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Pictures are listed by episode. Set and prop shots that have not appeared as is are listed under the episode in which they first appeared. Many Missions and Treaties are listed under the episode they were first mentioned in. When CGI was used to create the card, that has been noted. Archived at the same rhythm they are compiled on Decipher's BBS. 2E cards are in Green. Updated 04/05/05

Season 1
Broken Bow
(It's a baptism by fire when the Enterprise helps a Klingon get home.)
Guidance of the Council

In Training

On Foreign Ground
Qo'noS - Heart of the Empire (CGI: Praxis added to image)
Racial Tension

Team of Amabassadors

Fight or Flight
(Hoshi gets used to life in space and a gruesome massacre is discovered on a ship.)

Strange New World
(The crew visits a planet with hallucinogenic winds.)
"Rock People"

(Trip gets pregnant.)

Terra Nova
(A lost colony has turned into an alien society.)

The Andorian Incident
(It's pink-skin vs. blue-skin at a Vulcan temple.)
Ungracious Hosts

Breaking the Ice
(The crew digs up comet Archer under the watchful eye of the Vulcans.)

(The crew finally visits an inhabited planet.)

Fortunate Son
(The Nausicaans attack a freighter and Merriweather finally gets a chance to do something.)
Cargo Run
Nausicaan Pirates

Cold Front
(The temporal cold war ramps up while pilgrims join the crew to look at special effects.)
Unexpected Difficulties

Silent Enemy
(Mysterious CGI aliens attack Enterprise.)

Dear Doctor
(Phlox has a dilemma when a dying race asks for help.)

Sleeping Dogs
(Enterprise helps out a Klingon ship in trouble.)

Shadows of P'Jem
(Archer and T'Pol are catpured by Andorians peeved about their last meeting.)

Shuttlepod One
(Trip and Reed are stranded alone on a drifting shuttlepod.)

(T'Pol meets a bunch of rebel melders.)

Rogue Planet
(A seductive creature is hunted by aliens on a rogue planet.)

(First meeting with the Ferengi.)
Ferengi Whip

(Salvage action on a possibly haunted crashed ship.)

(Archer is imprisoned in a camp with innocent Suliban by an oddly familiar warden.)

Vox Sola
(Enterprise deals with a gooey alien not unlike Spideman's webs.)

Fallen Hero
(Enterprise transports a Vulcan diplomat whose Integrity has been called into question.)

Desert Crossing
(Archer meets a friendly terrorist leader and spends the nigh in the desert as a consequence.)

Two Days and Two Nights
(Shennanigans on Risa.)

Shockwave, Part I
(Could Enterprise really be responsible for the destruction of a colony?)

Season 2
Shockwave, Part II
(Archer has to come back from the future to fix the past... oy, my head.)
Daniels - Temporal Enforcer

Carbon Creak
(T'Pol granma lived the simple life [TM] on ol' Earth.)

(Enterprise hits a Romulan mine field.)

Dead Stop
(A super-cool spacedock wants to eat the crew.)

A Night in Sickbay
(Porthos gets sick, Archer won't leave his side.)

(Archer goes up against some Klingon marauders terrorizing a mining colony.)

The Seventh
(T'Pol has to bring in a fugitive she failed to capture 20 years ago.)

The Communicator
(A lost communicator causes a lot of heartache.)

(The crew obsesses over trivial details. Normal for me, something strange for them.)

Vanishing Point
(Hoshi doubts she's a real person after going through the transporter.)

Precious Cargo
(Trip frees an alien female that wasn't meant for him.)
Brute Force

The Catwalk
(The crew takes refuge inside the nacelles.)

(Pretty much "Enemy Mine" with a race against the sunrise.)
Failure to Communicate

(T'Pol's caught a "social disease".)

Cease Fire
(Archer negotiates between Andorians and Vulcans.)

Future Tense
(A future ship falls into Archer's hands, but the Suliban want it back.)

(Archer and Trip head for a penal colony... as prisoners.)

The Crossing
(Enterprise is swallowed by a huge ship full of spirits.)

(Archer is sentenced to Rura Penthe by the Klingons.)

(Mayweather goes home to the ship he was raised in.)

The Breach
(Enterprise rescues a couple of Denobulan geologists.)
Dangerous Climb

(Trip gets in between a couple and their cogenitor.)

(Some Borg from First Contact are found in the Arctic.)

First Flight
(The truth behind Enterprise's engine's first test run.)

(A Tellarite captures Archer for the Klingons.)

The Expanse
(Earth is attacked by the Xindi, and plans are made for the third season.)


Season 3
(The Xindi send Archer an enslaved beauty.)
Alluring Spy


(Enterprise finds one of the aliens that've been changing the Delphic expanse.)

Temporal Test Subject


(While dissension among Xindi ranks festers, Enterprise tries to recover from a devastating attack.)


Season 4
Storm Front
(Archer and the NX-01 find themselves in Earth's past, with events of World War II altered by the Temporal Cold War.)
T'Pol - Austere Commander


(Soong tries to reunite with his beloved genetically engineered kids.)

Unable to situate
(What about these? Unconfirmed reports also given.)

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