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Pictures are listed by product. When CGI was used to create the card, that has been noted. Archived at the same rhythm they are compiled on Decipher's BBS.

Star Trek Omnipaedia CD-ROM
(Official shots that nevertheless do not come from the episodes.)

A Klingon Challenge
(The VCR game and its unreleased sequel.)
Commandeer Ship
Q the Referee (from unreleased sequel)

(The computer game of space battle.)
Chain Reaction Pulsar (CGI)
Chain Reaction Ricochet (CGI)
Explore Black Cluster II (Outpost)
Explore Typhon Expanse II (Outpost)
Investigate Anomaly II (Outpost)
Investigate Sighting II (Outpost)
Secret Salvage II (Outpost)
USS Jupiter (CGI)

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