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Pictures are listed by scene. Set and prop shots that have not appeared as is are listed under the scene in which they first appeared. When CGI was used to create the card, that has been noted. Archived at the same rhythm they are compiled on Decipher's BBS. 2E cards are in Green. Updated 23/05/05

The Motion Picture (all pics from Director's Cut)
Klingon Battle
(The Klingons get disintegrated by V'ger.)
IKC Amar (CGI: Another K't'inga removed from background)
IKC K't'inga (CGI: V'ger cloud removed from background)
Karnog (CGI: Other Klingon removed from background)
Komal (CGI: Krase removed from foreground)
Krase (CGI: Komal removed from his position leaning on the chair)

(Spock breaks his Kohlinar.)

Starfleet Headquarters
(Kirk finagles his way aboard the Enterprise.)

The new Enterprise
(Long boring pans of the refit Enterprise.)

Welcome aboard
(Everyone but Decker's happy to see Kirk.)

Transporter malfunction
(Rand fries a couple of crew members.)

Mission briefing
(Kirk explains the V'ger situation as Epsilon 9 is destroyed.)

The navigator Ilia
(Ilia comes aboard, drawing stares.)

Friends reunited
(McCoy relunctantly joins the mission.)

Ready for departure
(The ship leaves spacedock and the system.)

The wormhole
(Engine imbalance throws the ship into a wormhole.)
Engine Imbalance

Decker speaks frankly
(Decker has a spat with Kirk, then one with Ilia.)

Spock's arrival
(Spock comes aboard and gives everyone the cold shoulder.)

Warp speed
(Spock fixes everything and reveals he senses V'ger.)

Red alert
(Visual contact with V'ger and Chekov's burnt in a torpedo attack.)

The intruder communicates
(Ilia heals Chekov while Spock detects V'ger's communication.)
Jacobson(CGI: Chapel and Uhura removed from image, frame extended a bit to the left)

Entering the cloud
(Long boring pans of the V'ger cloud.)

The alien vessel
(Long boring pans of V'ger itself.)

Plasma probe
(A probe boards the ship and zaps Ilia.)

Into the maw
(The Enterprise enters V'ger.)

The probe
(V'ger sends a robot duplicate of Ilia to communicate with the crew.)
Willard Decker

Memory patterns
(Decker rekindles feeling in the Ilia probe.)

Spock's journey
(Spock enters V'ger's archives.)

Simple feeling
(Spock explains V'ger's loneliness... and his own.)

Entering Earth orbit
(V'ger arrives at Earth and fires some probes.)

The orifice opens
(Enterprise is allowed to go into the heart of V'ger.)

V'ger revealed
(Turns out V'ger is an old Voyager probe.)

A new life form
(Decker joins with V'ger-Ilia and goes to the Seventh Heaven or somewhere.)

The Wrath of Khan
Kobayashi Maru
(Saavik fails the test.)
Kobayashi Maru Scenario

(Kirk gets glasses for his birthday, highlighting his age.)

Discussing Genesis with the Marcuses
(The Reliant crew talk to the Doctors Marcus about Genesis.)
David Marcus(CGI: technician removed from background)

(Chekov finds Khan on Ceti Alpha V and gets an eel in the ear for his trouble.)
Sarod(CGI: female mutant removed from background)

The Enterprise
(Kirk cuts short his inspection of the ship.)

New orders
(From Khan speaking to Carol through Chekov to Spock handing over Enterprise to Kirk.)
Starship Constitution (TMP)

(Carol's proposal to the Federation.)

(Reliant attacks Enterprise.)
Dedication to Duty
Precise Attack
Prefix Code Transmission
Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold
USS Reliant

(Looking for the staff of Regula 1.)
Clark Terrell

Buried alive
(All underground scenes up to the classic "Khan!!!!!!!!".)
Ceti Eel

Young and old
(Carol and Kirk talk about David while Reliant gets repaired.)
Carol Marcus
I Don't Like to Lose

By the book
(Khan can't find the Enterprise, which has just rescued Kirk's party.)

Battle stations
(With everyone back aboard, they head for the nebula.)

(Battle in the nebula.)
Commander Chekov
Target Warp Field Coils

Warp speed
(Spock sacrifices his life and Khan sets off the Genesis device.)
Captain Spock
No, Kirk... The Game's Not Over
The Genesis Device
The Needs of the Many...

Life and death
(Funeral and epilogue.)
Admiral Kirk
Saavik(CGI: fellow crewman's shoulder removed from image)
Starship Enterprise (TMP)

The Search for Spock
(As Kirk leaves Genesis, Kruge gets wind of its existence.)

A sign of life
(McCoy breaks into Spock's room while the USS Grissom detects lifesigns on Genesis.)
J.T. Esteban
USS Grissom

Vulcan mind meld
(Sarek comes looking for his son's katra.)
Ambassador Sarek

Planet forbidden
(The Grissom team beams to Genesis to which McCoy is trying to get transport.)

Stealing the Enterprise
(The crew rescues McCoy and hijacks the ship.)
Captain Styles
Tahglio (CGI: Sulu removed from foreground)

The Vulcan child
(The Grissom team finds young Spock while their ship is destroyed by Klingons.)

Klingon bird of prey
(Arrival to Genesis and capture of Grissom team.)

Enterprise destruct sequence
(Kirk surrenders, but blows up the ship.)
Born for Conquest
Desperate Sacrifice

The ageing planet
(The final battle between Kirk and Kruge while Genesis falls apart around them.)

The needs of the one
(Back to Vulcan for a quick resurrection.)
At What Cost?
Duj Saq
Fal-tor-pan (CGI: colors compensate for yellow lighting)
Observe Ritual
T'Lar (CGI: colors compensate for yellow lighting)

The Voyage Home
(The Klingon ambassador asks for Kirk's head even as an alien probe closes in on Earth.)

(The crew's on Vulcan while Starfleet has problems wih the probe.)
Amanda Grayson

Heading home
(The Bounty takes off and the probe hits Earth.)

Distress calls
(The probe calls for whales, but only manages to disrupt the oceans.)
Dr. Chapel
The Whale Probe

Time warp
(The time travel trip to 1986 Earth.)
HMS Bounty

San Francisco
(The crew splits up to find whatever they need and Kirk sells his glasses.)

George & Gracie
(A visit of the Cetecean Institute.)
Cetacean Institute (CGI: Visitors removed from bottom of the image)
I Hate You!

Colorful metaphors
(Gillian picks up Kirk and Spock; Team 2 find nuclear wessels.)
Primitive Culture

Professor Scott
(Scotty gives the formula for transparent alumunium to the past.)
Quaint Technology

The truth
(Kirk tells Gillian who he really is.)
Dr. Gillian Taylor

(Chekov gets captured by the aircraft carrier's crew.)
Equipment Malfunction
Now Would Be A Good Time

Unwelcome guest
(When the whales are released, Gillian heads back for the park.)

(Chekov is broken out of the hospital.)

Whale hunt
(The whales are rescues from whalers.)

Crash landing
(Return to the future and crash in San Francisco Bay.)

The Enterprise
(Kirk's "court-martial" leads to a new assignment.)
USS Enterprise-A

From Outer Space to the Ocean - documentary
(Available on Special Edition DVD.)
George and Gracie

The Final Frontier
Secret Pain
(In the intro, Sybok heals an alien and laughs his head off.)
Sybok (exact image not in the film)

Shore leave
(Kirk climbs - and fall off of - a mountain.)

Paradise lost
(Attack on Paradise City and alert to cancel the Enterprise's shore leave.)
Caithlin Dar
General Korrd
St. John Talbot (CGI: General Korrd removed from background)

(Kirk, Spock and McCoy sit around the campfire singing songs and eating beans.)

Space garbage
(Klaa destroys an old Voyager probe, and the heroes return to the Enterprise.)
IKC Chontay

Ghost from the past
(In the message from Nimbus III, Spock sees Sybok.)

Storming the city
(The crew mounts a rescue.)
The Moon's a Window to Heaven

Stealing the ship
(From the shuttle's approach to the commandeering attempt.)

Jail break
(Scotty breaks the gang out of the brig for some turboshaft action.)

Releasing the pain
(Sybok gives Spock and McCoy visions.)
Release This Pain

(The ship pierces the Galactic Barrier and beams people to Sha Ka Ree.)
The Discovery of Sha Ka Ree

The masks of God
(An alien calling himself God tries to commandeer the Enterprise.)
What Does God Need With a Starship?

(Kirk is trapped on Sha Ka Ree.)

Brothers in arms
(Reception on the Enterprise.)

The Undiscovered Country
Sulu's mission
(Sulu detects the explosion of a Klingon moon.)
USS Excelsior

Starfleet Headquarters
(The briefing about that incident.)
Admiral Cartwright

Kirk meets Valeris
(Spock introduces his intended replacement.)

Guess who's coming to dinner?
(Starfleet and Klingons are the same table?)
Chancellor Gorkon
Disgraceful Assault
General Chang
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Kronos One

Bones operates
(The attack on Kronos One leads to Kirk and McCoy trying to save Gorkon.)
Brigadier Kurla
Don't Let It End This Way

(Dealings in the president's office and Azetbur's meeting room.)

Klingon justice
(Kirk and McCoy's Klingon trial.)
Colonel Worf
Kor'choth (CGI: Klingon in window removed from image)

Rura Penthe
(As the search begins, Kirk and McCoy make their place on a penal asteroid.)
Harsh Conditions
Miner Disagreement

Chekov's clue
(More of the search, including Chekov finding blood on the transporter pad.)

Ice campfire
(As the Enterprise races to Rura Penthe, Kirk and McCoy escape into the cold, but it's a trap.)
Head to Head
Linguistic Legerdemain

Surprise at sick bay
(Valeris exposed and interrogated.)

The secret weapon
(From the conference's start to the Kla'Diyus' first shot.)
Camp Khitomer
IKC Kla'Diyus

Space battle!
(Excelsior arrives to kick some butt.)
Cry "Havoc!"
No Peace in Our Time
To Be Or Not To Be

(The crew stops an assassination attempt on the Federation president.)
Assassination Attempt
Assassination Plot

(One last scene on the Enterprise's bridge.)
Commander Uhura
Dr. McCoy
Mission Accomplished
Mr. Scott

(Kirk seems to lose his life on the Enterprise-B's first day.)
Demora Sulu (CGI: 2 journalists and 2 crew members, including Voight, removed from background)
John Harriman
Mark Tobiaston
USS Enterprise-B

Worf's promotion
(Worf is promoted - and soaked - on the holodeck.)

Armagosa Observatory
(Soren is found on an observatory attacked by Romulans.)

Emotion chip
(Data has the emotion chip finally installed, finds out he hates a drink.)

The fire in which we burn
(Soren asks Picard to return to the observatory.)
Tolian Soran - Renegade Scientist

Emotion chip malfunction
(Geordi is captured by Soren as Data goes haywire with emotion.)
Mr. Tricorder

The fire in which Picard burns
(Picard deals with the death of his family and the star goes supernova.)

Soren's allies
(Soren talks with the Sisters of Duras as Guinan explains his motivation.)
B'Etor - Ambitious Renegade
Lursa - Ambitious Renegade

Stellar cartography
(Picard and Data figure out Soren's plan in stellar cartography.)

Arrival at Veridian
(A prisoner exchange at Veridian III.)
Dr. Tolian Soran

Veridian, first try
(Picard tries to stop Soren.)

Klingon offensive
(The Sisters of Duras attack the Enterprise.)
Dokar (CGI: B'etor, Lursa and another Klingon removed from image)
I Just Love Scanning for Life-Forms
Power to the Shields

Saucer crash
(The Sisters succeed and the Enterprise saucer section makes a landing.)

(Soren destroys the Veridian system while he and Picard step into the Nexus.)
The Nexus

Picard's Christmas
(Picard's fantasy in the Nexus contains clues about his real mission.)


Kirk in the Nexus
(Picard convinces Kirk to leave his fantasy behind.)
Lure of the Nexus

James T. Kirk - Living Legend

Veridian, second try
(Kirk and Picard stop Soren before he succeeds, but at a price.)
Final Adventure

James T. Kirk

(Picard throws a Kurlan Naiskos in the trash, Data finds Spot and they leave Kirk's body on Veridian III to set up Star Trek VIII: The Search for Kirk.)

First Contact
Picard's dream and waking
(From the opening credits to Hayes's call.)
Admiral Hayes
Biological Distinctiveness
Borg Outpost
Borg Servo
Retask (CGI: Picard removed from picture)
Sense the Borg
Service the Collective

Neutral Zone Blues
(From the briefing to their leaving for Earth.)
Abandon Mission
Beverly Crusher (FC)
Data (FC)
Geordi LaForge (FC) (not actual shot; possibly cast photo)
Jean-Luc Picard (FC)
Mirror Image
Mission Debriefing
Patrol Neutral Zone
USS Bozeman (mentioned)
USS Enterprise-E
Wall of Ships (set shot)
William T. Riker (FC)

The battle
(From the second we see the Borg Cube to the launch of the Sphere.)
Assimilate Planet
Borg Cube (not actual shot)
Borg Sphere (not actual shot)
Deanna Troi (FC)
Eliminate Starship
Espionage Mission (not actual shot)
Evasive Maneuvers
Launch Portal (not actual shot)
Phaser Banks
Photon Torpedo
Primary Energy Weapon
Quantum Torpedo
Queen's Borg Cube (not actual shot)
Queen's Borg Cube
Queen's Borg Sphere (not actual shot)
Salvage Starship
Sphere Encounter
Target Shields
Target These Coordinates
USS Thunderchild
Weak Spot

Travel to 21st century
(From the destruction of the Cube to the Vortex disappearing.)
Assimilate Homeworld
Changed History (repeated from 1E's Assimilate Homeworld)

Population 9 Billion - All Borg (CGI based on a line spoken here)
Pursuit Course
Temporal Vortex
Temporal Wake

Borg attack on Montana
(From the shot of Montana from the air to the destruction of the Sphere.)
Stop First Contact

Meeting Lily
(From the crew beaming down to Lily beaming up.)
Antique Machine Gun
Lack of Preparation
Shot in the Back
Theta-Radiation Poisoning

Meanwhile, in Engineering
(From Picard's call to Geordi to Eiger's assimilation, includes the "loving the missile" scene.)
Assign Mission Specilists (CGI from cast shots)
Dr. Royce (cast picture)
Inge Eiger
Lisa Azar (cast picture)
Paul Porter (not exact shot)
Richard Wilkins (cast picture)
Undetected Beam-In

Sickbay and meanwhile, on the bridge
(From Picard's call to Worf to Lily escaping.)
Alyssa Ogawa (FC) (not exact shot)
E.M.H. Program

E.M.H. Program
Fractal Enccryption Code
I'm a Doctor, Not a Doorstop

(Picard discusses the plans to attack Engineering.)
Lightner (not exact shot)
Starfleet Type III Phaser Rifle (prop shot)
Worf (FC)

Drinking binge
(From Riker's entry into the bar to Cochrane's restarting of the jukebox.)
Ooby Dooby

Down the corridor and first phaser fight
(From Data's anxiety scene to Picard escaping through the hatch.)
8 of 19 - Assault Drone
6 of 19 - Reassimilation Drone
6 of 11 - Quantum Drone
10 of 19 - Tachyon Drone (not exact shot)
3 of 19 - Talon Drone
2 of 19 - Transwarp Drone
Android Headlock
Assimilation Tubules
Joseph Travis (not exact shot)
Mercy Kill
Obarakeh (not exact shot)
Prepare Assault Teams

Lily meets Picard
(Short scene as Lily ambushes Picard.)
My First Raygun

Data for dinner
(Data's first conversation with the Queen.)
1 of 11 - Procurement Drone
Access Denied
Activate Subcommands
Assimilation Table (prop shot; background from Picard's reunion with the Queen)

Cochrane's conversion
(Cochrane is told about the future.)
Zefram Cochrane
Zefram Cochrane's Telescope

Back on deck 16
(From Feds facing Borg in the corridors to the scene on the bridge with Worf in command.)
Adapt: Negate Obstruction
Add Distinctiveness
Resistance Is Futile
We Are the Borg

Lily's conversion
(Scene with the window opening on to Earth.)
The Big Picture

The Queen appears
(From the question "Are you ready" to the Queen blowing on Data's arm.)
5 of 11 - Cyber Drone
Borg Queen
Long Live the Queen
Tempted By Flesh

Lily meets the Borg
(From the discussion on the Federation to entering the Holodeck doors.)
18 of 19 - Astrogation Drone
16 of 19 - Survey Drone
Assimilate Starship (not exact shot)

Dixon Hill
(From choosing the program to Picard taking off for the bridge.)
Disengage Safety Protocols
Don't Call Me Ahab
Invasive Drone
Nicki the Nose
Opposition Drone
Strict Dress Code

Cochrane the idol
(From crewmembers hounding Cochrane to his taking off to take a leak.)
Hero Worship
Ocular Implant
Reginald Barclay (FC)
Visit Cochrane Memorial (CGI based on this scene)

Prologue to hull scene
(4 scenes: Discussion on the bridge about the beacon, the ground team spotting Cochrane in the woods, the space team suiting up, and their first moments on the hull.)
Borg Neuroprocessor
Environmental Suit

Data's escape attempt
(From the shot of skin being grafted onto Data to his kissing the Queen.)
2 of 11 - Transport Drone
Borg Kiss
Dead End

On the hull
(Inlcudes short scene of ground crew catching up to Cochrane.)
11 of 17 - Complink Drone
15 of 17 - Countermeasure Drone
9 of 17 - Multiplexor Drone
6 of 17 - Sabotage Drone
2 of 17 - Unity Drone
A Change of Plans
Adapt: Modulate Shields
Assimilate This!
Build Interplexing Beacon
Continuity Drone
Facilitation Drone
Negation Drone
Requisitions Drone

Targeted for Assimilation

One hour before lift-off
(Opening of the launch bay doors and discussion about Cochrane's vision.)
Montana Missile Complex

Picard and Worf's disagreement
(From McClure's walking onto the bridge to Lily foing into the conference room.)
Thomas McClure

Lily confronts Ahab
(Everything in the conference room.)
The Line Must Be Drawn Here

(Interlaced with 1st warp launch scene: from Picard's ordder to the pods leaving the ship.)
Emergency Evacuation

1st warp launch
(Interlaced with Evacuation scene: from Montana complex shots to the Phoenix getting to orbit.)
Magic Carpet Ride OCD

Picard's reunion with the Queen
(From Picard walking onto deck 16 to Data's betrayal.)
11 of 19 - Bio-Med Drone
Assimilate Counterpart
He Will Make an Excellent Drone
One With the Borg
Three-Dimensional Thinking

1st warp flight
(Interlaced with Picard's reunion with the Queen and the Last battle scenes: from bringing the warp core online to going back to Earth.)
Crew Reassignment
Intermix Ratio

Last battle
(From targeting the Phoenix with torpedoes to Data and Picard walking out of Engineering)
Alas, Poor Queen
Balancing Act
Borg Queen - Perfectionist
Scorched Hand

First Contact
(From the captain's last log to beam-out.)
Kathleen Tonell
Lily Sloan
Live Long and Prosper
Vulcan Lander

(Last scene on the bridge, followed by last scene on the ground.)
Make It So
Primitive Culture
Ready Room Door

(Judged to be entirely CGI and not based on any specific episodes.)
Borg Scout Vessel (based on episode "I, Borg")
Establish Gateway
Scout Encounter
Transwarp Network Gateway

(Used on promotional products only.)
9 of 11 - Interlink Drone (promotional poster)

Unable to locate
(Not in the film, and unable to determine where they would have fit.)
4 of 11 - Guard Drone (Data for dinner?)
13 of 19 - Tactical Drone
One With the Borg
Reconnaissance Drone
Transwarp Drone

Ba'ku village
(Intro and Data on a rampage.)
Rae'alin (CGI: Starfleet officer removed from right)

Secondary protocols
(Diplomatic mission on the Enterprise.)
Diplomatic Overture

The Son'a
(We meet the Son'a as the Enterprise arrives to the Briar Patch.)
Analyze Radiation (CGI: Enterprise-E removed from foreground)

"A British Tar"
(Picard and Worf capture Data with a song.)

Rescuing the hostages
(First contact with the Ba'ku.)

Therapeutic postures
(Courtship resumes between Troi and Riker.)
I Need A Little Counseling

A few loose ends
(Investigation of Data's malfunction and discovery of holoship.)

Metaphasic radiation
(The crew gets younger and Picard wonders just how old the Ba'ku are.)
Smooth as an Android's Bottom?

Abandon the Prime Directive
(Picard confronts Dougherty, oh, and a face-stretching session.)
Matthew Dougherty

Lock and load
(Picard's crew goes AWOL as Rua'fo orders their elimination.)

Evacuating the village
(Picard evacuates the Ba'ku village under siege by the Son'a.)
Transport Inhibitor

Send your ships
(Rua'fo convinces Dougherty to let him send ships after the Enterprise.)

Do machines ever play?
(Artim and Data have a good time.)

A perfect moment
(Picard and Anij have a good - if slow - time.)
Heightened Perception

Aggressive tendencies
(The Enterprise is attacked by Son'a ships, the Ba'ku by transporter drones.)
Isolytic Burst
Son'a Shuttle

Inside the caves
(The Ba'ku run into a cave system.)

The Riker maneuver
(While the Ba'ku are moved to farther caves, Riker destroys a Son'a ship persuing the Enterprise.)
Isomagnetic Disintegrator
Riker Maneuver

Don't let go
(A cave-in imperils Anij's life.)
Transporter Drones

A blood feud
(Picard and Anij are captured, and Dougherty challenges Rua'fo's.)
I Do Not Take Orders From You!

(Rebel Son'a help the Bak'u.)
Injector Assembly One

An illusion
(Rua'fo's victory is only a holoprogram on the holoship.)
Collect Metaphasic Particles

The collector
(Rua'fo and Picard square off aboard the Collector.)

The healing process
(The surviving Son'a are embraced by the Ba'ku, other epilogues, etc.)

Unable to situate
(Unable to determine where it fits in the film.)
Son'a Battleship

(Note: When these cards were made, the film hadn't come out and Decipher used whatever material was made available to them, which explains why so many pics are not exact shots, being production photography stills, trailer footage, reversed shots and alternate takes.)

(Shots that are in the trailer, but not in the film in this exact form.)
Engage Cloak
Explosive Decompression
Peacemaker or Predator?
Shinzon - Romulan Praetor (from deleted scene The Time for Conquest)
The Reman Mines

(The Romulan Senate gets killed.)
Dissolving the Senate
Hiren - Romulan Praetor (not exact shot)
Inside Collaborators
Power Shift
Prejudice and Politics (not exact shot)
Romulus - Seat of Power (not exact shot)
Sabrun (deleted entirely from film)
Supervise Dilithium Mine (not exact shot)
Talvin (not exact shot)

Blue Skies
(A wedding reception for Will and Deanna.)

Positronic Signature
(B-4 is detected.)
Deanna Troi - Guide and Conscience
Planetary Survey
USS Enterprise-E - Federation Envoy

Unsafe Velocities
(The hunt for B-4 and subsequent chase by the Kolarans AKA the dune buggy sequence.)
Jean-Luc Picard - Argo Pilot (not exact shot)
Kolaran Raiders (not exact shot)
Picking up the Pieces
Pursuit Just Behind (not exact shot)

Sailing into the Unknown
(Janeway sends Picard to Romulus.)
How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus? (not exact shot)
Kathryn Janeway - Wry Admiral (not exact shot)
Mission Briefing (not exact shot)

Memory Download
(Data dumps himself into B-4.)
Geordi LaForge - Chief Engineer (not exact shot)

(The Scimitar decloaks. Reaction shots all around.)
Scimitar - Predator (not exact shot)
USS Sovereign

Praetor Shinzon
(First meeting with Shinzon on the dark steps.)
DNA Analysis
Limited Welcome

(Shinzon is at odds with the Romulan military that allowed him to take power.)
Chance Observation
Donatra - Compassionate Patriot (not exact shot)
Suran - Ambitious Commander (not exact shot)

Not Quite Human
(Shinzon and Picard have a quiet dinner.)
A Living Death (not exact shot)

(Shinzon invades Deanna's mind... and her bed.)

The Echo Over the Voice
(Another torture room scene for Picard.)
B-4 - Dangerous Simpleton

Dralvak (not exact shot)
Emergency Transport Unit

(Data and Picard escape from the Scimitar.)
Chagrith (not exact shot)
Shinzon - Capable Commander (not exact shot)

Rate of Decay
(Shinzon is decaying as is his alliance with the Romulans.)
Tal'Aura - Impatient Senator (CGI: superimposed on different background elements)

Battle Stations
(The Enterprise prepares for battle.)
Beverly Crusher - Chief Medical Officer (not exact shot)
Empathic Touch (not exact shot)
Empathic Touch (not exact shot; repeated from 2E)
Systems Diagnostic

But Through a Glass Darkly
(Data and Picard talking in Astrometrics.)
Data - Aspirer (not exact shot)
Jean-Luc Picard - Explorer (not exact shot)

Romulan Assistance
(The battle is joined and the Romulans turn on Shinzon.)
Soterus (actually the Valdore)
The Viceroy - Shinzon's Protector (not exact shot)

Remember Me?
(Troi helps find Shinzon's ship with her mind while the Remans board the ship.)
Enemy Boarding Party (not exact shot)
Kelly - Relief Tactical Officer (not exact shot)
Thexor (not exact shot)
Worf - Security Detail Leader (not exact shot)

Brace for Impact
(Riker fights the Viceroy and Troi has another driving accident.)
Brutal Struggle (not exact shot)

Worth Dying For
(Picard beams over to the Scimitar to stop Shinzon's weapon.)

Face of the Enemy
(Data jumps over to the Scimitar to help Picard.)
Personal Duty (not exact shot)

Journey's End
(Some characters go boom.)

New Horizons
(Tying up some loose ends B-4 it's all over.)

Deleted Scene: The Time of Conquest
(Shinzon speaks to the Romulan Senate.)
Change of Heart (not exact shot)

No home yet
Command Decisions
Inspiring Leader
William T. Riker - Number One

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