes -2 where present, unless Deanna Troi here *While in play, you may place any Scan card in hand on the bottom of draw deck *If any dilemma with the word "Punishment" in the title affects Alexander, score 10 points and add up to 3 standard skills to this list
Staff icon

>Alynna Nechayev, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - Admiral)
*VIP *Leadership x2 *Diplomacy *Treachery *SD Treaty: Federation/Cardassian *Maquis may report directly here *If present with opponent's  matching commander on that commander's vessel, you may control that vessel and crew as if it were you own *May nullify any Hugh *May relocate any Picard to Celtris III *May "stop" one  icon personnel present *While in play, Evacuation is worth double the points and is part of the Demiliratized Zone *All ships at same location are SHIELDS +2 *Once per game, may give one personnel present the Maquis infiltration icon *If ever present with Kathryn Janeway, both cards are destroyed (placed out-of-play) while all cards at this location (including location itself) are discarded
Command icon

>Alyssa Ogawa, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*Biology *Exobiology *SD Medical Kit *MEDICAL if Beverly Crusher present OR Beverly Crusher has died and Alternate Universe Door is open (she also gains  icon) *May nullify Barclay's Protomorphosis Dieases where present *Beverly Crusher attributes +2 if present *Lily Sloane may report for free just after Ogawa has at same location *Makes use of opponent's Lower Decks *May "date" any universal male personnel present. While "dating", male personnel may substitute for her when targeted by a dilemma. At the start of each of your turns, may change "dates" if you can find something wrong with present "date" using lore, picture or selection of skills or attributes
Staff icon

>B'Etor, Personnel, Klingon/Romulan
(important lore - matching commander: Cha'Joh. Persona: Sisters of Duras)
-Does not work with Klingons who have Honor-
*OFFICER *Leadership *Youth *Physics *Treachery *Greed *Smuggling *SD Klingon Civil War *SD Latinum Payoff *May report with Cha'Joh at Acquire Illicit Explosives *If present with your captive, opposing ships present are SHIELDS -5 *If you capture a personnel with a VISOR or Ocular implants, may download Brainwash and E-Band Emissions to that personnel, then return him to opponents ship *If stunned by a male personnel, you may play Male's Love Interest from hand to relocate both it and B'Etor to end of spaceline. Both are "stopped" *Sela may report where present *May sell hand weapons to opponent's crew or Away Team for 5 points apiece (opponent has no choice if all male crew or Away Team) *If Alternate Universe Door in play, may capture android present, play Borg Kiss on it to draw as many cards as android has skill dot icons, and permanently reduce its STRENGTH by 4
Command icon

>Bareil Antos, Personnel, Bajoran
(important lore - Vedek)
-INTEGRITY -4 if Kira Nerys present-
*Diplomacy x2 *Honor *Biology *Anthropology *SCIENCE *SD Treaty: Cardassian/Bajoran *SD HQ: Return Orb to Bajor *If killed, you may report Vedek Winn to exact same location *SD Extraordinary Measures (when mortally wounded) *May nullify Misguided Activist where present *Where present, may protect any Kai from capture *Kira Nerys is INTEGRITY +3 when in same region *Once per game, may turn into an android for rest of game *Reports for free at any card showing plant life *If paired up with Jadzia Dax in a Romance dilemma, nullifies all skills and restrictions associated with Kira Nerys *If Barbering present, may discard Bareil of Borg present
Staff icon, Orb icon, Orb icon, Orb icon, Orb icon

>Benjamin Sisko, Personnel, Federation/Bajoran
(important lore - matching commander: Ancient Sailing Vessel, USS Ganges, USS Defiant, Deep Space 9)
*Diplomacy x2 *Leadership x2 *ENGINEER *VIP *Navigation *Honor *Archeology (x2 in Bajor Region) *Anthropology *SECURITY *Guramba *Law *Treachery *SD Orb Experience *SD Bajoran Wormhole *SD Baseball *SD Sisko 197 Subroutine *SD Oof! *SD Post Garrison *All other Bajorans in play are INTEGRITY +2 *Your Bajorans may report for duty where present *Attributes +2 for every other Sisko present *While in play, matching commander bonuses apply to facilities *Attributes -2 if Jean-Luc Picard present *Every time he goes through Bajoran Wormhole, draw up to three cards *If killed, returns to Jake Sisko in play every three turns for a single turn *Once per game, if in play, for three consecutive turns, you may look at top card of opponent's draw deck *Protects any Treaty: Bajoran/Federation in play from nullification *If Beware of Q in play, may nullify one  icon dilemma per turn where present *May switch to  icon at any time (and back), losing all other skills, but gaining: May remove all skills from any personnel present *May "stop" one Maquis present *STRENGTH +2 at Ops *Attributes all -3 if Solok present *Prevents any timeline disruption if at time appropriate Time Location *Dukat attributes -2 if present *Worth 5 points to you while present with James T. Kirk *If he has used Treachery, may nullfiy any Captain's Log in play *May relocate to Bajoran Wormhole instead of being discarded. Worth points equal to total attributes while there. (Nullifed if Wormhole ever closed) *If opponent takes "a big step" (scores more than 40 points in one turn), you may relocate Sisko to any location in play *If opponent takes "a very big step" (scores more than 60 points in one turn), you may forfeit game and call it a draw
Command icon, Original Enterprise icon, Orb icon, Klingon infiltration icon, Nemesis icon (against Micheal Eddington)

>Beverly Crusher, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
-INTEGRITY and CUNNING -4 where EMH present-
*MEDICAL x2 (x3 at your Outpost) *Biology *Exobiology x2 *Leadership *Physics *SECURITY x½ *Cybernetics *Music for purposes of Ooby Dooby *SD Medical Kit *SD Medical Tricorder *SD Hypospray *SD EMH Program *SD Howard Heirloom Candle *Wesley Crusher immune to random selection while present *If Subspace Warp Bubble in play, may staff any ship alone *While in play, Amanda Rogers plays as a unique  MEDICAL Personnel with attributes 8-8-5 and her game text as a skill *Attributes +2 with Jean-Luc Picard, +3 with Jack Crusher *Where present, Taitt is unique and attributes +2 *While in play, protects your Metaphasic Shields from nullification *Once per game, if Wesley Crusher in discard pile, you may whine to get him back. If opponent refuses, score 1 point *Once per turn if Barbering present, may give any infiltration icon to a personnel present *May look at one Hidden Agenda per turn while Deanna Troi is on opponent's side of the table *Once per game, if alone with a female on a planet, may aquire or nullify one Artifact just encountered OR delay the effect of one dilemma until your next turn *If made captive, may return to your hand *Once per game, may "dance" to an adjacent spaceline location or site, even if stopped
Command icon, Enterprise-E icon

>Bok, Personnel, Ferengi
(important lore - matching commander: Ferengi Marauder)
*Greed *ENGINEER *Treachery *Computer Skill *Exobiology *Transporter Skill *Smuggling *SD Dropping In *SD USS Stargazer *SD Incoming Message-Federation *While in play, you may play Thought Maker as an Interrupt card *When at your Outpost, you may name one Non-Aligned male personnel with Youth in play to be Picard's son. Jean-Luc Picard's attributes are -2 while that personnel is in play, -3 if present *If made captive, you may pay 1 point to bring him back to one of your ships *May force USS Stargazer at same location to attack other Federation ships *Engima icon only activated when Bok reports a second time in the game
Command icon, Nemesis icon (against Jean-Luc Picard), Enigma icon

>Boothby, Personnel, 2-sided, side 1: Federation
(important lore - none)
-if reported to the Delta Quadrant, flip over-
*Cantankerousness *Biology *Honor *Empathy x½ *Diplomacy *SD Drought Tree *Seeds on Earth for free *vAll Youth present CUNNING +2 for rest of game *Non-Youth OFFICERs present are INTEGRITY +1 for rest of game *May nullify any Love Interest or Romance dilemma in play *VIP if Youth present *Any matching commander present is attributes +2 where present *Attributes all +10 on Mars
no icons
>Boothby, Personnel, 2-sided, side 2: Non-Aligned
(important lore - member of Species 8472)
-if reported in Alpha Quadrant, flip over-
*VIP *Leadership x3 *Diplomacy x2 *Exobiology *Cantankerousness *Empathy x2 *Anthropology x2 *Honor *Treachery *Computer Skill *CIVILIAN *Where present, you may build Federation facilities regardless of Quadrant *May nullify one Borg dilemma per turn where present *Allows reporting of universal Federation personnel at same location. They are considered to be Non-Aligned, Species 8472 and Federation infiltrators *Attributes all +8 /2 -7 x2 on Mars
Command icon, Federation infiltration icon, Delta Quadrant icon

>Borg Queen, Personnel, Borg
(important lore - matching commander: Queen's Borg Cube, Queen's Borg Sphere, Queen's Yacht)
*Diplomacy *Empathy *ENGINEER *SCIENCE *VIP *Leadership x2 *Physics x3 *Treachery *Cybernetics x2 *SD Borg Kiss *SD Three-Dimensional Thinking *SD Regenerate *SD Assimilate Counterpart *When reporting, selects any one skill or icon - may change that skill or icon at start of each turn *May download A Change of Plans or a Borg drone in place of one card draw *Once per game, you may play Dead End from hand *May take Seven captive where present *May allow Seven of Nine to convert to Seven and infiltrate opponent's ship present *Add Distinctiveness doubled if in play *Opponent's personnel may not walk to same Site unless they have Computer Skill x4 *Doubles Assimilate Counterpart's points in same Hive *At start of turn, may switch Assimilate Counterpart's target *If in hand, you may take all your Borg in play back to hand and play Borg Queen to any location Borg were present *Once per game, you may bring order to chaos by rearranging any or all your card piles (draw deck, discard pile and side-decks)
Enigma icon, Communications subcommand, Navigation subcommand, Defense subcommand, Delta Quadrant, Nemesis icon (against Jean-Luc Picard)

>Brunt, Personnel, Ferengi
(important lore - Liquidator)
*FCA x2 *Treachery x2 *Computer Skill *Navigation *Law *Greed *Acquisition *SECURITY *SD Writ of Accountability *SD Any Rule of Acquisition *SD Bodyguards *Once per game, may ask opponent to discard Quark. If he does, download Vacuum-Dessicated Remains. If not, opponent loses 10 points *May close Quark's Bar if present (site game text suspended). Cure with non-ferengi INTEGRITY>20 present *You may play Nausicaans as an interrupt where present *May report to any Ferengi alone with more than one Gold-Pressed Latinum *If current Nagus's CUNNING drops below 5, may be considered to be Nagus (adds Leadership) *If opponent plays Raise the Stakes and you lose while Brunt in play, get paid current mint condition value (your choice of price guides) for lost card *STRENGTH +2 if with exactly 5other Ferengi personnel *Ishka attributes -2 where present *May relocate at start of turn to any ship or facility with a doorway played on it *Must say "Brunt, FCA" when reporting or lose 5 points *Rations Ketracel-White *SD previously acquired Data's Head
Command icon, Nemesis icon (against Quark)

>Chakotay, Personnel, Federation/Non-Aligned
(important lore - matching commander: Maquis raider)
-Infiltrators cannot be exposed here unless CUNNING>50 present-
*Navigation *Leadership *Anthropology *Archaeology *Honor *Resistance *Computer Skill *Diplomacy *MEDICAL (may not use MEDICAL equipment) *SECURITY if Holodeck present *SD Crew Reassignment *May report one ANIMAL to his location. That ANIMAL is always phased *Maquis personnel present may work with  regardless of affiliation or restriction boxes *If no hand weapons present, STRENGTH +2 *STRENGTH +1 vs. Kazon *While infiltrating Borg, stun results are ignored *If killed, probe: on an  result, does not die but is phased. Adds his CUNNING and INTEGRITY to crew or Away Team. Cure phase with 2 Anthropology *May act as matching commander of USS Voyager when Kathryn Janeway not present *Krenim SHIELDS at same location are -5 *May place himself into, or out of, stasis once per turn *May protect one Artifact present from nullification (choose at start of each turn) *B'Elanna Torres is all attributes +2 if present *Seska is CUNNING +2 at same spaceline location *If owner has a tatoo, while in play, may take double turns *If ever in a Romance dilemma with Kathryn Janeway, lose 50 points, end game *If ever kills Kathryn Janeway, score 50 points, end game
Command icon, Maquis icon, Borg infiltration icon

>Christine Chapel, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
-If affected by Tsiolkovsky Infection, any Spock present is "stopped"-
*Biology *Leadership *Computer Skill x10 *Honor *SD Emergency Evacuation *Always reports for free *Attributes all +2 if any McCoy present *Once per turn, may "stop" one Cybernetics personnel present * icon becomes  icon if reported to your matching Headquarters *May report to Leonard McCoy *Lwaxana Troi is attributes all +2 where present *You may persona-switch any personnel for free if its persona has a different hair color *If present with Uhura and Janice Rand, each female present (except for Chapel) may "stop" one male present with INTEGRITY lower than female's CUNNING *If your #1 card in play (has the most skills, highest total attributes or helped score the most points), may act as matching commander of any ship. Opponent may nullify by turning any television present to NBC *Empathy x½
Staff icon, AU icon, Starship Enterprise icon

>Damar, Personnel, Cardassian
(important lore - Legate)
-At the start of any turn where you have just-opened or just-poured an alcoholic drink, is "stopped"-
*Leadership x2 *Honor*Treachery *ENGINEER *SECURITY *Computer Skill *Physics *Resistance *Diplomacy *SD For Cardassia! *SD Cardassian Disruptor *SDIncoming Message: Attack Authorization *May report to Dukat's location *STRENGTH +3 and CUNNING +1 if Kira Nerys present *Use second INTEGRITY value only if cards in Cardassia Region *Dukat's attributes doubled if present *May nullify any Anti-Matter Pods at same location *May kill any  Tora Ziyal present *Once per turn, if Dukat present, is "unstopped" *Allows  personnel at same spaceline location to work with *Once per game, may cause opposing Cardassian ships at any location to fire at any opposing non-Cardassian ships *Score 5 points for every captive you release from his location *When personnel battle is initiated at his planet location, may be placed under mission until battle is over *One Leader present may lend him a skill every turn *If Weyoun just died where present, and you start laughing maniacally, draw 2 cards *May switch with Danar once per game (for rest of game, Dukat and Dukath are personae of each other) *At any time, declare him "cool". If opponent appears surprised, confused or startled, doubles all Parallax Arguers you play from now on
Command icon

>Data, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - matching commander: USS Sutherland)
-Does not work with Kivas Fajo-
*ENGINEER x2 *SCIENCE x2 *Music *Exobiology *Anthropology *Leadership *Honor *Cybernetics *Physics x2 *Astrophysics x2 *Stellar Cartography *Navigation *Computer Skill x3 *Geology *SD Fractal Encryption Code *SD Android Headlock *SD Vulcan Nerve Pinch *SD Life-Form Scan *SD Lal *Data's Medals doubled if played on him *You may play Data's Head as his persona *If switches to second INTEGRITY value, gains Treachery and Greed, loses Nemesis icon and becomes Non-Aligned *May unstop himself once per turn *Once per game, may nullify opponent's Palor Toff-Alien Trader *May report at Dr. Soong's location *At any time, you may look in any player's discard pile *Spot may report to this location *Borg infiltration icon allows him to scout when infiltrating *Exocomps are attributes +2 where present *Gains the skills of any personnel who die at a Colony *May refuse to be assimilated as a Counterpart *If on top of discard pile, sinks to bottom; if on bottom, may rise to the top  *May initiate attack against the Zuna *Automatically wins Royale Casino side games *While in play, Sarjenka worth double points to you *May nullify Temporal Causality Loop *If Holodeck present, you may disregard persona rules relating to Data *Each time opponent laughs out loud, you may reshuffle any of your cards in hand or in play into draw deck
Command icon, Enterprise-E icon, Borg infiltration icon, Romulan infiltration icon, Nemesis icon (matching Lore)

>Deanna Troi, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*OFFICER *Diplomacy *Empathy *Anthropology *Barbering *Navigation *Law *ENGINEER -1 *If infiltrating, gains Tal Shiar, VIP and Treachery *If Holodeck present, gains SECURITY *May crash her ship on a planet (lands and is discarded, crew survives) *May unstop her Away Team once per turn *William T. Riker attributes +2 if present *Lwaxana Troi may report for duty where present *Blended Troi is automatically "cool" (download Parallax Arguers if necessary) *May nullify Strict Dress Code where present (unless Edward Jellico also present) *While she and Worf are involved in a Romance, Jadzia Dax may no come into play and Calloway is discarded *Once per game, may download Plexing in place of your card draw *May expose any infiltrator present *If Lwaxana Troi present, gains Youth *You may look at your opponent's Away Teams and crews at same location (except Ferengi) *May nullify any Barclay related interrupt *If ever loses Empathy, lose 10 points *May nullify Brainwash on one personnel if present with that personnel for one full turn *May nullify any suicide where present *When reporting, your opponent must offer you some chocolate if he or she has any in his or her possession. You may decline
Command icon, Enterprise-E icon, Romulan infiltration icon, Nemesis icon (against Ves Alkar)

>Delta Flyer, Ship, Federation
(important lore - Shuttlecraft; Matching commander: Tom Paris)
-May not carry ships inside except one shuttlepod. While in play, USS Voyager is -2 to RANGE and may not report or launch Shuttles other than this one-
*Tractor Beam *SD Transwarp Conduit *SD Asteroid Sanctuary *SD Lower Decks (if any 3  personnel aboard) *May land by using 1 RANGE *Attributes all +1 in Delta quadrant *May report directly to USS Voyager *May report for free at any time if your points are in the 40s range *SHIELDS +2 if Seven of Nine aboard *First time it is used to land on a planet OR to attempt a mission with only Tom Paris aboard, any Tom Paris in play is captured by his own side (no cards may be played on him) for 3 full turns. When released, he may be affected by Lower Decks *Kathryn Janeway may declare herself matching commander, both players lose 10 points *May tow any ship missing one attribute (like a damaged ship or the Phoenix) OR Escape Pods *If USS Voyager present, opposing non-Borg ships must targey it instead of Delta Flyer *Adds 1 level of Navigation to any of your ships present *May not be assimilated *If your USS Voyager in discard pile, you may sacrifice (discard) along with two , one , and one EMH personnel to reset game to when Voyager was discarded and prevent that discard *At  missions, any dilemmas or Q-cards that are specifically tailored to target redshirting attempts are nullified
Delta quadrant icon

>Dr. Soong, Personnel, Non-Aligned/Federation
(important lore - none)
*CIVILIAN *ENGINEER x2 *SCIENCE *Cyberntics x3 *Computer Skill x2 *Miracle Worker *Smuggling *SD Juliana Tainer *SD Off Switch *Once per turn, may reprogram any androids present * icon is switchable. When active, STRENGTH is +3 *May report to any Holodeck as *While in play, Soong-Type androids are INTEGRITY +/-2 (your choice for each such android) *You may play Android Nightmares as an Interrupt card where present *May "hide" at any planet location (opponent may play no cards on him or initiate battle against him and any androids present) *When encountering Crystalline Entity, relocated (to anywhere in play) instead of killed *Once per game, may download one personnel played by Brent Spiner to this location *Once per game, if total CUNNING in play is less than 60, you may switch with Khan Noonien Singh *Once per game, download an army of androids to any location if you can read any word on blackboard in picture. They may initiate battle regardless of affiliation restrictions
Staff icon, Nemesis icon (against Lore), AU

>Dukat, Personnel, Cardassian/Dominion
(important lore - Gul; matching commander: Groumall, Prakesh, Weyoun's Warship)
-Attributes all -2 if Benjamin Sisko present-
*VIP *Navigation x2 *ENGINEER *Leadership x2 *Treachery x2 *Computer Skill *Diplomacy *Archeology *SD Treaty: Cardassian/Dominion *May nullify Treaty: Cardassian/Federation *Attributes +3 on any Nor *May work with Bajorans with Treachery *Empok Nor SHIELDS and WEAPONS +4 while aboard *Once per personnel battle, may avoid being paired against Resistance *At start of your turn, you may download any number of hand weapons to a Demilitarized Zone region *All Cardassian ships at his location +2 WEAPONS *May commandeer an empty universal K'Vort by beaming aboard *If you are losing by at least 25 points, may work with any affiliation and may allow his Away Team or crew to attempt any mission (may ignore Fair Play when using this ability) *Once per game, you may take any Cardassian on Deep Space 9 back into hand *Where present, Winn is Treachery x10 *If he and Kira Nerys ever both targeted by the same Parallel Romance, score 100 points
Command icon, Orb icon, Bajoran infiltration icon, Pah Wraith icon (AKA Reverse Orb icon), Nemesis icon (against Garak)

>Duras, Personnel, Klingon
(lore - High Council member; matching commander: IKC Vorn)
-May not work with Klingons with Honor-
*Treachery x2 *Computer Skill *Greed *Leadership x1½ *Biology *SECURITY *SD Bat'leth *SD Discommendation *While in play, Ja'rod may not be selected because of his Treachery *If kills Gowron using Arbiter of Succession, all Klingons lose their Honor and gain the  affiliation icon *Members of the House of Duras may report here for free after he dies *May "stun" one Chancellor present per turn *If killed in personnel battle in which opponent used Klingon Right of Vengeance, any K'Ehleyr in play is immediately killed and you score 5 points *While present, Khitomer Research may not be attempted by any affiliation except Romulan *Any Romulan or Non-Aligned personnel that mentions the word Duras in its lore is attributes all +1 *If Alexander Rozhenko ever in play while K'Ehleyr in discard pile, Alexander immediately relocated to any Worf in play. That Worf is attributes -2 for rest of game
Command icon, Nemesis icon (against Worf and Gowron)

>Earth, Mission, planet
(important lore: Federation homeworld; Solar System region)
*May be attempted once per set of requirements, scoring points each time. When attempt is called, opponent may play up to two dilemmas from discard pile here if none exist:
- Explore Past: Physics x3 + Anthropology + No Non-Aligned personnel
- Steal Starship: Treachery x3 + ( OR Computer Skill x2) + ENGINEER x2 (Federation personnel used to solve mission then become Non-Aligned)
- Answer Whale Call: Biology x2 + ENGINEER + ANIMAL x2 +CUNNING>50
- Conspiracy:  Admiral +  OFFICER +  VIP
- Visit Roswell: Acquisition + Physics x2 + Landed ship with no staffing requirements
- Defend Sector 001: OFFICER x2 + Leadership + 3 ships
- Family Reunion: 3 members of the same family
- Investigate Cadet Behavior: Youth x3 + OFFICER x3 + Law
- Espionnage Mission: Klingon Intelligence x2 OR Tal Shiar x2 OR Obsidian Order x2 OR FCA x2 OR 2 Founders
- Infiltrate Starfleet Command: Infiltrator OR 3 Bluegills
- Diplomatic Talks: Diplomacy x4 + VIP x3 + INTEGRITY>35
- Stave Off Borg Invasion: WEAPONS>50
- Bold Attack: 3 Breen + STRENGTH>50 + Treachery x2
*Worth double points if first mission seeded *Once spaceline established, may be relocated within 8 span of any other Alpha Quadrant homeworld *SD Any or all Earth Time Locations *SD Office of the President *Federation Outpost may be seeded here *Spacedock seeds here for free *Cryosatellite starts here at beginning of game. Every full turn, moves one location towards spaceline's far end *While in play, all Earth born humans are INTEGRITY +2 *If 4 Original Enterprise icons in play, a second copy may be played from Q's Tent. Its only requirements: [Any] Study Parallel Planet: MEDICAL x2 + Anthropology + Leadership + Youth *Any ship or personnel that time travels may relocate to Time Location here *Youth personnel here may learn any one skill each *Devidian Door may be played on any personel on Devidia II to move them to one Earth time location and vice versa *Borg may scout location twice *If USS Voyager ever returns here from Delta Quadrant, score points for every human aboard *No Latinum cards may be played here *Cannot be destroyed *While in play, Phoenix's points are doubled *When an Enterprise time travels here, you may draw up to 3 cards *While in play, if any Enterprise is your only ship in the Quadrant, its attributes all doubled
Span: 3; 5 points

>Ezri Dax, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - Trill with symbiont; persona of Dax)
*Anthropology *SCIENCE *Diplomacy *Geology *MEDICAL *Navigation *Empathy *Computer Skill *ENGINEER *SD Any Rifle *SD Rescue Personnel (if in the Badlands region, extending card's effects to entire region) *May report to Benjamin Sisko's location if any Dax in discard pile *One personnel present is INTEGRITY +1 (your choice) *STRENGTH +2 if Worf present *If matched with Julian Bashir by any Romance dilemma or Canar, probe. On any result except , they are not matched (re-do selection). On , they are matched, score 5 points and remove all Parallax Arguers from both draw decks *May initiate battle with personnel at a different site from hers at same spaceline location *Attributes all -1 if any member of her family present *Once per game, may nullify any Sniper in play *At any time, once per game, rotate Ezri 180 degrees and do one of the following: nullify any one Empathy related dilemma, score 5 points, OR nullify all attribute reductions affecting this card; Ezri is stopped *Rotate back if ever captured by the Dominion or Breen *If on a shuttle alone, opponent may play MEDICAL-related dilemmas on her from hand (planet dilemmas if shuttle is landed)
Staff icon

>Founder Leader, Personnel, Dominion
(important lore - changeling; matching commander: Jem'hadar Warship; persona: Kira Founder)
-Start Countdown when in Alpha Quadrant and Bajoran Wormhole is closed-
*Treachery x5 *Leadership (x3 if Jem'Hadar or Vorta present) *Exobiology *SCIENCE *Law *Diplomacy *Mindmeld with other changelings only *SD Shape-Shift *SD Weyoun *SD Treaty: Bajoran/Dominion *SD Treaty: Dominion/Breen *SD Commandeer Starship if on USS Defiant *SD Any morphing card *Where present with any Odo, Brainwash may play on that Odo as an interrupt (he does not relocate to an outpost) *Where present, Odo is INTEGRITY -5 and CUNNING +2 *If at The Great Link, may turn any other changeling into a humanoid. Infiltrators are species they appear to be, others are your choice *If Odo ever at The Great Link, score 10 points *May stop any Damar present *Once per game, if on Cardassia Prime with 2 Jem'Hadar, may discard every Cardassian there *At any time, may discard one Weyoun and download another *If present at Hunt for DNA Program, worth 50 points to you
Command icon, Gamma Quadrant icon, Countdown: 10

>Future Enterprise, Ship, Federation
(Important lore - matching commander: Admiral Riker; future ship; persona: USS Enterprise)
Modified Galaxy Class [1 Command, 3 AU]
-May not be in play with USS Enterprise-E-
*Tractor Beam *Cloaking Device *Holodeck *SD Any ship attribute enhancement card *Range enhancements cannot go offline *Scores 15 points if scores a direct hit on any future Klingon ship *Adds  icon to both sides of Patrol Neutral Zone *Your personnel in a ship destroyed here may be beamed aboard *May nullify Anti-Time Anomaly where present with any two Enterprises *Governor Worf may cooperate with crew aboard *May report to Neutral Zone with matching commander aboard *When reporting, kills one Deanna Troi in play (random selection) *If found in the first AU booster pack you ever opened, automatically win every game you will ever play
AU icon, Q icon

>Garak, Personnel, Cardassian/Federation
(important lore - persona of Elim Garak)
*Obsidian Order *Computer Skill x2 *Treachery x2 *SECURITY *Diplomacy *Acquisition *Biology *Honor *Anthropology *Smuggling *Resistance *SD Treaty: Romulan/Federation/Klingon *May avoid any random selection *May replace anyone randomly selected to die here *May be replaced by another version at any time *Julian Bashir's attributes all +2 if present *While infiltrating, may kill one VIP present per turn *Immune to Torture *Worth 10 points to you on Cardassia Prime *WEAPONS and SHIELDS of ship he is on +2 against  and  *INTEGRITY +3 if Tora Ziyal present *May destroy The Great Link (and all personnel) there if present on a ship with WEAPONS>8 *STRENGTH +4 on Empok Nor *Allows his crew to staff Dominion ships *May teach one skill to Mirror Garak each turn if present together *While in play, Treaty: Cardassian/Romulan is not a Hidden Agenda (reveal if already on table) *If present with Benjamin Sisko, Sisko gains Treachery *Opponent may not ask to look at this card to check its skills *May glance at any Cardassian or Dominion player's  cards *Cantankerousness (if Holodeck and any Julian present) *May "insult" (stun) one Klingon present *While present with Enabran Tain OR any  ship, prevents shapeshifting where present *Automatically throws self out Airlock unless Empathy or Ezri Dax present *If opponent has five or six cards in hand, he may ask "Do you feel lucky?" If you answer no, Garak is captured; if yes, Garak is killed
Command icon, Staff icon, Romulan infiltration icon, Nemesis icon (against Dukat)

>Geordi La Forge, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*ENGINEER *OFFICER *Physics x2 *Astrophysics *Computer Skill *Leadership *Geology *Transporter Skill *Navigation x2 *Cybernetics *Empathy *Anthropology *Music -1 *SD Ocular Implants *SD Engineering Kit *SD Engineering PADD *SD Plasmadyne Relay *SD Hugh *SD Any holographic personnel *Never targeted by Love Interest and Romance dilemmas *Attributes +2 with Dr. Leah Brahms, -2 with Leah Brahms *May work with one Romulans if only one present *Data and Barclay attributes +2 where present *May repair ship he is aboard in 2 full turns (1 full turn if matching commander aboard) *Once per game, look at any card turned face down *If ever tortured or brainwashed, score 5 points *Every turn, choose one attribute of ship he is on to give +2 bonus to *If Interphase Generator present, may avoid any STRENGTH-related dilemma *May nullify Framed for Murder on any Riker present *While in play, Hugh may play as a Borg/Federation personnel card with Communication subcommand, attributes of 7-5-5 and his game text as skills. If mixing with , may attempt missions *Doubles Data's Head *May send his standard skills down to a planet mission without having to beam down himself if present with another Cybernetics personnel *May disable any Zefram Cochrane present to download Visit Cochrane Memorial *If facing any dilemma that requires Computer Skill, may download Parallax Arguers (cool or not)
Command icon, Enterprise-E icon

>Gowron, Personnel, Klingon
(important lore - Chancellor; matching commander: IKC Bortas)
-Does not work with House of Duras-
*OFFICER *SECURITY *Honor x2 *Leadership x2 *Diplomacy *Treachery *SD Qapla'! *SD Klingon Painstik *SD Klingon Civil War *STRENGTH +3 against House of Duras *May nullify Discommendation where present *May download or nullify any Treaty: Federation/Klingon *You may abduct opponent's Worf at same location and use as your own *While in play you may play Subjugate Planet on Cardassia Prime substituting Klingon for Dominion in its game text, VIP for Vorta, SECURITY for Jem'Hadar, Klingon Outpost for Remote Supply Depot, and Klingon Disruptor for Ketracel White *While in play, owner of an infiltrating Martok Founder may not choose to play any card that would force exposing Martok Founder *You may play Data's Medals on any Klingon present with a Bat'leth even if no battle has been won *Martok is attributes -2 where present *Once per game, you may look at one of opponent's Hidden Agendas in play IF you do so with googly eyes (lose 5 points if you just look normally)
Command icon, Nemesis icon (against Duras)

>Grilka, Personnel, Klingon/Ferengi
(important lore - Klingon High Council mention)
*Honor x2 *Leadership *Biology *Anthropology *Music *Law *SD Bodyguards *SD Tumek *SD Quark Son of Keldar to replace any Quark persona and place under your control *Attributes all +3 with any Quark *May "stop" one Greed personnel OR Worf present *If any male Klingon dies at Quark's Bar, may report or relocate there immediately *Where Quark present, doubles effects of Gold-Pressed Latinum *May nullify dilemma that specifically targets females if present *If present with your male at opponent-controlled Infirmiry, opponent loses 5 points per unique MEDICAL present *May persona-switch with Beverly Crusher if the same is simultaneously done with Worf and Reginald Barclay (this card allows this switch) *If present with Gilora Rejal, Reginald Barclay, Rachel Garrett, Jera, any Chekov, or any Tomalak, you may suspend play to download any of the other above listed personnel. All are attributes +3 (+4 if any Tomalak) and may mix and cooperate regardless of affiliation.
Command icon

>Guinan, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - El-Aurian)
*Anthropology *Diplomacy x2 *Honor *Empathy *Acquisition *SD Ready Room Door *SD Any ship that is mainly or entirely a flying saucer *May nullfy one  icon and Q icon dilemma, event or interrupt pre turn where present *Captain's Log is doubled on any Enterprise she is on *You may play Blended from your hand on any Away Team or crew present *May not be assimilated *Once per game, relocate to table (Event area). While there, another Guinan may report to her last location and Jean-Luc Picard may nullify any  dilemmas and interrupts where he is present *Samuel Clemens attributes all +2 where present *STRENGTH +4 if paired against Mortal Q *If any Tasha Yar present, she must be relocated to any other ship *Protects your Hugh from nullfication *All Youth, androids and Ro Larens present are INTEGRITY +5 *Once per game, may initiate personnel battle with one of your own personnel. If she stuns that personnel, she gains Treachery and a Command icon *If affected by Rascals, game only ends at 500 points *Suspends any restriction box where present *If Worf present, gains double the normal STRENGTH adjustment from hand weapons *Discard at any time to download Lily Sloane to this location *May teach Lal a skill even after she has been reported *If Uhura present, atributes all +2 *You may redirect The Walls Have Ears to this location *If your opponent ever complained of a problem while in play, score 5 points. Score double points if the problem was not game-related.
Staff icon

>Harry Kim, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - matching commander: USS Yosemite)
-Lose 5 points every time targeted by love interest or romance dilemma, 10 points if romance is with hologram, former Borg or ANIMAL-
*Youth *Music *Stellar Cartography x2 *Geology *Physics *ENGINEER *SCIENCE *Astrophysics *Navigation *Honor *Computer Skill *Transporter Skill *Leadership (if game played after sun-down) *May report directly to Quark's Bar OR USS Voyager *All Runabouts in play are attributes +1 if owner has Alternate Universe Door on table *May "stop" one Greed personnel present by discarding one Gold-Pressed Latinum (cumulative) *Tom Paris is attributes all +2 where present *If Kathryn Janeway present, may disregard love interest dilemmas *When first killed each game, relocate to any location at least 8 span away. May return to former ship by discarding one card from hand *At any time, you may suspend play to switch species from human to Taresian or back *If thrown out an Airlock, report back to same ship or facility next turn, with  icon *Cannot lose Youth under any circumstances *When encountering a dilemma whose picture features only special effects (no live actors or sets), may give a "reaction shot" (excluded from any random or opponent's choice selections)
Staff icon

>Harry Mudd, Personnel, Non-Aligned
(important lore - none)
-Does not work with any Kirk-
*Greed x3 *Acquisition *Treachery *Smuggling *Navigation *MEDICAL x¼ *Cybernetics x¼ *VIP if more than one android present *SD Any 3 female CIVILIANS with Youth *All androids are universal where present *When ship he is on is destroyed, may beam to opponent's vessel *You may play one Male's Love Interest per turn on personnel present *May escape from captivity once per game *Once per game, may download Commandeer Starship where your android present *While in play, you may play one Vulcan Lander on opponent's side of the table. If used by opponent, you may show Treachery in hand to discard ship and all cards on it *If any Romance dilemma pairs him up with an android female, lose all your points *May be persona-switched with any just-encountered Common Thief (dilemma does not have its effect) *While in play, both players may use counterfeit cards (i.e. any card retouched or altered by PhotoShop, reprinted and played as the real thing)
Command icon, AU icon

>Hikaru Sulu, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - matching commander: USS Excelsior)
*Navigation x3 *Biology *Exobiology *Physics *Stellar Cartography *Archeology *Leadership *SD Ensign Tuvok *STRENGTH +3 if affected by Tsiolkovski Infection *May ignore Incoming Messages *Acquires Antique Machine Gun present when it is first encountered, not after mission is solved *May meet any staffing requirement after being aboard for one full turn *Ship he is on is RANGE +2 *Ship he is on is WEAPONS +2 vs.  *Once per turn, may suspend play to land any shuttle he is aboard on any ship with Tractor Beam. That ship may immediately move away, canceling battle as appropriate. Any ships which initiated battle are stopped *May plant a Drought Tree on ship at any just solved  mission *May disable transporters of any facility at same spaceline location for one full turn *Once per game, get a glazed look in your eyes and ignore the effects of one Interrupt (discarded) or one Event (for that turn)
Command icon, Excelsior icon, Original Enterprise icon, AU

>Hugh/Third of Five, Personnel, Borg/Federation
(important lore - male drone)
-no classification-
-cannot attack Federation if Geordi La Forge present-
*SCIENCE *Computer Skill x2 *Youth *Cybernetics *MEDICAL *Borg Scout Vessel SHIELDS +2 when aboard *May nullify all Rogue Borg Mercenaries where present *Every turn, in place of one card draw, may download one Rogue Borg Mercenaries to your hand *Geordi La Forge's attributes +2 where present *May suspend Borg Ship's attack at same location *May scout when working with Borg, and attempt missions when working with Federation *If Lore Returns in play, where present, you may replace one drone present with a Rogue Borg Mercenaries from outside the game. If Borg Cube totally staffed by Rogue Borg, replace it with Borg Ship dilemma from outside the game (discard all Rogue Borg aboard) *Guinan and Jean-Luc Picard are INTEGRITY -4 where present *While in play, any player with less than 50 points must refer to him/herself as "we" and any player with more than 50 points as "I". For every error committed by a player, that player loses 1 point
Communication subcommand, Staff icon, Delta Quadrant icon

>Jadzia Dax, Personnel, Federation/Klingon
(important lore - Trill with symbiont; matching commander: USS Defiant, USS Rubicon)
*Diplomacy *Anthropology *OFFICER *Navigation x2 *Stellar Cartography *Astrophysics x2 *Archeology *Exobiology *Treachery *Music *Acquisition *VIP *SECURITY *Leadership *Honor *Computer Skill x2 *Geology *Physics *SD Science Kit *SD Tricorder *SD Operate Wormhole Relays *If at Ops, opponent must announce one turn in advance any intention to go through Bajoran Wormhole *Attributes +2 if Worf present *May lend (lose) her Diplomacy to Odo, her Music and Treachery to Benjamin Sisko, her VIP to Kira Nerys, her Physics to Miles O'Brien, her Navigation to Julian Bashir, half her INTEGRITY to Quark and half her STRENGTH to Leeta for one full turn once per game each *May nullify any Scorched Hand *Nullifies Altonian Brain Teaser where present *May "stop" one male present per turn *May be persona switched with Ezri Dax (but not vice-versa) OR replaced with Ezri if she dies *Kang, Kor and Koloth are attributes +2 if present *Can never gain Youth *You may report a second copy at Julian Bashir's location. It has a Countdown of 3 *Always the target of Mysterious Orb if in play *May suspend effects of Protouniverse as long as she is present *Once per turn, planet she is on may cloak and decloak *Once per turn, may keep two Klingons from fighting where present *May work with *If opposed by Klaestron personnel, immediately discard unless Law present *May nullify Chula: The Chandra where present *After she has been discarded, next Klingon mission you solve is double points *Once per game, if you can count all the spots on this card, score X points, where X = the number of spots
Command icon, Original Enterprise icon, Orb icon

>Jake Sisko, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*Youth *ENGINEER x½ *Acquisition *Biology *Diplomacy *Navigation *SD one Equipment card he cannot use himself *If Benjamin Sisko dies, loses Youth and gains Astrophysics, SCIENCE and an  icon *Any acquired Baseball Card immediately go to your side of the table *May nullify the lore of any one personnel in play (change if personnel dies) *You may look at any cards on same Nor *Nog's attributes are +3 where present *If at Guest Quarters with Nog, once per turn, you may shuffle any deck *May report to any location where a personnel battle just occured *May cooperate with any affiliation, except in battles and mission attempts *While in play, Kassidy Yates may report directly to Benjamin Sisko *May teach Biology to any Bajoran female present *Automatically wins any side-game if present *Quark may share his skills with Jake if present *Attributes all +1 on the Promenade *While in play, Wesley Crusher worth -50 points to his owner
Staff icon, Pah Wraith icon (AKA Reverse-orb icon)

>James T. Kirk, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - matching commander: USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise-A, S.S. Bounty)
-does not work with Klingons unless Gorkon in play-
*Leadership x3 *Guramba *SECURITY *Computer Skill *Anthropology *SD Any Phaser *SD Treaty: Federation/Klingon *SD Auto-Destruct Sequence (may nullify before end of turn) *SD Captain's Log *May initiate battle against non-Federation affiliations *May stun adversary he just engaged *Once every turn, may "stop" one female present *May staff Klingon bird-of-prey *If beamed to a ship, you may play a duplicate Kirk. One of the Kirks has CUNNING -4 and STRENGTH +2, the other INTEGRITY +4 and STRENGTH -2 *Artificial personnel are attributes -2 where present *May convert OFFICER to VIP, but is attributes -5 (may revert to OFFICER at any time and gain Treachery) *Attributes +2 if both Spock and McCoy present *May ignore Incoming Messages where present *Nullifies all Matriarchal Societies in play *May capture Harry Mudd present *Draw a card every time he time travels *May act as matching commander of any ship called Enterprise if its matching commander is not present *The first time he is killed, return him to hand *May nullify any computer-related dilemma where present *Attributes all -2 if Tribbles present *Removes holographic icon from Tommygun present *If on ship with Cloaking Device, may steal it and install it on Federation ship at same spaceline location *May have a Parallel Romance with USS Enterprise *Diplomacy if hand weapons present *May report to Data's Body where he can download a MEDICAL and a SECURITY-classification personnel
Command icon, Original Enterprise icon, AU, Romulan infiltration icon, Nemesis icon (against Kahn)

>Janice Rand, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - waiter)
-If more than 3 Gold-Pressed Latinum in your discard pile, she is placed out-of-play-
*Transporter Skill *Computer Skill *Leadership *Youth *Biology *Stellar Cartography *Anthropology *SD Any Incoming Message *SD Federation PADD *May report to Ensign Tuvok's location *May file a mission report immediately after any planet location is destroyed (bringing objective from outside-the-game) *Matching commander of same ship is INTEGRITY OR STRENGTH +2 *If ever paired with James T. Kirk for Parallel Romance or Canar, you may nullify that card to download any Enterprise *If present, is always target of James T. Kirk's and Hypospray's "stun" abilities
Staff icon, AU icon, Starship Enterprise icon, Excelsior icon

>Jean-Luc Picard, Personnel, Federation
-Does not work with Youth unless other personnel present-
*Diplomacy x2 *Archeology x2 *Leadership x2 *Honor *Navigation *Anthropology *SCIENCE *Geology *Law *Barbering if opposing Away Team aboard same ship *Music if Ressikan Flute or Neela Daren in play *SD Make It So *SD Sense the Borg *SD Arbiter of Succession *SD Senior Staff Meeting *SD The Line Must Be Drawn Here *SD The Mask of Korgano *While Admiral with Treachery present, may convert ship and crew to *Doppelganger plays for free here *Ship he is on is WEAPONS and SHIELDS +4 vs *+2 STRENGTH against Borg and Nausicaans *Immune to Interrogation *While in play, Phoenix considered both a ship and an artifact *When in ship-to-ship battle, take a card from out-of play and turn both it and Picard's ship face down. Shuffle. Opponent picks a ship to fire upon. If ship chosen was card from out-of-play, attack has no effect (put card out-of play again either way) *May nullify one Q card (with  icon or Q in the title, except Q's Planet, Q-Flash or Q's Tent) per turn *May nullify Alien Parasites where present *All attributes tripled on Mintaka III *May be deassimilated if brought back to your ship *If Anti-Time Anomaly in play, may move between Time Locations at will *Lwaxana Troi's attributes +2 where present *May nullify Shaka, When the Walls Fell where present *May nullify any Horgahn or Jamaharon *May share standard skills with Beverly Crusher present *At any time, opponent may download Picard's Artificial Heart from Q-Continuum side deck and play it on Picard (may not be nullified) *Once per game, give a sharp tug on your shirt to download any bridge crew personnel to same location
Command icon, Enterprise-E icon, Romulan infiltration icon, Nemesis icon (against Bok), Nemesis icon (against Borg Queen)

>Julian Bashir, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - mutant)
*MEDICAL x2 *Exobiology  x2 *Biology x2 *Navigation *Section 31 *Leadership *Youth *Computer Skill *ENGINEER *SD Kukalaka *SD Extraordinary Measures *SD Medical Kit *SD Medical PADD *SD Medical Tricorder *Attributes +2 at any mission that requires MEDICAL *If affected by Lethean Telepathic Attack, place on table, take 6 Sites from outside the game and play here. Personnel reporting at your Nor, may be redirected here instead *Loses 5 points every time he is affected by a Romance or Love Interest dilemma *May share skills with any EMH present *Miles present is attributes +2 if you have more than 50 points *Any Garak may report to this location *If Holodeck present, +007 to any attribute you choose (may switch at start of every turn) *Prevents Jem'Hadar from going berzerk where present with Goran'agar *STRENGTH +2 but CUNNING -2 if any female Dax present *May transfer skills of one Trill with symbiont to one without symbiont *May make any Federation Treaty include the Dominion *May "stop" one Section 31 personnel present *Once per game, replace one card in play with any from your hand or Q's Tent with at least one word in common in the title
Command icon, Original Enterprise icon

>K'Ehleyr, Personnel, Federation/Klingon
(important lore - none)
-Does not work with Duras family-
*Diplomacy *Honor x2 *Leadership *SECURITY *Law *SD Alexander Rozhenko *May nullify any Klingon specific Interrupt played at this location *May cancel any battle initiated by an  Klingon ship *While in play, protects Federation/Klingon Treaty from nullification *May report to Esacpe Pod (download pod if necessary) *Worf attributes +2 where present *Once per game, may download Arbiter of Succession to any  or  personnel present *When unopposed, may relocate to The Great Hall *May staff  ships even in  mode *Attributes all +2 if Alexander or K'mtar present *If killed by any Duras family member, you may download Klingon Rite of Vengeance to your hand *While in play, Dr. Selar and The Emissary may not be reported
Command icon

>Kang, Personnel, Klingon
(important lore - matching commander: IKC Lukura, universal IKC K't'inga)
-Klingon Death Yell may not be used on Kang-
*Honor x2 *Leadership *Navigation *VIP *Physics *SECURITY *Diplomacy *Stellar Cartography *Treachery *SD Blood Oath *INTEGRITY -5 if James T. Kirk in play *Worth 5 points for every other Nemesis icon against the Albino present *STRENGTH +2 if using a Bat'leth *If Calamarain in play, may cooperate with  OR convert  mortally wounded results on him to stun (your choice upon reporting) *May report with a fully staffed ship at any nebula *STRENGTH doubled in any personnel battle where he is outnumbered more than two to one *Scores 5 points if he stuns or kills any Kirk in battle *SD up to 36  Klingons *SD Any Tactic card as yet unrevealed by Decipher, using it instead of Tactic card drawn randomly this battle *Once per game, laugh at any space or space/planet dilemma where present to destroy it
Command icon, AU, Nemesis icon (against The Albino)

>Kasidy Yates, Personnel, Non-Aligned/Federation/Bajoran
(important lore - matching commander: Xhosa)
*Smuggling *Navigation x2 (x3 in Badlands region) *Leadership *Transporter Skill *Acquisition *Computer Skill *Treachery (only when ) *VIP (if The Emissary present) *SD Baseball *SD Weapons Locker *SD File Mission Report (attributes all -1 until objective completed) *May add 2 card draws to "cargo runs" she completes *Attributes all +2 if with any Benjamin Sisko (+3 if Admiral Ross also present) *Once per turn, may "stop" one  icon personnel present *If captured, you may download Red Alert to table and any Benjamin Sisko to her location *May act as matching commander of one personnel, Benjamin Sisko, substituting RANGE bonuses for INTEGRITY, WEAPONS for CUNNING and SHIELDS for STRENGTH when present *Once per game, if in Guest Quarters on Deep Space 9, call a "big step" to draw up to 4 cards and render opponent's personnel incapable of reporting to this Site. Opponent may call a "very big step" and discard 4 cards from hand to nullify this action
Command icon, Orb icon, Maquis icon

>Katherine Pulaski, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
-May only beam once per turn-
*MEDICAL *Biology *SCIENCE *Exobiology *Cantankerousness *Law x½ *Empathy x½ *SD Parallax Arguers (never cool) *SD Medical Tricorder *May stop any android present *May suspend Doppleganger where present *May transfer any quarantine effect to a shuttle aboard same ship *May report directly to any ship if you have more than 30 points, returning any Beverly Crusher to your hand *At any time, discard to bring Beverly Crusher to her location *Once per game, may close any Ready Room Door *Cured of any DNA-based dilemma by beaming to a ship *While in play, doubles Chinese Finger Puzzle *Attributes +2 if Kyle Riker present *May disable Professor Moriarty if present *Ship she is on may ignore Incoming Messages *Acts as a Persona of McCoy
Command icon, Original Enterprise icon

>Kathryn Janeway, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - matching commander: USS Voyager)
-Attributes -3 at  Space mission-
*Astrophysics x2 *Leadership *Stellar Cartography *Physics x2 *ENGINEER *SCIENCE *Computer Skill *Acquisition *Diplomacy *Navigation *Treachery *Music x½ *SD Starfleet Type III Phaser Rifle *SD Escape Pod (usable even if ship isn't destroyed) *Seven of Nine is attributes +2 where present *May nullify any Love Interest or Romance dilemma targetting Harry Kim *Any Scottish Setter is attributes +2 where present *If any ship she is on uses up more than 12 RANGE in a single move, becomes ANIMAL until 2 MEDICAL present *One turn per game, may prevent Borg cards from attacking yours *If ever involved in timeline disruption, score 15 points *Where present, your  icon personnel are considered  *May nullfy one  icon card per turn where present *X = 3 on any turn you announce it to be *Y = 2 if  icon present *You may play any Kirk on table as an event to make Z = 3 *May nullify any card played on a hologram present *Prevents relocation of her ship from the Delta quadrant to the Alpha quadrant by any means
Command icon

>Keiko O'Brien, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*Biology *CIVILIAN *Exobiology *Physics *Astrophysics *Computer Skill *Cantankerousness when on Deep Space 9 *SD Drought Tree *All O'Briens present are attributes +2 *Molly O'Brien may report where present (stopping any Worf present) *May turn one Site at compatible Nor where she is present into a schoolroom: matching Youth personnel report there for free and may file mission reports there (nullified by any Winn present) *May download one card per game if Tarmin present *Scores 5 points for every trip completed between Deep Space 9 and Bajor *While in play, Data considered to be an O'Brien *Automatically targeted by Rascals if encountered *Julian Bashir attributes -2 where present *If with Youth in the Class Room site, youth may learn any one skill *If Kira Nerys and Miles O'Brien in same crew or Away Team, opponent scores 5 points (once per game) *If your mother, sister or spouse walks into the room during game and asks you to leave, score 50 points and end game
Staff icon, Pah Wraith icon (AKA Reverse-orb icon)

>Kes, Personnel, Non-Aligned/Federation
(important lore - none)
*MEDICAL x2 *Exobiology *Biology *Empathy *Computer Skill *Youth x8 *Diplomacy *Navigation *SD Phaser Burns (requires no hand weapons to be played) *Neelix's attributes +2 where present, unless Tom Paris also present *May nullify any timeline disruption if at same location as the Time Location responsible *Attributes +2 if Tuvok present and unstopped *While in play, you make keep notes pertaining to scanned dilemmas, your own dilemma combos, draw decks you have looked through, etc. *Discard at any time to relocate ship she was on to anywhere on the spaceline *May be seeded under a  planet mission; joins Away Team when encountered *The Doctor's attributes +2 where present *Once per game, at the start of your turn, you may anounce "Elogium", and stop Kes and one other male present. At the end of your next full turn, if both personnel are still alive, score 5 points *May add CUNNING to STRENGTH when defending *When discarded, replace with Seven of Nine if possible *Loses one Youth per game against the same player *If Kes ever at same location as another Ocampa, Empathy is tripled *May report as captured where your opponents Kazon personnel are present *If Kes's body ever taken over, flip a coin. Tails, no effect. Heads, takeover sticks *Transfiguration may be played on her (as if she was John Doe who had just saved a personnel from death) if  cards present *If opponent ever gets impatient during game (such as when you are taking notes), he loses 5 points (limit, 3 times per game) *If present with Benjamin Sisko, any cards containing the words "American", "History" or "X" play for free
Staff icon, Delta Quadrant icon, AU icon

>Khan, Personnel, Non-Aligned
(important lore - matching commander: Botany Bay, USS Reliant; genetically-engineered)
-Must report in stasis aboard any ship, facility or Cryosatellite; active when MEDICAL present-
*OFFICER *Leadership x3 *Navigation *Treachery x2 *Anthropology *Empathy *SECURITY *ENGINEER *Law *Diplomacy *Guramba *Computer Skill *SD Commandeer Ship (twice per game) *You may play Alien Parasites from hand on one personnel present - if opposing force does not meet INTEGRITY requirements, that one personnel is affected by Dilemma *May "stop" one female Anthropology OR Archeology personnel present *All genetically-engineered personnel in play are attributes +2 *Scores double points at a Colony *May disable Transporters of any ship he has damaged *If killed when his ship is destroyed, change any mission conditions at that location *If at a planet facility, may download one  card for every new personnel arriving there (limit 3 per turn) providing you shout "The plane! The plane!" for each
Command icon, AU icon, Nemesis icon (against James T. Kirk)

>Kira Nerys, Personnel, Bajoran/Federation
(important lore - Shakaar resistance cell member; matching commander: USS Defiant, USS Yangtzee Kiang)
*SECURITY *Navigation x2 *Resistance x2 *Computer Skill *Treachery *Smuggling *Law *SD Duranja *SD Bajoran Phaser *SD Hidden Fighter *SD System 5 Disruptors *SD Going to the Top *SD File Mission Report if Odo present *+2 STRENGTH against Cardassians *Odo's attributes all +2 where present *If present with more than one Bajoran ship at a spaceline location, may force any opponent's ship to stop here *May stun one Ferengi, Garak or Winn present per turn *While in play, you may refuse to play a card in place of another (as per Energy Vortex for example) *Counts as an O'Brien *When an orb is acquired, you may choose to discard it, adding its game text to Kira's skills *May rescue Torah Ziyal from captivity *Aamin Marritza's CUNNING and STRENGTH are doubled and his INTEGRITY halved where present *When infiltrating, gains Obsidian Order *STRENGTH +1 for every Bajoran in your discard pile *Opponent's personnel on same Nor may not use special skills *All your Cardassians present gain Resistance *If she and Dukat ever both targeted by the same Parallel Romance, lose 100 points
Command icon, Orb icon, Cardassian infiltration icon, Nemesis icon (against Silarin Prin)

>Koloth, Personnel, Klingon
(important lore - matching commander: IKC Gr'oth)
*Leadership *Anthropology *Diplomacy x2 *SCIENCE *Exobiology *Honor *Treachery *Klingon Intelligence *SD Bat'leth *SD Frigid *If on IKC Gr'oth, it is attributes all +1 for each Klingon  personnel aboard (up to +3) *Once per game, score 5 points if present with  icon Jadzia Dax *May "stop" one Kirk present *May nullify one Tribble per turn where present *Where present, may discard Arne Darvin to download Barry Waddle to your hand *Attributes all +1 if Korax present *Cannot be stunned if present with both Kor and Kang *Once per turn, may free one Klingon captive *If opponent makes a "request" of you, you may say "I am Koloth!" to nullify it *If present with D'k'tahg, Ocular Implants may play on him *May be stocked in Q-Continuum; when encountered, places half of all personnel present (random selection) in stasis and relocates to any of your Away Teams or crews
Command icon, AU icon, TOS icon, Nemesis icon (against The Albino)

>Kor, Personnel, Klingon
(important lore - matching commander: IKC Ning’tao)
*OFFICER *SECURITY *Leadership x2 *Anthropology *Honor *Music *Diplomacy *Archaeology *Navigation *Treachery *SD Klingon Right of Vengeance *SD Any capture-related card to target one Kirk or Spock present *Other Klingons present are each STRENGTH +2 (+4 if he is first  personnel reported this game) *Ship he is on is WEAPONS +2 vs. , +4 at Romulus *Acquires Sword of Kahless immediately upon encountering it *May report to any Dax *May draw double Tactic cards when total opponent's WEAPONS>yours *May "stop" any Martok present *May nullify Lethean Telepathic Attack where present *X = 2 OR 6 *Once per game, choose one opposing ship to be considered  by his special skills *Where present all mixed breed Klingons are attributes -2 and lose 1 level of Honor *Once per game, may initiate battle during a mission attempt, suspending play *May attack a  ship with double WEAPONS once per game *All personnel with "Kor" in their names in play are attributes +2 and may report for free *If any player mentions the fu manchu/bumpy head Klingon continuity problem, that player immediately loses the game *If on a ship that carries 3 or more ships, Cybernetics and Treachery x4
Command icon, AU icon, Nemesis icon (against The Albino)

>Leeta, Personnel, Bajoran/Ferengi
(important lore - none)
*Acquisition *Law *Anthropology *Leadership if only Ferengi present *Greed if any Quark present *Resistance if opponent is playing Dominion *If Quark present, double her brains (CUNNING) *Rom is attributes +5 where present *While in play, you may play Royal Casino side-games as Events *If on Risa, prevents the play of any Jamaharon *May refuse to be affected by a card targeting Ferengi *If you have less than 50 points, Julian Bashir is STRENGTH +2 where present *Male's Love Interest victim relocates here *While in play, Borg Kiss is halved (it's not so bad after all) *If targeted by any Romance dilemma and her partner is ugliest male present, you may abandon game and start over without incurring any penalties in tournament rankings
No icons

>Leonard McCoy, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - Admiral)
*MEDICAL *Biology x3 *Exobiology x2 *Cantankerousness xX (where X = the number of Vulcans and androids present) *VIP *ENGINEER x½ *Mindmeld if any Vulcan in your discard pile *SD Christine Chapel *SD Hypospray *SD Smoke Bomb *If with Hypospray, may play Blended from hand on any personnel present *If affected by any dilemma causing delayed death, may be cured by moving to any location with an asteroid field *Attributes doubled if present with Kirk and Spock *Once per game, may rescue one personnel with [Original Enterprise icon] from discard pile *Spock -1 Leadership where present without Kirk *Attributes +2 at any Time Location *Each Empath present may turn one mortally wounded personnel into a stunned personnel *May move Spock in stasis *If with any Spock, ship he is aboard may target cloaked ships *Once per game, may be "recalled from retirement" (retrieve from discard pile) *Once in play, your MEDICAL-classification Holograms gain Exobiology *May "stop" to place out-of-play any personnel present who has just died *Any skill given him changes to an extra MEDICAL
Command icon, Original Enterprise icon, AU

>Lore, Personnel, Non-Aligned
(important lore - Soong-type android)
-Does not work with -
*ENGINEER *SECURITY *Computer Skill x2 *Treachery x3 *Cybernetics *Transporter Skill *Leadership *SD Lore's Fingernail *SD Off Switch *SD Torture *Doubles all Crystalline Entities and Rogue Borg Mercenaries in play *May replace Data on any ship, placing Data in stasis while he gains  icon. Data may be revived by Off switch, exposing Lore (who may then be beamed into space, where he floats until rescued). Data's Nemisis Icon (if any) ignored while he's in stasis *May report to any ship under the influence of Lore Returns *May redirect any Crystalline Entity he encounters to any Colony in play *May be seeded disabled as an Artifact and be reactivated by any personnel with Cybernetics (even if ) *If thrown out an Airlock, may relocate to Samaritan Snare or under any Make Us Go in play *If made a Counterpart, Borg may target any NA planet for Assimilate Homeworld *All Rogue Borg in play have the extra skill of Treachery and may attempt missions with Lore *Nullifies Chinese Finger Puzzle where present *While in play, once per turn, you may ignore the lore of one of your personnel
Command icon, Nemesis icon (against Dr. Soong and Data)

>Lursa, Personnel, Klingon/Romulan
(important lore - matching commander: Cha'Joh; persona: Sisters of Duras)
-May not work with Klingons with Honor-
*OFFICER *Treachery x2 *Greed x2 *Leadership *Smuggling *Geology *Law *SD Espionage - Romulan on Klingon *SD Treaty: Klingon/Romulan *Romulans present are CUNNING and STRENGTH +1 *B'Etor may report here *May report where Duras, Toral or Ja'rod present *May nullify Arbiter of Succession where present *If Arbiter of Succession played on Toral, doubles or steals points *Where present, Toral is Attributes all +2 and Command icon *All attributes -X/+X/+0 if present with Romulans or opponent's Klingons with Treachery, where X=the number of Treachery present *May work with any affiliation if present with only Treachery personnel of that affiliation *Once per game, if ever your Treachery>opponent's Honor present at same planet location, you may download to that location one Disruptor or Disruptor Rifle *One special skill per turn is shared by B'Etor if in play *Attributes +2 if Duras in discard pile *May suspend any one of Khan's skills each turn
Command icon

>Lwaxana Troi, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*Empathy x2 *Diplomacy *Computer Skill x20 *Gains Leadership and MEDICAL if Original Enterprise icon present *SD Wolf *SD Mr. Homn *If Holodeck present, may download or nullify one Parallax Colony card per turn *Attributes +2 if Ian Andrew Troi present *If affected by a Romance dilemma, targets 4 males at same spaceline location *Timicin may not be discarded if present *May expose infiltrators at the end of any turn *May report directly to USS Enterprise if Deanna Troi aboard *May "stop" one Ferengi present *If Odo present, immune to Romance and Love Interest dilemmas *May coexist with Lwaxanna Troi *May cause Deanna Troi to go berzerk where present for more than one full turn
(No icons)

>Martok, Personnel, Klingon
(important lore - Chancellor; High Council member; matching commander: IKC Negh'var, IKC Rotarran)
-Not Chancellor if Gowron in play-
*Honor x2 *Leadership x2 *SECURITY *VIP *Navigation x2 *SD D'k Tahg *SD Qapla'! *SD Treaty: Federation/Klingon *Your  ships at same location are each WEAPONS +2 (+3 if in Bajor region) *Ocular Implants may play on him by sacrificing one level of Honor *STRENGTH +2 vs. Jem'Hadar *While present, Gowron and Worf have opposing Nemesis icons *You may draw an additional Tactic card if aboard a ship involved un battle *Where present, may kill any personnel (or nullify any dilemma) that "steals" your equipment *If part of an attack that destroys Central Command, may "drink" to victory, scoring 10 points and removing all Honor on non-Klingon personnel for 3 full turns *If a Chancellor, Worf counts as a Federation ambassador *May "stop" any Kor present *For each ship destroyed by Martok's, you may take one personnel from discard pile and place in bonus point area where it is worth points equal to its INTEGRITY x level of Honor *All members of House of Martok in play are attributes +1 *While in play, Worf, Alexander Rozhenko and Jadzia Dax are members of the House of Martok *May expose Martok Founder from anywhere in play, except if captured *If you have lost every single ship battle this game, Martok or Worf may attack Gowron. If Gowron killed, all your ships are WEAPONS and SHIELDS +5
Command icon

>Michael Eddington, Personnel, Federation/Non-Aligned
(important lore - matching commander: universal Maquis Raider)
-Does not work with Cardassians-
*ENGINEER *Leadership *Navigation *Treachery *Honour *Computer Skill *Biology *Smuggling *Law *Transporter Skill *SD Security Sacrifice *While infiltrating, may force ship he is on to decloak *May "stop" any Odo present *If made captive, may join any crew at opponent's matching outpost as infiltrator *STRENGTH +2 against Cardassians and Benjamin Sisko *Attributes doubled if owner is Canadian *Once per game, you may pay other player one Canadian dollar (no paper money, no change) for the use of any one of his or her artifacts in play for remainder of game *If game takes place in the United States, all mission point box values are halved (round up)
Command icon, Maquis icon, Federation infiltration icon, Nemesis icon (against Benjamin Sisko)

>Miles O'Brien, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*ENGINEER x2 *Transporter Skill x3 *Miracle Worker *Navigation *Honor *Music *SECURITY *Leadership *Computer Skill x2 *Physics *SD Near-Warp Transport *SD Pattern Enhancers *SD Engineering Kit *SD Engineering Tricorder *SD Dropping In *Attributes +1 for every other O'Brien present *Benjamin Maxwell attributes +2 where present *May repair any facility if present unopposed for one full turn *A duplicate Miles O'Brien may be played anywhere "from the future" with a [Countdown: 3] icon *As long as he is present, may keep one personnel with Youth from dying after becoming mortally wounded *Attributes doubled if with Julian Bashir *If made captive, you may download Rescue Captives in place of any card draw *May move from any Site to any other Site without walking through intervening Sites *May beam personnel present to Time Locations *May beam your Non-Aligned personnel present to top of discard pile or bottom of draw deck *Once per game, may suspend the Dal'Rok's attacks for one full turn *On Enterprise-D, may convert to OFFICER and Command icon
Staff icon, Original Enterprise icon, Orion Syndicate infiltration icon, Klingon infiltration icon

>Montgommery Scott, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - matching commander: USS Jenolen, Type VII Shuttlecraft)
*ENGINEER x2 *Miracle Worker *Transporter Skill *Physics *Astrophysics *Honor *Computer Skill *Navigation *OFFICER *You may play Blended from hand on any Away Team present *May infiltrate opponent's  ship and nullify its RANGE, beaming away to your own ship *May be seeded under Explore Dyson Sphere even if no Alternate Universe Door in play *If transporters present, may "deactivate" like  personnel *Attributes all +5 aboard USS Enterprise, no bloody A, B, C, D or E *May act as matching commander of USS Enterprise if Kirk on planet at same spaceline location *If Framed for Murder, one female personnel present dies per turn until cured *While in play, if opponent makes fun of any of your ships, you may request that he or she "rephrase things". If they do not comply, you may immediately initiate battle against any one opposing Away Team. If a ship has tractored a Radioactive Garbage Scow during the game, you don't even need to ask to initiate battle *Score 5 points if Kirk or Spock die while present and take dead personnel back into hand *Reduces the staffing of ship he is on by any one icon *Where present,  personnel may use Birds-of-Prey *Attributes all -2 aboard any ship with total unmodified attributes>15 *If killed while Alien Probe in play, may return to hand instead of going to discard pile *If with Spock, once per turn may force a ship at same location to decloak *May download Asteroid Sanctuary if on any freighter *May share Miracle Worker skill with any Command ENGINEER present *Once per game, at start of any turn, you may announce ship he is on will receive +1 bonus to all attributes. Ship gets bonus at start of next turn for rest of that turn
Command icon, Orignal Enterprise icon, Excelsior icon, AU icon

>Mot the Barber, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
-While in play, you only take one Tactic card from Battle Bridge side-deck-
*Barbering x2 *SD Mot's Advice *SD Mot's Advice (to any Riker in play) *SD Mot's Advice (to any Worf in play) *SD Barber Pole *If MEDICAL present, may give one infiltration icon per turn to a personnel present *May replace Jean-Luc Picard in any capturing selection *While in play, you may use Barber Pole as a side-deck, placing as many as 7 bladed hand weapons or artifacts underneath. You may play one copy of Barber Pole from hand to take any card there and immediately play it at Mot's location *Score 5 points every time any player plays Alien Groupie, Yridian Shuttle, Seize Wesley, The Mask of Korgano or Howard Heirloom Candle *No card with an Easter Egg may be played unless opponent has your consent *In personnel battle, may stun his opponent if opponent has hair *Once per game, you may ask opponent to prove the existence of any and all copies of Subspace Schism in their deck, hand or side-decks *While in play, Barbering is a requirement on Cloaked Mission *While in play, you may answer any rules related question about this game *X = Y *Y = Z *Z = X
No icons

>Mr. Homn, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*Honor *Music *Diplomacy *Empaths may report for free here *May nullify Empathic Echo where present *Lwaxana Troi attributes +2 where present *While in play, any player that conducts unnecessary discussion loses 5 points per turn he or she does so *STRENGTH -6 in personnel battles *May follow any Empath being relocated from his location *May report to Garak's Tailor Shop *When Koral enters play, name an attribute. Compare his and Homn's number in that attribute. Score difference *May nullify Blended where present *If on Betazed, you may download one Wolf per turn to any Empath in play *May open any closed Doorway
(No icons)

>Neelix, Personnel, Non-Aligned/Federation
(important lore - matching commander: Neelix's Ship)
-Does not work with Jetrel-
*Cooking x3 *Navigation *Acquisition *SECURITY *Biology *ENGINEER *Computer Skill *Geology *Diplomacy *Smuggling *Anthropology (in Delta quadrant only) *X=3 OR 6 *All personnel on same ship are INTEGRITY +1 *May nullify Palukoo where present *Kes attributes all +2 if present *Twice per game, if Kes or Seven of Nine present, may survive being killed (only "stopped") *Naomi Wildman attributes all +3 where present *If present with Tuvok, and this skill also present on that personnel, combine all lore, classifications, restrictions, skills, attributes and icon into a single personnel card *May battle any Away Team which includes any Tom Paris, regardless of battle restrictions *Gains  if Holodeck AND Hirogen present *May "stop" up to 4 Youth present *Suspends any attribute minuses affecting Tuvok if present *Once in play, opponent must reveal if they have seeded Sleeper Trap and where *May nullify Strict Dress Code where present *Dr. Farek may not be reported while in play *While in play, if any player uses "cheese", that player's ships all attributes -3 *If anyone asks why you have chosen to include Neelix in your deck, immediately download up to 10 Parallax Arguers to hand
Staff icon, Delta quadrant icon, Ferengi infiltration icon

>Nog, Personnel, Federation/Ferengi
(important lore - waiter, partial persona of Jake and Nog)
*Physics *Honor *Youth *Acquisition *Navigation *ENGINEER (if aboard your Defiant-class or  ship) *Biology *SECURITY *Greed (in  mode) *SD Type III Phaser Rifle *SD 6th Rule of Acquisition *May report for free to Jake Sisko's location *You may look at cards at adjacent site *If present with Equipment, may switch it with another of your Equipment in play, switching any or all other Equipment in play you own in the process *Attributes +1 if Vic Fontaine present *Jake Sisko is attributes +2 where present *May report for duty by replacing Common Thief just encountered *You may convert his status from mortally wounded to stunned if Cybernetics present *If all other matching personnel in play have been discarded, may cat as matching commander of USS Defiant *May prevent Vic Fontaine from being deactivated where present *Has  icon on USS Valiant *Varis Sul gains CIVILIAN when present *You may play Isolinear Puzzle on same ship as an Event and Garanian Bolites on personnel present as an Interrupt *While with Jake, choose one site on a Nor to become "their spot". Draw one extra card per turn while there unless opposed by Odo *If a changeling in play, may stop one Youth personnel here (all Youth here stopped if Odo is present) *May nullify any card your opponent has difficulty reading (either title or game text) unless they have Jake Sisko in play *May not be assimilated unless at least one Kazon personel is
Staff icon, Barash icon

>Odo, Personnel, Bajoran/Dominion
(important lore - changeling)
-Does not use hand weapons-
*SECURITY x2 *Law x2 *Computer Skill x2 *Honor x2 *Leadership *Music *SCIENCE *Mindmeld (with any changeling present) *Cantankerousness *Smuggling *Navigation *SD You Dirty Rat *SD Caught Red-Handed *When Strike Three played on him, you may discard one  opposing personnel present *May "stop" any Quark present *May use In the Bag to morph into Equipment (place interrupt back into hand) *Reports for free at Security Office and Promenade Shops *May report disabled to Denorios Belt *Doubles Odo's "Cousin" where present *May cure any DNA-related dilemma affecting a changeling present (or all changelings in play if at The Great Link) *May persona switch with Berzerk Changeling, reverts to Odo only when dilemma is overcome *Worth 5 points when Mora Pol present, but attributes all -1 *Kira Nerys is attributes +2 if in play *May pass any door dilemma (dilemma not discarded) *Disables Smuggling and Acquisition skills at any Site he is present *Cannot be attacked by Dominion personnel *Stopped every 16 turns *May work with *On any turn, may replace all standard skills with ANIMAL *Quark at same spaceline location is attributes +2 OR -2 *If in hand, you may download The Walls Have Ears *Every time Odo morphs, pay a fee of 2 points to your opponent. If action was "worth it", get double your point back *If present with any Neelix, both gain VIP
Command icon, Klingon infiltration icon, Dominion infiltration icon, Nemesis icon (against Krajenski Founder)

>Pavel Chekov, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*OFFICER *Navigation *Honor *Exobiology *Youth *May nullify Hyper-Aging where present *Once per game, may initiate personnel battle with  ignoring regular attack restrictions *Download any Barbering personnel to this location at any time *If Brainwashed, place Countdown:3 icon on Brainwash card *CUNNING +2 if Hikaru Sulu present *Any Russian (or adopted Russian) personnel is STRENGTH +2 while in play *May place any Tribble present in stasis *If Tortured, you may play Klingon Death Yell on him once per turn until Torture is discarded *Once per game, you may run into the street and ask for strategy advice from passerby *Alien Parasites automatically affects any away team Chekov is in, when encountered *While in play, both players must refer to ships as "wessels". Any mistake incurs a 5 point loss to the offending player (maximum -10 points per player) *If 4 Chekovs somehow in play, they all gain Music *All equipment is a "Russian Inwention", any Russian may use *Empathy x4 and Treachery x10 on any  Station
Staff icon, Starship Enterprise icon, AU icon

>Quark, Personnel, Ferengi
(important lore - matching commander: Quark's Treasure; Persona: Quark Son of Keldar; arms dealer, waiter)
*Acquisition x2 *Greed *Treachery *Honor *Computer Skill x2 *Smuggling *Anthropology *Diplomacy *Navigation *Leadership *Transporter Skill *Resistance x½ *SD Small Cloaking Device *SD Gold-Pressed Latinum *SD Quark's Bar *SD Dabo *SD Recruit Mercenaries *SD Quark's Isolinear Rods *Attributes +2 if Grilka, Natima Lang or Pel present *Attributes become +3 if ever affected by a Romance dilemma with any Dax *X = 2 OR 7 *May nullify Fair Play once per game *Dabo girls may report to this location *May switch to female and back at the start of any turn *May work with any affiliation except Borg *May nullify any Latinum card if opponent has D'Ghor in play *May persona-switch with Letek and Bractor *May nullify or double any of Morn's skills *May download one TNG, one DS9 and one VOY marked card each game *Doubles Lockbox where present * personnel (except Jem'Hadar, Vorta and Founders) gain Acquisition while present *Quark's Bar has a Holodeck *You may redirect any dilemma affecting Ishka to Quark (except walls and filters) *If in play, is only one who may acquire The Earring of Li Nalas *If Obsidian Order in play, may kill Boheeka anywhere in play at the end of your turn *If opponent has Martus Mazur in play, the player with the most non-bonus points has 10 bonus points *May play Ferengi Bug as an  Event *Doubles Hanok's Acquisition and special download where present *May replace Batezoid Gift Box before it is discarded (reporting to location of Artifact's acquistion) *May remove Cloaking Device of any ship docked at same site *SD The Line Must Be Draw Here *May prevent any Nog at same location from switching to *May halve Baseball *One Youth present is INTEGRITY -1 and CUNNING -3 *Not included in random selections of any Empok Nor dilemma *If at a time location with Youth present, is disabled by Computer Crash *May "hear" (look at) any Away Teams at an adjacent site *Odo is attributes -2 OR +2 where present *Physics personnel are attributes +1 where present
Staff icon, Orb icon, Nemesis icon (against Brunt)

>Reginald Barclay, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
-May beam only once per turn-
*Computer Skill *Physics *MEDICAL x½ *SD Plexing *SDEngineering PADD *SD Goddess of Empathy *Doubles Visit Cochrane Memorial *If Alien Probe in play, is CUNNING +30 and gains Astrophysics x10, Stellar Cartography x10, ENGINEER x5 and makes ship RANGE +12 and SHIELDS +6, but may not leave ship *May download one  icon personnel pre turn if Holodeck present *Cytherians doubled if aboard ship that encounters it *Once per game, if in play, you may play one Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease from hand to any ship *STRENGTH +2 if Holodeck present *Immune to Spot's pouncing *May report to USS Voyager as a  icon personnel *Attributes +2 if Geordi La Forge present *If present when any disease-related dilemma encountered, "stopped" whether dilemma overcome or not. *If opponent has 60 points or more and you are still at 0 or less, you may get "nervous" and download any number of cards from your draw deck to your hand, discarding the same number from your hand.
Staff icon

>Ro Laren, Personnel, Federation/Bajoran/Non-Aligned
(important lore - none)
-Does not work with Cardassians-
*SECURITY *Navigation x2 *Computer Skill *Treachery *Leadership *Resistance *Guramba *Transporter Skill *Smuggling *SD Dropping In *SD Parallax Arguers *May nullify Renewal Scrolls OR Duranja once per game *If Interphase Generator present, may avoid any Door or Entrance-related dilemma *STRENGTH +3 against *May nullify any Espionnage: Cardassian on Federation where present *If on a planet, Orta and Keeve Falor may report for duty here *Attributes -2 if William T. Riker present, +2 if both are affected by Memory Wipe *If killed, "stop" all Bajorans present *As a valid response to an attack, may suspend battle to relocate any ships present with Maquis aboard to adjacent location *Attributes all +3 if Guinan present *Staff icon converts to Command icon if affected by Memory Wipe *Shuttle she is on has Long-Range Scan Shielding *Once per game, may be exchanged for Kira Nerys from outside the game
Staff icon, Maquis icon

>Rom, Personnel, Ferengi/Bajoran
(important lore - none)
-May not be used in a game against a player who is your brother-
*ENGINEER *Greed *Acquisition x½ *Law *Computer Skill x2 *Leadership *Transporter Skill *Treachery *Resistance *CIVILIAN *SD Prisonner Exchange *May nullify Ferengi Ingenuity where present *May throw Quark out an Airlock *Use first CUNNING value when in  mode, second value in  mode OR when a Nagus *Once per game, if Zek present, may become a Nagus. Classification becomes VIP, Acquisition is doubled and Staff icon is converted to Command icon *Attributes all +2 if Ishka  present *Where present, Leeta may not be targeted by Female's Love Interest *Nog may report where present *May nullfy or cloak Anti-Matter Pod where present (cloaked Pods may not be nullified by any means, but still damage ships at their location) *If aboard docked Klingon ship, may steal (remove) its Cloaking Device *On any turn, may suspend Greed on all your personnel present except Quark and Brunt *Gains 5 points on any turn when he is at Quark's Bar and Quark isn't *If present with two others of Quark's employees, may "block" entrance to Quark's Bar *Nog gains Acquisition x½ if present *If in Nagus mode, Quark's acquisition is doubled *When time-traveling, species considered to be "Martian"
Staff icon

>Saavik, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*Navigation *SCIENCE *Exobiology *Biology *Mindmeld *Leadership *Geology *Youth *Computer Skill *SD Any tricorder *Score 5 points each time your  personnel present use Treachery *Matching commander of USS Enterprise (original) if Spock present *CUNNING +2 if Spock present *If David Marcus dies where present, you may not lose points until the end of your next turn *May act as  for one turn each game, but may not work with *Any male Vulcan with Youth present is all attributes +3 where present *May report directly to any Oberth-class ship in play *If all other personnel aboard same ship die in one turn, end simulation (game) and start over *May persona-switch once per game with Tallera *If present at Quark's Bar with Morn, you may draw one extra card each turn
Staff icon, AU icon, Excelsior icon

>Sarek, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - Vulcan, ambassador)
-INTEGRITY -9 if Spock present (unless he has died during game)-
*Diplomacy x4 *Mindmeld *Computer Skill *Honor *Law *SD Any Federation Treaty *SD Vulcan Mindmeld *SD Sakkath *SD Res-Q (if Spock is in discard pile) *Jean-Luc Picard present suspends any Bendii Syndrome here *One human female present is attributes +2 *Score 5 points for every different MEDICAL dilemma he encounters *While in play, ambassadors from all affiliations may report to Office of the President *May stun one Empathy personnel present each turn *If present with Music, you may cry (real tears please) at any time to play a free Event *Dip card in water for an extra Diplomacy *May act as  or  for one turn each game
Command icon, Starship Enterprise icon, AU icon

>Sela, Personnel, Romulan
(important lore - half human, half Romulan)
-May not be reported if Tasha Yar in play-
*OFFICER *Treachery x2 *Youth *Leadership *Diplomacy *SECURITY *SD Espionnage: Romulan on Klingon *SD Romulan Ambush *SD T'Pau (to any spaceline location) *May capture any opposing Away Team on Romulus if present *Pardek's Treachery is doubled where present *Attributes +2 if Tasha Yar-Alternate in play *Allows Klingons with Treachery to work with Romulans at same spaceline location *Once per game, Taibak may download Brainwash to any Federation captive *Tal Shiar personnel may report directly to her location *May play on table as a Hidden Agenda and be revealed by relocating to any decloaking ship *Your  personnel at same location gain the skill of Treachery *If opponent did not use Tasha Yar in his or her Federation deck, you may force that opponent to use her the next time you play together
Command icon, AU icon

>Seska, Personnel, Cardassian/Non-Aligned/Bajoran/Federation
(important lore - none)
*Computer Skill x2 *Treachery x3 *SECURITY *Transporter Skill *Leadership x2 *Obsidian Order *Resistance *Biology *Smuggling *Navigation *SD Commandeer Ship (if aboard  ship) *If in play, Jal Cullah OR Chakotay is all attributes +2 (the other one is all attributes -2; your choice) *May report as  icon personnel at opponent's Holodeck *If aboard a Kazon ship, all Kazon ships in play have transporters *Opponent may only ask to look at this card if it is present at an Infirmiry *While in play, you may prevent opponent from reporting T'Rul *Once per game, if one player has Jal Culluh in play and the other has Chakotay, you may suspend game to make phone survey lasting no more than 20 minutes (both players may make calls) as to which of the two personnel is Seska's baby's father. Personnel with the most votes is worth 20 points to its owner
Staff icon, Command icon, Maquis icon, Kazon-Nistrim icon, Bajoran infiltration icon

>Spock, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - Vulcan, matching commander: Galileo, USS Enterprise-A, USS Enterprise Refit)
-If opposed at any Time Location, automatically "stopped"-
*SCIENCE *OFFICER *VIP *Diplomacy x3 *Mindmeld *Astrophysics *Physics*Stellar Cartography *Leadership (if other Leadership present) *ENGINEER *Honor *Music *Exobiology *Geology *Computer Skill x2 *Transporter Skill *Navigation *Anthropology *SD Vulcan Nerve Pinch *SD Vulcan Mindmeld *SD Live Long and Prosper *SD Long-Range Scan *SD Any other Scan *Protects Treaty: Federation/Klingon from nullification *May be reported for free in the very first turn *When first killed, disabled instead. Bring to Vulcan to revive *Vulcan females with Youth may report to his location *Christopher Pike attributes +2 where present *If with McCoy, you may play Parallax Arguers for any of its functions *May nullify Theta-Radiation Poisoning OR Warp Core Breach at his location by being discarded *May place any Kirk present in stasis until end of turn *May report to Romulus *Sela attributes -2 where present *After you hit 70 points, if Spock returns to Vulcan, score 5 points and download one female Vulcan personnel *May mindmeld with opponent's personnel present *Once per game, may transfer all CUNNING and standard skills to an Equipment card. Body is placed in stasis during that time *May cancel one battle per game unless James T. Kirk present *Klingon ship he is on is WEAPONS +1 *If your opponent just captured one of your personnel, cancel the capture and return personnel to whatever ship of facility Spock is on *May multiply any one numerical value in the game (except points) by a factor of 10 per game *When he dies, may transfer any three skills to another personnel present *Scores 2 points for each Vulcan/Romulan pair at the same location *When on Romulus, begin countdown: 10. If countdown reaches 0, Romulans now count as Vulcans and vice versa. Score 25 points *Once in play, if any player proves to be a sore loser, other player automatically wins
Command icon, Original Enterprise icon, AU, Romulan infiltration icon

>Spot, Personnel, Neutral/Federation
(important lore - female cat)
*Empathy x½ *Diplomacy x½ *Greed *SD Data *At the start of every turn, may switch sexes OR species (to differnt type of cat or iguana) *Has 9 lives ("stopped" when killed first 8 times) *Once every turn, may "pounce" to disable until end of turn any one personnel present (and herself) *May hide from a personnel battle *Data's attributes all +2 where present *Cantakerousness if with any Riker, Geordi or Worf *May disable any Site's game text if present *May nullify Drought Tree present and steal its points *May kill one shape-shifter affected by You Dirty Rat or Flight of the Intruder once per turn where present *May nullify Balancing Act if in play *Once per game, if you are able, recite Data's "Ode to Spot" from memory to place all your opponent's personnel in play in stasis
Enigma icon

>Tasha Yar, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*SECURITY *Honor *Leadership *Law *Navigation *SD Security Sacrifice *SD Rescue Captives *SD Starfleet Type II Phaser *May nullify Hunter Gangs where present *Ishara Yar loses Treachery where present *May remove any male android from stasis where present *May be relocated from Penalty Box to last ship she was on, but is in stasis until next Q-Flash *Has a 50% chance of killing any personnel targeted by a Romance dilemma with her *When killed, gains the  icon, loses all but her standard skills and returns to your hand *If Wartime Conditions or USS Enterprise-C in play, may be discarded to download Sela *Attributes -2 with Guinan *If placed out-of-play, may be brought back into play again at any location with an  icon showing
Command icon

>The Intendent, Personnel, Bajoran/Cardassian/Klingon
(important lore - infiltrator posing as Kira Nerys)
-Does not work with Resistance personnel-
*Treachery x20 *Leadership x2 *Greed x2 *Diplomacy *Transporter Skill *SECURITY *Captain's Log confers bonuses to any Terok Nor with a Mirror icon she is aboard *If aboard  Terok Nor, one opposing human personnel at that station's Ore Processing Unit may be killed *One Ezri may report where present. She is an unjoined Trill with the skill Smuggling and attributes +2 with The Intendent *When escaping from captivity, may kill one opposing personnel present *If Torture used on her, you may download Rescue Captives *You may play any Love Interest dilemma from hand to any personnel present. It is "stopped" rather than relocated *Once per game, you may dunk card in milk. This is considered to be "cool"
Command icon, AU icon, Mirror icon, Bajoran infiltration icon

>The Traveller, Personnel, Federation/Non-Aligned
(important lore - Persona: Lakanta)
*CIVILIAN *Navigation x10 *Physics x20 *Honor *Computer Skill *Miracle Worker *Empathy *Anthropology *SD Where No One Has Gone Before *SD Targ *SD The Traveller: Transcendence *SD Distortion of Space/Time Continuum *SD Alternate Universe Door (may play on table for seed function) *SD Jack Crusher *May report directly to any ship OR Tau Alpha C *Once per game, may reverse Static Warp Bubble for 3 turns (cards in discard pile return to hand) *Wesley Crusher all attributes +4 where present *If aboard your ship with Youth, allows ship to move from one spaceline location to any other spaceline location (even in a different quadrant), then "phases out" (returns to hand) *Ship he is on can leave one end of the spaceline and enter other end *Where present, you may play Thought Fire on opposing personnel as an Event card *May nullify Maman Picard and Hunter Gangs where present *May "fly" like a ship with RANGE equal to his INTEGRITY (does not die in space) *For purposes of the 47th Rule of Acquisition, always the most badly-dressed personnel atany location *Acts as an Android when encountering dilemmas
Staff icon, AU icon

>Tomalak, Personnel, Romulan
(important lore - matching commander: D'deridex)
*Diplomacy *Treachery *Leadership *SECURITY *Honor x½ *Stellar Cartography *SD Any D'deridex *May rescue one captive per game, relocating it to Pi or to Covert Rescue *Romulan ships at his location are WEAPONS +2 against *SD Romulan Ambush if at Nelvana III and use its game text on any ship *If Anti-Time Anomaly on table, is matching commander of Terix *Any action by Tomalak cool for purposes of Parallax Arguers *May report with ship and minimal crew to any Neutral Zone location *VIP and Law if  icon present *If  icon present, protects Treaty: Federation/Romulan from nullification *Diplomacy and Honor doubled if on any space station
Command icon

>Tom Paris, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - matching commander: Delta Flyer)
*Navigation x3 *Stellar Cartography *Astrophysics *Archeology *ENGINEER *MEDICAL *Computer Skill *Anthropology *Biology *Transporter Skill *Treachery (may convert to Honor for rest of game) *Honor (may convert to Treachery for rest of game) *SD Delta Flyer *May persona switch with Nick Locarno *Harry Kim +2 STRENGTH where present *Acquires  Artifacts immediately upon encountering them *Shuttle he is aboard is RANGE +5 (3 turns per game) *Romance dilemmas affect him for one less turn that normal *Where present, B'Elanna Torres may work with  even in  mode *May nullify Ooby Dooby where present *Attributes +2 at any Time Location *May stun one robot or android present each turn *Every turn, you may double one number on any Black Border Premiere card in play (only multiply by 1.5 if not mint) *If black and white movie currently showing on a television screen visible from here, attributes all +2
Staff icon, Maquis icon, Non-Aligned infiltration icon

>Tora Ziyal, Personnel, Cardassian/Bajoran
(important lore - none)
*Youth *May seed under Dozaria *Geology *VIP if Dukat is at Central Command *Dukat is INTEGRITY +3 if present *Kira Nerys may relocate to her location if a personnel battle has just been initiated there *Where present, suspends all attribute enhancements affecting Damar *Any Garak present is attributes +2 *Unless Weyoun present, may download Persistence of Memory OR Mona Lisa from Q's Tent once per game *May only help staff Groumall *If captured, opponent may play Process Ore on any one planet. She is relocated there *If killed by anyone other than Dukat, Dukat goes berzerk and is STRENGTH +3 *May report to Guest Quarters *Three copies may be in play, if one was seeded on Dozaria, another is at Deep Space 9/Terok Nor and the third on the Groumall
Staff icon

>Uhura, Personnel, Federation
(important lore - none)
*Music *Computer Skill *Transporter Skill *Leadership *ENGINEER *Youth if Alien Probe in play *SD Hail *SD Any Incoming Message *SD Guinan *SD Tribble *May nullify any Subspace Interference *May not be held captive for more than 3 turns *May "stop" any Away Team of more than 4 personnel *When any Away Team is stopped at same location, she must beam down to Away Team (stopped also) *On any turn she used Music, all personnel present (or on same facility) are attributes +2 *STRENGTH +5 in Mirror universe *May be relocated to Vulcan once per game *If any player genuinely falls from their chair during this game, that player's opponent may discard any personnel in play
Staff icon, Command icon, Original Enterprise icon, AU icon, Communication subcommand icon

>USS Defiant, Ship, Federation
(important lore - matching commanders: Benjamin Sisko, Worf, Jadzia Dax, Kira Nerys)
-May only carry shuttlepods and shrunken Runabouts-
*Cloaking Device *Tractor Beam *SD Activate Tractor Beam *SD Anti-Matter Pod x10 *SD Weapons Locker *SD Wormhole Navigation Schematic *SD Rescue Personnel *SD Defiant Dedication Plaque *SD Tactical Console *T'Rul aboard may cooperate with *+2 WEAPONS against Dominion and Borg ships *RANGE +2 in Gamma Quadrant *Ship repaired after one full turn without battling *Starfleet personnel aboard are attributes +X, where X=0 and goes up by one after every battle ship is involved in *May hide from other ships at any location with Atmospheric Ionization *May be used by  if no other  personnel aboard *If not reported by the time you reach 50 points, you may download it to Deep Space 9 or hand *May beam personnel to and from Time Locations here *If Odo present,  personnel may cooperate with  aboard *Once per turn, one of your personnel in play may exist aboard as *If destroyed at a planet location, its crew is relocated to a special Time Location created especially for them *Once per game, play Space-Time Portal to play a second Defiant. It is Non-Aligned,  and has no Cloaking Device *If SHIELDS drop under WEAPONS, ship is damaged *SHIELDS -5 vs. any Tholian ship *May change border color once per game *Attributes +3 if any Miles aboard *Any Elim Garak aboard may work with , gains Resistance and is considered a dissident *If ever destroyed by a Breen vessel, you may download USS Sao Paulo and report it to any of its matching commanders. It is immune to Breen Dampening Field *May fit inside ships with Tractor Beam if William T. Riker present unless Worf aboard *If Benjamin Sisko, Kira Nerys, Odo, Dax, Miles O'Brien, Julian Bashir and Worf aboard, no ships may dock with Deep Space 9, nor can the station be attacked or affected by any cards

>USS Enterprise, Ship, Federation
(important lore - matching commanders: Christopher Pike, James T. Kirk, Spock)
CONSTITUTION CLASS [1 Starship Enterprise icon, 1 Staff]
-Once per game, opponent may nullify ship's RANGE and any of its game text by reciting Lincoln's entire Gettysburg Address-
*Tractor Beam *SCIENCE *SD Weapons Locker *SD USS Galileo *SD Auto-Destruct Sequence (if during opponent's turn, all opposing ships must move away, then you may nullify Interrupt) *X=3 if no ships from other time periods in play *X=9 if any Kelvan aboard *Transporter Skill aboard may beam personnel to Mirror spaceline *Opponent's infiltrator here may download Dial Martok for Murder, but it disables only, unless target is VIP *Score 5 points every time ship is commandeered (-5 if commandeering personnel has Music) *May time travel at will if 2 SCIENCE aboard *May attack landed ships *Isolinear Puzzle is nullified here *Commandeered  ships are SHIELDS -6 against this ship *WEAPONS +3 vs  and *May take from discard pile if a Vulcan died previously on this ship *May disappear from play for thirty years, returning with +1 to attributes *Counts as female for dilemma and mission requirements *At the beginning of any turn, you may download up to 2 personnel dressed in red here. They die at then end of the turn

>USS Enterprise-D, Ship, Federation
(important lore - matching commanders: Jean-Luc Picard, Edward Jellico)
GALAXY CLASS [1 Command, 2 Staff]
*Holodeck *Tractor Beam *May report at Reunion *SD Nutational Shields *SD Saucer Separation *SD Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow *SD Lower Decks *Attributes all +2 if USS Yamato present *Runabout and Type VII Shuttle may report aboard *Cloaking Device if Eric Pressman aboard and Pegasus Search solved *May be swapped with USS Enterprise-E OR Future Enterprise once per game *Any personnel with Enterprise-E icon (plus Worf) may act as matching commander if neither matching commanders from lore are present *May nullify Make Us Go where present *All Federation ships in same Quadrant are attributes +1 *Once per game, may relocate to another Quadrant and back *Any number of copies may coexist at Fissure Research *May disable a ship's WEAPONS instead of damaging it *When Masks is played, you may download one Artifact to ship. Opponent may bring up to two Dilemmas here (planet, space or space/planet). If your crew overcomes them, you may acquire the Artifact. *CUNNING: 8 *WEAPONS -2 if Worf aboard

>USS Enterprise-E, Ship, Federation/Borg
(important lore - matching commanders: Jean-Luc Picard, Morgan Bateson, Borg Queen)
SOVEREIGN CLASS [2 Enterprise-E, 1 Staff]
-May not battle  under any circumstances except retaliating-
*Tractor Beam *Holodeck *SD Temporal Wake *SD Temporal Vortex (if that card has been used by your opponent) *SD The Big Picture *SD Build Interplexing Beacon *SD Wall of Ships *If Abandon Ship encountered, immediately download Emergency Evacuation *May gain benefits of matching commander if they are at current location, but not aboard ship *Once in play, replace all cards with their  icon personae (if in play), all other personae may not enter play *May report at Patrol Neutral Zone *RANGE +5 if Borg are in Earth region *+3 WEAPONS and SHIELDS vs. Borg *In  mode, one personnel aboard is assimilated every turn and Borg personnel may report aboard *If Borg intruders on board, Jean-Luc Picard cannot leave *You may nullify Auto-Destruct Sequence played on this ship *If any player mentions how cool the ship's joystick is, they immediately lose game *WEAPONS +3 at any nebula * Worf may relocate aboard from any location *If ever discarded or taken back into hand, cannot be re-reported until two full turns have passed, then 3, then 4, etc.

>USS Voyager, Ship, Federation
(important lore - matching commanders: Kathryn Janeway, Jal Culluh)
INTREPID CLASS [1 Command, 1 Staff]
*Tractor Beam *Holodeck *Computer Skill *Stellar Cartography *Once per turn, may land or take off *SD E.M.H. *When entering play, both player may play up to 20 universal missions in Delta Quadrant *Once per game, may move from Badlands Region to Delta Quadrant using 1 RANGE *May use Borg Tactic cards *May nullify Tetryon Field where present *Once per turn, you may report one shuttle aboard for free *Opponent's  personnel may report aboard *You may report a second copy to same location, but with a Countdown: 3 icon * icon personnel may cooperate with crew regardless of restrictions *If 2 ENGINEER aboard, may repair itself in one full turn by remaining unstopped *May beam personnel from a Time Location present *Every mission you solve adds +1 to RANGE *Only stopped by Warp Core Breach *May extend hald its SHIELDS around a ship present *You may report personnel here if Kathryn Janeway on board, they mix and cooperate *Naomi Wildman reports for free here *Loses 2 points for each time traveling to and from a Time Location *SD Treaty: Federation/Borg *If open AU door in play, WEAPONS and SHIELDS +10 and, once per game, you may download up to four borg drones with classifications as *If you are losing by more than 70 points, download any personnel card from outside the game *If you have a cold, attributes all -2 *If it's suddenly Christmas, place on tree and end game. Player with the most points opens presents first *Every other turn, has an icon

>Vash, Personnel, Non-Aligned/Federation
(important lore - none)
-If Jean-Luc Picard in play, she is "stopped" if you say her name-
*SCIENCE *Archeology x2 *Treachery *Anthropology *Law *Smuggling *Greed *Acquisition*Once per turn, may nullify Q2 OR "stop" Katherine Pulaski present *May be stocked in draw deck, Q's Tent or Q-Continuum *May sell (discard) your Artifacts present for 5 points each *Reports to Risa for free *When His Honor, the High Sheriff of Nottingham is revealed where present, she may be relocated to Gamma quadrant *For every  location she has "visited" (beamed down and stayed for the rest of a turn), score 5 points. Lose them all if she ever scores points at a Colony *Jean-Luc Picard is STRENGTH +2 where present (except aboard a ship) *Ferengi present are CUNNING -2 *May use opponent's Horga'hn *Once per game, you may double Q dilemma encountered by opponent *STRENGTH +1 vs.  icon personnel *Cards rumored to be in an Enhanced Q-Continuum product may play directly from hand here

>Wesley Crusher, Personnel, Federation/Non-Aligned
(important lore - none)
*CIVILIAN *Youth *Astrophysics *Physics *Stellar Cartography *Geology *ENGINEER x2 *Navigation *Computer Skill *Honor if Jean-Luc Picard present *Leadership at mission location requiering Geology *SD The Traveller *SD Subspace Warp Bubble *While in play, you may play Nanites from hand *If The Traveller in play, may fly like a ship (may not carry personnel aboard or be attacked by other ships, but is affected by cards that affect space travel and may land) *May nullify any one space dilemma faced by the USS Enterprise per turn *Beverly Crusher +2 STRENGTH where present *Return ship targeted by Traveller (from the Away Team) to original location *Where present, may keep any Picard from dying from being mortally wounded *Nick Locarno may work with Federation while in play *Always selected last by Katarian Game *The Traveller attributes +4 if present *Attributes doubled if Salia present *May use Tractor Beam to hurl ships to adjacent spaceline location *May steal Plasmadyne Relay at same location *If killed by Punishment Zone, download Ooby Dooby and play from hand on your Away Team
Staff icon

>Weyoun, Personnel, Dominion
(important lore - Vorta; matching commander: Weyoun's Warship)
-May not attack changelings-
*Diplomacy x2 *Leadership *Treachery x2 *Law *Biology *Archeology *SD Ketracel White *SD Establish Dominion Foothold *SD Treaty: Cardassian/Dominion *His Warship may benefit from two matching commanders while aboard *If with Jem'Hadar, may close one Iconian Gateway present *When killed, returns to your outpost minus last skill on the list (cumulative) except this one *Founder Leader may report here *While in play, you control opponent's Damar *Becomes universal if any Weyoun alone with Odo *May kill himself at any time *Dominion ships present WEAPONS +2 versus  and  *May nullify any bluff *If on commandeered Nor, you may suspend play at any time to relocate all your personnel there to your ships present and move those ships up to the limit of their RANGE *When in play, owner loses no points from Mona Lisa *Dukat's attributes -2 while in play *FCA x½
Command icon, Gamma Quadrant icon

>William T. Riker, Personnel, Federation/Klingon
(important lore - none)
*Leadership x2 *Navigation *Honor *Geology *Music *Diplomacy *Guramba *Law *Empathy x1/2 if Deanna Troi present *SD Anti-Matter Spread *SD Magnetic North *SD Off Switch *For every Love Interest or Romance dilemma that targets him, score 5 points *May cure Frame of Mind affecting him after 3 full turns *You may download Thomas Riker to any location this Riker has just beamed from *Soren considered female when present *May act as matching commander of USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-E during battles *If Q-Continuum in play, once per game, you may play any  icon event or Interrupt from hand (except those with point boxes) *If present on a ship with its matching commander, that commander is attributes +2 and may not be forcibly beamed to a planet *Nullifies Matriarchal Society where present *+2 STRENGTH against other Rikers *Counts as a Trill with symbiont one turn per game *Once per game, you may bluff about one Interrupt played. If bluff is called, interrupt either discarded (you bluffed) or played and taken back into hand (you told the truth) *If phaser present in away team, once per game, may "convince" one opposing Non-Aligned personnel present to join your Away Team (use as your own) for rest of the game *When your unique ship reports to outpost, may become matching commander of that ship. Scores 5 points if he refuses *Once per game, when your opponent has 10 or more cards in his discard pile, look through all the cards in that discard pile. If you can successfully name all the episodes or films their images came from, score 25 points. If you can't, Riker disabled until 2 MEDICAL and Empathy present
Command icon, Enterprise-E icon, Non-Aligned infiltration icon, Barash icon

>Winn, Personnel, Bajoran
(important lore - Vedek and Kai)
*Treachery x2 *Diplomacy *Leadership x2 *Greed *Computer Skill *Archeology *Resistance *Honor (if The Emissary in play) *SD Any Bajoran Treaty *SD Any Prylar or Vedek *Nullifies any Orb Experiences played at her location *If on Deep Space 9 with Bareil Antos, you may download any Non-Aligned personnel which must immediately attack Bareil *May "stop" one Keiko present *May convert any Bajoran Treaty in play into a Treaty with the Cardassians *Kira Nerys and Benjamin Sisko are INTEGRITY -2 if present *While in play, Bajoran Wormhole card called Temple of the Prophets and only affected by cards mentioning that exact title *If ever stopped, you may report Shakaar Edon to Chamber of Ministers as a minister *While present with Dukat, Parallax Arguers may not be played *Dukat may report here for free as an infiltrator *If Dukat present or Bajoran Civil War in play, her Treachery is doubled *If present at any location where Alien Labyrinth or Hidden Entrance was uncovered, you may play Firestorm here from hand. It does not affect Winn *Once per turn, you may play Frigid from hand on any personnel present *While in play, back-handed compliments are permitted by gaming etiquette, even in tournaments
Command icon, Pah-wraith icon (AKA Reverse Orb icon)

>Worf, Personnel, Federation/Klingon
(important lore - matching commander: USS Defiant)
-Does not work with Romulans or House of Duras-
*OFFICER *SECURITY *Honor x3 (x2 if any Rozhenko present) *Navigation *Leadership x2 *SCIENCE *Astrophysics *Archeology *Music *Law *MEDICAL x½ *SD I Am Not a Merry Man! *SD Assimilate This! *SD Hail *SD Klingon Right of Vengence *SD Honor Challenge *SD Klingon Death Yell *SD Qapla'! *SD Bat'leth *SD Targ if Where No One Has Gone Before is in play *Discard opponent's K'chiQ at same location *SD Treaty: Federation/Klingon *May nullify any Treaty: Federation/Klingon *If with Gowron on Bortas, its WEAPONS and SHIELDS are +3 *Deep Space 9's WEAPONS +3 if aboard *Attributes all +2 if Jadzia Dax in play *Alexander Rozhenko may report where present *Discommendation played on him also affects Kurn and Alexander *Attributes doubled if Kahless present *Once per game, may recover from mortally wounded status *May make use of Android Headlock *+2 STRENGTH against Jem'Hadar *Always pairs with Spot if present *Sito Jaxa unique and attributes +2 where present *Once per game, if on Gault, may kill one Youth present * icon may be used to solve missions and pass dilemmas, but Worf does not need an AU doorway to come into play *May stop Odo on first turn present *Any Arbiter of Succession played on him may be redirected to any other Klingon present at any time *Use first STRENGTH value when on Enterprise-D or as part of its Away Team, third value if on DS9, USS Defiant or part of its Away Team, and middle value at all other times
Command icon, Enterprise-E icon, AU, Nemesis icon (against Duras)

>Zefram Cochrane, Personnel, Non-Aligned
(important lore - matching commander: Phoenix)
*ENGINEER *Navigation *CIVILIAN *SCIENCE *Computer Skill *Astrophysics *Physics *Music x½ *Greed *SD Montana Missile Complex, relocating him there *Lily Sloane may report to this location *May play Visit Cochrane Memorial on same planet *All ships in play are RANGE +1 *May "stop" to nullify Blended *May force Vulcan Lander to land at this location *If Lily Sloane present, his attributes are +2 *Any ENGINEER present is attributes +2 but loses last listed skill *Scores 5 points if encounters Ooby Dooby *Magic Carpet Ride OCD and Zefram Cochrane's Telescope may play from hand to his location (need not be acquired) *If affected by Male's Love Interest, you may download Calamarain, Subspace Warp Rift, Energy Vortex or Temporal Rift
Command icon, OCD icon, AU

>Zek, Personnel, Ferengi
(important lore - Nagus)
*Acquisition x5 *Greed x3 *Computer Skill *Leadership x2 *Diplomacy *Law *Smuggling *Treachery *SD Latinum Payoff *SD Any Ferengi objective *Maihar'du may report where present *Attributes all +3 if Ishka present *If in play, may confer Nagus status to Quark or Rom by going back to your hand *May place any FCA personnel in stasis where present *Once per game, may look at any one Dominion player's Hidden Agenda *After going through Bajoran Wormhole the first time, replaces Greed x3 with Honor x3 and thereafter suspends all Rules of Acquisition (nullify by going back through Wormhole) *May not be attacked by Ferengi in personnel battle *Onde per game, may sell any Artifact in your posession to opponent for 20 points (opponent may not refuse) *May report anywhere Quark is present *May redirect any dilemma for which he has just been randomly selected to Quark, Rom or Nog present *May "forget" any one of his skills each turn
Orb icon

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