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Pictures are listed by episode. Set and prop shots that have not appeared as is are listed under the episode in which they first appeared. Many Missions and Treaties are listed under the episode they were first mentioned in. When CGI was used to create the card, that has been noted. Archived at the same rhythm they are compiled on Decipher's BBS. 2E cards are in Green. Updated 23/05/05

Season 1
The Cage
(Captain Pike is horndoggled by Talosian illusions.)
Christopher Pike
Talosian Cage
Talosian Trial
The Orion Underworld

Vina - Orion Slave Girl

Where No Man Has Gone Before
(Flying into the Galactic Barrier makes gods of men.)
Your Time Is Fading

The Man Trap
(The original saltsucker's got a thing for McCoy!)

Charlie X
(A boy with godlike powers imposes his puberty on the crew.)

The Naked Time
(Alcoholic water makes the crew go crazy.)

The Enemy Within
(Dr. Tiberius and Mr. Kirk.)

Mudd's Women
(Enter Harry Mudd and his ladies for sale.)

What Are Little Girls Made Of?
(Chapel's husband makes androids for a living.)
Dr. Roger Korby (CGI: Nurse Chapel edited from shot)
Ruk - Old One Servitor

Side by Side

(The crew visits a planet where there are no grown-ups.)

Dagger of the Mind
(A experiment in criminality treatment turns deadly at a penal colony.)

The Corbomite Maneuver
(Kirk plays his famous gambit against a giant ship.)
Fesarius (CGI: Starship Enterprise removed from image)
Lt. Bailey
Lt. Sulu
Yeoman Rand

The Menagerie
(Spock and Captain Pike relive their adventure from The Cage.)

The Conscience of the King
(Is that Shakespearean actor a genocidal killer?)

Balance of Terror
(Enter the Romulans.)
The Centurion

Shore Leave
(A planet makes every wish a reality.)

The Galileo Seven
(A shuttle crashlands stranding 7 crew members.)
Classic Type II Phaser
Starship Constitution (CGI: Registry number changed from 1701 to 1700)

The Squire of Gothos
(A young godling messes around with the good captain, à la Q.)
A Royal Hunt

(Kirk is pitted against a lizard man in a contest of survival.)
Artillery Attack
Gorn Encounter
Sherman's Peak

Tomorrow Is Yesterday
(The Enterprise goes back to the 60s to save Roddenberry some money.)
Lt. Kyle

(Kirk on trial.)

The Return of the Archons
(A computer-run society absorbs people into its collective.)

Space Seed
(Kirk and crew unthaw tyrant superman Kahn.)
Legal Proceedings

A Taste of Armageddon
(A virtual war forces "casualties" to report for disintegration.)

This Side of Paradise
(Spock falls in love on the planet of the spores.)

The Devil in the Dark
(Miners get run over by a shag rug.)
I'm a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer

Errand of Mercy
(Enter... the Klingons!)
Organian Peace Treaty

The Alternative Factor
(The matter and anti-matter universes collide.)
Short Circuit

The City on the Edge of Forever
(Kirk and Harlan Ellison must make the ultimate sacrifice when a time-traveling donut sends the crew back to the Depression.)
Historical Research
The Edge of Forever
The Guardian of Forever (CGI: personnel removed from image)

Operation - Annihilate!
(Evil jello blinds Spock.)
Denevan Neural Parasites

Season 2
Amok Time
(Spock returns to Vulcan to mate.)

Who Mourns for Adonais?
(The Greek god Apollo in space.)

The Changeling
("I am NOMAD. I am PERFECT.")

Mirror, Mirror
(The crew visits a morally inversed universe.)
Agony Booth
Chief Engineer Scott
Chief Navigator Chekov
Chief Surgeon McCoy
Comm Officer Uhura
Crewman Wilson
Emblem of the Empire
Emergency Conversion
Ensign Davis
Ensign Gaffney (CGI: Kirk removed from image)
First Officer Spock
Halkan Council (CGI: characters removed from image)
ISS Constitution
ISS Enterprise
Lt. Moreau
Marlena Moreau
Mine Dilithium
Mirror Dagger
James Tiberius Kirk
Security Chief Sulu
Tantalus Field
Transporter Chief Kyle (CGI: First Officer Spock removed from image)
Transporter Mixup

The Apple
(Space Polynesians are ruled by a computer.)

The Doomsday Machine
(A space cigar - or ice cream cone - eats everything in its path.)
Lt. Palmer

(A pair of witches harass the crew.)
Sympathetic Magic

I, Mudd
(Mudd becomes king of the androids.)

(Zefram Cochrane is found kept alive by the Companion.)

Journey to Babel
(Murder during a diplomatic conference.)

Friday's Child
(Mining rights, the Klingons' most forgettable appearance, and a baby to protect. Oh, and Catwoman.)
Lt. Grant  (CGI: Kirk and Spock removed from image)

The Deadly Years
(The bridge crew starts aging very rapidly - no, this isn't one of the movies.)

(Kirk has it in for a vampiric cloud.)

Wolf in the Fold
(Jack the Ripper in space.)

The Trouble with Tribbles
(Furry creatures jeopardize an agricultural mission.)
1 Tribble [Bonus]
1 Tribble [Discard]
10 Tribbles [Go]
10 Tribbles [Poison]
10,000 Tribbles [Rescue]
100,000 Tribbles [Clone]
100,000 Tribbles [Rescue] (CGI: Uhura in Kirk's usual place)
Agricultural Assessment
Arne Darvin
Captain Koloth (CGI: Korax removed from image)
Deep Space Station K-7
Dr. McCoy
Ensign Chekov
Lt. Uhura (CGI: Chekov removed from image)
Mr. Scott
Mr. Spock (CGI: Captain Kirk and his shadow removed from image)
Nilz Baris
Storage Compartment Door
Trouble in the Engine Room
Trouble in the Transporters
Trouble on the Bridge
Trouble on the Station

The Gamesters of Triskelion
(Kirk must fight in gladiator games run by colored brains.)

A Piece of the Action
(Planet of the gangsters.)

The Immunity Syndrome
(Attack of the giant space amoeba.)

A Private Little War
(Klingons are running guns to a primitive society.)

Return to Tomorrow
(Kirk, Spock and Pulaski are inhabited by spirits from a long-dead civilization.)

Patterns of Force
(Planet of the Nazis.)

By Any Other Name
(An advanced race turns the crew into sugar cubes and head for Andromeda.)
Kelvan Show of Force
Kelvan Show of Force (repeated from 1E)

The Omega Glory
(Would you believe Yanks and Commies developped on another planet?)

The Ultimate Computer
(A computer designed to run a starship goes kookoo.)

Bread and Circuses
(Planet of the Romans.)

Assignment: Earth
(Gary Seven decides to have a pilot in the middle of a season finale.)

Season 3
Spock's Brain
(Spock's brain is stolen.)

The Enterprise Incident
(Kirk and Spock steal a cloaking device from the Romulans.)
Battle Cruiser (CGI: colors green-shifted)
Classic Disruptor (CGI: object and background composited from different shots)
Commander Chervanek
D'vano (CGI: Spock removed from foreground)
Gorrus (CGI: other guard removed from image)
Nurse Chapel
Romulan Cloaking Device (CGI: Kirk removed from background)
Subcommander Tal
The Enterprise Incident
Treaty: Romulan/Klingon (despite TNG logo)
Vulcan "Death Grip"

The Paradise Syndrome
(Space spores make Spock and the crew totally happy.)

And the Children Shall Lead
(Annoying kids call up a ghost to take over the ship.)

Is There in Truth No Beauty?
(A blind ambassador falls in love with the ugliest thing in the galaxy.)

Spectre of the Gun
(Kirk and crew reenact the gunfight at the OK Corral.)
History Repeats Itself
Wyatt Earp

Day of the Dove
(Something forces humans and Klingons to fight for eternity on the Enterprise.)

For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
(McCoy falls in love on a world inside an asteroid.)

The Tholian Web
(The ship is trapped in an energy web.)

Plato's Stepchildren
(A race of greek telekineticists traps the Enterprise for giggles.)

Wink of an Eye
(Attack of the invisible superfast aliens.)
Biochemical Hyperacceleration

The Empath
(Aliens study compassion using a mute empath.)

Elaan of Troyius
(The ultimate spoiled princess makes Kirk fall in love with her.)

Whom Gods Destroy
(A visit to an insane asylum.)

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
(Two beings from a race of oreo cookies fight over which sid of their face is black or white.)

The Mark of Gideon
(An overpopulated world tries to get Kirk's DNA.)

That Which Survives
(A killer hologram is on the loose, but she can only kill one at a time.)
Lt. D'Amato

The Lights of Zetar
(Scotty's girlfriend is possessed by space lights.)

Requiem for Methuselah
(The crew meets the galaxy's oldest man.)

The Way to Eden
(Space hippies!)

The Cloudminders
(Miners work for a society living in the clouds and Kirk can't stand it.)

The Savage Curtain
(Abraham Lincoln in space.)
Kahless - The Unforgettable

All Our Yesterdays
(A whole planet escapes into its past c/o Mr. Atoz.)

Turnabout Intruder
(Captain Kirk, why are you a woman?)
Lack of Preparation

Unable to situate
(What about these? Unconfirmed reports also given.)


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