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[1] H'atoria
[2] H'ohk, Professor
[3] H'Ta
[4] Ha'DlBah
[5] Ha'mara

[1] Select New Governor, Mission, planet, Klingon
H'atoria: Select new governor for this colony near the Klingon/Federation border.
-VIP + Leadership + INTEGRITY>30 OR Governor Worf
-Span: 2; 30 points

[2] Professor H'ohk, Personnel, Klingon/Federation
"Instructor at Starfleet Academy. Captain Kathryn Janeway's Klingon physiology teacher there. On loan from Klingon Imperial Academy."
-MEDICAL, Honor, Diplomacy, Biology; SD Medical PADD; 

[3] H'Ta, Personnel, Klingon, 
"Klingon warrior. Son of Kahmar. Representative of Klingons inducted by Gowron into the Order of the Bat'leth. Made his father proud."

[4] Ha'DlBah, Interrupt
"Klingon word meaning 'animal', often used as an insult to warriors who have crossed a certain line."
-Downloads up to 3  ANIMAL personnel to your facility. OR Nullifies Klingon Insults. OR "Unstops" your Klingons with Treachery OR ANIMAL at one location to initiate personnel battle against opposing personnel there.

[5] Ha'mara, Event, Countdown: 3
"Bajoran holiday held on the anniversary of the Emissary's arrival to show their gratitute to the Prophets for sending him."
-Plays on table. While in play, The Emissary may play for free. For each  icon personnel you have in play, at the end of each of your turns, you may draw an extra card.

[1] I decided not to make this a time location deal, though it appeared in "All Good Things..."
[2] Made up some of the lore.
[3] SECURITY is one mission specialty as yet unrepresented.
[4] Your personnel must still have a leader in order to legally attack. Your personnel may not be unstopped for any other reason. And personnel who don't have either Treachery or ANIMAL are not unstopped.
[5] That's one extra card per [Orb] icon personnel in addition to your normal card draw.

[6] Haakona
[7] Haakonian Order
[8] Haakonians
[9] Habak
[10] Habitat Ring

[6] Exists as Haakona.

[7] Investigate War Crimes, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt, 
Haakonian space: Investigate war crimes committed against the Talaxian people by Haakonian nation.
-(Law x2 OR Kathryn Janeway) + INTEGRITY>45 OR Neelix
-Span: 3; 40 points

[8] Long-Standing Grudge, Dilemma, space/planet
"The Talaxian Neelix ws unready to forgive the Haakonians for the deaths of his family. Many species who were noce at war have similar difficulties."
-Target two personnel from different species (except Vulcans or androids; random selection). One with lowest STRENGTH is killed (if tie, one with highest INTEGRITY; if tie again, Away Team or crew is "stopped".) Discard dilemma.

[9] Habak, Event
"Holy place used by Native American colonists on Dorvan V. The site of their vision quests as well as other rituals and ceremonies."
-Plays on any  location (for free if Dorvan V). One Native American personnel may report there for free each turn OR, in place of your card draw, you may download Vision Quest, Mansara OR Medicine Bundle to this location.

[10] Crew Quarters, Site, 
-If unoccupied, one compatible personnel per turn (except VIP, CIVILIAN, ANIMAL or ) may report here regardless of quadrant. If Red Alert in play, at anytime, you may relocate any personnel here to Ops or a site that would normally report them. You may do the same if Yellow Alert in play, but only at the start of your turn. (Cannot be used to download personnel through Ops.)
-Any Nor[Habitat Ring]

[6] n/a
[7] This one's got Voyager written all over it.
[8] Simply do the usual random selections until two personnel from different species are picked.
[9] Chakotay's presence on Voyager has really spawned a number of Native American-related cards. This one's from an earlier show, but still relevant. A sort of mini-HQ. You can either report a personnel OR download a card.
[10] You may report OFFICERs, MEDICALs, ENGINEERs, SCIENCE and SECURITY here, but no Non-Aligneds of any sort. A Dominion held Nor may report Gamma quadrant personnel here. Relocating personnel is a matter of where they could normally report: SECURITY may relocate to Security Office, ENGINEER to OPC, MEDICAL to Infirmiry and so on. "At any time" means even during your opponent's turn.

[11] Hacopian, Dr.
[12] Hadar, Gul
[13] Haden, Admiral
[14] Haftel, Admiral
[15] Hagath

[11] Dr. Hacopian, Personnel, Federation
"Staff physician assigned to the Enterprise-D in 2370. Called in to help with Barclay's protomorphosis syndrome."
-MEDICAL, Biology; May nullify Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease where present; Your opponent may only score 5 points from Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease while in play; 

[12] Hadar, Personnel, Cardassian
"Gul. Member of the Cardassian High Command. Present on Terok Nor when Odo was 'revealed' in the 2360s. Enjoyed Odo's Cardassian neck trick."
-OFFICER, Leadership, Exobiology; May "stop" or expose one shape-shifter present every turn; 

[13] Admiral Haden, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet officer stationed on Lya III. Transmitted Priority 1 orders regarding Alidar Jarok incident. Confirmed the USS Phoenix attacked Cardassians."
-VIP, Leadership, SECURITY x2; SD Treaty: Cardassian/Federation; While in play, Alidar Jarok may work with 

[14] Admiral Haftel, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet officer and cyberneticist. In 2366, attempted to gain custody of Lal from Data, because he believed she would be better studied elsewhere."
-OFFICER, SCIENCE, Cybernetics, ENGINEER; May nullify System-Wide Cascade Failure where present; 

[15] Exists as Hagath.

[11] Barclay's your opponent encounters are only worth 5 points instead of 10. If scored while Hacopian is in play, the bonus points are 5 for remainder of game, no matter if he is later discarded.
[12] He can't do both to the same shape-shifter whithin a turn.
[13] I just have to give more incentive for using Alidar Jarok...
[14] That's three classifications.
[15] n/a

[16] Hagen, Andrus
[17] Hagler, Lieutenant Edward
[18] Hagon
[19] Hajar, Cadet Second Class Jean
[20] Hakton VII

[16] Andrus Hagen, Personnel, Federation
"Betazoid male. Science adviser aboard USS Brattain. Was in contact with unknown aliens while trapped inside Tyken's Rift."
-SCIENCE, Empathy x2, Astrophysics; SD Eyes in the Dark; 

[17] Edward Hagler, Personnel, Federation, 
"Lieutenant. Representative of Enterprise-D crew members abducted, and exprimented upon, by solanogen-based aliens in 2369."
-SCIENCE, Physics, Geology; SD Subspace Schism (per copy of this card); Automatically targeted by Alien Abduction; 

[18] Hagon, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Former aide to Ligonian leader Lutan. Ascended to great power on Ligon II when he became First One to the wealthy Yareena."
-VIP, Leadership, Greed, Honor; Attributes all +2 if Yareena present

[19] Jean Hajar, Personnel, Federation
"Human female. Cadet second class. Team navigator of Starfleet Academy's ill-fated Nova Squadron in 2368. Lost one year of schooling."
-OFFICER, Navigation, Youth; SD Diamond Slot Formation; SD Yeager Loop; SD Immelmann Turn

[20] Retalliation for Bombing, Mission, planet, Cardassian
Demilitarized Zone*Hakton VII: Retalliate for Maquis bombing on Cardassian colony by assassinating suspected Maquis members.
-(SECURITY x4 OR Obsidian Order x2) + Treachery + hand weapon + STRENGTH>45
-Span: 3; 35 points; Your side: All opposing  icon personnel present are killed when solved. Opponent's side:  outposts may seed here.

[16] I've chosen to keep the word "Brattain" (from the Encyclopedia) rather than "Brittain" (from the ship card).
[17] The game text supercedes the rule that special downloads may only be used once per game no matter how many copies of the downloading card are in play. It may still only be used once per card, though the download is restored if Hagler is discarded and later returns to play.
[18] n/a
[19] Three defensive Tactical Downloads, which don't include the way-too-dangerous Kolvoord Starburst.
[20] The special game text in no way disallows other facilities from being built later.

[21] Halanans
[22] Halee system
[23] "Half a Life"
[24] Hali
[25] Halii

[21] Mate for Life, Interrupt
"Many cultures mate for life, such as the telepathic Halanans of New Halana, whose commitment to their spouses known no bounds."
-Plays on any personnel just affected by a Love Interest or Romance dilemma. In addition to the effects of the dilemma, it is placed in stasis until another of owner's personnel dies at same location.

[22] Exists as A Good Place to Die.

[23] That Convincing Lwaxana, Event, Countdown: 3
"When Lwaxana Troi fell in love with the scientist Timicin, she convinced him not to commit ritual suicide at 60, though he eventually did."
-Plays on your personnel with Empathy (for free if Timicin present). Where present, suspends the effects of any restriction boxes on other personnel.

[24] Hali exists as the dilemma, Archer.

[25] Contact Deceased's Family, Mission, planet, Federation
Halii: Contact family of Federation officer dead in the line of duty via subspace channels.
-Computer Skill + Honor + OFFICER + INTEGRITY>30
-Span: 5; 30 points; Requires one of your personnel be present (encounters dilemmas), but may only be attempted from another location.

[21] So someone wisked away to the far end of the spaceline would require your opponent to lose a personnel there before stasis was lifted. In cases like Parallel Romance, where two personnel are affected, only one may be placed in stasis (unless you play two Mate for Life cards).
[22] n/a
[23] As soon as a personnel isn't present with your empath, the restriction box is valid again. This would kill Timicin if your total was past 60 already.
[24] n/a
[25] Huh? Ok, this means that while you must have a personnel on Halii, you cannot attempt the mission with it. You attempt the mission from afar (via subspace communications), which can be any space or planet location. The personnel present meet the dilemmas, so you should have an Away Team there just to get through the walls. This does not affect Borg scouting attempts.

[26] Haliz, Jal
[27] Hall of Heroes
[28] Hall of Warriors
[29] Halla
[30] Halley's comet

[26] Jal Haliz, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Kazon-Ogla warrior. Held Commander Chakotay captive in 2372. Became maje when Razik was killed by the Kazon boy, Kar."
-OFFICER, Leadership, SECURITY x2, Honor; Youth present are all attributes +2; Kazon-Ogla icon; 
Now exists as Haliz.

[27]Hall of Heroes, Headquarters, Klingon
"Ceremonial hall on Qo'noS adorned with statues of past Klingon heroes."
-Seeds or plays on Qo'noS. May coexist with The Great Hall. Once per turn, one  Klingon personnel OR any Kor OR Koloth OR Kang OR Kahless may report for free here. (Not duplicatable.)

[28]Hall of Warriors, Site
-Klingons that mention Ty'Gokor or the Order of the Batleth, and Klingon hand weapons may report here. Once each turn, if your chancellor present with any member of the Order of the Batleth, you may download one Klingon-specific Interrupt or Food card to hand OR expose one infiltrator on station (all personnel present are immediately "unstopped" and may walk to infiltrator's location). Acts as a Food-serving site for Klingon-specific Food cards.

[29] Halla, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Nezu colonist. Sister to Lillias. Disgreed with her sister's mining profession. Victim of asteroid impacts on her home planet."
-CIVILIAN, Youth; May nullify Asteroid Launcher at same spaceline location; May "stop" one Geology personnel each turn

[30] Halley's Comet, Event
"Noted Earth writer Samuel Clemens, visiting the starship Enterprise, wondered if one could see Halley's comet from the ship's vantage point."
-Plays on Samuel Clemens to double his point box. OR Plays on 19th Century to return up to 3 personnel there to owners' hands (your choice; discard event). OR Plays on any Solar System location to protect Event cards there from nullification (except Halley's Comet).

[26] Kazon personnel are Non-Aligned, but they do have Kazon icons. Kazon of different sects may not normally work together (not without special cards, anyway). They also may not normally work with other affiliations. They may use other Non-Aligned as slaves of a sort. This has been ruled on as early as the A expansion (first day I believe).
[27] A lot of the other affiliations got alternate HQs, so the Klingons deserve one too.
[28] You will be allowed to seed all the universal Nor's sites at Ty'Gokor (except Promenade Shops), though docking will be more restricted. Conceptually, it still has a "Promenade" area. Klingon-specific cards are those that affect Klingons SPECIFICALLY, by name.
[29] The Encyclopedia was very stingy in this entry, so I made up most of it.
[30] Halley's Comet does not protect itself from nullification. And yes, this means there will be a Time Location spawned from "Time's Arrow".

[31] Halloway, Captain Thomas
[32] Haltla
[33] Hamilton
[34] hammer
[35] Handel

[31] Thomas Halloway, Personnel, Federation, 
"Captain of the Enterprise in an alternate history created when Q allowed Picard to relive a fight in his youth. Loves to cook."
-OFFICER, Leadership x2, Diplomacy, Computer Skill, Cooking, Exobiology, Anthropology; 

[32] Haltla, Personnel, Non-Aligned/Ferengi
"Humanoid dabo girl. Fondly remembered by Boheeka from his days on Terok Nor during the occupation. Now trains younger dabo girls."
-CIVILIAN, Leadership, Acquisition; Doubles Dabo when present; Cardassians present are INTEGRITY +1

[33] Hamilton, Personnel, Federation, 
"Representative of young members of the USS Voyager crew in 2372. Proficient pilot. Wants to go home. Hoping for a wormhole."
-OFFICER, Navigation, Youth; Shuttle he is aboard is RANGE +1 (cumulative); 

[34] The Hammer's Many Meanings, Event
"The hammer is a tool for pounding. To Klingons, it is a symbol of power. To Ferengi, it is rather a symbol of sexual prowess."
-Plays on table. While in play, Humans are STRENGTH +1; Klingons are STRENGTH +2; and Ferengi are STRENGTH +3. (Not cumulative.)

[35] Tell-Tale Eyes, Interrupt
"During a performance of a Handel violin concerto, Data noticed that Juliana Tainer's eyes blinked at a rythm that suggested she was an android."
-Plays on any android to "stop" it and, if possible, immediately reprogram it. May be reprogramed by owner at the end of their next full turn.

[31] A sort of mutated Picard with 6 skills too, though I switched a bunch of 'em, including the "artsy" Music to the "artsy" Cooking.
[32] The training part was invention on my part. Doubles Dabo's points, card draws and downloads, but not the number of cards wagered.
[33] Stingy, stingy Encyclopedia... I'm sure my invented information is true anyway.
[34] This affects both sides of the table.
[35] In other words, the new skills/classication/gender only last a single turn at which point the android may be reprogramed once again. You need not give it the skills it had before Tell-Tale Eyes was played.

[36] Haneek
[37] Hangar 18
[38] Hanjuan
[39] Hanok
[40] Hanolan colony

[36] Haneek, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Skreean female. First of her people to discover the Bajoran wormhole. Elected leader of Skreean refugees. Thought Bajor was Kentanna."
-VIP, Leadership, Diplomacy, Stellar Cartography; May build a Colony on unsolved Bajor; 

[37] Hangar 18, Event, 18 points
"When Quark's Treasure crash landed on Earth in 1947, the U.S. governement stored it in Hangar 18 for study."
-Plays on Roswell to download one shuttlecraft to that location. It may take off and land here at will. Worth points if every native of this Time Location is present. (Not duplicatable.)

[38] Hanjuan, Personnel, Non-Aligned,
"Male Nezu colonist and galicite miner. Survivor of an asteroid impact. Escaped by going to an orbital station via a mag-lev carriage."
-CIVILIAN, Geology x2, ENGINEER; SD Mag-Lev Carriage

[39] Exists as Hanok.

[40] Receive Evacuees, Mission, planet, Federation
Hanolan colony: Receive Federation personnel evacuated from facilities along the front lines of Dominion war.
-OFFICER + 4 Staff icons + MEDICAL + Transporter Skill
-Span: 3*; 30 points; Your side:*Span=0 if  cards have attacked your own.

[36] The ability is similar to Gi'ral's.
[37] Roswell is, of course, a Time Location. The downloaded shuttle is only worth the 18 points while all listed natives (you'll have to wait for the card) are present. It doesn't matter if the shuttle is on the planet or in orbit.
[38] n/a
[39] n/a
[40] The Span ability is only on your side of the card.

[41] Hanoli system
[42] Hanolin asteroid belt
[43] Hanon IV
[44] Hanonian land eel
[45] Hanson, Admiral J.P.

[41] Study Subspace Rupture, Mission, space, Any crew with a Vulcan may attempt
Hanoli system: Study subspace rupture threatening to swallow up entire system.
-(Astrophysics x3 OR Jadzia Dax) + Navigation x2 + SCIENCE x3 + CUNNING>60
-Span: 4; 45 points; Supernova may not be nullified here.

[42] Investigate Wreckage, Mission, space, Ferengi/Romulan
Hanolin asteroid belt: Investigate wreckage of, supposedly, a Ferengi cargo ship for parts of a Vulcan vessel.
-Navigation x2 + ENGINEER + Transporter Skill + (Tal Shiar OR Sela OR Acquisition)
-Span: 3; 35 points; When you solve, you may download to this location a transport or freighter with no staffing icons OR T'Pau. Ship is damaged.

[43] Stranding Tactics, Mission, planet, Non-Aligned, 
Hanon IV: Strand captives on primitive and dangerous class-M planet.
-2 Kazon + landed ship + 1 captive
-Span: 2; 35 points; When solved, place any captives here under mission. Once per turn, one is killed (random selection).

[44] Land Eel, Dilemma, planet
"Large cave-dwelling carnivore from Hanon IV. Serpentine with several appendages to help it move. Devoured Voyager crew member Hogan whole."
-Unless Exobiology and 2 SECURITY present, one personnel present (random selection) is killed and placed out-of-play.
Now exists as Hanonian Land Eel.

[45] J.P. Hanson, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet admiral. Led the Federation defense against the Borg at Wolf 359. In charge of Tactical's efforts to defend against the Collective."
-OFFICER, SECURITY, Leadership, Exobiology; SD Shelby; All ships at this location are +2 SHIELDS vs. 
Now exists as Admiral J.P. Hanson.

[41] Of course, Tox Uthat still can, since it's on table.
[42] Another place for the T'Pau to report to.
[43] You have to bring (escort) at least one captive here. I'm afraid if you're own personnel get captured by a dilemma here (or what have you), it may be killed by random selection.
[44] I make sure to mention that the personnel is killed, so that cards affecting that outcome may come into play. After it is killed, then, it is placed out-of-play.
[45] Hanson can be at a facility, planet or ship and still give the bonus.

[46] hara cat
[47] "Hard Time"
[48] Hargrove, Lieutenant
[49] Haritath
[50] Haro, Mitena

[46] Wrong Target, Interrupt
"During the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, Kira Nerys killed a hara cat, mistaking it for a Cardassian soldier."
-Plays to save the life of any personnel killed by Sniper OR in a personnel battle with none of your other personnel present OR by Leck's special skill OR any opponent's choice dilemma targeting your Away Team member.

[47] Rationing, Event, 
"During his stay at an Argrathi prison (in his own mind), Miles O'Brien made a habit of rationing and hiding his food in case he wasn't fed for a number of days."
-Plays on table. While in play, players may only upkeep one Food card at each Food-serving site in play. (Nullified by any player showing a hand only composed of Food cards.)

[48] Hargrove, Personnel, Federation
"Starfleet lieutenant assigned to the USS Voyager. His quarters were located on Deck 7. Once caught the Arethian flu."
-ENGINEER, Youth, Computer Skill; May report to any of your ship sites directly; Cures Arethian Flu where present; 

[49] Haritath, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Human male. Member of the Tau Cygna V colony. Agreed with Data that the colony should be evacuated when the Sheliak laid claim to it."
-CIVILIAN, Honor, MEDICAL, Diplomacy; Doubles Ancient Aqueduct where present

[50] Mitena Haro, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Telepathic alien kidnapper disguised as a female Bolian Starfleet cadet. Studied the nature of authority."
-SCIENCE, Anthropology, Youth, Treachery, Empathy; SD Telepathic Alien Kidnappers; May capture one Leadership personnel present per game; 

[46] Nullifies the death of a personnel is certain conditions. Any cards causing the death are discarded normally, and no other target may be selected.
[47] Both players may upkeep one Food card each at the same site if they each have personnel present. This event doesn not affect Food that can exist outside of Food-serving sites. Showing a hand of only Food cards may be easier done than it first appears, by discarding a certain number of cards (or placing them under the Zalkonian Storage Capsule).
[48] He cannot report to Nor sites. His ability to cure Arethian Flu is all the more welcome because it affects ship sites to which he may report.
[49] Once reported to the Aqueduct (which allows CIVILIANs to report), he can double that reporting ability.
[50] Capturing a personnel while infiltrating does not expose her.

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